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    please help me do iv,

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    #chapter 3

    I’m really afraid ooo, i can’t watch my only
    love die just like that. i know my father
    will want him to go because odewale is a son of a warrior who’s late.

    my mother came and see that i can’t eat,talk, and gist. she sat down beside me.

    ewa,my only beloved child. i have no one. please don’t kill yourself,the future is too far and you just have to be yourself.” she said.

    “mama,i don’t want him to go. i don’t want him to go ! i don’t want him to go ! ”

    “who’s he? and where’s he going?”

    “mom, wale. odewale my only one,i know dad is going to choose him”

    “ewa,your dad is not wicked. he want the best for you. odewale is the son of ogunmola and they’re the most powerful people in the kingdom of amororo.
    lately, something went wrong between your father and odewale’s father.”

    “mother,what’s that?”

    “ogunmola never want his generation to obtain the chiefty rank called BALOGUN, when your father heard this, he became annoyed because they’re the only one capable of fighting war”

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    She’s was so speechless because she never knew that wa s the reason every villagers have not been helping ogunmola’s family but that was bad.

    war is not just something everyone can choose as job, the job you won’t be able to benefit from.

    “mom, please help me beg father”

    “i wished i can”

    ewa weeped and cried bitterly.


    king adeyanju and his chiefs were having the meeting with the local priest on the dangerous journey.

    king adeyanju: my people,i can’t continue watching people dieing in this community anyhow. i lost my two son just last moon.

    all: hmmmmmmmmmm…………….

    chief otun: no how the mother beats her child, the child is still going to call her ‘mama’

    chief osi: “you’re right, we’re definately going to overcome what we’re passing through”

    iyalode: “kabiesi, a kolanut can never be removed from the bride price. you shall never die young by gods of the land”

    all: “aseeeeeee!”

    king adeyanju: “thank you chiefs, ifayemi what are we going to do after the oracle have decided solution?

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    ifayemi: “your majesty my highness, the gods want to choose himself the seven people who are going on the dangerous journey. tomorrow by evening time”

    it’s not easy at ogunmola’s house, odewale just woke up since yesterday when she fell when eaten. ajoke, his mother was bothered.

    ajoke: “my son, please don’t leave me! please come back un life”

    she continued crying hard and sobbing beside her son.

    suddenly, odewale rose. fire showing in eyes, he turned more powerful as their family always turned.

    odewale: “now, i felt strong”

    ajoke: “wallllllllleeeeeeee, thanks the gods the land”

    she hug wale and tears coming out of her eyes.

    ajoke: “your face looks alike with your fathers”

    odewale: “mama, what’s wrong with me? am looking the same? it’s daylight, yesterday……”

    ajoke: “don’t bother yourself son. this’s the gift gods gave your family, nothing can happen to you!”

    odewale: “mama, so am powerful now. i want to go and see ewa”

    her mother sighed, if it was before she would have disagree.


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    #chapter 4

    evening time.
    ewa was sitting down in his room,she expected odewale to have gone to another village. her mind wasn’t at rest, would she lose him? would she eventually start a new love afresh? would the relationship come to an end? even though if the relationship want to come to an end, it shouldn’t be death. she don’t want to cry on any body any more after the death of the two prince. what matters more is life.

    ewa’s personal maid, abike, came to ewa’s room without knocking.

    ewa: “abike,why do you scared me?”

    abike: “am sorry my princess, odewale is outside waiting for you”

    that sounded somehow, the wale she used to know can never decided to visit her at the palace. the last time he visited,the king sent him away with the guards,so she expected him not to come and visit her.

    ewa: “why was he here? have anyone seen him?”

    abike: “no my princess. thou, he want to barge in but i stopped him”

    ewa: “thank you so much, let’s go before kabiesi sees him”

    princess ewa and abike went outside.

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    she hug and kissed odewale immediately,odewale never reacted the way he used to do.

    ewalola were very surprised and amuzed.firstly he came to palace without fear,secondly she hugs him and he didn’t push her away as she used. this’s the new wale.

    ewa: “wale,good evening. are you not travelling?”

    wale: “no!!, nothing can happen to me ewa. if possible your father choose me,i’m going to go. i odewale the son of ogunmola the strongest man.”
    that name sounded alike with queen’s speech.
    is it true? is there any rift between king and ogunmola? is that true? No, it can’t be ! else their relationship is at stake.

    wale: “is there any problem?” he blurted.
    princess ewa: “i’m fine,but i don’t you dead. please do leave the amororo kingdom”

    ajoke: “am sorry for interruption. please wale hear my princess, she loves you that’s way she came to inform you”

    wale: “ahaa!!….i’m the lion myself,i’m wind and can blow anyone away.”

    thunder striked and fire came out from his mouth. ewa and ajoke were shaking,this’s uncommon.

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    Jboy young
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    Even if d King do nonsense nw e go collect wetin no gud

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    Ewa and Abike ran into the palace immediately,;she was scared. is this the man she loved? or something \is wrong because he had never remove fire from his mouth. is this wale? was wale hiding his attitude from her?

    she couldn’t just think straight forward. she was thinking about.

    abike: “my princess, tears can’t give you anything. stop thinking”
    ewa: “i’ve never witness this thing since i’m born”
    abike: “princess,yet this is not what you need to think off……odewale’s family are very powerful people…”
    ewa: “how did you know?”

    princess ewa didn’t get what’s happening though she was born in the kingdom of amororo but she haven’t heard of ogunmola.

    – ma, everyone knew this history in the kingdom of amororo and other little community around us.

    – i will do something,i’ve to do something. i don’t believe in charms. does they exist?

    – we just ran away from wale my princess. don’t that enough for you to believe it exist,

    abike knew she won’t believe but she have to make her back in position.


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