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    “oh sh!!!t….I forgot to lock the door!” I cursed silently as I rose up very fast from the bed and staring at me awkwardly from the enterance is Nike, claded in a blue denim jacket and a purple bumshorts.

    I didn’t know she was home already. Thought she was at the Super Mart with Joke where they ought to be but whats she doing at home right now?

    I’ve restrained my friendship with her to a casual one since I knew her to be suspicious of my relationship with her mum. But apparently this girl is gradually becoming a pest for my farm.

    “who’s pregnant for you Uncle D?” She marched forward a bit and stopped just inches away from the bed

    I was silently nervous and was just staring at her confusedly trying to come up with a very suitable lie to drop at her feet but nothing meaningful was going on inside my head at that moment.

    “you don’t want to tell me?”
    She clamoured jerking me out of my thoughts

    “erm….um…” I stuttered and before I could blink, she grabbed my phone from the bed and got busy with it.
    “Nike, drop my phone nao” I tried snatching it from her fingers but she was quick enough to elude the phone from me by stepping back a bit

    “Uncle D, who’s DOS?… Is she your girlfriend?” She inquired staring at me plainly.

    DOS is the formular I used in saving Doris number just incase one of her daughters wants to check my phone since Joke is against the idea of us having a passworded relationship, no boundaries between us including our phones

    “erm….Nike, please you don’t know her….She’s a nobody.” I replied in an hedging manner

    “no…no…no…don’t tell me that! Do you know how long have been hearing your voice from the sitting room? Uncle D, I heard everything…..and I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.” She emphasised and handed my phone to me.

    “Nike, why are you crying wolf where there’s none..? As far as complicated situations go, DOS might be someone irrelevant to you or me. You don’t judge people so easily by what you heard or see.”

    “not this time Uncle D. Have cried wolf about my suspicion of you before but my mum already cleared the air on that and…..”

    “what do you mean ‘cleared the air on that?” I cut in. She sighed and sat down on the bed

    “the thing is, I’ve been monitoring your actions since the day I caught you crawling under my Mum’s bed thinking you were after my mum to you know…..” I got the subtle message in her last statement and I nodded her to continue. “Moreover when I talked to my mum after you travelled, she told me that she also had no idea that you were in her room on that day and I believed her cos of how she was shocked when I told her that I saw you in her room, precisely under the bed….” My phone rang and she paused and handed my phone to me.
    “DOS calling you again.”

    I was suprised when I saw that it was her mum calling again at that moment… I ignored it and tucked it inside my pocket after placing it on silent

    “why aren’t you picking it?”

    “nothing…just continue what you are saying.” I grabbed the plastic chair beside the reading table and settled in it

    “You know we never really had the chance to talk on that issue of what exactly you were doing inside her room on that very day. Tell me, what were you doing there?….” I shrugged and she quickly added “and please don’t lie.”

    All through her epistle, I’d been preparing myself for a question like that, so I just cleared my throat and leaned forward fixing my gaze on her beautiful oval face

    “firstly, I must say am very happy with the way you’ve handled this issue right from when you saw me in your mum’s room…. Nike, had it been someone else, she would have exposed me to your sister and only gawd knows where I’d be right now if not for your brilliant way of perception. For that I say a very big thank you.”

    She blushed at my compliment and I was happy my plan was working

    “Actually, I was there for something else entirely. One of my younger brothers was very sick at that time and my mum needed money very badly to get him treated. I couldn’t bring myself to tell any of you about it because of two candid reasons. First, I was still a guest in your house back then and secondly you guys have really tried alot for me and I see it as overstepping my boundaries if I should impose another problem of mine on you again. Which is why I had to sort it out on my own and apparently in the most regrettable way”

    “you did what exactly?” She stated inquisitively

    “erm….I was trying to break into your…mum’s bedroom to you know….to get some money to treat my sick bro….”

    “wait, so you were actually trying to steal from her to treat your brother?” She queried gesturing her hand in a questioning way

    “sadly, y…es…and Gawd, I regret it…Nike Gawd bear me witness, I regret it.”

    “did you succeeded in doing it?” She asked the question I never anticipated but I was able to reply

    “again sadly….no… I didn’t, your mum came back home at the nick of the time I was about to start ransaking her wardrobe.”

    She seems to be lost in her own thoughts for some minutes as she buried her head in her palms and eventually when she did raised up her head, she gave me a soft smile and placed her palm on my laps

    “its so obvious that you love your brother very much and hearing you confess to the horrible way you wanted to help him means he’s so lucky to have you in his life….” I smiled wryly at her complicated compliment and she continued. “but next time, all you have to do is Mathew 7:7 from any of us and we would have gladly helped you.” She ended with a mild tone of finality

    “what do you mean Mathew 7:7 from you?”

    “don’t tell me you don’t know that verse in the bible.”

    ‘how can she expect me to know that? The bible wasn’t included in the list of books required to gain admission into GLOCOTEL, Global College of Thunder and Lightening, so she should just spare me the ambiguous statement’.

    “you know am not a fan of that strange book from the greeks, so just be more literal please.”

    “hmmm… Uncle anti-bible, Mathew 7:7 means, Ask, and it shall be given unto you…so all you have to do next time is just simple.” She concluded withdrawing her palms from my laps

    “I know that now…..and I promise never to ever, and ever to never do that again.”


    “yes… Nike, you can absolutely count on it.”

    “Fine, that been said, now tell me, who’s the pregnant lady?” Her face was now featuring seriousness and I was totally caught offguard with the direction she just nudged the discussion and the situation become a bit tensed

    “like I said earlier Nike, its not….” I was interrupted by Joke’s immediate and unexpected entry into the room.

    “why didn’t you tell me you were heading home instead of leaving me all alone at the Mart?” She queried her sister with a slight upset tone. Nike rose up instantly and I did the same as we both stare at the latest intruder.

    Nike was nervously silent and thank gawd, I was able to muster up the courage to abate the situation. I walked up to Joke and gave her a tight hug and a soft kiss on the lips. She reciprocated the hug and we disengage after some secs

    “how far love?” She didn’t respond as she was still staring at Nike perhaps expecting a response from her. “your sister was here telling me about the……” I was still saying when she grabbed her sister and pulled her closer to her

    “Nike tell me you haven’t told him about the suprise… didn’t tell him did you?”

    “no….no…. I didn’t” Nike replied wriggling out of her grip

    “what suprise? Nike? What suprise is she talking about?” I queried eagerly shifting my gaze at both of them

    Joke heaved a deep sigh and made the sign of cross. “Nike, Gawd save you! I would have killed you right now assuming you told him” She said hitting her sister playfully on the shoulder

    “hello! Suprise crews, the person you are talking about is here…. I mean standing in front of you…”

    “honey, just calm down…you will know soon enough…. Patience they say is….”

    “a great virtue I know that.” I completed her mum’s usual phrase for her and placed my hands gently on their respective shoulders. “but my dear sisters, not when stucked up in an elevator with a fanatic suicide bomber and moreso have heard those words like countless times so tell me whats the suprise?”

    “honey, thats why its called a suprise cos you have to find out unexpectedly.”

    “so you not telling me?”

    “don’t work yourself up love. You ll find out soon!” Joke said with a placcid smile and I decided to drop the topic. “so what were you guys talking about before I came in?”

    ‘oh sh!t, can’t she just forget that already?’ I cussed inwardly before Nike came to the rescue

    “I was just about telling him about the guy that died this morning”

    “oh! That Poor guy….did Darous also knew him?”

    “what guy? Which guy is dead?”

    “It was that guy that beat his brother because of ticket when you and I was strolling on the street some weeks ago” Nike explained awfully and I became alerted

    “whaaat!” I exclaimed in shock. “Chu…cks? Chucks is dead? Gawd! What killed him?”

    “we don’t know o, we were on the way to shop this morning when we saw people crying in front of a house. My sister and I got down from the car to check whats going on and thats when I saw his dead body lying on the floor with his Mum wailing uncontrollable beside him.” Nike explained with a doloured voice and I was totally dejected

    My initial plan was to use him to get to his brother so I can deal with the gang robbers when they least expected but that can’t be possible now

    I took solace in the fact that there’s no use of him anymore because the ganged robbers have stopped bothering me after the Favour issue. They are obviously done with me’. That was my thought after Nike broke the unfortunate and tragic news to me

    I went to the freezer after Nike and Joke left the room and took 4 bottles of chilled Goldberg and drank myself to stupor.

    Just my own way of mourning another lost spanner from the tool box of Earth.


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    Three days I spent mourning the death of the person wey no concern me. My Madrid conscience have been at my neck, asking me what’s my own business with the mourning of Chucks’s death that I’ve remained inside the house for 3days

    The fourth day after Chucks death, I gathered myself together and resumed my boxing training

    Oh! please pardon me for not telling you earlier that after so many contemplations on how I’ll always be able to defend myself against any unexpected violent incident like the ones that happened in my home town, I enrolled myself at a local boxing center at Muda Lawal stadium Asero there in Abeokuta with the sum of 10k

    I must tell you, I nearly ran away after the 2nd day session. The 1st day, I was tutored by the captain himself. Firstly; on the punching bag, secondly; Upright stance, thirdly; Semi-crouch and fouthly; Paddings.

    It was quite exciting and funfilled to the extent that I even thought I’d mastered the art of straight jabs and strong jabs when my 3rd blow disconnected the punching bag from the hanging rope with a heavy thud on the floor. The captain told me that the rope is already weak but I argued with him that, he’s just been economical with the truth

    The 2nd day, I’d gotten to the center 30mins prior to the training time and met a few guys hanging around waiting for the arrival of the Captain. After exchanging salute slogans with them, I bought chilled soft drinks and roasted stick meats for all of them

    30mins later the captain arrived and I persuaded him to arrange me with someone more formidable to spar with and he promised to grant my request

    Promptly 5’oclock, the captain commanded a small secondary school boy that came late to spar with me

    The little boy is within the age range of 13-16yrs old, with a below average height of 4ft

    I’d laughed my bowels to stupor when he stood confidently with the boxing gloves covering his small hands before me in the middle of the circled crowd

    “captain, if you wan purnish this boy for coming late, don’t you think you are taking it too personal already? Or you wan make police arrest me for commiting murder and child abuse?” I said after I’d managed to subdue the laughter

    “wetin make you talk that one?” The captain had asked me back after stepping into the circle to officiate the spar

    “I swear, this little mouse can never survive my left hand slap talkless of a blow…. Capo, he go die ni o”. I’d replied jokingly to the amusement of the crowd

    The Captain wore a frown face and glanced around at the gathered crowd that consists mainly of secondary school students of E.C.H.S and a few older guys

    “its like too much confidence dey worry you abi? Ok shall we make a bet? Hun?” The captain asked making a questioning gesture with his hand

    “I don’t do betting but, if you insist on taking your promo this far, then you can’t blame me for accepting your offer…so what do you propose?.” I’d replied calmly with a confident smile

    “hmmm, ok. You ll both fight for 10mins. If you manage to land a straight jab on Small’s face, I’ll give you back your 10k and you ll do your train for free, but if you fail
    to do so, then you ll pay me double or I’ll beat your ugly ass myself.” He explained with a ‘do you understand?’ look

    I stared at my opponent and smiled cheepishly at him. He has this irritating confident smile on his boyish face that makes me want to rush at him and beat him silly but I subdued the urge with another smile

    ‘if thunder no wan strike Mtn and its customer care, I think you should be able to land 9000 punches on this boy’s face….Think of it, you’ve got height, muscle, long hands and stamina than him, so Darous this should be as easy as sin.’ My Barca conscience communed to me as I moved closer to the Captain

    “don’t say I didn’t warn you, trust me, you will be needing an ambulance very soon?” I told him confidently while he handed me my gloves and I put it on

    He pondered on my words for some moments and shrugged with a smile. “You better have what it takes to back up your words because if you fail to deliver a single punch, you’d better contact your bank in advance or you are dead!”

    With that, he motioned for the crowd to create enough space for us and blew the whistle for the commencement of the spar

    The spar began with me, making a wild rush at the small boy with the intention of sending a straight jab on his face, but somehow, the boy was quick to parry my miscalculated attack and before I could regain my foot after staggering forward, he sent a direct hook below my ribcage followed quickly by another bolo punch just below my left chin which sent me sprawling on the floor

    The impact of his 20kg blow was so excruciating on my body to the extent that I began to beg the captain to cancel the spar after 6secs

    “you no fight again?” The captain asked with a smirk on his battered face

    “yes abeg o! Am on my period, lets continue when I finish abeg…” I pleaded with a groaning tone and he cancelled the match

    The guys I bought drinks and meats for earlier helped me to my feet and also applied some pain easing balm on my ribcage and left chin. They also helped in begging the Captain to forget about the bet and since then, those guys have been helpful in helping me to learn more about the techniques and strategies of being a great and a self-dependent boxer

    Now back to the present, I resumed to training and trained very hard for 3hrs although It was vigorous as usual

    After bidding my new training buddies a goodbye, I boarded a bike home.
    It was already past 8pm when I got home feeling very exhausted and after taking a nice shower, I joined Doris and her daughters at the dinning table where a sumptuous meal of pounded yam and ugwu soup with assorted meats and crayfish was served as dinner.


    I woke up the next morning to the sound of a message notification tone from Adedoyin on my phone and it reads:

    ‘Darous, you can’t avoid me forever. Sooner or later you are going to need me and when you do, I’ll gladly help you out because afterall, you are my Boy and I love you. Miss you so much.’

    I smiled at the message and wonder how some people can be so stubborn

    Around 9am on that Saturday morning, Nike came to my room to inform me that her mum wants to see me

    “hope no problem?” I asked her while getting inside my track trousers and Stephen Curry’s top

    “I don’t no o, am just a messenger.” She replied smiling and at the same time putting my flip-flops at my feet and we both left the room


    I opened the door and stepped inside the room leaving the door slightly ajar as I stood beside it. “you said you wanted to see me?” I asked Doris who appeared busy selecting some clothes from the giant wardrobe in her room. She turned around towards me and gestured me to close the door. I did and settled on the bed while she sat on the chair infront of the dressing table

    “Darous, I’ll forever remaing grateful to you for this….” She pointed to her belly. “wonderful gifts….I’ll never forget it.” She paused to study my reaction. She got a blank one from me so she continue. “it still seems like a dream to me, can’t believe am having a male twins atlast.” she smiled happily and continued. “You’ve made me so happy, so how can I also make you happy? Tell me anything, I’ll do it.”

    “before I tell you that, please tell me you already know how to handle your daughters, I mean what you plan to tell them about the source of your pregnancy.” I stated with a look of concern

    She smiled calmly making her dazzling white teeths to adorn her beautiful face. I couldn’t help but to admire her looks as she adjusted the straps of her bra and smiled again. “thats brilliant of you to ask….Well, I plan to deliver my babies in the UK, so as to avoid any uneccessary queries from my daughters. I’ll come back 2years after delievery when I would have gotten a perfect excuse to give anybody. But before I depart for the U.K tomorrow, I think its appropriate that we have this discussion.” She ended with another smile

    I sighed. “Doris, you don’t have to pay me. What I did, I did for free….but if you insist on rewarding me then I think I’ll be okay with whatever you do for me.”



    “ok. Lets meet at erm….erm….MoonGate hotel around 5 in the evening. Ok?”

    “but moongate is too far nao, wha….”

    “you’re right but just wait for me at Crown Royal junction, I’ll pick you up from there. We can talk better at MoonGate after we must have had some rounds of super-sex before I travel tomorrow….ok?”

    “that sounds cool.” I replied smiling

    “remember, nobody, and I mean, nobody must know about our meeting, okay?”

    “Got it. See you then….” I rose up and marched towards the door and exit the room after getting a hug and kiss from her


    Evening came very fast like a speeding bullet. Nike and Joke have gone to the hair dressing salon for their hairdos since 3pm

    At 4:30pm, I was already at Crown Royal junction waiting for Doris to pick me up and I’d barely waited for 5mins when her Toyota Highlander Wine Jeep alighted infront of me

    I hopped inside and sat beside her on the passenger seat and she zoomed off

    Some distance into the journey we began to chat happily before she tucked her hand inside the bag beside her and brought out a fruit

    “eat this for your strenght dear.” She handed me a big ripe apple fruit with her right hand while the left was on the steering wheel. I collected it and began to eat it instantly

    “hmmm, so sweet…Just like your p---y….am gonna eat your p---y bad today dear..” Those were the last words that came out of my mouth before she swived the car into another route contrary to the one we are heading before. I looked at her and wanted to question her about the sudden change in direction but unfortunately, my body became suddenly weak and I dropped my head on the headrest as I lost concsiousness

    Only gawd knows for how long I was out, but when I opened my eyes? My environment became an alien to me


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    Hmmmm what can dat yeye fowl b up to 2 the son of d thunder, biko feed me more.

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    I’m speechless….

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    Gud for you

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    Fine by me
    carry on?.

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    am so sorry for you…

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    I just pray make the woman no kill you…

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