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    Dangerous journey indeed.

    Ride on.

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    Jboy young
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    Ride on

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    Nnnnn seated already…. The king may not choose odewale while the oracle may choose him

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    Next please

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    #chapter 2

    The night were just too cloudy for odewale,the night he have to choose where and what is future is going to rely on.

    would the king choose him actually? would the oracle choose him also? would he die if he get to go as ewa told him? would he just die and leave his old woman? would he also leave the joy of his life? would it be the last time he get to see ewa?

    odewale couldn’t just get some sleeps that night,he just kept roaming around after ewa lefts his wasn’t just easy for him to choose.he ignored the attention of everyone even food.

    “odewale,what’s wrong for the gods sake?”

    the old woman called odewale as she entered.

    “mom,the gods have back me.” he uttered bitterly.

    “my son don’t talk the gods like they’re your mate.the gods can’t back off from the powerful man’s son. have you forgotten your father once did good deed in amororo……. ah! ah!, this make me remember my husband, he cherished me so much despite i don’t get to get child on time. he never send me away as your

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    grandmother wanted as that time. *crying* ah my husband,the creator shall grant you peace any where you’re”

    the old woman started crying,odewale moved closer to her to tell her it’s okay.

    “mama,it’s okay tears can’t bring him back again. it’s true we love him but gods love him more”

    -my son what exactly is making you run away from me?

    -am not running mama

    -then why are you avoiding my food?

    odewale grimaced around, if he tell his mom would she be at peace? would her mind not lead to something horrifies? but if he decided to kept quiet her mom won’t stop crying. so he decided to tell her.

    -“mama, ewa just……”

    -“ewa? didn’t his father told her not to come again,please wale i don’t want king adeyanju to be angry at me”

    the old woman shouted helplessly.

    -“mama,you’re getting old please talk bit. she came here to tell me something very important”

    “and what’s that?” she asked him.

    he knew her mother won’t just stop to know what ewa came to tell him.

    “mama,she told me her father went to local priest”

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    “then the chief priest told him, for peace to come back to amororo, seven people have to go get the calabash of peace from the dangerous forest. she told me…..”

    “to run away right? because the king might chose you””

    “mama,how did you know?”

    “am old in ages and i also see beyond the sea. you see your father once told me this is going to happen and the gods is going to choose you but you won’t die”

    “aseeeeeeee *amen*”

    -now will you eat?

    -“yes mother'”

    she stood up and went into another hut.

    her husband told her to put a powdered thing in food for her when he’s about to encounter what’s beyond his age.

    she stopped thinking twice,she put it into the food and the took it to odewale.

    “thank you mama,” he said and continued eating.

    bad winds started blowing outside,it was dark and really the sky is pregnant…it’s ready to rain!

    wasit a sign? was it something terrible about to happen? is the powdered something bad?

    ajoke *odewale’s old woman* continued watching and was afraid.

    odewale fell down.

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