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    Episode 1
    Written by Bright Daniel
    The time of the night was beyond letting a woman stay outside, not alone a married woman. In such situation, the husband’s mind goes viral thinking both the positive and the negative. That’s exactly the situation Fred found himself. He was a man of determination and ambition, most especially, he was fearless with vibrant body chemistry. He had a dark body complexion with clean beards. He’s a bit stubborn which has been a problem between him and his family. He married his wife, Edna, at his very young age without the support of his parents. Now, he’s 37 with only a son. The money he used for the wedding is still questionable till date. Half of it was used to set up a business for the wife, but it seems the business wants to bring a problem to him coz the wife uses that to stay late at night.
    There was an electric light in the sitting room where Fred waited for his wife, it illuminated every part of the room giving it a befitting look. He occasionally glanced at the ticking wall clock to see the time almost midnight. Charles, his son, wasn’t the only one that had gone to sleep, even the entire neighborhood . Fred had gone to the spot where Edna does her clothing bessiness but couldn’t find her, he also called her line but the result proved negative. When he stood up to enter into his room, a knock came from the door.
    “Who’s that?” he briskly walked towards the door.
    “It’s Edna!” the wife replied.
    He opened the door slowly to see her standing like a girl who is just visiting her boyfriend for the first time. She wore an ash top over a black skirt and shoes. She parked her natural hair backwards, thus, giving her a natural beauty that any man would appreciate. She’s physically fair, but has a fragile body and heart. The husband quietly left the door open for her to enter which she did and locked it behind.
    “This is the second time you come back very late at night. Look at the time” Fred pointed at the wall clock trying as much as possible to control his anger in order not to wake the son and the neighbors. “Where are you from?” he glared at her.
    “Honestly, I don’t know my love” Edna took few steps forward to calm him down before explaining further because she saw the anger getting out of hand.
    “Don’t you dare come closer to me!” he shrieked to the extent his voice startled her, so she stood at a spot. “How can you tell me you don’t know where you’re coming from!”
    “I don’t know!”
    “Are you out of your mind?”
    “Listen my love, something strange happened today..”
    “What could be so strange that you forgot to check your time?”
    “I lost consciousness! I woke up in the middle of a lonely road then began to trace my way back home. The only thing I can remember is a woman who came to buy from me as I was about to close for the day. After she handed her money to me, I lost consciousness”
    “You think you can make up a story and expect me to believe it?”
    “You have to believe me my love” she opened her palm where a piece of paper rested, the husband watched as she stretched it to him. “I found this in my hands when I woke up”
    Fred remained quiet. He loved Edna to the point he couldn’t bring himself to beat her no matter the offense. Sometimes, it makes him feel stupid, yet, he endured. The same love and fear of losing her warranted the early marriage he had with her even without his parents’ full support. He ignored her and the paper then walked into the room. He expected her to follow him immediately but after waiting for a while without seeing her coming, he went back to the sitting room to see it deserted: the wife was nowhere to be found again. “Edna? Edna!” he shouted walking to the door. It was locked. He hurried to Charles’ room, the force in which he opened it, woke him up. He jumped up from the bed as if he never had any sleep. He had the father’s resemblance except that he was as fair as his mother. He was just 17 but speaks and reason like an adult.
    “Dad, you scared me out of my lovely dream. What’s the noise for?” he asked.
    “If you don’t shut up, you’ll tell me if the lovely dream is more important than your mother”
    “What about her?”
    “Has she come in here?”
    Fred left the room while the son followed him immediately wearing just a boxers and a black singlet. They went to the backyard, searched all the corners of the house but couldn’t find her. That was strange. They stood in the living room gazing at each other and breathing hastily until Charles saw the paper under a cushion then picked it up.
    “What’s this, Dad?”
    “Let me have that” the father flung it from his hand. He looked at it and the image which could be found on it, but it didn’t make any sense to him. “Your mother came back with this before she disappeared” he said looking at the door.
    “Then what is that?” Charles asked.
    “I don’t know. I guess it’s more like a map ”
    “Map to where?”
    “I have no idea”
    Charles took the paper from him for more observations. The whole thing looked strange to him too. Who would explain to them the way about of Edna in the middle of the night with the door properly locked? Nobody. Therefore, they stayed awake hopping she returns but the hands of the clock turned to 7 in the morning, yet, Edna never came back.
    Fred hurriedly went to his parents with Charles. It was several miles away from his residence. One could see him pulled over in from of the parents’ house, then rushed inside leaving his son in the car. All stood in the living room like an iroko tree
    when he explained to them what happened the previous night.
    Mr Lambert, the father, kindly ignored him walking
    into his room.
    “Dad, aren’t you ganna say something?” Fred asked harshly.
    “What do you want me to say after marrying that girl without my support?” he replied holding the doorknob of the room.
    “What does that have to do with her disappearance?”
    “A lot, son!” the mother interfered while Fred turned to her. “That girl is a witch!”
    “My wife isn’t a witch, mother!” he defended wholeheartedly.
    “Then how do you explain someone disappearing in the middle of the night? She must have grown wings and flew away in search of blood. Who knows if she has not been caught in the process”
    “I forbid you to talk about my wife like that, mother! She isn’t a vampire neither is she a witch. My wife doesn’t have wings neither is she a notorious animal. She’s Edna Lucas, the woman I love!”
    “It’s obvious she has poisoned your mind” the mother walked to the window while the father finally entered into the room. Fred wanted to take his leave too but the mother’s voice stopped him.
    “Son, how did you get the money you used for marrying that girl at the age of 20? I mean what came over you? Did she charm you?”
    Fred smiled then shook his head negatively. “Yes, mother, she charmed me with her love and I must find my wife with or without your help”
    “You haven’t answered my question. How did you get the money… ” Before she could finish, Fred walked out from the room, thus, putting back the remaining words into her mouth. She exhaled heavily watching through the window how he drove out with a high speed that woke up sleeping dust on the sandy ground thereby polluting the environment. Her eyes also caught with her grandson, Charles. She had never had a close interaction with him ever since he was born not because she never wanted to but because Fred never allowed that to happen, even her husband was a contributor to that.
    Inside the car , Fred remained quiet with his son as he sped on the road. The sound of the car engine was barely heard. Nothing could be seen on the two sides of the road except dried grasses which seemed to be running in opposite direction with the car but maintained a uniform velocity. Charles glanced at his father.
    “You’ve never allowed me to see or talk to my grandparents”
    “That’s because they don’t wanna see or talk to you too”
    “I’ve already told you, son; they don’t like your mother” the father replied throughout without a glace at him. All his concentration was on the steering wheel, brake-pad and throttle. Another tranquility circulated the car as Charles thought critically coz he didn’t get the whole thing .
    “What did they say about the disappearance of my mum?” he queried again.
    “Nothing positive”
    “What are we ganna do now?”
    Fred refused to give an answer to the question rather added another gear which increased the speed of the vehicle. Sooner did they get to a residential area where Charles saw a girl almost his age sitting and crying by the roadside. He had the desire to talk to her but didn’t know how to tell his father to stop the car because of a crying stranger. As he contemplated on that, one of the back tyre of their car busted which made the father to stop.
    “Thank God!” Charles exclaimed within him because God answered his prayers. They came down at the same time. As Fred watched the busted tyre to know how to go about it, so as Charles watched the very girl to know the cause of her tears.
    “Thank God we have a spare tyre” the father said opening the boot of the car. When he noticed that the son’s mind was totally absent from there, he called harshly, “Charles!”
    He turned immediately. “Yes, Dad?”
    “What are you looking at?”
    “Just a second, Dad” he walked out to meet the girl while the father watched him. He later ignored him then began to change the tyre by himself.
    Charles placed two hands in his pockets when he approached to the girl. She had a long natural hair that rested on her back. She wore a pink gown with long white stockings that ended just on her thighs. On her feet were also pink shoes. The seat in which she sat was a public metal seat. Charles sat down giving some centimetres distance from her. He glanced at her.
    “Hey, why the tears?” he asked but the girl remained quiet drying the tears. “I’m Charles, our car just broke down. Can you tell me the reason for your tears?”
    “Why do you care?” she finally replied.
    “Coz I should be crying with you”
    “Why?” she stared at him.
    “My mum vanished from the face of the earth last night”
    The girl became surprise. She averted her eyes from him gazing at the opposite side of the seat. Charles could see her quiet and shaking. However, Fred had been taking a glance at both of them from a distant as he tightened the last nut of the tyre wheel and walked to them.
    “It’s time to leave, Charles” he said dusting his hands.
    “Wait, Dad” Charles looked at the girl. “What’s the problem?” he asked her.
    “My mum also vanished yesterday night” she replied then broke down in tears again while Charles glanced at his father. “My Dad has been searching for her all day” she added.
    Fred seemed to understand what was happening, therefore he squat down, looked around and lowered his voice. “What’s your name?”
    “Okay, Regina, can you explain to me what happened to your mum?”
    Regina looked up to see her father coming, so she stood up before he finally came closer. She stood beside him while Charles also stood beside his father. The two families stared at each other. Fred’s heart began to beat faster at the sight of Regina’s father whose face looked familiar to him, but he never allowed the fear to escalate.
    “What a hell do you want from my daughter?” Lucky, the man, asked.
    “Nothing, but it seems like we have the same situation” Fred replied and brought out the paper. “Have you seen anything like this?”
    Lucky looked at it after collecting it. He brought out another paper from his pocket which didn’t have the exact image with the other, but has something similar to it: Fred’s paper was a total map while his was a symbol which can be found on the map. They explained how they got it and it was from their wives before they suddenly vanished. Therefore, they tried searching for the meaning of the situation before Fred returned home with his son. He flung his car key on the center table then collapsed on the nearest cushion. He rubbed his hands on his eyes occasionally remembering where he saw Lucky- That was sixteen years ago when he broke into their house, killed his only father and took away a huge amount of money. He wore a mask which made Lucky not to see his face but he saw his’ clearly, that’s why he was able to recognize him..
    After coming out from the horrible thought, Fred regretted his past actions which he believed have come to torment him. Therefore, tears rolled down from his eyes. Charles was moved when he saw him in that mood from the opposite cushion.
    “What’s it, Dad?”
    Fred niffed then sat up boldly. “I want you to listen to me, son” he began. “I have made a mistake in the past which I’m regretting now. I want you to understand that my mistake was as a result of the love I have for your mother. Not only did I disobey my parents to see that she was always with me, but I also committed a crime..” he paused.
    “What crime?” Charles wanted to know.
    “Arm robbery and murder which took place at Lucky Father’s house. Then, he was as young as I was. I killed his father then took away a huge amount of money which I used to marry your mother and did other things to make her comfortable because I was afraid to lose her to another man. Now, I think that particular act is the one trying to ruin me now”
    The expression of amazement could be seen on Charles’ face after hearing from his father. He stared at him shaking his legs like a wise old man. “What a coincidence!” he stood up to his father in a way he sat beside him with a hand on his shoulder. “I’m proud of you, Dad”
    “You are?” the father looked at him.
    “Yes, but don’t get me wrong, I never said what you did is good but I’m happy you did it for love. Let the past be past, we should focus on how to get my mum back”
    “How can I let the past be past when it’s hunting me now?”
    Charles stood up. “Come to think of it Dad, if the past is the one hunting you through my mum, then why is it hunting Lucky whom his father you killed and robbed sixteen years ago? I guess is way beyond that”
    Fred became amazed at the son’s wisdom which rendered him speechless. He did nothing but to reason his words again and again. That did not only give him hope but encouraged him to move on and face his challenges. Therefore he stood up and hugged him.
    “I’m with you Dad” Charles said. His head barely reached is shoulder.
    “Thank you, son” he replied.
    The next day, the quest for the search of the unknown began. Lucky and his daughter, Regina, drove to the residence of Fred before they began their journey using one car . Regina and Charles rested on the back seat while Fred and Lucky in the front seat . They had concluded to meet a dibolic spiritualist instead of a man of God.
    “Men of God are not to be trusted these days. They will definitely channel the cause of the problem to your grandmother or parents. So I suggest we meet a spiritualist” Fred had said earlier.
    The journey took five hours before getting to the destination. It was an old building with grasses around the vicinity. Some moses plants could be seen on the walls of the building, even on the zink. It looked horrible and terrible added to darkness that was taking over the atmosphere. The house had no doors or windows which made Charles wonder if a human being lives there. There was an old car without tyres resting by the corner of the house whose glasses had broken too. One could see two red candles burning at the entrance of the building. Seeing all that, Lucky said to Regina and Charles, “Both of you should stay here while we go inside”
    “Is that a good idea?” Charles queried looking frightened.
    “Yes, son, it is” the father replied.
    The two men entered leaving the two teenagers in the cold lonely breeze of the strange environment. They never made a move as both faced each other looking around as if something or someone would come out from nowhere and devour them. Regina was more scared, Charles could see it, so he said to her, “Hey, I’m right here. Don’t be scared, we gonna find out mothers, okay?”
    Regina didn’t say anything rather went closer to him in a way she held him to herself to reduce the fear and anxiety of what ganna befall on them…

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    episode 2

    The two men succeeded in entering into the building making sure the red candles were not fallen by their breath because their breathing rate alone can cause a heavy storm . They could see more red candle-light inside the house hanging on the walls and illuminating at a very close range. Nothing could be found there except the candles.
    “Hello!” Lucky shouted, but the echo of his voice was the only thing heard in return sounding repeatedly until it totally died down.
    “Are you sure we are at the right place?” Fred asked looking around the horrible sanctum.
    “I’m sure, this is the place”
    “Then where is the spiritualist?”
    All of a sudden, a woman in red robe came out from one of the dark places. Her face wasn’t visible neither can any of her body parts be seen. The two men stepped backward when they saw her. Their actions weren’t as a result of fear but was as a result of caution and precautions.
    “I see blood in your hands ” the woman said walking to the windowside. She looked through it to see Regina holding Charles very well in a way her face rested on his chest. She was very scared. Immediately Charles directed his eyes to the window, she left. “Whose blood am I seeing in your hands? People like you shouldn’t be here coz its a holy place” she repeated.
    Fred and Lucky glanced at each other wondering what she meant by her interrogation.
    “We came as a result of our missing wives” Fred said while Lucky nodded in agreement.
    “That’s not an answer to my question. The disappearance of your wives is as a result of the blood in your hands. You,” she pointed at Lucky. “you killed your mother while the man standing beside you killed your father”
    “I don’t get it” Lucky stepped forward looking confused. “My father was shut dead by an arm robber approximately seventeen years ago”
    “This man standing beside you was the arm robber” the woman began while Lucky took a glance at Fred who buried his face on the floor. “Your past are the ones after you now through your wives. You have to journey to get them back. That’s your punishment” she turned to leave but Fred’s voice interrupted her.
    “Where are we making our journey to?”
    “I believe you have an answer to the question you’ve asked” she finally vanished into the darkness.
    Outside the house, Regina disengaged from Charlse when they saw their fathers coming out like angry soldiers who were about to engage in a serious fight. To their surprise, Lucky gave a heavy punch to Fred. He wanted to continue with another hand but Fred’s blocked it and returned the punch .
    “Dad!” Regina ran to them while Charles stayed back because he had a glimpse of the cause of the fight. Regina stood in between the two men wanting to become inquisitive but they left her without saying a word.
    Charles meet her. “Come on, Regina, we have to follow them” he held her hand as they hurried after their fathers.
    “What has come over them!?” Regina lamented.
    They all entered into the car taking their initial positions before Lucky set it in motion. The speed in which he drove out was another signal that there was a big problem. None of them said anything until Charles broke the silence from the back seat where he sat with Regina.
    “Dad, what happened in there, and why are both of you behaving like James Bond?”
    Fred didn’t reply his son rather touched the corner of his mouth where the punch landed. Charles also didn’t need to push further with questions coz he knew his Dad would never respond to him judging from the expression on his face which he saw through the side mirror of the car after stretching his head.
    On the other hand, Lucky glanced at the centre mirror to see his daughter also staring at him through the same mirror.
    “Are you okay, Regina?” he asked.
    “I should be asking you that!” she replied harshly. The father exhaled then added another gear, yet, never responded to the daughter. The interior part of the vehicle remained as quiet as a grave yard until they arrived to Lucky’s residence except the sound of the car engine which was barely heard. The house was a bungalow with flowers circulating it. One has to climb three stairs before opening the first door which also leads to the sitting room.
    When all came out from the car, Fred and Lucky said to their children at the same time, “Go inside the house”
    “What?” Charles hesitated. “I’m going nowhere from you, Dad” he added. Already, Regina was on her way inside.
    “I said enter into the house!” Fred had to bark like a dog before the son reluctantly entered using his back.
    The two men glared at each other after they had gone inside. Of course, as adults, they had an idea that their children would be somewhere watching them. Therefore, they maintained.
    “I can’t believe you were the very young arm robber that killed my father after robbing us in our family house . I feel like squeezing you with my hands!” Lucky shrieked glaring into his eyes at a very close range.
    Fred stepped backward. “I’m so sorry, man. I did what I did in order to make sure my love remain with me forever. You need to forgive me. We should work together to see that we bring back the one we love and let the past be past”
    “I loved my father more than anything in this world, so I don’t think I’m gonna work with the person who murdered him in cold blood” he stepped out walking into the house.
    “Lucky!” Fred called him before he stopped. “You have no choice. Remember, this is our punishment which I don’t know if we gonna survive it. Our past has visited us, so we need not only to accept it but to face it too” he walked closer to him then asked with a very low voice. “You killed your own mother, can you tell me why?”
    “It’s none of your business” Lucky finally went inside followed by Fed.
    Without time wastage, the two men set for another quest without their children this time. They wanted to know the exact place to find their missing wives. The children remained at home sitting opposite each other from different cushion in the living room. They have not been told by their fathers the outcome of the first quest they made but believed everything would be fine. As both occasionally glanced at each other, Charles stood up walking the direction of a television-stan
    d where the picture of Regina’s mother rested on the base of the wall. He picked it up then turned.
    “That’s my mum” Regina broke the silence.
    “She’s beautiful” Charles smiled. “Your Dad must have sacrificed a lot to have her” he kept it back, walked and sat beside her.
    “What do you mean?” she looked at him with a worried face.
    “You know, when you love someone, it requires a lot of sacrifices. But can you kill or commit a crime because of the one you love?”
    “Well, I love my mum so much that I can do anything within my power to make sure she’s safe”
    “What about your boyfriend?”
    Regina twisting her mouth. “I’m not in the mood to talk about that” she said.
    “And what makes you think I’m so much in the mood to talk about it?” Charles stared at her the same way she never averted her eyes from him.
    “I think I’ll be in my room now” she stood up and flung her butt into her room as Charles fed his eyes with her beauty.
    Fred and Lucky met a man who had knowledge about maps . He was an old man with gray hair all over his head and jaw. He sat in his office wearing a white robe like doctors. On his face was a small pair of eyeglasses . The two men sat opposite him after handing the papers gotten from their wives to him. A table full of voluminous books and lamp demarcated them from the man, and on the walls were maps of the worlds and other geographical areas. After taking a look at it, he removed his eyeglasses.
    “Young men, may I know why you want to embark on a journey to this dangerous place?”
    “Hum.. It’s personal” Fred replied.
    “Just tell us where the place is and how we can get there” Lucky added.
    “It’s located at South East, sixty degrees North in the forest of Hoom”
    “Well, we don’t know the place” Fred said.
    “But I just told you the place” the man laid back on his chair swinging it gently in a hammonic motion.
    “Wait!” Lucky shouted then all eyes went to him. “I once heard my parents talking about Hoom when I was little. I guess the place has to do with spiritism”
    The man sat up. “Were your parents involved in some secret society?” he asked.
    “I’m not sure” he placed his hands on the table. “Please, tell us how we can get there” he requested pitifully…
    The next day, the man did not only show them the way to Hoom but also gave them chopper (Helicopter ) with two pilots, male and female.
    Fred set to leave without his son but that was like a war between Spartans and Persians right in the living room. He quietly met him standing and boiling in eagerness. He placed his two hands on his shoulder like the father he was and said, “Listen son, Your mum will be back but if I don’t come back alive, remind her that I did what I did for the love I have for her. Make her understand that I love her so much, and I love you too”
    “I must go with you, Dad! Never will I let you out of my sight!” Charles sparked with tears in his eyes. He disengaged the father’s hands from his shoulder then walked towards the door.
    “It’s a dangerous journey, son!”
    “I don’t care!”
    “I won’t forgive myself if anything happen to you”
    “Neither will I forgive myself if I see you no more” he turned looking at the father. “I told you I’m with you, Dad, no matter what. We are on this together and we gonna finish it..”
    “You got it all wrong, son” the father interrupted taking a few steps forward. “This is as a result of the mistakes I made in the past, this is the bell of the past ringing now, so it’s my cross to carry”
    “My father’s cross is my cross” Charles concluded.
    Fred had no choice but to let him go with him, so as Lucky to his daughter. All went inside the chopper and were set to fly.
    “Welcome onboard, I’m Agatha, and this is my co-pilot, Sam” the pilots introduced then began the journey. Charles and Regina looked at each other in the chopper with much concentration and observation. After an hour of flying in the sky, the helicopter crashed and fell right inside the forest of Hoom but the distance from there to their destination was something one cannot write home about…

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    Next please.
    Link to Available Episodes

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    Episode 7

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    Next Plz

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    Wow! Interesting

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    Thank God am here on time, these is gonna be an intresting piece.

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    Very interesting please next

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