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    oga buy this one o, this unripe plantain sweet pass the ripe one’ Deborah screamed as she ran after the moving car, the man ignored her and she retreated back to the camp of hawkers near the Abak rd. traffic light.

    She sighed, today had been the worst day since she started hawking, life hadn’t been very easy since their father had abandoned them for his new wife in the village.

    Deborah – Episode One

    He had wanted an heir, a male child who would carry forward his name, her mother had only given birth to her and Enobong, her only sister.

    She was then diagnosed with an infection causing her womb to be removed through surgery.

    Her father could not bear the thought of being married to a ‘barren’ woman as he called her and with the help of his family he got married to another and abandoned them in Uyo.

    ‘wetin dey ur mind’? Sara the garden egg Hawker asked, she was her best friend around here, others did not flow well with her while the other young girls envied her because she was extremely beautiful and had lots of customers.

    ‘nothing, just that today has been a very bad day, and my sister needs money to register for her upcoming NECO examination’, ‘so na why u dey worry like this?

    U no get work, instead of to worry, u no pray make dis God send us customer’, Debora simply sighed and continued swimming in her thoughts.

    She often wondered when her life as a hawker would come to an end, she was not getting younger, but she had to do this to increase the income for feeding.

    She prayed desperately in her heart for a favour from God, she needed to breathe, to sleep without waking up early to run to the market to but ingredients for her mother to prepare moi-moi for the student cafeteria in the University of Uyo.

    Deborah – Episode One

    That business had helped them a lot, her mother had rented a little shade in the student market and they usually patronised her, her mother was a hardworking woman, she kept telling her children that one day, anyhow, they will one day study at the University of Uyo.

    Deborah smiled and wished that day could come quickly, she had finished her secondary education

    for three years now but due to the obvious conditions she couldn’t go further but she believed

    Strongly that her dreams would not die, she remembered how she sneaked into lecture halls to have a feel of what it felt like to be a student, but the students always knew her as the Hawker and looked down on her shabby dresses that’s why she stopped attending the lectures.

    What made her quite known was her beauty, many times she had heard the students especially females whisper ‘ she is too fine to be a hawker, God forbid’, yes she was too beautiful, but how could one change their parentage? many boys on campus had approached her but she turned them down because she didn’t believe in premarital relations, and her mother had raised them with a firm her.

    ‘be proud, hold your head high even as a poor girl’ she remembered her mother instructing them, one of such male student advances had gone sour that was how she met Captain her best friend on Campus, she had served a group of rough looking boys and one made advances towards her, when she declined he broke the glass plate and began ranting.

    ‘who you be sef, na only u dey dis skul, see dis dirty ass girl o’, and he started making calculated efforts at her, before he could lay his hands, a bottle smashed his head and he fell down bleeding, by now the attention of the Security was drawn to the scene.

    Deborah – Episode One

    ‘what have you done to him?’ she had cried to her savior, ‘Girl you should thank me, this guy is a troublesome dude and he is known around here, so basically I saved you’, she sighed ‘thank you’, when the security arrived and recognized the person who was being hit, they hissed and turned back.

    ‘if I ever see you here again, I will break your head into tiny bits and send them to the Lord’ her saviour said pushing the guy outside roughly, he wiped his hands and returned, ‘ my name is Felix Eggon, am known as captain though’.

    ‘Deborah’ she replied hesitatingly, he smiled ‘ don’t you have a nick’? ‘ like Debbie, Debo baby or Yellow sisi’ he teased, this made her laugh, she shook her head, he was silent for a while and suddenly lifted his face ‘sweet chocolate’, ‘what’s that’

    She asked, he simply replied, ‘nickname’, and that’s what everybody even her own mother came to call her.

    ‘pick me at the airport, we are almost on the ground baby, luv ya baby’ she said sweetly, Morgana Esio, was the luckiest woman in the state, at least that is what she thought, she was an accomplished legal practitioner c-m fashion designer, the only daughter of Chief Charles Esio Peters, coming from a high-class family she had met the most wanted bachelor in the state.

    Aniebiet Briggas, an engineer by profession, the manager of three branches of Briggas Construction Companies in Africa popularly known as BCC.

    Aniebiet was all a woman could dream of, all her desire, he was not just physically appealing but he was very rich and hardworking, and that was exactly the kind of man she needed to maintain her high-born status.

    Deborah – Episode One

    She had dated him for about four years now and her love for him grew stronger by the day, but it bothered her, as they landed on the ground, she wondered if he felt the same way, its not as if he didn’t care, but she knew for a fact that she was his most long-standing girlfriend.

    Aniebiet had dated strings of women dumping each when he was tired, this made her have more hope, maybe he loved her that’s why he held onto her for so long, and because she loved him she had overlooked his flirtatious behaviour.

    She walked briskly from the plane and walked towards the waiting area when she spotted her worst enemy, Inemesit, her one-time best friend who had an affair with Aniebiet, ‘ who am I seeing here?’ she sneered.

    Morgana ignored her and moved on, ‘seriously, you are getting too old for this, why do you act like you’re better than me, remember you also cheated on him with my boyfriend, so revenge is beautiful’ she stopped and walked towards her.

    ‘I slept with your boyfriend? But you told me you didn’t love him, and you knew very well what Aniebiet meant to me and you stabbed me, back off,’ Inemesit did not flinch, she simply stared back at her, ‘ what do you want from me’?

    Morgana asked, ‘ I need your help, there is a big fashion show am organizing and you have the props I just may use’, Morgana was about to say no, but this girl needed to be taught a lesson, and she would do her dirty, she smiled and walked off ‘ Okay, meet me at the Drokie’s, we will discuss there’.

    She spotted Aniebiet’s car and increased her footsteps, he came out and hugged her, ‘welcome darling, how was your trip’? she hugged him and whispered ‘ am tired’, after packing her luggage, he pecked her forehead, she smiled and they drove off.

    …end of Deborah: Episode Two

    …to be continued

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    ‘how was your day, did you make any sales’? her mother asked hopefully, she shook her head, time was running out and her sister needed this money badly, ‘is that why you are looking so discouraged’?, her mother smiled ‘sweet choco, if I cried everytime life hit me hard do you think I would have been alive today, just imagine how I survived after your father had left us?”
    Deborah sighed, what her mother had said was true, she believed more than ever that help would soon come her way.
    Deborah – Episode Two
    ‘mama where is Eno’?,
    her sister was the black sheep, always up to something mischievous, because of her recklessness, she had carried along some criminals at a night club she frequented. That was what brought them to this level of desperation, they had to pay a huge amount of cash to bail her from the Police station.
    Sometimes she felt like giving up on her sister, Eno wasn’t considerate at all, she loved to mix with rich kids in the neighbourhood. One of the reasons she had refused attending a public school was that she wanted the life of the rich and famous. Sadly, she was getting it but at a very high price.
    They had nicknamed her sister ‘ ewa ’, she was compared to a female dog whose urges were insatiable, Eno had made it her duty to sleep with any rich kid in the neighborhood just to get some cash from him and to belong, this usually made their mother very sad.
    ‘I don’t know where that girl has gone too, just change your clothes eat something and get some sleep, I don’t know how much longer we will cope with her behavior’. said her mom
    Just as they finished speaking, Eno stormed into their little room angrily,
    “whose behavior? So now both of you gossip about me even you Mama’?”
    Deborah was stunned, this was the girl she had collected her own share of the esusu to bail out of cell and here she was insulting not just her but their mother,
    ‘ are you crazy?’ Deborah asked,
    with this question she received a slap that sent her reaching for her balance,
    ‘ask me again, you bloody pretender, you always act like you are better than I am, are you a virgin? Ehn!’.
    Deborah lay on the floor for sometime not understanding what had hit her. She felt her mother’s hands, gently comforting her and to Eno she had so much to say but chose to keep silent,
    ‘ so Mama both of you cannot talk again’?,
    ‘ I will be back tomorrow for the money for my examination fees, make sure it’s ready’ said Eno as she packed a few clothes and left the room.
    ‘ mama, I will not hawk to pay that girl’s fees, mama I have my own life to live, I need to start something for myself instead of working for an ungrateful bastard’, muttered Deborah.
    her mother cautioned her,
    ‘don’t call her that, no matter what she is still your sister, your flesh and blood. However I support your decision since Enobong has the guts to insult me and hit you, I believe she should have the guts to raise her own fees. Please get up and eat something. I prepared yam and nton sauce, you will enjoy it’.
    The woman stared at her daughter happily….how could one be this lucky to have such a child? She silently prayed her secret remained safe.
    you are reading Deborah – Episode Two
    Aniebiet had dropped Morganna at her house, he explained why he couldn’t take her to his home. She understood him and kissed him goodbye wearing a frown, she had returned to this house with foolish workers.
    She hated each and everyone of them, they were so lowly and poor, she hated such people they practically irritated her hence she had no patience with them.
    Immediately, the two maids and the cook ran out to help with her luggage but she shouted them back, ‘ don’t you have manners?, I never asked for your help, you think I would allow your dirty and smelly hands on my bags, gosh you all reek’ she said and spurned off.
    This left the servants feeling very sad, they wondered why Morgana was so mean to them, when her late mother had been so nice, they shook their heads and left, afterall people were different.
    Deborah – Episode Two
    Morganna Esio, was an accomplished legal practitioner and a paragon of beauty, she was well sought after in their highclass circle, many wealthy and connected men had approached her but she declined because she was in a relationship with Aniebiet Briggas.
    it wasn’t just the fact that she was from a high class background but she was extremely beautiful. She was 5ft plus, light skinned, straight legs any woman could die to have, a perfect bust size, medium sized hips, but it was her face that was her crown. Her straight nose stood proudly on her smooth skin, her almond eyes had a shade of green in them which was very natural, her lips were soft and full but brown, and it made her more attractive.
    She knew she was hot and knew what she deserved. This made her deal with only people in her circles, they understood her better and shared similar passions than ordinary people.
    Many times though, she wondered if she was making a mistake, she had dated this same man for four years and not for once had he ever spoken of marriage. This bothered her because she couldn’t imagine herself being married to someone else.
    She was deeply in love with Aniebiet and wondered what she would do if he left her as he had done countless women before her.
    She climbed the stairs leading to her room, ‘home sweet home’ she mused and fell into her bed, she suddenly remembered her upcoming appointment with Inemesit scheduled for the next day, she smiled mischievously; She planned to teach that young lady a lesson. in the midst of her musing, She felt her phone ring, it was her father who informed her he was out on a business trip. She sighed, she had the house all to herself, she had to invite Aniebiet to the house again.
    Deborah – Episode Two
    As Aniebiet drove back he smiled to himself, he had missed her, his Morganna, he liked her enough to marry her especially as his mother wouldn’t let him rest over her.
    Mrs Ekanem Briggas could make one’s life miserable, she had taken a liking towards Morganna from the first day he introduced them. Surprisingly both women had very similar character, in one of the occasions his mother had made a deliberate remark
    ‘you are the model daughter-in-law any woman can dream of’, she was actually saying this to give Ani, as she fondly, called him a hint.
    She loved Morganna, as she was from a highclass family just like them, very fashion conscious and classy, educated and beautiful and her manners were refined.
    Aniebiet wondered why his mother was rushing him, he had his plans, he wanted to make more money before settling down so he could have ample time for his family, but his mother kept reminding him of the fact that Morganna was having suitors daily. Well he was going to marry her, after his string of girlfriends he had finally found someone he liked.
    Aniebiet was heading to the family house, not his own personal apartment which was currently under construction. He missed his sisters, Clarabelle and Seline who had just returned from their holidays to Paris, it was going to be a full house.
    Just as he turned off the car, he spotted his very naughty cousin, Andy, he grinned from ear to ear as Andy walked towards the car, mehn! This was going to be a full house. Just then he received a text message from the jewelry store where he had ordered for a ring made out of blue diamonds, it was ready and he was gonna do the gentleman deed.
    ‘guy howfa’? Andy poked his tommy, ‘see as you big o,u dey chop money’ he continued assessing his cousin
    ‘Andy, my man, longtime, how Lagos dey,you jus forget me your brother for here’, Andy hugged him, it was good to get back together again, he missed this naughty cousin of his, Andy and him were bestfriends, they told each other everything, sometimes shared each other’s girlfriends or rather stole each other’s girlfriend.
    However, all that stopped when Ani started dating Morganna, she was not to be toyed with and Andy had noted that. They left the car and walked in through the garden to the house.
    Just as they walked in, they spotted his mother and sisters filing their nails by the swimming pool,
    ‘look who we have here’ screamed his sister Seline forgetting that just before she traveled, they had quarrelled over an issue caused by her her domineering attitude,
    ‘ Miss you love’ whispered Ani as he hugged Clarabella, pretending to ignore Seline,
    ‘ my dear son is back to momma’, exclaimed his mother as she pulled him for a hug.
    ‘ Ani don’t tell me you’re actually snubbing me o’ Seline frowned.
    He just smiled and hugged her.
    He missed his family, everyone but his dad was here.
    …… To be continued.

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