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    episode 38

    “You’re distracting me.”
    “Hm?” Abena looked up at Tobi. They were
    both sitting on the three seater couch; he
    was working, as usual, on his laptop, while
    she was trying to focus on the movie she
    was watching. But she kept on sneaking
    glances at Tobi, imagining things she would
    never admit to. She shook the thoughts
    away from her head.
    Pregnancy hormones.
    “I said, you’re distracting me.” He said
    “Well you can’t sit there wearing a pair of
    shorts and showing off your sexy looking
    legs and expect me to concentrate on the
    work I’m doing.” He said. His eyes flickered
    towards her and back to the laptop screen.
    With a smirk plastered across her face, and
    a sudden boost of confidence, she removed
    his laptop carefully from his lap, and placed
    it on the centre table.
    He opened his mouth to protest, but before
    he could utter a word, she sat on his lap,
    straddling him.
    Their bodies were dangerously close, and
    the only thing separating them, was her
    baby bump.
    “Abena.” He whispered in a husky voice that
    caused her confidence to falter. She was
    afraid that her voice would fail her, so she
    hummed in reply instead.
    “You have no idea how much I’ve wanted
    this.” He leaned closer to her, his lips on
    her ear, and her body shivered in
    He placed a kiss on her neck, and trailed
    down, placing feather like kisses as he went.
    He looked up and smirked at her. Her gaze
    dropped to his lips and she licked her lips in
    “You drive me crazy.” He said and before
    she could get her brain to work again, he
    leaned in and kissed her. Softly at first,
    teasing her, enjoying the feeling that came
    with each second.
    She groaned at how slow he was, and felt
    him smile against her lips. His tongue went
    deeper, caressing hers, and all her defences
    broke down one by one. She couldn’t deny
    that she was enjoying it. He nibbled on her
    lower lip gently, and earned a small moan,
    and then he went on to kiss her again.
    Abena tried to focus on the kiss, but how
    was he kissing her and talking at the same
    The voice was more impatient, and a hand
    tapped hers, trying to bring her back into
    She grumbled some incoherent words and
    went back to her kiss.
    “For the love of God, wake up.” She heard
    the voice again, and the hand tapped her
    “Go away, you’re interrupting the kiss.” She
    snapped and heard Tobi chuckle beside her.
    Her eyes widened in realization and she
    turned around slowly, and saw the Greek
    god himself, laughing at her, mocking her
    with his eyes no doubt.
    “The kiss huh? And who was the lucky guy?”
    He said in between his laughter.
    “Definitely not you. Go away Tobi.” She said
    throwing a pillow at him.
    He dodged it and laughed harder.
    “What do you want?” She sat up from her
    bed and looked at him, folding her arms
    against her chest and trying not to ogle the
    sight that was before her.
    “You’ve missed your appointment with the
    doctor today.” He smiled.
    “Oh my God! Why didn’t you wake me up?”
    She jumped out of her bed and towards her
    closet, looking for something to wear.

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    Has Tobi’s companion gone or what? I feel lost here

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    episode 39
    “Calm down jare. I own the hospital,
    remember?” He boasted cockily.
    “How can I ever forget? You never fail to
    remind me every time something like this
    comes up.” She said, with a hint of
    “Anyway.” He rolled his eyes at her and
    continued. “We moved it to one p.m. So get
    ready and come and have breakfast. I got
    the cook to come in and make us akara and
    ogi. I’ll be waiting.” He said before standing
    up and walking out of her room.

    Abena walked down the stairs, her stomach
    grumbling at the sight of the akara. She
    could smell the aroma from her room.
    “Are you ogling me or the food?” Tobi said,
    breaking her thoughts.
    Both, she wanted to say, but instead, she
    rolled her eyes and walked towards the
    table, stuffing her mouth with one.
    “Good to know you observe table manners.”
    Tobi said sarcastically, his nose scrunched
    in irritation.
    “Whatever.” She said while eating another
    one and then she added sugar and milk to
    her ogi. She sat down and continued eating.
    “What happened to you this morning?” He
    Abena’s mind went to the dream she had,
    and the butterflies returned. Trying not to
    appear nervous, she lifted an eyebrow at
    him with the best poker face she could
    manage. “What are you talking about?”
    “You woke up late. You never wake up late.”
    He pointed out, obviously oblivious to her
    “Oh.” Memories of last night flooded her
    mind. The sounds they made in the other
    room. She had cried until she couldn’t cry
    anymore, then she slept off, hugging her
    pillow and whimpering.
    “You were too loud.” She snapped, suddenly
    angry at him, and that lucky model he
    brought home the previous night.
    “Who?” He gave an amused smirk, he
    obviously knew what she was referring to.
    “You and that bimbo of yours. You guys
    were too loud.” She looked down at her
    food, trying to control the anger that burned
    in her.
    Why was she angry anyway? They weren’t
    together, he didn’t mean anything to her.
    At least that was what she told herself.
    “Sorry. I should have taken it to another
    room far from yours.” He said, his
    expression softening a little.
    “You think? I mean, this house is huge. And
    you own hotels everywhere. Why did you
    have to do it right beside my room?” She
    said, raising her voice.
    “I apologized, gosh. Besides, it’s my house.
    I’ll do what I want to do with it. If I want to
    throw a d--n party, then I’ll do it.” He
    snapped, his patience quickly running thin.
    “Well then let me leave somewhere else.
    You control a large part of real estate. Get
    me another place. I never said I wanted to
    live with you.” She complained.
    “Abena. I’m not letting you out of my sight.”
    He said.
    “Why?” She screamed. “You could hardly
    stand me, yet now you won’t let me go
    anywhere else. Why? So you could keep me
    awake while you bring girls over and f--k
    them loud, not bothering about the fact that
    I’m in the room beside you.”
    He winced at her words and decided to
    choose his words carefully. She was already
    so angry, although that didn’t stop her from
    angrily chomping on the akara.
    “I’m just trying to look out for you. I don’t
    want anything to happen to you.” He said
    “No. You don’t want anything to happen to
    your baby.” She hissed, her tone was ice

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    Meen she is realy angry o.

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    Her anger is justifiable… Tobi was damm too cruel

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    Mhiz LilygoldMhiz Lilygold
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    Yeah she has every right to be angry

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    Tobi deserved to be scold.

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