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    I was admitted into ss1 into dreamland school and Corper sintia was introduced to us as our biology teacher. She was very sexy and busty but she was our form mistress…
    My school was a full time boarding for both boys and girls..after mathematics that day it was her turn to teach our class and she sent me to her office to get her glasses which she 4got..

    I got the glasses and.the lesson classmates were already admiring her beauty so was I.I was already wanting to press dat her big boobs.
    Fortune met me when she chose me as her class prefect.bcos I was to collect notes to her office and bring them back.
    So on a.particular friday,classes were over nd it was games time rain was drizzling and I took the notes to her office but she was not around. She forgot her fone so I decided to take it to her lodge.
    As soon as I got there the rain began heavily,so she did not hear me enter..

    As I entered her house she was in the kitchen cooking. She wore a leggings and a polo shirt. The leggings really showed her sexy ass and her attractive hips. I was just lost in thoughts saying that how which I was rich I would have just married she came into the sitting room and met me,she asked me if I saw her fone in the office. I replied yes and gave it to her.she looked at it and was surprised. She saw 12 missed calls from her boyfriend. Ooh my!!!she exclaimed… She tried calling him back but he busied the call.
    Some minutes after she got to reach him and from the way they were arguing I knew something was wrong..
    Before long she started crying begging the guy to forgive her.that they should not break up. But as she was begging the fone went dead.the guy cut the call…….
    Heyy!!!am finished she was crying!!!! I began to comfort her and just made my chance broader by been the one with her at that time. I told her not to give up yet that someone will come for her soon I just started praising her beauty.soon she stopped crying and thanked me. And I left the house. As I came out I knew I had cemented my relationship with her and I hope the cement is strong oo.
    I got to the field and joined my friends in playing soccer.. The girls were on their own either gossiping or playing one of their useless games.. Soon my friend overheard one of the girl telling another that she’s h---y..the girl then said they should go to the school toilet to off theirselves. I just smiled and said to my friend. Oboy see chance make we nor misuse am oo. He nodded in affirmation and we left the field and followed them to the toilet without them knowing.. We waited in a class away from the toilet so that they would not see us. The girls undressed and started by pouring themselves with water before long they were fingering each other,s-----g each others breast. That’s when we busted them…
    Ehhhh they shouted and were scared one of them was already wet……

    to be continued after some comments ?

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    Me self am h---y . Let me come and join you guys

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    i can imagine

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    Okay o.

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    So you girls are lesbians abi!!!!!..
    They were ashamed and speechless.. They could not even move. My friend told them not to worry that we wanted to join in the fun. We just told them to cooperate that there would be no problem at all…
    The girls just nodded.and we shared ourselves I took the busty one and my friend got the one with big butt. I took mine to two bathrooms away from my friends own. I undressed myself while she started s-----g my d*** I was groaning as I said in my mind”this gal is a professional “she soon got tired and I returned the favor by s-----g her c--t and wriggling it with my tongue. We started kissing and I was working on her butt and boobs with my hands. On my friends side the girl was moaning really loud. And I went to peep on them .to my surprise the girl was touching her toes while my friend was f-----g her really bad. I went to my side and the girl was using the shower and I hugged her from behind. She turned and kissed me and I started fingering her.this time she was moaning. She soon poured again. Now I know she is ready for it. I took her waist and bent it to get a good angle and I inserted my d*** slowly. She moaned and almost screamed. I did it again this time putting it in a little further,and she opened her legs wider letting me gain access to it.I rocked it back and forth slowly and carefully for about 9 minutes before I poured.
    My friend was already done and they were about dressing when we came out.
    We dressed up and hugged ourselves and left…….

    We left each other and classes resumed on minday. Corper sintia was just on my mind. I thought I wud see her that day but she did not come to class. I was very worried. Later that day, I went to her lodge. She was inside watching a movie I knocked and she opened the door. I entered and she was like”what are you doing here”. My mind did not even go to her question. Mhenn she was unbelievably sexy with the shot pink skirt she was wearing and the spaghetti strapped top of which I could see her nipples clearly. She asked me again and my mind came back..
    Me:i came to check on you ma
    Corper sintia:that’s nice of you bby boy…as u can see am alright
    Me:OK ma. The bursar asked after you.
    Corper sintia: oohh I told her I wasn’t going to be around today.but I’ll see her tomorrow.
    Me:OK ma.
    I don’t know whether she did it on purpose. But she bent down to pick her charger from under the table and ohh my I saw the red pant she was wearing. She then went to plug her phone on the extension on the floor. I was so carried away and did not notice that my chairman had risen and was hard.
    Corper sintia: bby boy do you like what you see?
    Me: (fidgeting) yes ma
    Corper sintia: don’t call me ma, my name is sintia
    Me:OK sintia. I have been admiring you since you came to the school ma (sorry) sintia
    Corper sintia: me too bby boy
    I was glad that everything was falling in place
    Corper sintia: bby boy I would want you to make me feel like a woman.
    She came close to me and touched my d*** ohh it has risen again. She zipped my shorts and started s-----g my d*** I was groaning. Hmmm hmmm
    Soon she went straight to my lips and was kissing me passionately as she was doing that she was taking off my clothes. Soon I was totally naked she then took me to the room and sat me down as she began to undress in front of me.
    Mhenn she was sexy,as in very sexy. She climbed on me and continued s-----g my d*** she then told me to return the favor by s-----g her c--t. I regarded it as…

    I regarded it as gross but did it because she wanted it.
    As I was s-----g her c--t and tingling it with my tongue. She was moaning ahh ahhhhh bby boy ahhh ahhh
    I did it for like 5 minutes and whoaa she came on my face. She took me to the bathroom to clean up and I switched to using my fingers. I fingered her already wet p---y and made her c-m again. This time she really needed the f-----g real bad. I climbed on her and inserted my d*** slowly.she moaned and I pulled it out slowly again. I continued putting it and taking it slowly again and then I began to make it faster. I f----d her and she was moaning and I increased the speed. After 20mins I came on her and stopped. I came down to the bathroom to clean up and she was like “bby boy I ain’t satisfied”
    me:but my d*** is already resting. She came and took hold of my d*** and started s-----g. Soon it rose, she was surprised as I pushed her to the bed and f----d her again and again…. From then on she became my shuga mummy……..

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    Sugar mummy abi sugar corper

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    If only it was that easy

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    @krizzy my dear, na small tin.

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