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    Bridget killed her, we ain’t sweating it

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    Tobi will soon admit t, let’s see hw d investigation s gonna go

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    Abena u’ve been Tru a lot

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    Nice One Continue

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    Hope u find the real culprit behind ur mom’s death

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    His mum wants not only a grandchild but also a daughter inlaw so, Tobi Ademi get ready to marry Abena

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    episode 62
    “Why do I have to be blindfolded?” Tobi
    asked as Abena led him towards the stairs,
    a bandana was tied around his eyes.
    “So that when we reach the nursery, the full
    effect of my awesome decorating skills
    would hit you with full force.” She explained,
    holding his hand as they slowly walked up
    the stairs.
    “Yes, but when we reach the nursery, the
    door would be closed and when we open it
    and enter, I would still see the full effect of
    your apparent awesome decorating skills.”
    He argued, as he let her lead him through
    the corridor.
    “Yeah but if you enter the room blindfolded,
    by the time you open your eyes, it would hit
    you like a ton of bricks.”
    “One, I really hope the ton of bricks thing is
    being used metaphorically. And two, it’s the
    same thing with what I said about not using
    “Tobi Ademi, one more word and I would
    slap you ehn.” She warned, now dragging
    him. They stood in front of the room.
    “Nawa! Such a violent pregnant woman.” He
    whined and she laughed, rolling her eyes.
    She fished out the key from her pocket, and
    unlocked the door. Opening it, she pushed
    him inside.
    “Very violent.” He muttered.
    “Okay, and open!”
    He removed the bandana and looked around
    the baby room. The walls were painted in
    yellow and white stripes, and the baby cots
    were at a side, beside each other, with a
    yellow bedsheet and a white pillow. There
    was a frame of letters arranged on the wall,
    and a cabinet at another side. The couches
    were white with yellow spots, and the centre
    rug was yellow. On the couches and around
    the room, different stuffed animals were
    arranged everywhere.
    “Wow. It’s really good.” Tobi complimented.
    “Uju did a really good job oh.”
    She glared at him and hit the back of his
    head. He pouted and rubbed the place she
    hit, before going to seat down on the couch.
    “Be careful, don’t wrinkle anything.” Abena
    warned but he just rolled his eyes and
    patted the space beside him, gesturing for
    her to seat down. She sat down beside him.
    “It’s really good Abena. The kids would love
    it.” He said.
    “Good. Because I put my heart and soul into
    this.” She smiled.
    “Who is going to take care of the children?”
    She suddenly asked, afraid of what he was
    going to say.
    “I would start interviewing Nannies when
    you’re in your eighth month.” He replied and
    she nodded.
    “Make sure she’s pretty.” Abena started,
    looking at nothing in particular. “She has to
    be pretty, and friendly, and funny and
    random. But also strict when it’s necessary.
    She must be fun to be with. Speak good
    English. Like music and dancing. She has to
    know how to sing, so she can sing them to
    sleep. She has to be an excellent cook. She
    has to be patient and calm. She has to read
    them books and let them watch all the
    cartoons so that their childhood would be
    complete. She must care about them, not
    because she’s being paid to, but because
    she’s passionate about kids. She must pick
    them up from school on time. And when
    their sick, she must take very good care of
    “Promise me you’ll have time for them Tobi.
    You won’t bury yourself in your work, but
    you’ll create a lot of bonding time to spend
    with them.”
    “I promise Abena. Nothing would happen to
    them.” He pulled her towards him, and
    stroked her hair. She hung unto him, resting
    her head on his legs, and blinking away the
    tears that threatened to fall.

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    episode 63
    “Thank you.”

    “Why can’t you just be with her?”
    “Because we signed a contract Joseph.
    She’s here to give birth and leave. No
    strings attached. You can’t just forget the
    point of all this.” Tobi replied.
    They were at a restaurant, waiting for a very
    late client, and Joseph just had to bring up
    Abena as a topic.
    “Why? You like her. This is the first time
    you’ve liked someone.” Joseph argued.
    “I never said I like her Joseph. Stop jumping
    into conclusions.” Tobi groaned, rubbing his
    “But you care about her. And don’t tell me
    it’s because she’s carrying your baby.”
    Joseph pointed out.
    “Fine. I care about her. But that’s what it
    would be. Nothing else.”
    “Why don’t you want a family?”
    “Well, because families break.” Tobi
    snapped. “And if mine breaks, it would be
    my fault. So it’s better to prevent it, than to
    get hurt after.” Tobi said, avoiding his gaze.
    “You’re not him. You’re not a cheat like your
    father Tobi.”
    “Well he didn’t know he was a cheat until he
    became a cheat.” Tobi shrugged, hoping that
    the client would arrive soon.
    Joseph was about to say something, when
    Tobi pointed at a lanky man walking into the
    “Mr. Dotun is here, get the documents
    Joseph rolled his eyes, and said. “You
    should know one thing. When life breaks
    your family and takes a member away, God
    rebuilds it, and gives you someone else.”

    “Yeah?” Tobi replied, moving the phone
    away from his ear because Abena was
    “Are you still at the office?” She asked, and
    he smiled at the sound of her soft voice.
    “I’m leaving now. Why?”
    “I need bread.” She simply said.
    “There’s bread at home.” He replied,
    “I don’t want that one. I want agege bread.”
    She explained and he rolled his eyes even if
    she couldn’t see him.
    “Bread is bread Abena. Stop disturbing me.”
    “No it’s not. I want agege bread. No wait,
    let me rephrase that, the twins want agege
    bread.” She pointed out.
    “Stop using my children to get things from
    me.” He groaned, starting his car.
    “Technically, your children are in me, so I’m
    the only one that can speak for them.
    Unless you want to carry them yourself.”
    “Thats impossible.” He said.
    “Exactly. So I’m the one who understands
    what the children want, and they want
    agege bread.”
    “Whatever. Fine. I’ll get you your stupid
    bread.” He replied childishly but she just
    “Good. And buy chocolate and snacks on
    your way. I’ve finished the ones at home.
    And bananas too.”
    “Abena! I bought five of the large
    toblerones, seven maltesers and ten boxes
    of Maryland cookies. Just yesterday!” He
    said surprised.

    “What do you want to eat?”
    “Rice.” Tobi replied without looking away
    from his laptop.

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