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    EPISODE 72
    Cynthia got back to the Hotel she has been staying since she came back to life. She was tired and sad that she haven’t seen or heard anything about her friends.
    She sat down on the bed and covered her face with her 2 hands. She started crying when she remembered how they normally have fun and so on. She was still crying when David “Blessing Brother” called her on phone. She stirred at the phone for a while before picking the call.
    David: Hello Cynthia
    Cynthia: Hi Good day
    David: How are you?
    Cynthia: Am fine and you?
    David: Am good, I have been trying my Sister’s Line but isn’t going through for days now
    Cynthia: Ermm
    David: Hello! Are you there?
    Cynthia: Yea
    David: Is everything alright?
    Cynthia: Ermm Yes, maybe she haven’t found her phone
    David: Did she lost it?
    Cynthia: Yea, something like that
    David: Something like that? Where is she?
    Cynthia: She’s in class
    David: By this time?
    Cynthia: Yea, she registered for extra Lessons
    David: Ok, call me when she comes back
    Cynthia: Ok, what about my brother
    David: Haha, his fine
    Cynthia: Hope, his not giving you headache?
    David: No oo,, Junior is not like that
    Cynthia: Ok oo,, take care
    David: Yea, remember to call me, bye
    The Line was ended and Cynthia became restless again. She started thinking again
    -What should I do now?
    -What will I tell David if he calls back
    -I don’t even know what else to do
    -That Lover boy don’t even help matter at all
    -I don’t even know where he is or have his line
    -Well I must find those girls oo,, am totally tired.
    She stood up from the bed and walked over to the bathroom to take her bath.
    Few Minutes Later she came out from the bathroom tying her white towel round her chest, the towel was too short to cover her totally therefore leaving most of her sexy body exposed, She came out from the bathroom into the bedroom and saw Ambrose was already seating on the bed.
    She screamed and ran back into the bathroom.
    Cynthia: Why didt you knock? (she shouted from the bathroom)
    Ambrose: I didt pass through the door
    Cynthia: What if I was naked!!!
    Ambrose: Atleast you were not
    Cynthia: Close your eyes
    Ambrose: What?
    Cynthia: Yes, you heard me, close your eyes
    Ambrose: Ok, is closed
    Cynthia came out from the bathroom quietly. She tiptoed to her wardrobe and started searching for a particular cloth she had in mind to wear but couldn’t find it.
    Ambrose: Search for it Under that your small Box
    Cynthia looked at him and found out that his still closing his eyes.
    She searched for it under the box and found it. She took her Body cream and the cloth before running back to the bathroom.
    Ambrose: Can I open my eyes now?
    Cynthia: As if you closed it before
    Ambrose: I did oo
    Cynthia: Whatever.
    Few Minutes Later she came out from the bathroom but met Ambrose already sleeping on the bed. He was not wearing his Shirt anymore only singlet and his trouser. Cynthia took time in examining his body structure and she loved it. She quietly sat down beside him still stirring at him. Ambrose yawned while she quickly stood up and looked away.
    Ambrose: Your done?
    Cynthia: Yes and you have already slept off
    Ambrose: Why won’t I when you have wasted much time in applying ordinary cream and wearing of cloths as if you are giving birth
    Cynthia: E don do joor
    Ambrose: So whatsup you tonight?
    Cynthia: How I don’t Understand
    Ambrose: Where will you be going tonight?
    Cynthia: Nowhere, why asking?
    Ambrose: Ermm, not that am the party type but can we just hang around and relief ourselves some stress
    Cynthia: Hmmm
    Ambrose: Please!!! (he said with a charming eyes)
    Cynthia: Ok fine, where?
    Ambrose: Any place you choose
    Cynthia: I don’t know any place
    Ambrose: Hey! Quit that lie joor
    Cynthia: Which lie, that I don’t know any party place?
    Ambrose: Yes, a girl like you huh?
    Cynthia: Oh, you thought all girls are s--t?
    Ambrose: Not what I meant oo
    Cynthia: Then what do you mean
    Ambrose: Is ok abeg, no beat me up
    Cynthia just stirred at him for a while before she looked away, she took her phone and logged into Facebook and started chatting.
    Ambrose also took his phone and started chatting too.
    Ambrose: Can I have your number?
    Cynthia: No!
    Ambrose: Ok, I will be taking you to a place tomorrow morning
    Cynthia: Am not going
    Ambrose: Hmmm
    The VC called a general meeting of all the remaining Security men and discharged them of their duty, he promised to call them back when everything is settled, he told them that he doesn’t want to see them loose their lives just like that, he gave them some money and they thanked him before moving out from the school.
    The VC took his phone and dialed a number.
    VC: It is done
    he said and ended the call.
    He asked his driver to take him back home.

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    EPISODE 73
    Ambrose was now sleeping in Cynthia’s Hotel room cause Cynthia left him there to get something for them to eat and she didt come back on time so he now slept off.
    Cynthia came back to the Hotel room and waked him up.
    Ambrose: Babe you took so long
    Cynthia: Sleepy head, take this food joor (she gave him a takeaway and he took it from her)
    Ambrose: What about yours?
    Cynthia: I ate mine there
    Ambrose: Come and join me
    Cynthia: No

    She walked over to another side of the bed and sat down.
    Ambrose started eating the Rice and Stew she bought for him with a chicken Laps on it.
    Cynthia: Are we still going to the Club? (she asked bending her face)
    Ambrose was shocked to hear such, he looked at her in surprise cause he thought that she wasn’t interested.
    Ambrose: Yes sure (he managed to answer)
    Cynthia: Ok
    Ambrose hurried with the food and within 2 minutes he was done.
    Ambrose: Are you ready?
    Cynthia: No oo,, let me change
    Ambrose: Ok, I will be waiting outside
    Cynthia: Ok
    Ambrose stood up from the bed and parked the empty takeaway, he came out from the room and walked downstairs, he searched for their waste-bin for a while before he saw it and threw the empty Takeaway into it

    He came out from the Hotel and stopped a Bike man
    Ambrose: Drop me at UNN (he entered)
    Bikeman: Ok your money na #200
    Ambrose: Chisos, when I can disappear go there for free
    Bikeman: Disappear nah, come down from my bike joor
    Ambrose came down from the bike and the bikeman drove off.
    Ambrose: Nna eeh, Ambrose control this your mouth oo (he cautioned himself)

    He tried stopping other bikemen and they said the same thing, he was tired of hearing such when he don’t have much with him. He walked over to a corner and looked around but didt see anyone in sight and he disappeared.
    He appeared near the Hostel Toilet, he ran out from the toilet with speed cause of the smell. He went inside the male hostel and walked over to his room and met his roomies, They hailed him and they started asking him about his parole as they don’t get to see him often and he lied to them. He changed to his best outfit and took 5K from his wallet which is his Last card.

    He dashed out from the hostel, he walked over to a lonely corner and disappeared. He appeared inside Cynthia’s Room and this time, he saw her fully naked. Both of them froze at that moment.

    The Angel Carpon has been trying their Boss number but it wasn’t pushing through. He was still on this when Succy came into his Lodge.
    Succy: How far nah
    An Carpon: Udo
    Succy: Wetin the xup as you dey restless
    An Carpon: Na boss oo,, im line no the go
    Succy: Yea, I called him in the day time it rang for the first attempt but in the second attempt it didt and since then, I can’t connect to his number. Maybe his attending to so many things
    An Carpon: You might be right, so how far for the preparation?
    Succy: It is going on normal, so what’s the next plan?
    An Carpon: We will be attacking them group by group
    Succy: But I thought we challenged them at the firing squad?
    An Carpon: Yes, we did, is just a strategy for them to focus on the firing squad while we deal with them internally.
    Succy: That’s great, so we start early in the morning.
    An Carpon: Yes, Your girls will focus on their girls while me and my boys will take their boys down.
    Succy: I got that
    An Carpon: Ok, I will keep in touch with you
    Succy: Yea, but not after I take what I come for
    An Carpon: Which is

    Succy walked over to him and pushed him to the bed with the tip of her finger. She climbed the bed and they started kissing, few seconds later, they were naked having serious sex then suddenly the door opened.
    Sparkling has been trying to reach Ambrose on phone since she haven’t seen him for days and school hasn’t been the same, she thought maybe he was among those that was shot so this made her to become more worried.

    Gallant came out from the kitchen that she was cooking and met Sparkling lost in thought. She walked over to where she was seating and tapped her.
    Gallant: Babe wetin the do you?
    Sparkling: Nothing
    Gallant: Nothing and you are crying
    Sparkling didt know that tears has already started running down her eyes.
    Sparkling: Don’t worry am fine (she cleaned the tears)
    Gallant got the hint and she sat down near her.
    Gallant: I know is because of that boy, what’s that his name again?
    Sparkling: Ambrose (sobbing)
    Gallant: Ok, Ambrose, don’t worry, his fine where ever he is and he will surely come back for you don’t worry
    Sparkling: Are you sure? Cause am scared that something bad must have happened to him
    Gallant: Don’t think of such towards your Love, Just believe his fine and you will see his fine where he is..
    Sparkling: Ok dear
    Gallant: Just share up, tomorrow is a big day, don’t want you to be in this mood
    Sparkling: Ok, I won’t again
    Gallant: Good one

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    EPISODE 74.
    Cynthia slowly picked up her towel and tied it round her chest. Ambrose on the other hand haven’t seen a girl totally naked physical but have seen it on his roomies phone, He was still routed to that spot till Cynthia wore all her cloths.
    Cynthia: Lets go (she said feeling a bit shy cause Ambrose has already seen everything)
    Ambrose: Ok (he composed himself)

    They came out from the room and walked downstairs together. They got outside and stopped a Taxi that took them to a near by Party Hall. Ambrose was about to pay the Taxi man when Cynthia has already paid.

    They went inside the Party Hall and Ambrose located 2 Vacant sit at the bar, he took Cynthia towards there and they both sat down on the chairs.

    Walter: What Can I offer you both?
    Ambrose: Just a none alcoholic Drink
    Cynthia just stirred at him for a while.
    Walter: And you ma?
    Cynthia: Same
    The Walter brought fought their order and they started drinking. Ambrose paid for the drinks.

    The DJ stopped playing music and someone took the Mic.
    MC: My name is Caleb and I will be your MC tonight, I come all the Way from Oyo, make some noise for me.
    Everyone made noise for him and he continued.
    MC: Today is one of the cutest Guy Birthday and we call upon him to step up to this stage and greet everyone.

    The Guy was called upon and he went over to the MC and took the Mic from him, he greeted everyone. He later danced and the party was going on fine while Ambrose and Cynthia was having a nice view till the MC saw Ambrose and he recognized him to be his classmates back then in Secondary school, he also noticed a girl was with him but forgot it was Cynthia. He took the Mic again.

    Mic: Is now time for best Lovers to dance and I now call upon Ambrose and his girlfriend to step forward.
    Ambrose and Cynthia eye opened wide. Ambrose looked carefully at the MC and saw it is his Best buddy back then in school and he started smiling.
    Cynthia was really confused on what that is going on.
    2 Girls came forward and gently dragged Ambrose and Cynthia on the Dance floor and Mc Caleb asked the DJ to play Ambrose best Music which was Phyno Music titled Mmili.

    Ambrose didt want to dance initially but when the song started he lost all control and started dancing like a pro. Cynthia was amazed that he can even dance like that. Ambrose noticed that Cynthia wasn’t dancing with him and he held her hand and started dragging her around and Cynthia forced herself to also dance till she started dancing from her heart.
    After the whole Party. Ambrose and Cynthia went back to where they were seating.
    Cynthia: Did You plan for this?
    Ambrose: No oo,, I didt oo
    Cynthia: I don’t believe you
    At that instance, Caleb came into view and had a hand shake with Ambrose.
    Ambrose: Guy, you really surprised me oo
    Caleb: Chai, but wait oo,, when you start coming to party?
    Ambrose: Na today oo,, guy you really got me, that Phyno music
    Caleb: How can I forget your best Musician that year
    Ambrose: Hahaha
    Caleb: Hello damsel (he said to Cynthia)
    Cynthia: Hi
    Ambrose: Oh, sorry guys, Caleb meet Cynthia my friend and Cynthia meet Caleb
    Caleb: Nice meeting you
    Cynthia: Same
    Ambrose: It has been long oo,, we still have a lot to talk
    Caleb: Give me Your line abeg

    They exchanged contact.
    Caleb: Got to go now, I will call you later
    Ambrose: When will you go back to Oyo?
    Caleb: Tomorrow Evening
    Ambrose: I might get to see you oo
    Caleb: Ok later nah, bye dear
    He left while Ambrose was still smiling.
    Cynthia: Hmmm, Can We go now?
    Ambrose: Ok sure
    Ambrose turned to the Walter to make payments of another drinks they have drank.
    Walter: Is #3500
    Ambrose checked his pocket and saw his only with #2500
    Cynthia noticed the awkward moment.
    Cynthia: Do you guys have POS?
    Walter: Yes we do

    The Walter brought out the POS and Cynthia made the payment while Ambrose was really dumbfounded.
    Cynthia: Lets go
    Ambrose: Ok

    They entered another Taxi and Ambrose asked the Taxi man to take him back to UNN but the Taxi said it was late to go there and it is dangerous since they heard that no more security in the school. Ambrose was about to come down when Cynthia spoke up.
    Cynthia: Don’t even think of doing that.
    Ambrose: What else do you want me to do?
    Cynthia: You will pass the night in the Hotel with me
    Ambrose: Hmm, I can’t please
    Cynthia: Don’t worry, you will, Oga you can start the car now

    Ambrose relaxed back in the car and the Taxi man drove off. Ambrose had many things running his mind, he wanted to read Cynthia mind but stopped cause he can’t and Cynthia will know that he wanted to get into her mind. Cynthia in the other hand wasn’t sure of what she just said. She was wishing the following morning will just come very fast.
    They got to the Hotel and Cynthia paid the Taxi man and he drove off while They entered inside the Hotel.

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    Hmmm cynthia and ambrose

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    So cynthia n ambrose r lovers

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    I’m reserving my comments for later

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    They entered inside d what na happened

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    Interesting. Hope copulating together will not weaken ur power

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