Dance In The Graveyard

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    A story written by Samuel FAJ (2395CA65)…
    “Dance in the graveyard” is an oxymoron
    statement, that is not
    possible to happen to some extent in the real
    world. A graveyard is a
    quiet and cool place, where mourning and
    burial is always the order of
    the day there. Where the nature of the place
    itself forbids drums. So
    how can a man dance in a graveyard?
    But the case of a man, Richard was like this.
    He was made to dance
    in a graveyard. He didn’t go to a graveyard.
    He was made to do what he
    was not suppose to do. Richard will like to tell
    you his story himself
    in the chapters of this book.
    I’m Richard

    My name is Richard, I’m about to get married
    to a beautiful woman.
    My location right now? I will have to tell you
    About two years ago I was made to dance in a
    graveyard. I know you
    are surprised, but that is the truth. A
    graveyard, a place where the
    leaves obey the commandment of the smooth
    and quiet wind. A place
    where the birds sings for the beautiful souls of
    the good in the day
    and where the vultures cries for the angry
    souls of the wicked in the
    night. I think I’m going too emotional. Let me
    tell you about myself
    I’m Richard Jones. A soldier of the federal
    republic of Nigeria. I
    really love my job.
    I got admitted into the NDA, Kaduna some
    years back. My experience
    there was rough, tough and fun as well. Doing
    a thousand push-ups was
    never a burden after some time.
    But as hectic as the work was, I could still fall
    in love with a
    beautiful lady. Her name is Rose. Rose was
    different from every other
    lady there. “Mr. Man, I don’t have your time”
    that was what she always
    tell me whenever we are together. But saying
    that with her beautiful
    smile tells me, there is a light at the end of
    the tunnel. Eventually,
    we started dating. About six months after we
    started dating, we
    graduated from the NDA. The celebration was
    fun-filled. But I took the
    opportunity to propose to Rose that day, and
    guess what? She said yes
    without delay. That was one of the happiest
    days of my life.
    Something happened that day that has never
    happened during any
    military graduation before. As we were
    dancing and enjoying ourselves,
    all of us were given letters. We were all posted
    to different stations
    immediately. In anxiety and fear, I opened my
    letter and alas, I was
    posted to Borno state.I know it was with the
    intention to go and fight
    against terrorism in that area. I quickly went
    to Rose to check where
    she was posted, I was happy she was posted
    to Abuja to work as an
    Officer at the headquarters.
    Rose cried and cried when she knew that my
    station was Borno state.
    The celebration ended immediately when we
    all got our letters. We were
    asked to resume for duties the following
    Monday came, Rose was still crying when the
    aircraft that will
    convey herself and some other colleagues was
    about was about to take
    off. “Please stay alive for me” that was the
    last thing she told me
    before she entered the aircraft. I was still
    trying to be a man but I
    didn’t know that tears was already running
    through my eyes. I was
    afraid but I had no choice and I actually liked
    what I was about
    doing, even though I knew my life was at
    stack. A few hours later, a
    caravan came to convey myself and others
    that were posted to Borno
    We got to Borno state around 6:45pm, I
    observed that just a few of
    the senior soldiers were there, I was terrified,
    thinking most of them
    were dead but I was told they were transfer to
    Adamawa state because
    the terrorists were operating at a very high
    level in that area. “You
    are welcome to my camp” that was Major-
    General Musa Yusuf, the
    commandant of the camp. He continued by
    saying “here I’m your father,
    your mother, your brother and even your god.
    If you think you are here
    to stay alive, know that many are going to die
    for your reason. So
    fight for your country”. “Sir, yes sir” we replied
    like military men.
    After the warm welcome by the commandant
    and the senior soldiers, we
    had a little military camp gyration. We were
    oriented and we also had
    We were there for weeks, training hard
    everyday until one day when
    the publicity section of the camp sounded an
    alarm for us to get ready
    because terrorists were already coming. My
    heart was already in my
    mouth. Col. Yaro Yaya who was a senior
    colleague, led us out. “Just
    follow anything I say or you die” that was his
    instruction. I was
    afraid. “Shoot” col. Yaya commanded. I
    started shoot randomly and to
    my surprise I killed two terrorists immediately.
    I started building my
    confidence. It took us about two hours but we
    eventually conquered. We
    killed about 150 of them that day. I was so
    happy. I called my fiancee
    and I told her everything.
    When we got back to the camp, we were all
    celebrating our victory
    and I observed something, Major Yusuf was
    not really comfortable, I
    could see it in his eyes as he was going
    straight to his tent. What
    will make a commandant uncomfortable at the
    verge of victory? Who

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    Episode 2

    The call of my love, Rose woke me up the
    following morning. It is
    always a sweet experience hearing her voice.
    “Baby,I will have to call
    you later. We going for our morning drill, I
    love you.” That was how I
    ended our conversation that morning.
    It was 6:00am already, we were all out on the
    open field for our
    morning drills and all. As we were jogging, a
    colleague of mine, Lanre
    made me remember the incident of the
    previous evening. “Richard, can
    you see that the Major is acting funny?” He
    asked me. He continued by
    saying; “Is it that he doesn’t gyrate at all or
    why did he behave as
    if he was not happy with our success
    yesterday?” . “I don’t really
    know, I also observed that. But I don’t think
    we have to worry about
    it. Maybe he was just trying to show his ego
    as the commandant and of
    the highest rank in the camp” I replied him.
    We continued our drill
    for that day, it was hectic but as a solider, it
    is bean-cake and
    That time happens to be an election period in
    Nigeria. A section of
    us were picked and distributed to supervise
    different voting centres.
    We got there, everything was going on well
    until a set of young men
    tried to cause a riot. On like what other
    military personnels will do,
    myself and lanre calmed them down in a short
    while without any
    violence. The people there were surprised and
    all they could do was
    just to greet us, some even gave us money
    saying they loved the way we
    handled the case and they left. Voting for that
    day was over and in no
    time we got back to the camp. Lanre and I
    were in our tent when we
    were summoned by the Major. “Oh God! What
    is it this time?” I asked
    myself. On getting there we knew already that
    he was angry, “give me
    100 push-ups in one minute” he commanded
    with all anger. “Who taught
    you to behave like bloody civilians. Are you
    foolish? Who asked you to
    say any word to anybody? If anybody is trying
    to prove stubborn, why
    can you shoot?” He asked all these angrily.
    “Shoot to kill sir?” Lanre
    asked. “Yes, shoot to kill I said” the Major
    replied. He ordered us
    out of his tent when he was through ranting
    on us. The hatred of man
    began to grow in my heart. I was beginning to
    suspect something about
    him. what I was suspecting, I don’t really
    know but I knew something
    must be wrong about the man. But will a
    soldier do than to obey
    orders. I didn’t know what to do.
    Training continued, vote supervision continued
    also for about one
    week. Until another when we were all alerted
    that this time, the
    terrorists were coming with war thugs (military
    vehicles). This time
    there was no fear. Apart from handling
    ammunitions, we were also
    trained to be military intelligence. That day
    was great, col. Yaro
    shot just one bazuka (missile launcher) and
    all of their vehicles were
    destroyed, all other surviving terrorists were
    shot dead in no time.
    That particular operation took us about one
    hour. As the normal
    tradition, we celebrated in the evening of that
    day as usual but this
    time the Major was not present. “Go and call
    the Major to join us in
    this celebration, he should be in his tent” col.
    Yaro ordered. As I
    was approaching his tent, I was hearing a
    different language. I peeped
    to check who it was, it was definitely the
    Major. That language is
    never a Hausa language, it sounds like a
    foreign language. While I was
    thinking about all this, I suddenly heard “who
    is that?” That was the
    Major. “I was asked to call…….” He didn’t
    allow me to finish my
    statement. “Shut up! I’m coming! Now go
    away.” Now I’m really
    convinced that there is something wrong
    about him. We continued our
    celebration and ended when we were all tired.
    In my tent, I couldn’t sleep and I don’t know
    why. So I was just
    surfing the internet, checking facebook,
    instagram and other social
    media to while away time and to know what is
    happening in the outside
    world, after being in the camp for more than
    three months. After doing
    all these I couldn’t sleep still, my mind went
    straight to search
    about Major Musa Yusuf. Google brought out
    some interesting thing
    about him but there was a part of my screen
    that redirected me to
    another page. Surprisingly, I saw a change of
    name, origin and
    nationality attached to his profile. That was a
    convincing proof to me
    that he is not among us. But who is he really?
    What does he want?

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    Episode 3

    I woke up the following morning, something
    strange happened. There
    was no one in the tent with me. At first I was
    terrified until I heard
    the sound of marching men, then I knew those
    were my colleagues. “I
    did not join the drill this morning, I’m in
    trouble” I was thinking
    about this on my mat when I notice someone
    was standing in the tent
    with me. I got up quickly and to my surprise it
    was the Major.
    “Morning sir” I greeted him. “Go back to your
    mat and continue your
    rest, I purposely told them not to disturb you
    because I know you were
    the mastermind of yesterday’s attack against
    the terrorists. I know
    you will be very tired. But my boy, don’t go
    beyond your capability.
    You are just a young soldier”. He said all
    these without allowing me
    say a word. He left. I didn’t understand what
    he was talking about. I
    was thinking that day was a bonus day for me
    but that day was the
    start of trouble. I was about going back to my
    sleep when I notice my
    phone has been operated by someone else.
    And that was the time I
    understood what he was talking about. He
    saw all I did about him on my
    phone. What will a spoon do when a hungry
    man is ready to eat than to
    obey to direction of the mouth. What can a
    young soldier like me do to
    a Major? I knew already that I was in a mess.
    How can I clean it up?
    Our superb work in that area became a
    worldwide story,
    congratulatory and encouraging words were
    coming from everywhere. I
    personally receive more than one hundred
    messages daily. I was really
    proud of my job and myself. The moment that
    thrilled me the most was
    when the chief of Army staff, General John
    Idowu came to our camp with
    press men to celebrate us. “I am really
    impressed with this set of
    soldiers, you are fresh and gallant. I respect
    your tenacity and I
    salute your courage. Listen to me and listen
    good, as a vibrant
    soldier that will want to become what I am
    today, do not let anything
    stop you from discharging your duties
    effectively to this nation.
    Thank you” that was the General. We
    applauded him after his wonderful
    speech. The general allowed questions from
    soldiers. My colleagues
    were asking different questions, I was actually
    thinking if I should
    ask my question. I summed up courage and I
    raised my hands. “Sir, what
    if there is a spy among us that is trying to
    stop the attack again the
    terrorists, what can we do?” I asked. There
    was a coincidental silence
    for a few seconds after which the general
    answered “soldiers have
    sworn an oath, so I don’t think there can be
    something like that”. I
    was still not convinced but I kept quiet and
    sat down. Is the General
    also into this conspiracy? Who knows. I was
    really in a deep blue sea.
    Lanre and I became so close that he knows all
    most everything
    about my fiancee and I know his too. We talk
    about them almost every
    night “That your babe dey gan oo” he will
    always joke with me. I told
    Lanre about everything I have been facing
    secretly with the Major.
    “Listen, everyone of us knows that already but
    how are you going to
    hold him responsible. You better step back”
    lanre said. “Probably
    that’s what I will do. I can’t risk my life” I
    responded. I was about
    sleeping when I received a call
    Me: hello
    Unknown: leave that premises
    Me: who is this?
    Unknown: you will know me when you leave
    the premises.
    I took my gun, as soon as I left my tent, I was
    apprehended by three
    hefty men and I was taken to a van that is
    quite far from camp. I was
    blindfolded, I couldn’t shout nor do anything.
    When I got inside the
    van and I could see the man who was talking
    to me. It was the General,
    then I became relaxed a bit.
    General: hello young man, you should know
    me by now.
    Me: yes sir.
    General: what’s your name?
    Me: Richard sir.
    General: about the question you asked the
    other day, tell me more about it
    Me: there is nothing sir.
    General: don’t be afraid, I know you know
    something, so tell me.
    I told him everything about what I saw about
    Major Musa Yusuf.
    Me: sir, I wouldn’t mind if I can get a transfer
    General: I will not do that. What will be the
    reason for me
    transferring a young soldier that has not used
    up to a year. I will
    support you. Just tip me on all your moves.
    These words were encouraging.

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    Episode 4

    After those words of encouragement from the
    General, I was escorted
    half way back to the camp by the personal
    guards of the General. It
    was convincing that they were military men
    but they don’t belong to
    the Nigerian Army. When I got back to the
    camp, I was quite surprised
    that no one knew about my movement,
    everyone was fast asleep. As I was
    about sleeping, my phone alerted me of a new
    message. The message was
    quite surprising and scary. The message
    reads: “hello young soldier, I
    know about your movement. Be very careful.
    Don’t go further”. I knew
    immediately that it was the Major. The hatred
    for this man as at this
    time was really and truly established. I was so
    determined to take him
    out. “Musa, just cross my way and let my
    bullet do the talking” I
    thought to myself.
    Terrorist attacks which was the order of the
    day at that present
    moment manifested again, terrorists were
    along our borders. But this
    time, Major Musa Yusuf himself led us out. It
    was surprising to myself
    and Lanre. To be sincere, Major Musa is good
    at war combat. All his
    commands were straight and precise. We
    killed over a hundred that day
    without using any of our explosives.
    Unfortunately, one of us was
    injured by the action of a bullet from the
    enemies. He was quickly
    taken to a hospital at the capital for proper
    treatments. He survived.
    That night, we celebrated like we use to. That
    night was the first
    night Major Musa is going to celebrate with
    us. We could see the joy
    all over his face. “Could he want to disguise
    as if he not the one who
    sent me the text? Musa you can’t deceive me.”
    I thought to myself. In
    fact, he gave we the new recruits gifts. Shirts,
    trousers, money to my
    colleagues. But when it came to my turn, what
    he gave to me was a
    surprise. A pen and a nokia torch light phone,
    in hypocrisy I gave him
    a salute. On the pen I could observe that there
    was an inscription on
    it. And it says; “make this pen your best
    friend”. I immediately
    looked into his eyes and he gave me a nod.
    The major was trying to
    pass me a message. After everything that
    night, we went to sleep. I
    switched on the phone the Major gave me
    while on my mat, something
    interesting came up again. The welcome
    message was; “I will resign
    soon. My reasons? You will know one day”.Its
    now confusing, the Major
    is no more the bad guy, then who is? I slept
    that night in confusion.
    The next morning, we had our drill. This time,
    it was fun-filled as
    the major himself led us and he was telling us
    the story of himself as
    a young soldier. A quite interesting story but
    after the story, he
    broke many of my colleagues heart by
    announcing his personal
    retirement. Everyone was shocked but not me,
    I was only eager to know
    why he wants to resign and not retire in the
    future. “But listen, I’m
    going to come back, not as a Major but
    something else” that was his
    last words to us. We had a 21 gun-shoot
    salute in his honour. My
    situation become the person who wants to see
    with a dark light, I was
    Days after, another commandant was sent to
    us his name was
    Major-General Demola Johnson. He was quite
    gentle and cool. His own
    drills were too stressful. But with time, we
    On my mat one day, I received a call;
    Me:” hello”
    Unknown: “hello soldier”
    Me: “who is this?”
    Unknown: “you don’t just want to know me”.
    Me: “so what do you want”
    Unknown: “we know your tactics and plans.
    We also know that you are
    intelligent. We offer you an open arms to join
    us. Do you think you
    can conquer us? Ahahahaha I laugh. We only
    send our weak ones to you,
    so that we can know your abilities. You guys
    are quite good but we are
    better. Now here are your options, join us or
    don’t plan with them,
    *ends the call*
    I was beginning to hate myself as a soldier. I
    was confused. I
    couldn’t tell anyone because they wouldn’t
    understand. That was the
    beginning of the dance.
    The biggest of all the attacks came on a friday
    evening. About five
    states were attacked at the same time, so
    there was no room for any
    troop helping another. All man for himself.
    During this attack, Major
    Demola and some other colleagues were killed.
    Lanre fled but to a
    place I don’t know. My fear came back
    immediately. But I took courage
    to drive an armoured tank to attack the
    enemies, Col. Yaro joined me.
    I didn’t stop firing until all of them fled and I
    could see no one.
    Although I conquered but wasn’t happy. Going
    straight to my tent I
    received a call.
    Me: “hello”
    Unknown: it seems you are adamant, say hello
    to someone…..*another
    voice came up* Richard, its me Rose. I was
    taken this morning. Please
    help me. I know where……” *call ends*. She
    was crying on the
    My commandant dead, my friend missing, my
    fiancee kidnapped. I only
    have the option to join them. All man for

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    Episode 5

    General Yaro, Mr Jones.
    I was in the confusion of joining or not joining
    the terrorist. But
    as soon as I remembered how Rose was crying
    on the phone, I knew I had
    no choice. I was waiting for anyone of them to
    contact me so as to
    tell them my decision. I waited for about two
    hours, after which I
    received a call
    Me: “hello”
    Unknown: “so have you decided?”
    Me: “I don’t think I have a choice now”.
    Unknown: “Good. There are just three steps to
    join us. 1. Write a
    resignation letter and put it in your
    commandant’s tent”.
    Me: “but my commandant is dead”.
    Unknown: “I know already. Have you forgotten
    quickly that we were the
    ones who shot the fool. I told you before, you
    can never defeat us,
    you are just trying. 2. Pack all your things in
    the camp and stay
    with it in your tent. 3. Just lie on the ground
    with your head facing
    down and leave any other thing for us to
    handle and this should be
    done in 15 minutes. Your tie starts now”
    *ends the call*
    I actually did what I was instructed to do in
    the exact way. As I was
    on the ground I heard footsteps towards me
    and the person used a
    object I don’t know to hit me. That all I knew
    until I was woken up in
    a dark and big room. When I became
    conscious, I saw so many hefty men
    wearing military uniforms. After which I
    noticed a man sitting on big
    wooden chair, under a source of light. It was a
    big surprise to me
    that it was the General himself. I mean
    General Idowu. As soon as I
    recognised him, I was shocked and he noticed.
    And he started talking;
    General Idowu: “look my boy, don’t be surprise
    its me. Yes its me. Are
    you still surprised? Wait do you think anyone
    else can trouble the
    military when I’m not in support? Well let me
    tell you my reason; I
    have friends everywhere. They produce
    weapons. How will they eat if
    they don’t sell them? How will sell them if
    there is no demand? And
    where will demand come from when
    everywhere is at peace. My boy there
    should a war, so that some people like us can
    be billionaires. Look
    here, as soon as I acquire all I want for
    myself, there will be an end
    to everything. I’m not alone in this. I have
    someone very exciting
    show you…. *lanre come out from the dark to
    the light spot* we know
    you to be very intelligent and skilled right
    from the Academy, that’s
    why we purposely made lanre your best friend
    so that he will make it
    easy for us to convince you. And don’t forget
    your fiancee. So you can
    see, you don’t really have a choice than to
    just join us. If you join
    us, you will be collecting 25 percent of very
    profit we make. If you
    don’t, we will kill your fiancee right in front
    you and punish you
    till you die yourself. So you have just a few
    minutes to decide”
    I didn’t have any other option than to join
    them. Papers were
    brought to me to sign some agreements
    pertaining to my membership and
    the profit I will be making. As I was about to
    sign with the pen
    Major-General Yaro Yusuf gave to me, I
    noticed a dull red light
    blinking on top of the pen. As a military
    intelligence, I know what
    that means, that’s definitely a tracker. Major
    Yaro knew nothing about
    it and he knows something like this is going to
    happen. I knew a
    rescue was going to happen but how? I don’t
    know. All of them went
    away thinking I will sign the document
    immediately. I switched on the
    phone Major gave to me, a text message was
    already there waiting. And
    it says “I know where you are now, don’t say
    anything until I get
    there -Musa Yusuf”. I knew already that a
    fight is going to happen.
    I was already tired of all the threats and all
    that was happening at
    that moment. Suddenly, the led of the pen
    became green and so bright.
    Tear gas was released through the window.
    Someone forcefully opened
    the door. “Stand down Richard”. I knew it was
    Major Musa already. I
    ran out of the place and armed myself.
    Everywhere was so quiet as if I
    was the only one in that building. Suddenly,
    bullets were coming from
    the dark, we took cover immeditely. One of the
    reinforcement died
    immediately. With all anger, we unleashed
    explosives inside the
    building and we ran out. We brought down the
    building. Many of the
    other guys died and we opened fire and killed
    all them until it
    remained the General who was injured already.
    Major: Idowu, what a man you are. I heard all
    you said through the
    pen, which was not just a tracker but also a
    little walkie-talkie.
    Because of your selfish interest, you
    threatened my life and family. I
    will give you my last honour with my bullet.
    And to you Richard, thank
    you for making the pen your best friend
    because Lanre is not.
    The Major shot Gen. Idowu dead. The
    president himself was told about
    how everything happened. Major Musa became
    the new chief of Army staff
    and I was also promoted to be a senior officer
    at lagos. I told you I
    would tell you my location. Well, I’m presently
    preparing for my
    wedding now and Rose is here with me. Wish
    us well. Thanks for time
    and bye bye

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    Etz d’bramo
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    I pray we conquer all the bad people behind Nigeria worst security…
    not as simple as this though!
    I pray

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    Etz d’bramo
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    nice nd lovely..
    short but very interesting

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    What a great story

    I enjoyed every bit of it.

    I thought the Major was the inside man at first

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