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    episode 65
    Silence hung in the air, so heavily. Abena
    was only focused on Tobi’s face, his
    reaction, and most importantly, his answer.
    Silence stretched for a while, that Abena
    wanted to cry. And she would have, if Tobi
    didn’t suddenly have a wide grin on his face.
    “The babies are fine Abena.”
    She let out a breath of relief, and wiped a
    traitor tear with the back of her hand. He
    pulled her into a hug, and she laughed.
    “Oh God you scared me!” She said.
    “I scared you? You scared the hell out of
    me. I thought I lost you.” He whispered into
    her ear but Abena couldn’t shake off the
    feeling that he was talking to his children,
    and not her.
    “You should be facing your children, not
    me.” She whispered back.
    “Well, you were scared of loosing your
    children. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have
    overreacted and fainted or something. I
    already had a feeling it was her, so I don’t
    really know why I-”
    “Abena! I care about you. Isn’t it obvious?
    What more do you want me to do to show
    that I care?” He asked, releasing her from
    the hug and looking at her.
    “I know you only care, not because you love
    me, but because you love what is in me.”
    She said and turned away, afraid of what he
    was going to say, how he was going to
    reject her.
    He hushed her and pulled her to him so they
    was no space in between, and placed his
    lips on hers. He pulled away and looked at
    her, a whirlwind of emotions in his eyes, and
    then spoke again.
    “At first, I only cared about the baby, not
    you. But now I want you. Because I’ve fallen
    in love with all of you. It’s no longer my
    baby; it’s now our baby.”
    Then she pulled him back to her, to finish
    what he started.
    Their lips moved in sync against each other,
    and Abena held him by his neck, trying to
    stay in place. She got tired of her
    uncomfortable position, so she groaned and
    lay down properly, pulling him with her. He
    smiled against her lips, and held her by her
    waist, hovering over her.
    They finally pulled away from each other,
    and he grinned at her widely.
    “So? How amazing of a kisser am I?” He
    “Tobi!” She laughed.
    “You have no idea how hard I’m falling for
    you. C’mon. Let me show you again.” He
    whispered against her lips and was about to
    press his lips against hers when someone
    cleared his throat in the room.
    “You guys seem to have forgotten that
    we’re still here.” Joseph said, referring to
    him and Dera, and having a mischievous
    smile plastered across his face.
    “Pay up. You owe me 10k.” He turned to
    “You guys bet? On us?” Tobi asked, a look
    of surprise on his face.
    “Well she thought you would be too much of
    a snob and an idiot to admit your feelings,
    but I thought you would eventually break.”
    Joseph shrugged. “And as I always say, love
    triumphs over all things.”
    “I’ve never heard you say that.” Tobi lifted
    an eyebrow.
    “Shut up. You’re ruining my moment of
    amazing-ess.” Joseph replied and Dera just
    rolled her eyes.
    “I’ll be right back. Let me call the doctor.”
    Tobi said, and gave her a peck on the lips
    before leaving the room.
    Joseph wheeled himself towards Abena, still
    smiling. “So, future sister in law. How are
    my god children?”

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    episode 66
    “Who said they’re going to be your god
    children?” Abena asked, still smiling.
    “They have to be! I insist.”
    “Joseph. Stop disturbing her jare. She’s
    probably extra tired after that heated kiss.”
    Dera winked at Abena and Joseph high fived
    his wife.
    Abena was about to say something when
    Tobi walked in with the doctor.
    “Okay Miss. Omotosho. Let me check you
    out.” The doctor said with a wide smile.
    Abena sat up slowly and the doctor checked
    her vitals and any other injuries she
    “You’re very lucky. Someone pregnant
    women don’t live through that kind of
    accident. I’ve asked Mr. Ademi to place you
    on bed rest for the next week since he
    doesn’t want you to stay in the hospital.”
    Abena nodded.
    “So you can change out of what you’re
    wearing, and I’ll bring some papers for you
    to sign before you leave.”
    The doctor left and Abena lifted an eyebrow
    at Tobi. “You don’t want me to stay in the
    “Well yes. I can take care of you by myself.
    I don’t need all this male doctors coming
    around you.” He replied, giving her a bag of
    “You do realise that my doctor is male. And
    he would be the one that would help me
    deliver the babies?” She asked, amused.
    “Well I’m getting you a female doctor. I
    can’t just let males look at you, in that
    area.” He replied, whining like a child.
    “And that, my dear, is the beginning of all
    the disadvantages of being loved by Tobi
    Ademi.” Joseph said and Tobi slapped him
    at the back of his head.
    “Who said anything about love?” Tobi asked,
    while Joseph rubbed the back of his head,
    feigning hurt.
    Dera ignored the two men and helped Abena
    out of the bed, following her to the
    bathroom to change.
    “I swear, the both of them are children.”
    Dera commented with a laugh.
    “Shayy.” Abena agreed and they burst into
    “We can hear you laughing at us oh!” Joseph
    called from the hospital room, which made
    the women laugh even harder.

    “We have somewhere to go first before we
    go home Tobi.” Abena said.
    They had left the hospital, and Tobi had
    helped her into the car. He did her seat belt
    firmly, but not hard enough to hurt her
    stomach while muttering something about
    ‘not loosing any one else.’
    “Where? And don’t say the beach Abena. We
    have to postpone that one.” He replied,
    doing his seatbelt and starting the car.
    “No. Not the beach.” She laughed. “I want
    to see her.”
    “Who?” Tobi asked with confusion.
    “No. No way. You just got out of the
    hospital because of her. And now you want
    me to take you to a police station?” Tobi
    “I have a right to see her! I just want to face
    my past once and for all. I just want to be
    able to keep everything behind me. You
    have to respect that.” She replied, raising
    her voice a little.
    “I don’t want you to get hurt.” He said
    “I won’t. Not any more.” She shook her head
    and looked out of the window. He sighed
    and nodded.
    “Fine. But one wrong happening and I’m
    getting you out of there.” He finally gave in.
    “Thanks.” She whispered.

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    the guy has broken o.
    I thought he was the mighty Ademi Tobi…

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    Finally he admitted it, let’s see how you hi roll

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    *Guys roll

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    The babies are alright.

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    I Hope D Babies Are Ok

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    The almighty Tobi Ademi in love?!, awesome!

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