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    Tobi’s behavior is just so confusing, first he introduced Abena as a friend in need that he is just helping, and now he just told his cousin that he is just a girl… He don’t want to marry then he should just stick to the contract than putting that innocent girl through this emotional stress.

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    Abena, take t easy, t will take time b4 tolu gets over his ego

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    Abena you have to take it easy with him. He is new at this

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    episode 84
    “I can’t believe you would just give up and walk away from this! You won’t even let me explain!” Tobi said exasperated.
    “Did you see the way your family treated me? If your aunty and cousins already hate me, what’s going to happen when I meet the rest of your family?” Abena shouted back.
    “Who cares what they think? You’re the one that wanted me to tell the world, now I’m starting with my family.” Tobi sighed, touching his temple in frustration.
    “This isn’t going to work.” Abena slumped on her bed wearily, burying her face in her palms. “I can’t believe I thought it was going to work. Oh my God! I’ve been so stupid.”
    “So, now you’re having doubts?” Tobi asked in disbelief.
    “Well don’t blame me.” She snapped. “Your entire family is going to hate me. I’m just not Mrs. Ademi material, you know that.”
    “Who said my family would hate you? My mother loves you, you saw that when she came.” Tobi argued.
    Abena shot him a knowing look. “You also told me that she only cared about the baby, and not me.”
    “Abena. We can make this work, my family doesn’t make my choices.” Tobi said wearily.
    “So you won’t mind going against their wishes?” Abena asked and Tobi fell silent, thinking of a proper way to answer her question.
    “I won’t be surprised if, after I give birth, your family tells you to just take the kids and pay me off.” Abena said knowingly and again, Tobi didn’t reply.
    She was right.
    He sighed and took a seat beside her on the bed. “I’m willing to take that chance with you. I know my family and family-friends would be hostile, rude and snobbish towards you; but maybe, just maybe, if you stick around, and if you stand your ground, then they would all accept you, and grow to love you.”
    She hugged herself, listening to every word he said, and refusing to look him in the eye.
    “I’m not saying that being with me would be easy. It would be the hardest thing ever. But I’m ready to take that chance, the question is, are you?” He asked, looking at her.
    She looked at him briefly and looked away, afraid that she would break down and give in if she looked into his eyes for too long.
    “You don’t trust me, do you?” Tobi asked slowly.
    “I do.” She muttered, her voice was barely above a whisper, but he heard her.
    “You don’t even believe what I’m saying about what happened with my cousin.” He pointed out.
    “I need some space.” Abena suddenly said.
    “Space?” Tobi asked, confused.
    “Yes. Space. I need to think.” She said again.
    “We live in the same house ife. As big as this house is, you won’t get much space.” Tobi replied.
    “That’s why I’m moving out.” Abena said, looking at the suitcase she had packed.
    “Please. Let me figure this out for myself. I don’t know if I’m ready to jump into the world of The Ademi’s.” She said and he nodded, knowing that she was right.
    Standing up, she dragged her suitcase out of her room and down the stairs.
    “Where would you be going? I need to know that you’re safe.” Tobi said.

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    Mhiz Lilygold
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    Oh Abena don’t do anything stupid

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    hmm, ride on

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    Abena! You’rd just walking out of safety and walking straight into danger and many troubles. The news that you moved out of Tobi’s house would encourage dem other desperate Tobi admirer’s to strike

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    Abena is right she need some space

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