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    episode 36
    “You’re the worst company.” She teased.
    “Hm. Just be deceiving yourself. You love it
    when I’m around.”
    “Your ego is bigger than my ‘ball’.” AShe
    laughed and he glared at her.
    “Can we get icecream before we leave?”
    She asked hopefully.
    “Abena, you already had icecream.” He
    pointed out.
    “But I want another one.” She whined
    “Fine. But on one condition.” He said.
    “You don’t decorate the nursery alone. You
    get an interior decorator, and then you
    supervise.” He said, taking a gulp from his
    Pepsi. They had finished eating.
    “I don’t want you to get hurt while moving
    things around Abena. You’ll be like the main
    interior decorator, and you’ll supervise
    everything to your hearts content.
    Everything you say, goes.” He explained.
    “Okay then. But won’t it be risky? Getting an
    interior decorator. This is supposed to be
    low key.” She asked.
    “I have someone who is very discreet. Are
    you ready to go?” He asked, standing up.
    “Yes. Lets go and get icecream.” She smiled
    pulling him along to Coldstone.

    Once they were in the car, Abena dug into
    her icecream.
    “Don’t let that thing spill in my car.” He
    “You mean the icecream?” She asked. She
    had already spilled a little when they drove
    over a bump.
    “Abena!” He groaned.
    “It was a mistake. I swear. I’m sorry. I’ll
    clean it up for you.” She apologized.
    “Do you know how much this car is?” He
    “Tobi chill. It’s just icecream. No big deal.
    I’ll wipe it off.” She reasoned with him.
    “You’re so clumsy.” He said and ignored her
    throughout the car ride.

    “Abena. This is becoming too much of a
    habit.” He said knocking on her door. “You
    don’t have to run into the room every time
    we fight. I’m sorry I snapped. But that car is
    really expensive.”
    She opened the door and stared at him, her
    hands on her hips.
    “Then why did you buy it?”
    “Because it’s sexy.” He shrugged and she
    laughed. “But seriously. I ordered the car
    before it even got to Nigeria. And it was
    bloody expensive.”
    “How much?” She asked.
    “I’m not going to tell you. Before you
    explode.” He laughed.
    “No.” He walked out of the room and she
    followed him.
    “Pretty please.”
    “Who ever said please was pretty?”
    “Please please please please please.” She
    “No. Stop being so annoying.” He groaned
    and walked into the cinema room.
    “Ohh. Lets watch a movie. I’ll pick.” She
    said and rushed past him. He just laughed
    and followed her.

    As the weekend flew by, Tobi realised
    something, he was gradually slipping out of
    He was getting attached.

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    episode 37
    He couldn’t let that happen.

    Tobi drove home with a satisfied smirk
    plastered across his face. Not only had he
    won the award for the youngest billionaire in
    Africa, but he also had in his passenger
    seat, Aisha Zamena.
    Aisha Zamena was a top model in Africa,
    and when he saw her at the award
    ceremony he had attended, he knew she
    wanted to go home with him.
    His mind drifted to Abena, but he shook the
    thoughts away. He didn’t like her, and all he
    needed was to get laid, then he’ll forget
    about her.
    After parking in his house, he turned to
    Aisha. “Give me one minute. I need to check
    something first.”
    She nodded without looking up from her
    phone. He walked briskly into house, and
    saw Abena sprawled on the couch, watching
    a movie. A bunch of bananas were on a
    plate on a table in front of her, and the
    peels were scattered on the floor. There
    was also a box of finished cookies and
    chocolate wrappers on the floor.
    She looked up at him and smiled. “Hey.”
    “I need you to pack all of this stuff, right
    now, with yourself, to your room. I have a
    visitor and this place is untidy. Plus, I can’t
    let my visitor see you.” He instructed and
    she got up quickly.
    She packed all the trash and took it to the
    dustbin in the kitchen, then she grabbed the
    bunch of bananas and went to her room.
    She wondered who the visitor was. Tobi
    hardly brought his work home and she knew
    it wasn’t Joseph. She shrugged it off. It was
    probably a business partner.
    But she knew it wasn’t a business partner
    when she heard the moaning. She heard
    them stumble up the stairs, and walk into
    Tobi’s room. She heard them slump on the
    bed, she heard the sounds of pleasure, the
    moaning and the creaking of the bed. She
    hugged her pillow and tried to sleep, but it
    wasn’t easy when she could hear them
    having sex in the room right beside hers.
    And when she heard the woman scream out
    Tobi’s name, she burst into tears.
    That night, before she slept off, she fought
    with the voice in her head on whether she
    was falling for Tobi Ademi.
    The voice said yes. But she said no.
    The voice in her head won.

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    Na soso banana she dey chop.

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    Thats cruel Tobi, if you want to stay in control there are better ways to do that than hurting her like that. Now Abena is going to hate you.

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    na so @holu

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    they never had any real relationship

    they are only connected with contract

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    Tobi you fall my hand baje

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