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    I religiously dedicate this confusing-title work to the glory of Baba God, for letting me live a life of pure holiness and thereby ensuring my automatic ticket to his Kingdom and also dedicating it to the memory of my Late Dad,(may his No-nonsense and easy going soul Rest in Peace).
    It is with utmost sense of humility that i return his dedication to him, So to say, “DEDICATION RECIEVED IS A DEDICATION RETURNED.”
    I hereby acknowledge the inspiration, giving to me abstractly by the Pen MASTERS AND MISTRESS of this United state of coolval, and the ginger they gave me to ‘SIT DOWN’ (which i don’t normally do) and to ‘THINK’ (i don’t remember the last time i did that) of writing this work.
    Thanks and may God acknowledge you all for me too.. So to say “ACKNOWLEDGEMENT RECEIVED IS ACKNOWLEDGMENT RETURNED.
    This work is spiritually protected by Shango (gawd of thunder), and if you like, copy and paste it to Pluto, i really don’t care, i don hand everything over to Shango.. Am sure by the time he also Copy Paste you with his Thunder, you won’t remember to file a lawsuit against me for also violating ur personal Copyright… So to say, COPYRIGHT RECEIVED IS COPYRIGHT RETURNED.
    Using of Borrowed data or borrowed credit, and Sharing of Hotspot to view my work is arrogantly prohibited. .
    Or you can take a priceless stroll down to the Religious section, or better still, go and settle your quarell with your Quran or Bible. You may also try to visit ur Sunday school teacher for stories about king David and King Saul, or how Judas sold Jesus out on OLX.

    Now, fasten your Reading belts as I arrogantly and Proudly take you on this free Ride.
    Welcome on Board.

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    About The Book.
    COUNTLESS is a story of a guy, named
    Darous, whose lust for the opposite sex keeps getting
    him in big troubles but he kept
    finding one way or the other to escape because he is a
    genius. But is Darous really going to escape or he would
    meet his doom one day? Just try and read
    this interesting rib cracking story to find out.
    If you are the type that judges a story by its first updates, then I won’t be suprised if you get tired after the 1st 3 updates.
    But I implore you to endeavour to read on to the 8th episode. I promise you, you gonna stay glued to it.
    I remain your humble learner and writer….. TBM

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    THIS WORK BELONGS to the creativity application of Darous Emmanuel. Please, don’t plagiarize it without the Author’s permission. Thanx as you adhere strictly to that info.
    “Please will you stop bothering me and just back off?…”. She turned back swiftly with anger written boldly in capital letters on her beautiful oval face.
    Jide, (my friend) will not stop bothering this beautiful damsel, we saw at an eatery two hours ago.
    We were both sitting down after eating and apparently watching the highlights of the Epl matches that were played the previous weekend on the giant plasma tv hanged at one corner of the resturant.
    All of a sudden, Jide’s attention was turned to the entrance, and with the familiar expression written on his face, i instantly had a hint of what he was glaring at as I also followed his gaze towards the entrance.
    To be sincere, this girl fine pass any natural creature ever created by Gawd, and am not suprised Jide was already drooling all over the table by just staring at her.
    Almost all the attention of all the guys, in the eatery are now registered on this beautiful lady.
    JIDE, being the, no-dulling type, quickly tapped me and asked me to hurry up with my drinks.
    To avoid spoilling the show for him, I hurriedly gulped down the remaining malt in the cup, and asked the waitress to come over. I paid her, and Jide and I both made for the exit.
    Once we were outside the resturant premises, Jide said we should wait a bit.
    “Darous, abeg, lets wait for that girl”.he said, pointing inside towards the direction of the lady.
    “why? No tell me say, you wan toast her”. I asked with a questioning look.
    “no, I no toast her, i wan tidy her, u know me na, i no dey dull this kine parrol na… As i don see her, wen she waka inside, na in my spirit don dey tel me say, ‘arise son, here comes your Life partner’, so o boy, i no fit dull this one”.
    “so make i leave am for you be that abi?”. I asked again.
    “Gawd, na why i like you be that.. U sharp no be small”. He replied and playfully chopped knuckle with me.
    All this while, the lady was almost through with one of the waiters she was talking with, and immediately she stepped out of the eatery, i instantly knew that she’s far too way above our Level.
    Talk of her expensive dressing and exquisite taste in fashion, she truly is way above us.
    Knowing the type of friend i have, i told him to let us go, and forget the lady.
    “ogbeni (guy), make we dey go, u no fit toast this girl”.
    “why?”.He asked in a standard manner.
    “you blind ni?” I pointed to the lady. “U no see her taste? See her dressing na, (the lady was now trekking away) thank Gawd self, she don dey go.. So make we dey go before security come pack us put for toilet.” I ended and attempted to hold his hand but he disengage himself before I could.
    “Darous, leave me jor, if she like make she go enter lagoon, i go follow her.” With that, he started running towards the direction the lady was trekking, I had no choice than to follow him.
    Soon we caught up with the lady in question and my friend hurriedly approached her. I joined moments later, but leaving some space from them, I stood beside a tree near the road. I could hear everything he was telling her from where I stood.
    ” i just wanna talk to you bae, nothing much, i just want to know you”. Jide replied her, he flashed her his charming dentition, which on a normal day, will have an instant effect on the lady, but with today turning out to be an abnormal one for him, and in contrary, the lady was becoming more irritated with my friends stubbornness.
    “You seriously don’t need to know any d--n thing about me.” The lady fired back and anger could be seen warming up on her forehead.
    “why?” Jide asked.
    “well, as you can see.” She raised up her left hand, and waved it at Jide’s face. “am already taken.” She concluded and turns to go but Jide wasn’t ready to have that nonsense.
    “wait, pls…” he tried to hold her, but she quickly avoids his snatchy hands, “can i atleast, know your name?”. He asked after the lady has stopped.
    “No! You cant.” She declared firmly.
    “Nothing, just leave me be.”
    “okay..” He started rubbing his head slowly and I instantly knew he was trying to come up with another logic to keep the lady from leaving.
    “what about your favourite school?..which soup do you like best?”
    I couldn’t help but laugh at my friend’s dumb attempt to stop this frustrated lady from walking away.
    “Its obvious that you are the dumbest guy have ever met, and behind that handsome face lies a very dull brain….your mates are getting a sex doll, so just get one and leave me alone.” She hisses and started walking away.
    I thought that will stop this arsene wenger friend of mine from following her, but I was wrong, because immediately he recovered from the shock of her last words, he started running after the direction she took.
    I couldn’t help but ask myself: NA BY FORCE?

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    I don already take front seat

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    I hope am in time

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    but guy you funny oo

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    Finaly am here

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