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    Nice one

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    Wow, finally.
    The almighty Tobi Ademi is in love and he finally admitted, pls writter Carry on, biko.

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    Finally Almighty Tobi is in love

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    wow! I know it.
    they are together now

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    episode 67
    “Good day sir. I’m sorry but Mrs. Bridget Omotosho isn’t seeing any visitors.”
    “Tell the Police Chief that Tobi Ademi is here. And make it quick.” Tobi simply said, his famous glare intimidating the Police officer.
    “Right away.” He replied, picking up the landline.
    “Gosh! Nawa for you. Even police men are afraid of you sef.” Abena teased, trying to lighten the mood.
    “Yeah well they should be.” Tobi shrugged, not smiling at all.
    “Tobi. Calm down. I’ll just talk to her, then we’ll leave.” Abena said, placing her hands on his neck and looking up at his face. He pulled her to him and buried his head in her hair.
    “Yes ma’am.” He whispered.
    A police officer looked at them and coughed to get their attention. “I’ve been instructed to take you to Mrs. Bridget Omotosho. Please follow me.”
    They followed him to a room where they were asked to seat down. The walls were all white, and in the middle of the room, was a wooden table, and two chairs on both sides.
    Abena sat down on the chair, knowing that her back would hurt later on, and Tobi sat beside her, rubbing circles on her back.
    A police officer walked in with Bridget, and sat her down. He looked at them. “Ten minutes.”
    As soon as the police officer left, Bridget glared at Abena and sneered at her.
    “I see you got yourself pregnant for a very rich man. Just like your mother. Such a gold digger.” She spat out.
    Abena stood up and did what she had always wanted to do. She slapped Bridget across her cheek, while the latter winced.
    “You have no right to talk about her. Especially after what you’ve done. You destroyed my family. You ended us.” Abena replied, sitting down and staring at her straight in the eye.
    “I was simply taking what was mine.”
    “And how did that end up for you?”
    “I should have ended you too.” Bridget scowled causing Tobi to stand up.
    Abena pulled him back down and gave him a look. It was her fight. Her family. Her revenge.
    “I always knew you were a twisted unhappy b---h from the day my dad brought you home. I just wish he would have seen it too. But he didn’t. You took my mom and my dad from me. But that’s okay. You’re getting the death sentence. I hope you know. You can’t afford a lawyer, so the state would give you one. But the lawyer wouldn’t really care, because it’s so obvious that you’re guilty. You’re finally going back to where you came from: hell.”
    Abena stood up, and Tobi followd suit, leading her out of the gloomy room.
    “I’m sorry!” Bridget called out before they left.
    “Too late for that.” The police officer said to her, forcing her to stand up.
    Tobi led Abena out of the station and into the car. He made sure she was comfortable with the seat belt, then went to the other side to seat down.
    “Dont let her get to you love.” He said after a while.
    “At least, you’ve helped me get what I’ve always wanted: Justice. Thank you Tobi.” She said, removing her seat belt and hugging him.
    “Anything for you love.” He said, stroking her hair. “Anything.”
    She leaned back into her seat.
    “You better do that seat belt exactly how I did it for you because it took a lot of skill and Tobi Ademi awesomeness to get it done.” He joked and she laughed.

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    episode 68
    At that moment, Abena knew that they were going to be okay.

    When they got home, Abena went straight to bed, and Tobi went to the kitchen to get dinner ready.
    He was already blending the tomatoes and peppers for the sauce, when his phone rang.
    He grimaced at the caller ID, but answered the call anyway.
    “Tobi darling! Its been so long since we’ve spoken. Have you been that busy?” He heard Eniola’s voice from the phone.
    Why didn’t this woman just take a hint? Every other woman left him after a night, two at most.
    “How do you have my personal cell number?”
    “Is that what you’re going to say? You didn’t even miss me?” She whined.
    “I’m too busy for this.” He said.
    “Tobi.” She started firmly, and Tobi could smell a threat coming. “We’re meant for each other. And there’s no way you’re leaving me, especially not for that pregnant girl I saw at your house. You’ll come back begging, I lo-”
    Tobi hung up and blocked her number. Then he placed his phone back into his back pocket and put on the blender.

    “So. Is my Jollof rice as amazing as yours?” Tobi asked, looking at Abena eagerly. She had insisted on coming downstairs to eat, when he wanted to bring her food up to her room.
    “Ehn. You could have done better.” She shrugged and he frowned.
    “I spent hours in the kitchen trying to make it perfect.” He groaned and she laughed.
    “Chill jare. Its good. Not as good as mine but you tried sha.” She teased.
    “Hm. Well let me show you something I’m really good with.” He smirked and leaned him towards her.
    She just rolled her eyes and placed a finger on his lips.
    “Control yourself man. Besides, I’m still here struggling to eat your food.”
    “Wow. Just wow. You just broke my heart.” He said feigning hurt.
    “Hm. Oya come let me fix it for you.” She smiled, placing her plate of food on the table and pulling him towards her.
    Then his phone rang.
    “What?” Tobi growled and Abena laughed. He put the phone on speaker, and Joseph’s voice filled the air.
    “Why do I have a feeling that I interrupted something very sexual?”
    “What do you want?” Tobi asked.
    “This is so unfair. You used to have my time, and you guys get together this morning and all of a sudden, I’m no longer important?”
    Abena laughed and rolled her eyes.
    “Joseph? Have you told them yet?” They heard Dera ask.
    “Oh. Right. You guys should turn on the t.v.” Jospeh said.
    “Why?” Tobi asked annoyed.
    “Its already on.” Abena added.
    “No like, the news channel.” Joseph added.
    “Oh.” They both replied simultaneously.
    Abena took the remote and changed the channel.
    Then they both stared at the main topic of the entertainment news.
    The newscasters were talking about how Nigerian girls were gold diggers and Abena, or as they called her, Mystery girl, finally ‘trapped’ Tobi Ademi with a pregnancy that is probably not his.
    “Why are we on t.v?” Abena asked panicky.
    The picture there was a picture of when Tobi and Abena were leaving the hospital. His hands were on her waist and she was laughing at something as he whispered in her ear.
    Tobi shrugged, looking calm. He expected it. He smirked at her and said.
    “I hope it isn’t a bad time to say, we look really good in that picture.”

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    episode 69
    Abena walked slowly while looking at the different maternity dresses. Her clothes were getting small again, and she was too angry at Tobi to ask him to tag along.
    She frowned again, thinking of the argument they had had the night before.
    How could he be so nonchalant about what the press was saying about her?
    About the both of them?

    “This isn’t funny Tobi. Can you hear what they’re saying? Nobody cares about what we look like!” Abena shouted.
    “Calm down Abena. After a while, they’ll just forget about it and move to a new story.” He replied, visibly frustrated.
    “They’re calling me your baby mama! They say the pregnancy might not even be yours because apparently, Tobi Ademi can’t make such a ‘mistake’.” She snapped.
    “But you know it’s my baby!” Tobi cried in exasperation. “Why do you care about what they say?”
    “Because!” She sighed.
    He looked at her expectantly, waiting for further explanations.
    “I don’t know! I just don’t like it. Look at all the horrible things they’re saying about me! And it’s true.” Abena finally said.
    “Who cares what they say?” Tobi asked again.
    “Because I’m pregnant! When I’m happy, I’m elated. When I’m sad, I’m f-----g depressed!” Tobi winced at the sound of her swearing.
    “Abena. What they say doesn’t matter. You and I, that’s all that matters.” He held her shoulders and looked at her. She looked away from him, averting her eyes to anywhere but his inviting gaze.
    “Look at me, ife mi.” He whispered.
    Her heart beat quickened at the sound of the new nickname.
    “Please, stop them from saying all those things about me. I don’t want to be seen as that girl.” She replied, her lips quivering as she spoke.
    “Okay.” He replied and pulled her into a hug that she happily accepted.

    Although they had resolved it, Abena couldn’t shake off a feeling, that someone was setting them up to fail.
    She pulled out another dress and took them all to the dressing room to try them on. Although she was in love with her unborn children, she hated the fact that she was pregnant.
    Or fat, as she called herself sometimes.
    She wished she had accepted Tobi’s offer when he wanted to accompany her to the mall, but she wanted some time to think.
    They were both from two separate worlds, and someone was trying to make that fact known to her.

    After trying all the dresses, and hating each one, Abena walked out of Mr. Price and decided to go to Shoprite to get herself ice cream. She had finished every single tub at home and although she loved ice cream, she hated the fact that she was eating like a pig.
    She picked two large chocolate ice cream tubs and dropped them in the trolley. She wondered why she had decided to take a trolley when she wasn’t buying much, but after inhaling the scent from the Shoprite bakery, she couldn’t help but follow it and forget about every other thing.

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