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    Baaba AndohBaaba Andoh
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    This story dey jom(sweet)

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    Ireoluwa EmmanuelIreoluwa Emmanuel
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    interesting, I wish its a complete story, so dat I can finish d whole story once

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    U Two Should Just Stop This N Confess Ur Feeling 4 Each Other Joor

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    Mhiz LilygoldMhiz Lilygold
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    I love this story die

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    for y

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    Very sweet.
    I luv d turn up of this story.

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    Whaley CrownWhaley Crown
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    episode 57
    “I said, I want to keep-”
    “I heard what you said, dammit!” Tobi
    roared, slamming his fists on the table
    making her to jump in surprise. The plates
    jumped too, food spilling on the table, but
    that was the least of their problems.
    “No. You can’t. That’s breach of contract.”
    He said, leaning on his chair, trying to be
    “The contract says that I’m giving Tobi
    Ademi a baby, not babies. So you’re only
    entitled to one baby.” She pointed out and
    he glared at her, glared at her for being so
    “It’s about the money shay. Fine. I’ll give
    you another twenty million naira for the
    other baby.”
    “It’s not about the money.” She snapped.
    “Then what is it then? Why do you suddenly
    want to take the child? You and I know that
    you can’t take care of a child, you can
    barely take care of yourself. Taking care of
    a child requires a lot of money Abena. You
    have medial bills, school fees, house rent,
    and all of that stuff. You think I don’t know,
    all the money I pay to you, you don’t have a
    dime left.”
    Her breath hitched.
    “I don’t care where your money is going, but
    my child isn’t going with it. You can’t
    separate my children, especially when you
    don’t have any money to take care of them.”
    He finished, looking her straight in the eyes,
    her teary eyes.
    “But I’m their mother too.” She said quietly.
    “No!” He stood up angrily, and pointed a
    finger at her accusingly. “You are not their
    mother. You’re the carrier, an incubator . This
    is what you were paid to do.”
    She flinched at his words.
    “Don’t get your role twisted. And mark my
    words, I would take both my children.” He
    said, storming out of the room.
    He then walked back in, took his plate of
    food, added another piece of chicken to his
    plate, and stormed out, muttering some
    things incoherently. Although he was
    extremely angry, a part of him was filled
    with regret.
    He wished he could take back the words he
    said. But he couldn’t.

    The next morning, Abena stood by the
    blender, making herself a smoothie. She had
    turned it off, then Tobi walked in, and
    opened the fridge. He took out a bottle of
    water and began to gulp it down when his
    phone started to ring.
    He answered the call. “Hello?”
    Abena then turned on the blender, really
    loud, then he started to shout over the
    phone. After his call, she turned it off and
    gave him an innocent smile.
    “What the hell was that?” He asked.
    “If you think immaturity is going to get you
    to win, you must be mistaken. You have
    forgotten that I’m Tobi Ademi. I get what I
    want, no matter the cost.” He warned and
    stepped out of the house.

    “What do you mean by she’s right?”
    “I’ve checked the whole contract Tobi.
    Twice! There’s not one part that says
    ‘babies’, everything says ‘baby’.” Joseph
    Tobi had gone to his house since he
    couldn’t go to his office, and explained the
    problem to him.
    “For the love of God, you’re my lawyer. You
    didn’t even think of that?” Tobi snapped.
    “Well how was I supposed to know that the
    girl was that fertile?” Joseph shot back.
    “I don’t know! At least it was a possibility.
    You should’ve thought about it.” Tobi

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