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    Ride on

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    She’s right u only care about urself

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    ride on but that dream dey serious ooo

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    Tobi you deserve that

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    Tobi why are you frustrating a pregnant woman?

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    But on a more serious note, Abena you should take it easy with yourself o

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    Ride on please

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    episode 40
    “Well the baby is part of you, isn’t it? So
    looking out for you is the same thing as
    looking out for my baby.” He said softly.
    His words felt like a blow to her heart. She
    always knew that every iota of care he
    showered on her was because of the baby,
    but a small part of her hoped he cared
    about her too.
    “Whatever. Take your sex life far away from
    me, or else next time, I would walk in and
    totally embarrass you. Maybe act like your
    wife or something.” She threatened,
    although he could hear a hint of humor in
    her tone.
    “Hm. So you’re jealous ehn? Thats why you
    now vexed like that. You want to be the one
    in that room.” He teased, smirking
    confidently at her.
    Her heartbeat increased, hammering against
    her chest and she suddenly had to leave the
    room. If she didn’t leave, she had a feeling
    she might just grab him and start kissing the
    life out of him.
    Stupid hormones.
    She let out a nervous laugh and rolled her
    “In your wildest dreams.”
    She stood up and took her plate to the sink,
    washing it so she could start going to the
    She felt him come beside her, and
    dangerously close too. “What are you
    doing?” She asked in a shaky voice.
    He was standing behind her, his hands on
    the sink at both sides of her body. His lips
    were right in front of her ear.
    “I heard you, when you were sleeping. You
    whispered my name.”

    After her doctors appointment, Abena
    couldn’t get Tobi’s words out of her head.
    She would have to start locking her room
    She decided to get a job to do. Something
    simple that would take her mind off Tobi
    and all the feelings that was annoyingly
    developing in her.
    She walked down a a street for a while,
    trying to clear her head while walking
    towards the taxi park.
    That was when she saw the vacancy in front
    of a large building. It was a modelling
    Agency. She looked down at her big belly
    and laughed to herself. She decided to walk
    in front of it and see. Then she saw the sign
    They needed a pregnant woman!
    With a broad smile on her face, she walked
    into the building, happy for the first time
    about her pregnancy.

    “You know, every time you come to visit me,
    you always start talking about Abena. As
    entertaining as the stories are…” Joseph
    started with a laugh. “I’m beginning to think
    the invisible Tobi Ademi is falling.”
    “Why do always do this thing? I talk to you
    about something and then you’ll start saying
    rubbish about what me liking her. Did I tell
    you I like her. Abeg, free me.” Tobi said,
    annoyed at his friend.
    Joseph was sitting down on his hospital bed,
    his injured leg was propped on a cushion,
    and he was eating Maltesers that Tobi
    snuck in for him.
    Dera had forbade chocolates. Said it wasn’t
    good for his ‘age.’
    “I’m just saying. You always talk about her.
    And you give her ‘the look’.” Joseph teased.
    “Which look?” Tobi glared at him.
    “You know, ‘the look’.”
    “You think this is one American movie shay.
    That’s why you’re saying rubbish.” Tobi
    huffed out with made Joseph laugh harder.
    “But seriously. You had sex with Aisha while
    Abena was in the next room?” Joseph
    Tobi nodded. “I wasn’t thinking.”

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