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    now ur problem are becoming COUNTLESS


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    After using all the lying tactics in the whole world, Joke refused to budge in her determination to help me fight this flimsy battle with my dad’s Uncle

    I used an all-attack lying formation, 2-3-5, 1-3-6, all to no avail. I even resorted to parking the bus with 9-1-0, but no amount of my Moses display of miracles can have effect on her Pharaohtic Mind

    Joke was surfing through the DvD disc collection when suddenly, a brilliant idea dialled the number of my brain. I chuckled wickedly and decided to try my new luck

    I looked at the dial of the wall clock opposite my position, the time was quater past 2. I reached for my phone and scrolled to the Alarm settings. I set the alarm to 2:17pm and changed the alarm notification tone to my phone’s incoming ring tone

    Satisfied, I dropped the phone on the couch. I approached Joke and engaged her in another topic in anticipation of the 2mins I set for the Alarm to ring out

    “Joke, where’s Nike and Dor….I mean your mum” I nearly blew it right there

    “Nike went with Mum to our SuperMart” She replied still focused on the disc collections in her hand

    “your mum own’s a Super Mart??”

    I waited for her reply for 3secs before I repeated the question

    “Yes now! Beside Crown Royal at Grammar school……..Yes! I found it” She screamed holding a disc titled EMPIRE season3 at my face

    “Is that what you’ve been looking for since all this while?”

    “yes oooo! Darous, I love this film soo much…” She took the remote controller “infact I…” The sound of my phone interrupted her, I pretended not to hear the sound. She looked at me “Your phone!” She said pointing to the couch

    “my phone?….oh… Yes, my phone” I headed back to the chair and pretended to have picked the call

    I turned around facing her “its my mum”

    “hello mum (silence) yes I still have it(silence) tomorrow? I can’t come tomorrow(silence) what about next week?(silence) ah, so soon?(silence) eh?mum, can’t it wait till next week?(silence) ok….I’ll try to make it tomorrow then(silence) alrite mum. See you tomorrow. Love you…..” I dropped the call and studied the reaction on Joke’s face

    “what did she say?”

    “hmm, she said that one of her own uncle have adviced us to provide the house documents with me tomorrow. He said my dad’s uncle can not evict us out of the house if we show them the house documents”

    “do you still have it?”

    “yes but its at home…I’ll have to go home today so that I can get it, and travel very early tomorrow morning”

    “then it means we won’t be needing our Lawyer’s help anymore” She said reluctantly and inserted the disc in the DVD player. I nearly screamed for joy after hearing that

    She returned to the couch, settled beside me as we began to watch EMPIRE


    Around 4pm, Jide called to inform me that he’s back in Abk

    After the usual nigga salutes, I told him about my present predicament. He was sceptical at first, but later believed when I told him that, if Adedoyin was really saying truth; I’ve got less than 4days to sort myself out to avoid bidding this P---y world a farewell

    “ah, this one serious o…you know wetin go happen? Lets meet this evening around 6. We go sort it out”

    “ok..ah dey come house gan self to pick something”

    “alright, be safe Darous, me and Abel dey house, we go dey expect you”

    “Abel don come back!” I asked in suprise

    “yes bro, he came back with me yesterday”

    “ok thats nice..see you guys soon”

    “sure…but don’t pass any shortcut o, pass the main road wey people go plenty, so that those guys no go fit attack you for where plenty people dey”

    “you get sense Jendor, ah don hear” I ended the call

    Abel, is a very rugged niggar, he is the capon of a feared secret cult in our area. He’s the type that doesn’t give death a fvck. I was really happy hearing that he came back with Jide. Now those robbers stands no chance against me with Abel and his gang beside me


    I alighted from the taxi at the noisy crowded junction of my area at few mins past 6. The distance between my house and the junction is far but trekkable. I was a few distance to my house when I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder

    I was very scared and turned around abruptly only to be met with the sight of an elderly woman in a C.C.C white garment

    “peace be unto you my child, the spirit of Gawd asked me to warn you about the path you are threading, it leads to distruction and….”

    “Mama” I cut in “you mean, there’s danger ahead of this road wey ah dey pass?” I questioned anxiously pointing to the tarred road

    “yes my child, repent now that there’s still grace, because tomorrow may be too late, Gawd really loves you”.

    I hissed as the real content of her message settled into my brain.

    I turned around and walked away briskly ignoring her shouts and efforts to call me back

    She calls herself a prophet, who cares? But until a prophet gives me sure soccerbet Odd of 10, I’ll never believe in any of them

    I trudged the remaining distance to my house and was greeted by Jide and Abel


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    @henrymary u sabi

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    Ayotunde AyodaboAyotunde Ayodabo
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    I pity you

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    Guy u better repent o, 2moro may b far o. If u geu ear make u hear o.

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    Na simple instruction u no fit follow

    make we dey look sha

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    Dont worry. Wait until you loose your life then you will believe the prophets

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    I got home and went straight to my door after exchanging niggar-like-pleasantries with Jide and Abel

    Jide already informed me that 3 of the Judas(es) have moved out of the house leaving only Jyboh and Spartacus to the 2 occupied apartment

    The handle damaged by the robbers on the night of the robbery has been repaired by the caretaker. I scrutinized the room and was satisfied that nothing was missing

    It was dark already, I switched on the rechargeable lamp and began to search through my files and credentials for the house documents I planned to tender for Joke to make her fully believe that am truly going to my home town the next day

    After 3mins of meticulous searching, I found it and headed outside towards Jide’s room after locking the door

    I sat on the bed alongside Abel and re-narrated my ordeal to them in full details

    Abel got a notification tone from his laptop and instantly got busy with it

    “guys, please excuse me, make ah relate with this client” Abel said and returned his attention to the Laptop

    “Darous, this one serious o, but are you sure your Dad’s uncle will be able to help before friday arrives?” Jide asked after taking a deep sigh and settled himself in a plastic chair

    “95% sure, he’s the only one that can understand and also keep it hidden from my mum” I replied firmly

    “well, lets hope for your sake that you are right, cos am sure if you die like this, no lawyer can help you to beg Gawd not to throw you inside the V.I.P section of hell fire alongside devil”.

    “you dey madt, what of you? Idiot” I hissed jokingly

    We chatted about his Gf and many other related things before the NEPA people did their unusual duty; they brought the light

    “Darous no vex o, abeg make ah finish with this client quickly” Abel stated apologetically without taking his eyes off the dial of the Hp laptop

    “take your time bro….wetin dey for your freezer Jendor?”

    Jide squeezed his face “wetin you wan drink?” He asked after hesitating for a while

    “anything go do..but goldberg na hin sure pas” I rested my head on the pillow “you get am?”

    “for where? The only drinks wey dey inside my room na Borehole water. Blessing don drain my wallet finish” He rose up and checked inside his wallets. “na 1,500naira dey here and ah go still chop tomorrow, my soap don finish, kerosine no dey my stove, ah go still need to buy food stuffs, my bathroom slippers don cut, ah go need a new toothpaste, the chewing stick wey ah use last week nearly scatter my card don….” I smiled at his usual rambling way of telling me that he’s broke

    “idiot. Just tell me say you no get money instead of narrating your budget…mumu” I cut in jokingly

    I reached for my wallets and gave him 5k to buy 1 crate of chilled Goldberg of 2,500naira and 2k Suya meat

    Jide exited the room hurriedly to carry out the friendly errand

    Joke’s call alarted my phone while I was waiting for the return of Jide

    “hello bae”

    “Dear, where are you?”.

    “just got home few mins ago, but am still at home sha” I replied

    “Have you found the documents?” she queried agogly

    “am still searching for it o…but I’ll soon be back”

    “Its already dark, please make sure you avoid trouble at all cost o” She said with a worried tone


    “what should I prepare for you? Mum bought some sliced bread”

    “hmmm….prepare toast bread with sardine…that will do”

    “alright…right away” she stated with a voice of alacrity

    “thanks bae, love you” I don’t know why I said that but before I could think of taking it back, she replied and ended the call

    Abel was still concentrated on the laptop as Jide walked in bearing a crate on his left shoulder and a nylon bag of suya with his left hand

    “guy, what took you so long… I was beginning to think you don run away with my money na” I said amusingly as I opened a goldberg and gulped it down to the bottle’s chest region

    “you be idiot, no be the poster wey we go use for your obituary ah go price” He stated playfully with a suya meat in his mouth

    Abel busted into laughter “you guys never change..thats why I love being in your company” he remarked and opened a bottle of goldberg

    “Jide, just pray say ah no die o. If ah die….hun…if ah die…”

    “ehn, wetin go happen”

    “make you no cry for me….for me” I sang in Dagrin’s tone and Jide chorused along

    We discussed about my next day’s journey to my home town and Jide decided to follow me just incase of incasitx

    At 10:12pm Jide and Abel escorted me to the junction where I boarded a taxi to my Girlfriends house


    I woke up very early the next morning to the alarm of my phone, I hurriedly got dressed and bade Joke, Nike and there Mum a goodbye

    “be safe for me please, call me if anything unusual comes up” Joke stated with an awful tone and gave me a peck at the gate.

    Promtly at, Jide met me as planned at the Lafenwa garrage where we boarded a 5-passenger Datsun car for the journey to Oyo state

    On the way, something unexpected and unaticipated occured


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