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    Those Two Wil Eventually End Up 2geda Continue Pls

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    From hotel to house.. It will append

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    contract episode 13

    “You brought me here!” Tobi pointed out
    then realised what Joseph said. “No way.
    No fricking way! Don’t even mention it. No
    woman stays in my house for more than a
    night. I can’t keep her for the remaining
    months of her pregnancy!” Tobi whined.
    “Why not. Your house is at the back of your
    estate. It’s quiet, big, comfortable and has a
    lot of food. It’s ideal for a pregnant woman.”
    Joseph argued.
    “But it’s my sanctuary. My own quiet place
    away from all you annoying people.” Tobi
    said stubbornly.
    “It’s the best place for her. And I’m sure
    you don’t like bad publicity.” Joseph replied.
    “I’ll get Dera a puppy. She’s been pleading
    for one but I don’t like animals running
    around the house.” Joseph beamed at Tobi
    who looked relief that his friend had finally
    made up his mind.
    “You dragged me here for nothing.” Tobi
    “What are friends for?” Joseph asked. “Plus,
    I’ve gotten myself a car.” Joseph
    “Finally. You won’t be there to annoy me
    every morning.” Tobi smiled triumphantly.
    “I won’t have to. Pregnant women are
    annoying enough.”

    “Wow. Your house is… big.” Abena breathed
    out as Tobi let her into his house with a
    small frown on his face.
    She clutched her luggage and handbag
    tightly while staring at the house. The sitting
    room was the first thing she saw, large
    couches arranged neatly and a flat screen tv
    and other gadgets were opposite it. There
    was a glass centre table on an imported rug
    and a chandelier hung in the middle. The
    kitchen was not far off, and very close to
    the stairs. There was another closed door
    which she guessed to be the guest room. A
    bar was at the other side of the sitting
    “Is it big? Looks okay to me. But its
    understandable since you poor people are
    used to small spaces.” He said rudely then
    walked towards the stairs. She stared at his
    back with her mouth hung open and then
    she glared at him.
    “This way.” He said before she could
    respond. Burning with anger, she followed
    him dragging her luggage noisily on the
    “Stop making noise with that thing.” He
    “I wouldn’t if you would just help me carry
    it. I’m pregnant you know.” She retorted and
    when she didn’t get a response, she carried
    Fuming, he snatched the luggage from her
    and walked towards the rooms on the
    second floor.
    She frowned at his behavior. He was just
    smiling at her that morning, and even when
    he dropped her at the hotel, he laughed and
    made jokes. But when he came to pick her
    up, he frowned and grumbled, snapped at
    the smallest things and she was beginning
    to get irritated. He was acting like it was his
    time of the month.
    She noticed him muttering some words
    under his breath in anger and she moved
    closer to him, straining her ears to hear
    what he was muttering.
    “Now I have to share my own house, my
    house, with this annoyingly beautiful
    pregnant woman…. can’t stop talking about
    everything she sees… no peace and quiet
    now. So unfair… all Joseph’s fault…” She
    stopped listening and smiled.
    He thought she was beautiful?
    He was acting so childish, angry that he had
    to share his house when the house was big
    enough to fit a whole school.
    It was his baby anyway. She rolled her
    Rich people.
    He stopped in front of a door and opened it
    widely. “This is where you’ll be staying.”

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    More Please

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    Bay [email protected] i appreciate your effort, no dull continue i de for ur back like ur soldder.

    tobi i like ur way, u don’t tolerate noisence for any body

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    Chemistry will soon be a subject in the house

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    My guess is finally playing out gradually. Abena is now in the house and being aware that Tobi thinks she’s beautiful will encourage her to taunt him with some sexiness. The end we all know……

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    Things will change ones they get to know each other.

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