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    Crazy Orphan ??

    ( His weakness)

    Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

    Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎

    Episode 1

    Alora p.o.v??

    ‘Kim Kim, the alarm wake me up from my sweet dream. I took the alarm and throw it across the room.

    who put this alarm on my bed I thought I turned it off yesternight I thought.

    “good morning Angel my kid brother greet laughing.

    ” Hey what’s funny I asked him. “hmm you love sleep Alot,

    the way you throw that alarm is alarming he said pointing at the alarm on the floor.

    “now I knew who put the alarm on my bed. why did you do it I asked.

    ” do what he asked giving me that innocent look. “who place the alarm on my bed I asked.

    “am sorry, I put it there because you’re running late, and you have warned me not to wake you up again he said…

    “what’s the difference between waking me up and putting the alarm on my bed, I asked and stood up.

    I move closer to him and he move back, he keeps moving back till his back hit the wall.

    no way to escape you have Fallen into my cage I said.

    “am sorry sisi I don’t mean to wake you up he said. check the time he said.

    I turn and checked the time, and I opened my mouth wide in shock.

    what 8am I am done for, I turned to look at him, but he have disappear.

    this boy won’t be the end of me, but I still loves him he is the only family I have left.


    “I ran into the bathroom to took my bath, twenty minutes time, am done and ready to leave.

    I checked into my brother Bryan room but he’s not there, maybe he have gone to school. what type of sister I am,

    I don’t even prepare breakfast for him, I hope you forgive me my love, I overworked myself yesterday.

    I checked the dinning and I met tea and bread there, wow he prepare my breakfast so sweet. I knew am late,

    but there’s nothing I can do about it again. the manager will just talk and shut up when he’s tired.


    “I came down from the taxi and paid the cabman, I ran into the restaurant and saw some of my colleagues, looking at a particular place.

    I look towards the direction and didn’t see anything special, apart of a guy sitting on a chair pressing his phone.

    “Alora you came late again, my best friend pepsy said.

    “am sorry I overworked myself yesterday I said.

    “I told you to drop some of your work, anyway the manager didn’t know you haven’t resumed, because I have been helping with since.

    “you have only one order left she said. “oh thank you my darling you are a life saver I said.

    “such a drama queen, as if you won’t insult me before you close today she said. “I promise I won’t insult you,

    and I won’t insult anybody today I said Crossing my chest with my hand. “I don’t believe you she said.

    “why are those fools looking toward that direction I asked. “oh that guy is the richest and youngest guy in the whole of Korea now she said.

    “oh I see, but what’s he doing in a place like this I asked. “he is waiting for someone,

    “he is the one you will serve coffee, be very careful with him he doesn’t take nonsense she said.


    “I rushed into the restaurant and prepare his coffee. 5minutes later am done with it. here’s your order sir.

    I was about to drop the coffee before the coffee slip from my hand. and stain his cloth a little.

    “how dare you spit hot coffee on my new suit came his muscular voice. I scoff, I thought he doesn’t talk.

    I quickly compose myself. “Am very sorry sir I plead. it a mistake am very sorry I plead again.

    “just keep quiet, am sure poverty have eaten part of your brain. don’t you know this suit can buy you he said.

    I still maintain my cool. I said am sorry I repeat, “what am I even saying, it can buy the whole of your generation the do called billing said.

    “I loss my cool as soon as he mention my generation.

    “excuse me sir, it wasn’t my generation that split coffee on your cloth. if you have any issue with me, insult me and Leave my generation out of this I said.

    and my colleagues left there mouths open in shocked. even pepsy was giving me a signal to keep quiet what’s wrong with them I thought.

    “how dare you talk when am talking the so called billionaire said. “who are you? are you some sort of gods? cause I don’t get I asked.

    clapping my hands in a mockingly manner, who does he even thinks he’s. “Alora that’s enough,

    you don’t talk back at customers. cause customers are always right our manager said.

    “fine I accept that customers are always right, but not in a situation like this, how dare him insult my family I said.

    “get out of my way the so called billionaire said and pushed me.

    I fall down flat on the ground. I stand up immmediately with anger written clearly on my face, and drag him back.

    I slap him across his face. he hold his cheek surprised written on his face. “where’s the manager he yelled like a mad man he is,

    “where’s the manager I mimick and the manager rushed out. so you’re the manager of this place,

    I will get back to you guys, you will surely here from me, he said and rushed out.


    “Alora can you see what you cause, if that man do anything to my restaurant, I wont hesitate to fire you he said.

    pepsy drag me to a corner.”can you see what you have done huh, why did you pour coffee in that man suit pepsy said.

    “pepsy you and I knew it a mistake I replied.

    “why did you talk back at him, why did you slap him she asked.”wait o pepsy which side are you on I asked her.

    “am not at your side in this one, what you did to that guy is very bad very very wrong she said. “I thought we are friends,

    and friends alway got each other backs I said. “I can’t and will never support you on this she said.

    “wait, so you can’t inherit my enemy despite how close we are I asked. “to inherit your enemy? God forbid that,

    is not right to inherit ones enemy. because your enemy hasn’t done anything bad to me and it’s not even right to inherit others enemies she said.

    “oh I see, am no longer your friend as from today I said.

    “what!!! you must be joking, am still your friend and nothing can stop me she said beating her heart,

    I left her there and walked away. sorry I haven’t introduce myself, you guys can see am busy since.

    Am Alora George. the first daughter of the George family, I didn’t know so much about my family,

    cause I was just 8years old when they died. and I have been doing all sort of work to cater for my brother and I since then. am not that beautiful,

    no, no,no am not beautiful, but I get the killer hips, they got some b---h jealous.

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    Crazy Orphan ??

    ( His weakness)

    Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

    Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎

    Episode 2

    Xavier p.o.v

    “how dare she slap me. I said to myself, she will surely regret meeting me. I walked out angrily and met my driver staring at me like a fool.

    “hey can’t you open the car door for me? I asked him Angrily. am sorry sir, I was about to,……….. keep quiet how dare you talk when am talking,

    are you crazy or something I replied.

    he bow his head and didn’t say anything. fool can’t you say sorry I asked him.

    “am sorry sir, he replied politely with his head bow. “sorry for yourself I replied and got into the back seat.

    Authoress p.o.v.

    “Xander got down from the car and March into his house Angrily.

    ” what’s wrong with your boss the security man asked the driver. “guess what, your boss met his match today.

    “his march as how the security asked confused.

    “A lady talk back at him, did you know the most shocking thing she slapped him. the guard said.

    “what!!! don’t tell me a lady slap the almighty Xander the security asked “yes oo, the girl is bold and fearless they’ll surely make a great couples the guard said.

    “so what did Xander did to her, cause am sure he won’t take it likely with her the security said. “he didn’t do anything to her he replied.


    Xander walked into the house Angrily and was surprised to see one of his b---h sleeping peacefully on his bed.

    what’s this b---h doing here he thought, he wanted to shout and sent her out of his room. but seeing her naked body, he smirk,

    “since she needs s*x I will surely give her, cause I need someone to avert my anger on he thought. he tap her gentle on her leg and she wakes up immmediately smiling sheepishly.

    “how did you know am back he asked the b---h. “common are you asking me that, you’re a public figure and everyone knew when you are in and out she replied.

    “so what are you doing here Xander asked. “am here to see you, don’t you missed me cause I missed you Alot the b---h said rubbing his chest.

    “Susan take your filthy hand away from my chest Xander growl,

    “am sorry she said smiling. give me your back Xander said and Susan position herself in perfect doggy style happily.

    Her butt was facing the air as she wait still and waited for him to penetrate. “this fool doesn’t know what she signs for Xander thought.

    “Xander spread her legs apart and Xander position his d*ck in her hole. “auch she scream out in pleasure.

    he continue drilling her, going faster and harder. Susan passed out when she can’t take it anymore.

    Xander p.o.v?

    “she passed out while I was about to release inside her which made me so furious.

    I got into the bathroom get a bucket of water and empty it on her.

    when she woke up, I insert my c--k in her mouth, then started diving into her mouth making sure I hit her in the back of her throat.

    Doing that for some minutes I made her lay flat on the bed, then started my business again until I released Inside her.

    get out of my room I order her and put on my trouser. I wanna rest a little she replied….. get out of my room before I used my anger on you I said.

    “as if you haven’t used it on her my inner man said. “keep quiet am not satisfy, am still angry I said.

    you’re still sitting down, get out before I throw you out myself, I threaten her. she took her cloth and put it on, she limp out of the room.

    Someone barged into my room and I turned back to unleashed my anger on the person. how dare you I said.

    and the person burst out into laughter, I turned back to check who it is, and behold it my crazy kid brother.

    why did you keep me waiting at the restaurant I asked him. he didn’t replied me, and he sniffs the air.

    “why’s this place smelling sex sex he asked. oh Andrew you’re so dump why don’t you know the girl you saw limping earlier is the work of your beloved brother, he said dramatically.

    “you haven’t answered my question I growl. “Question did you asked me anything, or are you talking to someone else, he said searching the room with his eyes.”

    just keep quiet and answer me I said. “hope there’s nothing wrong with you, cause I didn’t see another person here apart from you and I.

    he said and I growl warningly. Andrew answer me before I throw your sorry ass out of this room I said.

    I know you can’t, he said sitting down on the bed. “ouch he said and stand up immmediately.

    “what happens to you I asked concerned. “I sat on your sperm he said. “you’re a pain in the ass I said.

    “but you loves me like that, he replied bringing out his tongue. “Am sorry something came up he said giving me his best puppy eyes.

    so brother let be serious, I have a question to asked you, he said. “go ahead I replied.

    “I heard a girl insult and slap you today, but I didn’t believe them, cause no girl can insult the almighty Xander,

    not too talk of slap he said. I knew where he’s heading to, I knew he came to make jest of me. so who told you I asked him. I saw it on the news a few minutes ago. he replied. are you for real.

    who dare video the it. this lady will so suffer for this I said Angrily. “wow so is true he said with a smirk.

    I never knew a girl can put you in your place. first time a girl is not carried away with your look. that lady deserve an award, what am I even talking about,

    she deserves to be one of our family. I think I love her already. hope she’s beautiful, cause am proposing to her tommorow he said.

    “God what have I done to deserve this fool as my brother I said shaking my head. God can you listen to what my brother is saying. God I need a favor from you,

    please take him away so he won’t see me again he said. “What!!!!!! Andrew you’re wishing me death I said.

    “No who told you that? I am only talking to God, he said and I chase him out of my room. he is such a pain in the ass.

    Authoress P.o.v

    where’s the man I asked you to get for me Xander asked one of his trusted men. “he is waiting for you, in your office sir the guard replied.

    good you can leave he said and went in, time for revenge. Good morning sir, the man greet going down on his knees. stand up Xander order him and he stands up immmediately.

    “is that how you train your workers. you trained them to be disrespectful right he asked. “am sorry sir, she’s a very respectful girl.

    I don’t just knew what got into her today sir the man said. “I want you to sack her Xander said. “sir she’s very sorry, that’s her only means of survival.

    the manager beg on her behalf. “is either you sack her or lose your restaurant Xander said.

    “alright I’ll sack her tommorow sir the manager replied. “no I want you to sack her today Xander said.

    “Alright sir the manager replied. “get out Xander yelled and the manager ran out.

    “manager what’s this Alora asked. “sack letter the manager replied. “but why I haven’t done anything wrong to you Alora asked.

    “it wasn’t my fault am sorry, the guy you insulted yesterday, asked me to choose between you and my restaurant.

    am very sorry, you need to look for job somewhere else the manager said. “wow am not surprised am expecting something like this.

    but I will so teach him a big lesson, if I ever set my eyes on him again Alora said. “am very sorry,

    am in a tight corner I can’t help the manager said. “it okay I understand you I will take my leave now Alora said and went out.


    Alora went out to take a cab. she’s almost late for her second work. a car drove roughly to her side.

    are you blind she yelled. two hefty men came out of the car and bundle her like a bag of rice to there car.

    like and comments to unlock the next episode tommorow morning.

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    Nice start

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    Seated already

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    Tomorrow morning is too late

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    Ride on

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    Am lovin diz

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    Xander don kidnap her o

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