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    episode 79
    “Well, as they say, love is blind.” She said laughing.
    “And you have the most amazing laugh.” He added.
    “And deaf. Love is blind and deaf.”
    She added and he rolled his eyes.
    “Come on, we’ve been here for hours. Let’s go home.” He stood up.
    “What are we doing tomorrow?” She asked as he helped her stand up while she held on to her ice cream.
    “Anything you want ife.”

    The next day, they went to the museum, and the day after, they found themselves at the zoo.
    Although Tobi really didn’t want to go, saying that zoos were for kids, all Abena had to do was play the baby card again and they were on their way.
    She wished they could stay there forever. Just the two of them, in South Africa, away from the prying eyes of the Nigerian press. She wouldn’t have to face his family, and their possible rejection.
    They could just stay together, but she knew it wasn’t going to last, and very soon they would have to go back home.

    Abena was sad on the sixth day of their trip. Tobi had gone out for a while, and she didn’t want to go home.
    She was in the hot tub, wearing nothing, after all, Tobi wasn’t coming back home in a few hours.
    She was wrong, as he came back thirty minutes after, screaming for her. She panicked. She didn’t bring a towel, and she couldn’t just walk out naked.
    “I’m in here.” She called out, hiding her body in the water.
    “Oh. Can I join you?” He asked and she shook her head frantically.
    “No. Um… I’m naked.” She said and he smirked at her.
    “Thats even better. Give me a minute.” He said and left before she could protest.
    Later on, they stayed in the tub, just staring at each other.
    “Why do you love me?” She blurted out.
    “I said, why do you love me?”
    “I don’t know. Too many reasons to count. You’re the first woman to slap me, the first to keep me in my place, the first to make me hold a gun, the first to make amazing pasta, the first to make me go bikini shopping, the first to keep me away from work, the first to light up the whole room with a smile, the first to make me confused, the first to make me watch a movie when I’m supposed to be working, the first to meet my mother, the first to drive me insane.” He said. “Although you’re the second to get pregnant for me.”
    Her head shot up and looked at him. He burst into laughter.
    “Kidding.” He raised his hand up in surrender. “Why would you doubt my love for you?”
    “I dunno. You’re you , and I’m, well,
    me .” She said, looking away. He was stepping closer to her.
    “Wow Abena, that’s really self explanatory.” He said sarcastically and she rolled her eyes, smiling.
    “Well you get what I mean.” She said.
    He stepped out of the tub, and gave her his hand. “Come out.”
    She shook her head. “I need a towel.”
    “Nope. I want to see you.”
    “I’m fat. There’s nothing to see.” She shook her head again.
    “Abena. Be nice. Come out. You’re not fat, you’re sexy. And hot. And beautiful. And amazing. And-”
    “I get it oh. I’m coming out.” She said, cursing herself for not taking a towel earlier.
    They stood in front of each other, Abena looking away in embarrassment, while Tobi just stared at her, taking her sight in. He walked towards her and encased her in his arms.
    “Come on, let me show you just how much I love you.”

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    episode 80
    Abena felt a light feather move across her neck. She sighed and turned the other way, wanting to continue her beauty sleep. The feather didn’t relent, instead, it moved swiftly to her cheek and placed a kiss on it, before kissing her lips softly.
    She opened an eye and was met with a thoroughly naked Tobi, and she shut her eyes immediately, not caring that she already saw it all. She heard his heart warming chuckle above her, and she had to bite her lip to stop the smile that threatened to tug at her lips.
    “Go away.” She mumbled. “You’re interrupting my beauty sleep.”
    “You don’t need this much sleep ife, you’re already beautiful.” He replied smoothly, before kissing her again.
    “Are you going to be like this now?”
    “Like how?” He lifted an eyebrow although her eyes were still closed.
    “Extremely cheesy?”
    He burst into laughter, still hovering over her. “I’ll be how you want me to be, babe. Now get your sexy ass out of the bed, except you want to walk back to Nigeria.”
    She felt him stand upright and she opened her eyes, knowing that he wasn’t standing over her anymore.
    But he was still naked.
    “I don’t want to go.” Abena whined, focusing on his face and making sure she wasn’t looking anywhere else, and by ‘else’, I mean ‘down’.
    “Come on Abena. We have to.” He said in frustration. “I promise, when you give birth, we would all go wherever you want to as a family: You, the twins, Demi and I.”
    A broad smile appeared on her face before she could even stop it. And the fact that he mentioned Demi too just made it all better.
    A family.
    She sighed happily. It had been a while since she had one.
    “Well, Miss. Omotosho, are you going to remain on the bed naked, and staring at my completely handsome face, or are you going to stand up so we can get ready for our flight?”
    She scowled at him and threw a pillow at him, which he caught with ease.
    “Show off.” She said, sticking her tongue out at him.
    “It’s only meant for you.” He winked and she rolled her eyes.
    “I’ll be using the shower first. Or else you want to join me.” He offered, and went into the bathroom.
    The events of the previous day swept through her mind, making her smile sheepishly.
    She didn’t regret a thing.
    “Oh, and when we get to Nigeria, my entire family wants to see you.” Tobi said, sticking his head out through the door, and her face suddenly went pale.

    “Your entire family?”
    “You said you wanted me to tell the world. So, I started with my family.” He shrugged. “Bread or cereal?”
    “Bread.” She pointed at the fridge. “Yes, but I’m not ready.”
    “Sandwich? Or just plain bread with eggs?” He asked, bringing the bread out of the fridge. “Abena, I’m not asking you to meet them now.”
    She sighed in relief.
    “You”ll be meeting them tomorrow.” He finished and she glared at him.
    “What’s the difference between now and tomorrow?”

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    I knew from the beginning that their love will grow

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    And they will make the best couple

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    gosh…i can smell romance in the air

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    And she’ll also be the first to meet your entire family

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