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    This story dey sweet my body

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    episode 49
    “Well they’re kids. When a visitor comes,
    they expect some sort of payment for
    intruding on their privacy.” Abena replied
    and Tobi chuckled.
    Joseph was seating on a wheelchair, placed
    in front of the house to welcome them. Tobi
    gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder
    while Abena just gave him a warm smile.
    “You’re kids like money too much. They’re
    s-----g me dry.” Tobi joked and Joseph
    smiled broadly.
    “You’re the one that spoilt them. Now
    they’re used to it.” Joseph replied.
    He wheeled himself into the house, and
    Abena followed. Tobi shut the door behind
    them. Joseph noticed the large case she
    was carrying.
    “Is that cake?” He asked.
    “Yes.” She replied.
    “Why is it so big?” He raised an eyebrow.
    “Ask your annoying billionaire friend.” She
    “I decorated it. Show him.” Tobi grinned, as
    though he just became the richest man in
    Abena rolled her eyes and showed Joseph
    the cake. He burst into laughter and Tobi
    joined in.
    The cake was sloppily decorated, but in the
    middle, Tobi’s perfect handwriting read:
    ‘Hurray! The Hospital is Free From Joseph!’
    “Seriously dude?” Joseph asked, still
    “I heard you gave the doctor hell.” Tobi
    “He was so eager to release me.” Joseph
    Dera walked out of the kitchen. She smelt
    like lavender and fried chicken. “Abena!”
    She squealed like a little child. Abena gave
    her a shy smile.
    She collected the cake from her, and
    dumped them in the hands of Tobi, then
    pulled Abena into a tight hug. Abena patted
    her back awkwardly, not knowing what to
    “Dera! You’ll kill my daughter before I even
    meet her.” Tobi joked.
    “You’re having a girl?” She asked Abena,
    ignoring Tobi.
    “I don’t know. We want it to be a surprise.
    The only thing I would want to know is how
    many children I would be having.” Abena
    replied with a smile.
    “Hopefully four.” Joseph joked.
    “God forbid!” Abena replied and they all
    burst into laughter.
    “Well, let’s go to the dining room. The kids
    are already getting impatient.” Dera said,
    holding Abena’s hand and leading them to
    the dining room.
    “Dera. You didn’t even greet me.” Tobi said,
    feigning hurt.
    “What’s my business with you? I’m so happy
    I have a girlfriend by my side now. That’s
    why I asked you to bring her, so I won’t
    have to talk to you guys.” She joked.
    “Asked me? You threatened me!” Tobi
    replied and Abena chuckled.
    “If you say another word, she might deprive
    you from taking your chicken.” Joseph
    whispered into Tobi’s ear, loud enough for
    everyone to hear.
    The kids were already seated on their seats,
    staring longingly at the food.
    “Come on. Let’s eat.”
    Abena looked around her, enjoying the
    feeling of having friends, and a family. It
    wasn’t going to last, so she was going to
    make the most of it.

    “Are you sure my dress is fine?” Abena
    asked nervously.
    They were walking towards the door of the
    club, and Abena was feeling nervous.

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    episode 50
    I picked it out for you. Of course yes, it’s
    amazing.” Tobi replied, trying to calm her
    down. He placed a hand on her back, and
    led her to the VIP entrance.
    “If anyone asks, you’re a family friend.”
    The word ‘friend’ hurt her, but she didn’t
    show it. “Got it.” She said instead.
    They walked into the club, and they were
    greeted by a short man. He smiled widely,
    Abena was sure his jaw was hurting.
    “Mr. Ademi. It’s a pleasure to see you
    Tobi glared at the man, all warmth leaving
    his eyes. “The bouncers at the front, they’re
    playing around. I don’t pay them to play. Fix
    it. And get me my favorite table.”
    “Right away sir.” The man said, scurrying
    towards a table. He stood respectfully and
    Tobi sat down. Abena sat down beside him.
    The table was on a balcony that looked
    down on the rest of the building. It also
    gave the best view of the stage.
    “Get us a personal waitress. Then go take
    care of the bouncers.” Tobi instructed, while
    dismissing him with his hand.
    As soon as the man left, Abena looked up at
    him with a raised eyebrow.
    “You’re ruthless.”
    “Well, I can’t show weakness.” He said,
    flashing her a smile.
    A young woman walked up to them wearing
    a uniform. She had an apron tied around her
    waist and was holding a pen and a notepad.
    “Good evening Mr. Ademi. Miss. What can I
    get you?” She said in a shaky voice. Her
    hand trembled as she tried to hold the pen
    “What is one of the things you are expected
    to do as a waitress, Miss. Tayo?” Tobi
    asked, peering at her name tag and then
    looking up at her hair.
    “I didn’t tie my hair. I’m sorry sir. I forgot.”
    She apologized.
    “Good. After you take our orders, go and tie
    your hair. We wouldn’t want people to find
    hair in their food.” He said and she nodded
    “I would have red wine. Abena?”
    Abena gave her a warm smile, but that
    didn’t calm her down. “Yoghurt. Strawberry
    please. And a bendy straw.”
    “A bendy straw?” Tobi lifted an eyebrow but
    Abena just shrugged.
    The woman nodded, while writing the orders
    “Bring the drinks first, then we’ll consider if
    we want to eat or not.” Tobi instructed and
    she nodded again and scurried away.
    “You’re so intimidating. Oh my God!” Abena
    He just shrugged. “Runtown is performing
    “Really? Wow. That’s exciting. I haven’t met
    a celebrity before.”
    “Abena. You live with one.” He smirked and
    she just rolled her eyes.
    Tayo came with their drinks and then, they
    both ordered for assorted meat pepper soup.
    After a while, Tobi stood up. “I need to go
    to the restroom. Would you be okay?”
    Abena nodded, taking a sip of her drink, and
    then he left. She was seating very close to
    the table, and her pregnant stomach was
    not noticeable.
    A young man came towards her, with a
    confident smirk plastered across his face.
    “Mind if I seat?”
    “Actually, I mind. Someone’s there already.”
    Abena replied politely but the man didn’t
    “A boyfriend?”
    “Just a friend. Can you please move? I’m
    trying to watch the dance.” She said,
    gesturing to the stage where a dance group
    was performing.

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    episode. 51
    If you let me seat down, I’ll move.” He
    “Someone is seating here. Sorry.” She said
    through gritted seat.
    “You know, when I walked in and I saw you.
    God! You took my breath away. And I
    wondered, what is a beautiful woman like
    you doing here all alone?”
    Abena opened her mouth to reply but
    someone else did that for her.
    “She’s not alone.” Tobi said casually, folding
    his arms angrily across his chest. “Now
    excuse us.”
    “And you are?” The man asked, offended.
    “Mr. Tobi Ademi. Would you like further
    The man became pale almost immediately
    and began to stutter.
    “Just leave. I don’t have time for this.” Tobi
    said wearily and the man left quickly.
    He sat down and turned to Abena. “You
    seem to be catching the eye of every man
    in the room.”
    “Ew. I don’t catch eyes. Their really slimy.”
    She joked and he just laughed and rolled his
    Runtown came up the stage to perform.
    Then Tobi stood up and smirked at her.
    “Would you like to dance?”

    “I didn’t know a pregnant woman could
    dance so well.” Tobi slurred.
    Abena had to drive them home from the
    club, because Tobi had drunk too much.
    “I didn’t know you could be so useless.”
    Abena replied, leading him towards the
    house. “Keys.”
    He fished out the keys from his blazer
    pocket and gave them to her. She opened
    the door, and let him walk in before she
    walked in after him. After locking the door,
    she turned around to see Tobi staring
    intensely at her.
    He stumbled towards her and placed his
    hands on both sides of the door, trapping
    her in the middle.
    “Tobi? What are you doing?” She asked in a
    whisper, ignoring her heart pounding
    excitedly against her chest.
    “You’re so beautiful.” He said in a husky
    voice. He had leaned in, and was whispering
    in her ear. “You’re always beautiful. So
    perfect. I wish you were mine.”
    Her heart quickened as he stared at her, at
    her lips. She licked her lips in anticipation,
    then remembered something.
    He was drunk.
    He wasn’t in his right senses and he
    wouldn’t remember anything the next day.
    He was already leaning in to kiss her, their
    breaths already mixing. She interrupted the
    moment with a nervous laugh, which caused
    him to stand upright.
    “Do you need help getting upstairs?” She
    asked and he shook his head, acting like
    nothing happened a minute ago.
    She nodded and forced her legs to walk
    away from him and towards the stairs.
    But all she wanted to do that moment was
    run back and kiss him senseless.

    “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” Tobi muttered to
    himself as soon as Abena disappeared up
    the stairs. He rested on the sitting room
    door and buried his face in his palms.
    Of course she didn’t want to kiss him. She
    didn’t even like him.
    The good thing was that he was tipsy, and
    so she would think that he did it because he
    drank too much.
    He remembered her lips, and how badly he
    wanted to kiss them. He would have done it.
    He hesitated.
    If it was another woman he would have
    taken the chance, kissed her. But he knew
    Abena wasn’t just any other woman.
    She was far more than that.

    The next day, Abena was in the kitchen,
    making sweet potato porridge for lunch
    while Tobi lay on the couch watching a
    football match.
    He had refused to go to work, even after
    Abena tried to convince him that she was
    fine. He had been working from home.
    The doorbell rang.
    She hummed in reply.
    “Get the door. It should be Chinwe, the
    cleaning lady.”
    She rolled her eyes at his bossy attitude but
    went towards the door anyway. She didn’t
    bother to check, but opened the door to
    greet Chinwe, but it wasn’t her.
    An elderly woman stood there, elegantly
    dressed and behind her was a chubby young
    woman who looked rich and overfed.
    Abena’s heart raced and her palms became
    sweaty. The resemblance was uncanny.
    “Abena? Are you okay? Who is it?”
    Tobi walked up to her and looked at the
    woman. A broad smile appeared on his face.
    “Mama. You didn’t tell me you were

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    Woow am addicted to this story!

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    Hmmm comment reserved

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    Mr. Tobi, i believe your mom brings that lady for you to get married to.

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