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    Author: Dave Sun
    Genre: Horror
    . Dora sat down on the couch as her father walked in, he stood as he watch his daughter looking so dull, he keep thinking what happened to her in school, since she came back she hasn’t fully response to any discussion that are flowing in the family, my wife Mrs. Doris walk towards me.
    Mrs. Doris: “Welcome hon, you’re back?”
    Dora’s dad: “Yes, thank you, what happens to Dora?”
    Mrs. Doris: “I don’t have any ideas about what the hell is going on with her.”
    Dora’s dad: “Have you talked to her?”
    Mrs. Doris: “Yeah, she doesn’t want to say anything.”
    Dora’s dad: “Don’t worry i will have a word with her.”
    He walked up towards her daughter.
    Dora’s dad: “Dora what’s the problem my young princess; you haven’t eat anything since you come back from school, who is getting on your nerves?”
    Dora: “I don’t want to talk to anyone.”
    Dora’s dad: “C’mon my princess including your beloved father, whose has the guts to makes my daughter like this the daughter of Mr. Billy Wayne tell me something and i will make sure i eliminated the person?”
    Dora: “Dad it is really complicated.”
    Billy: “I can help with that, is anything too hard for me to do?”
    Dora: “Father i killed Cora to have him, i was the first person who told him…… (took the deep breath), the feeling i had for him.”
    Billy: “Who’s him?”
    Dora: “Smith Danny!”
    Billy: “Fred’s grandson?”
    Dora: “Fred, did you meant our principal, i haven’t seen them always together.”
    Mr. Billy stood and stare at his daughter for a while, the sacrifice he has make to his mister is right in his feet, he must do anything to makes his daughter takes Smith to his mister.
    Billy: “Yeah that right but don’t worry I’ll fixed it.”
    Dora: “If you’re planning to give me any love philter then you’ve failed father because that thing doesn’t work on him.”
    Billy: “I’m not planning to Dora but i know the exactly person who can help you get Smith”
    Dora: “How?”
    Billy: “A surprise so don’t be worry my princess, just cheer up.”
    The twins Alfred and Edward has already find some suitable place for their training ground, after their morning duty, the twins lead the way to the the training ground, it was a deep forest with many structure of an ancient writing written on the tree. This makes Smith to become scared; whom was just following them behind, the twins were discussing with each other which Smith was just staring at the tree with an ancient writing both written boldly on it.
    «★WOODS ★»
    Smith: “Where are we going?”
    Alfred: “Surprised, training ground of course.”
    Edward: “You’ll going to like this place.”
    Smith: “Why the woods; last time i read about the woods, George got himself killed?”
    Alfred: “Who’s George?”
    Smith: “From THE FORBIDDEN TEMPLE (The Demonic Secret Place).”
    Edward: “Uh, strange book from a strange writer!”
    Alfred: “You really loves the book.”
    Smith: “It just a imagination, same thing that happened to him now tell me why are we here.”
    Edward: “We’re here for you.”
    Smith: “For me to do what?”
    Alfred: “We’re here to kill you.”
    Smith: “Kill me for what?”
    Edward: “Just joking; are you tagging along?”
    Smith: “Tell me first then I’ll come.”
    Alfred: “It just a surprise come on twinny night is approaching.”
    Both headed to the woods, the flowers glowing so bright, tiny creatures feeding the them, birds of different feathers pinching on trees with a melodies voice tuning, the bark of trees gives ways and it opens, stepping into it as its closes back, Smith was so marvel seeing this as he asked.
    Smith: “But what about all this tree boldly written with some ancient words.”
    Alfred: “Can you read them?”
    Smith: “Hell yeah!”
    Edward: “Fine, it just some scary sacrifices or something like that.”
    Smith: “Something like what?”
    Alfred: “Yeah, if blood is been spat on it then we are doom!”
    Smith: “These forest looks like an altar or something.”
    Edward: “Yeah, so blood must not splatted on it, oh c’mon it won’t work on us because we three can’t be possessed at all.”
    Smith: “But it can be done with Smokey Bones; that guy is a possess demon.”
    Alfred: “Eh, not insult him, this is his forest!”
    Smith: “Not so good, did you guys hear that?”
    Edward: “What we heard nothing!”
    Smith: “Because you’re not paying attention, listen carefully.”
    Alfred: “It like this strange book has really gotten to your head.”
    For sure, Smith has been reading the book when he was admitted in the school, he stopped at chapter where George ran inside the woods and get kill by the commander.
    Smith: “No guys it not about the strange book, that noise is different and it is coming towards our direction.”
    This time Edward was first to heard follow by his brother Alfred who hear it too but the noise ceased immediately. Both boys couldn’t understand why at that exactly spot, Smith started saying something within him, the noise grew more louder as the twins started running away leaving Smith behind, Smith opens his eyes as the noise ceased but a growl was hear behind him; he turns his eyes slowly and that’s when he realized what was under him.
    Smith: “Dinosaur!”
    Smith shouted as he run away in another direction.
    The dinosaur pursue him as he keep running, he doesn’t know where he was heading to and the dinosaur too seem not to stopped running, as Smith keep on running in the forest he saw a little smoke of fire coming out up to the sky; Smith was approaching a small village, he quickly speed off towards the village at that spot he realized that it wasn’t only a little village of humans but of different types dinosaurs living there.
    Smith: “I’m dead!”
    ©Dave Sun. July 2020.
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