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    Nice one, next pls

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    CHAPTER 20




    Princess Ewa was a bit better than yesterday. Her mind was so calm after knowing that Odewale is still alive. She ran her hand through her hair and then rock back to her sit. Abike walked in.

    “Princess Ewa, I want to tell you a secret concerning the upcoming war with the Ogidi’s kingdom” Abike gasped. “Abike, I told you, we are no more maid and princess. You are now my sister. I want you to start calling me Ewa not Princess Ewa.” Princess Ewa tiltered and Abike nodded. “What is the secret you have?” Princess Ewa asked.

    “Ewa, there is betrayal among the chiefs of this land. The betrayal had been giving them every bit of our move. If we are not careful we might lose the war to the people of Ogidi. Because we don’t have Balogun, Wale’s Father was the last one on that post, I just decided to let this out Ewa.” Abike leaned against the wall. “Oh gods of this land, why don’t you tell the king all this while?” Princess Ewa asked. “I am really scared of losing my head.” She replied and Princess Ewa blew out her cheeks.

    “Hmm. Abike, do you know the betrayal?” Princess Ewa huffed. “Yes, I do. It’s Chief Otun!” Abike drew in a long breath. Princess Ewa was shocked of her life.

    “I need to tell my father before that man kill all of us. He is the closest to the king among all of the chiefs.” Princess Ewa hugged herself in agony.

    King Adeyanju and Chief Otun sat down in the palace. “My king, king of Ogidi is really preparing for the upcoming war when we are never start anything. My King, we need to do something very fast.” Chief Otun ducked. “Hmm. Chief Otun, I am a king that follow the traditions of my forefathers. I don’t do anything without the gods. We have to wait for the gods.” King Adeyanju folded his dim. “My king, we have to change as the days are passing. You don’t need to depend on any plans from the gods. If the gods really exist why the troubles in this kingdom ? why are we suffering?” Chief Otun squinted.

    “Chief Otun, I believe my gods exist. You know what?, I am done with this conversation. I am the king and not you Otun. Let me deal with this.” King Adeyanju drummed his fingers on the table. “But……” Chief Otun was interrupted. “No any but, just go home and sleep.” King Adeyanju commanded.

    Chief Otun was ashamed and left.

    “Haaa, You human what are you doing here?” A Monster asked and Odewale’s breath quickened.

    “I am… I am here to see IFE!” Odewale inclined his head. “Odewale!” A man called and He turned, it was his father.

    “Father, you are dead! What are you doing here?” Wale gasped. “Odewale, come and have your sit.” His father said and they sat down. “I have the calabash of peace here with me, I just want you to go round this forest to know how many deity we have in Amororo community” his father sighed. “Father, but this is wickedness, many lifes were gone just because of this.” Wale exhaled in anger.

    “Odewale my son, All those dead are the betrayal ones. Have been they follow the plans of Ifayemi, they won’t have die.” his father said. “Father, What are you doing in this forest after your death?” wale rocked back and forth.

    “My spirit need peace and that is why am here, I need to hand over all the deity in Amororo to you that is when my spirit can ascend to heaven.” his father bobbed his head. “Hmm” Wale sighed.

    “Wale, without wasting time, let’s start because war is coming to Amororo’s kingdom which you need to be there.” Wale’s Father gasped.

    He pointed to a hut below the hill.”That is AGIDI’S hut, he is a good spirit. I know he have been with you starting from the beginning of this dangerous journey.” he held his breath. “father, what is his own sacrifice?” Wale gesticulated.

    “That is a beautiful question. I am going to tell you everything. AGIDI. is a great and good deity, he love clean hearts. All he want is that every sinners in Amororo’s kingdom should be persecuted.”

    His Father pointed to a tree. “That Is RAMI, the great deity of truth. whenever you need the true things of a situation, he will leads you through. He only need dog and oil.”

    His Father extended his middle fingers toward another hut. “That is AGADA. the spirit of blood, he need and love war. Since Amororo’s kingdom don’t want to shed blood, he never allow me rest. that is why all those troubles are going on in AMORORO. All He need is blood that is why he love war since many blood are shed.”

    Wale snorted. “father, how am I going to appease him?”

    “Wale, I have done that already but there is a war coming, he is going to fight the war for you all” his father said.

    His Father pointed to a cave. “That’s OKIKI, the wealth goddess. she is the goddess that give wealth to the kingdom. she is going to back when they started doing his festival, there is river below her cave that flow to the kingdom. twelve maiden will be going to fetch it every year. that’s all.”

    “hmm.” Wale sighed “father so, traditions and customs shouldn’t be abandon no matter how the condition is.”

    “Yes Wale.” His Father Said. “Traditions and customs is the foundation of any community. Traditions and customs are very valuable.”

    His Father stomped his foot. “here is the hut of IFE. He is the largest and greatest of all. love must dwell among all the community of amororo for peace to reign”


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    @loverboy another episode

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    Nxt plis

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    Ride on

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    More to come. Next please

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