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    First rule of a Monday morning, especially when you stay in Lagos, ‘DON’T WAKE UP LATE!’ Tola Matthews had never fallen short of this rule, except for today. She brushed her leg against the side table as she made for the front door. I giggled. Tola stopped to eyeball me.
    She rolled her eyes. “Kimberly, the only reason I am not going to talk back at you is that I feel pity for you.” she started. Tola had a knack for showing off her status as Broker. “You don’t have a job. All you do is sit and watch TV, I have no problems with that, but don’t you think you should look for a real job that takes you out early?” she said looking at the wall clock. She smiled at me. It had mock written all over it.
    I snickered. “You are not happy. And the money in the Firm isn’t yours, you work for Mr. Asolo. One day, they’ll take that Range Rover back.” I replied, with a grin.
    “I bought that with my money!” she hissed and stepped out.
    I wasn’t done yet. “Kentucky on your way back, please.”
    “Did I hear you right?” Tola replied, tucking her head back in.
    I smiled. “You are a salary earner, aren’t you?”
    I focused my attention back on the Flat screen. It is a big deal when you have nothing to do in Lagos. I am Kimberly Bankole, popularly called Kim Banks by my friends, graduated with a First Class from the prestigious University of Lagos with a degree in Economics. So much for my First Class Degree! I had sought to live on my own and when my best friends, Tola and Ini presented the opportunity I jumped at it.
    Tola works in the Real Estate Business and due to her hard work, she was gaining heights every day, and she currently occupies a top position in Asolo Real Estate Firm. Tola paid her way through the University as she lost her father quite early. She indulged in business all through her stay on the Campus, and coupled with the monthly bursaries from the Government, she could fend for her academics.
    Ini Obong is a model. She recently just got herself a billboard job for beauty soap. Ini worked when the opportunity arose, and she earned fat for it. Her career was fast rising and her manager, Marcus, worked tirelessly to get her jobs. Ini cherished her beauty sleep and she was still having it. But with Kimberly in the house, who would get a beauty sleep?
    I drew the curtains and let the sun rays in. “Wake up!” Ini rolled over and covered her face with the pillow. “Ini, it’s almost 9 in the morning. The roads would be free, why are you still in bed?”
    Ini snarled. “I don’t have to look for Jobs, they hunt me! Now get out of here.” She said, punching the pillow.
    “Really, Ini? You should be awake.” I said, pulling the duvet.
    Ini punched her pillow heavily and sat up. “I need my beauty sleep!” she emphasized. “The party lasted late into the night and I am tired. You should be the one on the road, go get a job.”
    I shot at her. “How many times do I have to tell you that I have a job? I am a freelance writer!”
    Ini chuckled. “Ah…yes, I remember, whatever that is, honey.” She said, and slumped back to bed.
    I rolled my eyes and left for the kitchen. I work as a freelance writer from home, I write articles on the internet and if a column job comes by, my friend, Ben passes it to me, Although, I haven’t gotten any yet. I have his promises to cling on to. I am from a popular Lagos family. I am Professor and Professor Mrs. Bankole’s only child. Wondering why I am not gainfully employed? I turned down several opportunities to work for my Father and his well established friends. Economics had never really been my dream; I lived it for my Parents who are successful Economists. After my first degree, I hurried out of the house so I could chase my dreams, to be a writer.
    “How many successful writers can you find in this country?” Professor Bankole had shouted at me when I stood before him with my bags.
    I sighed. “Dad…there is Wole Soyinka and recently, Adichie. Dad, I can do this.”
    “They are few, scanty and insignificant! I would give credit to Wole Soyinka and a few others, but the field is meaningless, you would be broke!”
    I took a deep breath. “Dad, please. I am tired of Economics. I don’t want to work in that Firm.” It had never been easy being Professor Bankole’s daughter, your life is all typed out like one of his Economics textbooks.
    Mother knelt down before her husband. “Tunji please let her go.” She begged. She is my silent advocate.
    “What are you saying, woman? Kimberly is about to bring shame to our family. She is only 21, what does she know about wanting to live on her own? She even wants to be a writer, this is ridiculous!” he said, tapping his legs.
    Wura Bankole nodded. “I know how you feel, Tunji. But, we have to let this girl try, who knows? Please…” she begged. Men and their egos! I had to join mother on her knees.
    “Listen to me, young woman. I give you a year to make a nuisance of yourself in that field called ‘Writing’ after which, if you fail,” he shrugged. “Of course,
    when you fail, you are coming back home and would work in the Firm.”
    I stared at him as he spoke. He couldn’t see any light at the end of my tunnel.
    “And one more thing, I don’t have to remind you about not liking any man, you already have David Coker.” He said sternly.
    I nodded. “Dad, you don’t have to remind me. I have heard this all my life! I went through University without any man, so you have nothing to be scared of, I would become David Coker’s wife when he chooses.” I replied, spitefully.
    “Young lady! Show some respect!” he shouted.
    I scoffed. “Of course Dad. I am the only one who is not allowed to fall in love freely because David Coker would marry me. Do you even care to know the last time David Coker and I spoke?” Dad sipped his drink. “Two months ago Dad, two months!” I argued.
    He placed his glass on the table. “David is a busy man. He is doing all that for you, he has to manage his father’s business and it’s all over the world. He would be back soon.”
    I leaned against the sink and waited for the Kettle to whistle. I made a hot cup of coffee.
    “Please make me a cup too.” Ini said, as she took her seat.
    I smiled. “You are finally up. Of course, I would make you coffee, I am good for something after all.”
    Ini scoffed. “Oh…sweetheart, Hasn’t ‘Ben Ten’ called you today?” I smiled. “Oh, he hasn’t. I think that guy is cute.” I stared at her. “Oh…I get it; you are not allowed to love.” I handed her the cup of coffee. “Thank you, sweetheart.” Ini sipped her mug carefully. “Kim, really, don’t you think Prof. Bankole is pushing you?”
    “It’s for my own good.” I replied, taking a seat. “It has always been for my good.”
    Ini scoffed. “What good? Right from when we were at High school, your old man has always been on your neck with this issue, David Coker this…David Coker that. Wake up, girlfriend, David won’t marry you.”
    “Ini, he will.” I replied. “Dad said so.” I said softly.
    Ini laughed with so much mockery in it. “Honey, I have always liked you since high school, I mean you were my school daughter, so I would tell you this, David won’t marry you. You guys barely speak.” Seeing my expression she tried cheering me up. “I don’t know how things run with you guys from wealthy homes, but maybe because my folks were broke while I was growing, they won’t dare betroth me, I mean it’s so outdated.” She said. “And to think your parents are professors.” She murmured.
    I snickered. “You can say that again.” I stared at the kitchen sink. “We’ve got to fix that pipe, the one beneath the sink.” Ini nodded and dropped her mug in the sink. “Ini, you are so going to wash that.”
    Ini stuck her tongue out. “Marcus is waiting.” She said, and left for her room. Ini had the habit of leaving the dishes. “Who would marry you?” I shouted.
    “Someone who isn’t DAVID COKER.” she called back, laughing.
    I smiled.
    That was the daily routine. Since I have nothing real to do, I just sit by my Apple laptop all day and write down articles, short stories and poems. I would also get the groceries and stock every corner of the house. If Ben called, I would say hi to him at the Office, else I would see Mom at home, but I had to call first. Dad didn’t want to see me.
    “Hi, Mom.” I said, as I turned on the Television.
    Wura Bankole closed the door to her study. “Hey…I told you never to call in the mornings.” She whispered. “Your Dad is still home.”
    “I had no idea I had to sneak around to say hi to my mom because of I am on some sort of probation by the Almighty Professor Bankole. Mom, I just want to say hi.” I replied, turning off the TV.
    Mrs. Bankole sighed and took her seat. “It’s not like that, Kim. You know how your father is. Anyway, how is it out there?”
    “Mom, it’s rough. Getting a Job is hard. But I am coping fine.”
    Mother sighed “Just come back home, Kim. You can work in the Firm and still get jobs as a writer; I would talk to some friends.”
    I rolled her eyes. “Mother, you know the terms. Dad has to see that I can make it without your help. Thanks Mom.”
    “Have you heard from David this month?” Wura Bankole asked, changing the topic. Still not a friendly topic!
    I chuckled. “Not at all. He didn’t even reply my mails, he must be really busy.” Mom laughed on the other end. “Do you regret being married off to Dad?” There was a deep silence from the other end. “Mom?” I called. Silence means affirmation!
    “Not at all, Honey. He provides me with everything I want and need. The society loves us, we are happy.”
    I scoffed. “Mom…”
    “Oh…Kim, I have to go now. I have a presentation in about an hour.” She replied and hung up.
    I nodded as I held my phone to my chest. “Yes mom…‘you always have’ to go, you are not happy, yet you think it’s what best for me. David Coker would provide everything I want and need, I would be happy.”
    Tola picked up the receiver. “Yes…”
    “You are needed at the Boardroom now, ma’am.” Kemi said. Kemi is Tola’s secretary.
    Tola closed her laptop and wore her blazer. She stepped out elegantly as ever and flashed at Kemi. “Take down any message.” She said, as she walked briskly. As a manager, Tola Matthews had a lot on her hand. She had to be up and doing, she had never relented.
    She opened the door to the boardroom. “Good morning ladies and gentlemen.” she said as she walked into the empty Board room. She stared at the empty seats and chairs. What prank was Kemi playing? She turned to walk away.
    “Not yet, Ms. Matthews.”
    She turned round to see one of her clients, their biggest client. “How did you get here?” she asked and stopped. “Of course, you are Wole Briggs, where can’t you be?”
    He nodded. “That’s correct. I am Wole Briggs, I can open any door. Please have lunch with me.”
    “Money isn’t everything you know.” She started. “It is a shame that some people allow themselves to be bought as to let you into this place.” She stopped and stared at him. “Get out before I call security on you.”
    He scoffed. “Really, Tola? I am just trying to be friends with you.”
    “Friends? I would say you are stalking me. That thing you did with my tyre the last time I came to your office, I still remember. If only I found out earlier that it was you who had pricked it, I would have had you picked up for acting like a street urchin.”
    Wole Briggs laughed. “Tola, come on. Did you think the Police would come as close as touching my hand not to talk of cuffing it?” He smiled revealing his perfect set of teeth. “I just want to be friends with you.”
    “The answer is No. now get out, Wole.” She said, sternly.
    He nodded. “Of course, as you wish. But I would be back. I don’t give up.” He said and walked past her. He stopped and stared at her. “Loosen up a bit, you work too hard.” He said as he undid her top button.
    She smacked his hand. He smiled and walked out. “Stupid pervert!”
    Tola returned to her office. “Who put the call across for me at the Board room?” she asked.
    “It was Mr. Asolo, ma.”
    Tola smiled. “Of course. Thank you.” she replied and walked into her office.
    “It’s really competitive out there for the billboard jobs.” Marcus said as he gave Ini a massage.
    Ini took off her earphones. “Marcus, I am hot and beautiful. It is not competitive for me. See, I just won a billboard job.” She flashed a smile.
    He smiled. “I admire your confidence, but remember Shola Jones beat you to the last job.”
    “That’s because she slept with all the men in that agency.” She replied, with a grimace. “Disgusting.”
    Marcus smiled. “And you went ahead to put that on twitter. Ini, the men in the Agency are not our friends thanks to that.”
    “But I have fans. At least they know that some models are modest.” She said, flipping her head over her shoulder.
    “And loud mouthed.” He added, quickly. Ini grinned. “But really Ini, you have to take this job really serious, I pulled some strings to get you this billboard and I hope you don’t mess it up.”
    Ini snarled. “What could possibly go wrong, Marcus?” she whined. “You are scared for nothing, just relax. You know I think we should go to the Spa, I am tired of your rough hand, and I need a real massage.” She said, rising to her feet. “You should also get a massage. You worry too much, Marcus.” She said, and left for the bathroom.
    Marcus sighed. “Of course, I have to. You are my source of livelihood. As long as you work, I won’t be broke. I have a responsibility.”
    “I heard you, Marcus.” Ini shouted from the bathroom.
    Marcus smiled. “As always.”
    “Thank you for having lunch with me.” Ben said, as he stared at me.
    Ben fell into deep thoughts. Kimberly, an epitome of beauty, was definitely any man’s desire. She was simple, brilliant and beautiful. Ben had admired her from the first day she walked into Millaroca looking for a job. She had greeted everyone respectfully. Ben had faked being the boss and stepped up to her. “Hey, what do you want here?” he asked, staring at her eyes.
    “Sir, I would love to apply for a job.” She replied.
    Ben smiled. “Erm…we are totally occupied here. So many staffs and we won’t be needing another. But you can drop your CV behind.” She said, pointing at the attendant.
    “Ben…Ben…” He turned around swiftly. “The Boss is here.” He flashed a smile at Kimberly. “You would meet the Boss soon.” He said, and dashed out through the back door.
    Millaroca Magazine is about 30 years but was now gradually being edged aside in the country. It was mostly purchased by the ‘older generation’ as it used to appeal to them, but they soon lost interest. The Magazine needed a push to come back to the forefront in the country, but the competition really was stiff.
    I raised her head. “So, you said you wanted to see me.”
    “It’s just for lunch.” He replied, with a smile. My face fell. “How’s the job hunt?” he asked.
    I shrugged. “Nothing has changed. They all said they would call back, and no one has. Isn’t there any column job at Millaroca? I would take stipends.”
    He held my hand. “It’s not about stipends; there are so many old brains at Millaroca. And to be honest, the boss is not willing to change his ideas, he believes in classic and from our survey it turns out the classic women don’t even want classic again.” He said.
    I smiled. “Maybe they would pass it on to their kids when they stop liking classic.”
    “Kim, I would keep trying to get you a chance to write. You just have to be patient with me.” he said, and sipped his coke.
    I nodded. “Of course Ben, It’s not like I have too many options.” I replied. And truthfully, time was also running out!
    “So, I thought I could take you out this Thursday.” He asked.
    I raised one eyebrow. “Thursday, erm…I think I would be busy…maybe I should…”
    “Kim Banks, you are never busy. You don’t want me to rub it in that you have no real job.” I frowned. “Okay, I am sorry, but it’s Valentine’s Day. I thought we could hang out when I close from work.”
    I rolled my eyes. “Really? Ben, you don’t think I would fall for you, do you?”
    He smiled. “A man must always try. I don’t give up.”
    “Start learning to. Anyway, where are we going to?” I asked.
    He shrugged. “Let me keep that a secret.”
    “Secret? I don’t like secrets. Maybe you are a serial killer. Are you?” I asked, pointing my Fork at him. We laughed.
    He raised his hand. “Okay, I meant surprise.”
    Ben had many qualities that any lady would fall for, but remember, I am ‘married to David Coker’, although Ben doesn’t really strike me as that man. I’d rather remain friends. “So, are we gonna have Thursday?” he asked, with a smile.
    It wasn’t as if I had anything doing, and of course, I didn’t want Ini and Tola throwing their day in my face. “Of course.” I replied, with a smile. Ini and Tola never spared me of their Valentine day’s gifts throughout our high school and university days. It wasn’t as if I didn’t get gifts, but they were from ‘Anonymous’ guys. I didn’t bother to keep them.
    “It won’t be at one of the expensive places that you might be used to.” He continued. I stared at him. Who cared about money? My Parents were the wealthy ones, not me!
    I nodded. “Ben, I am penniless, why would I mind?”
    “You are Professor Bankole’s daughter, aren’t you? Sometimes I wonder why you are job hunting, he could just hook you.”
    I stared at him. I had never told him about my family background. “How do you know about my father?”
    “I am a huge fan of Professor Bankole. I love his guts and everything about him, so I know everything about him.” He straightened in his seat. “That is of course, as far as Wikipedia would tell me. And the journals too.” He said, flashing his teeth at me. “But I won’t mind an extra lecture; I would love to meet him.”
    I blinked. He smiled. “So, would you help me?”
    “I would think about it.” I replied, and tried to finish up my food.
    Marcus fumbled with his I-pad for a while; he stared at Ini who looked rather too calm for their current situation. Well, he hadn’t told her the bad news yet. He had to! “Ini, we have a situation.” Marcus said, scrolling through his I-Pad.
    She adjusted her bathrobe. “You worry too much, Marcus. What could it be this time?”
    He took a deep breath. “I just received a mail from the advert agency. They want to revoke your contract.”
    Ini nodded. “For the billboard, right?” she asked.
    “Yes. My sources tell me that Shola Jones is behind it.”
    She smiled. “Of course, that skanky little thing has to be. She is trying to take her revenge on me after the twitter saga.”
    “What are we going to do?” Marcus asked.
    Ini scoffed. “I should be asking you that. It turns out; I am even tougher than you are. Shola Jones would walk into our trap; her skin needs a little adjustment.” She said, with a grin.
    “Ini…we could hurt her career.”
    She nodded in agreement. “She struck the match; she’s bound to feel the flame.”
    Marcus sighed. This is not the first time Ini had fought Shola Jones back and when they did, it was really messy. Both of them never really got along well. The Fashion industry was fast rising and Models were out at each other. It was a matter of who would take the lead, and as far as Lagos was represented, the battle line was between Ini Obong and Shola Jones.

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