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    A deceptive heart coming from the author of Desert devil, Itz Kween Lizzy.
    Life was really tough for a young girl who grew up without a father. She had to take on the responsibility of a man being the only child as her mother earned a meager amount of money.
    She footed most of the bills and had to raise enough money to graduate from College. She worked as chef in a restaurant from Mondays to Fridays and later as a delivery girl on Saturdays and Sundays, all these to make ends meet which was not quite easy.
    Diane Alfred the only child of my parents was 21 years old, average in height and chubby. She was brown skinned with a nice body physique,her beauty wasn’t really revealed in the kind of clothes she puts on as she had not enough to do so.
    Diane! Diane! Her mom screamed , will you be staying at home today??
    Diane rose up from bed only to discover it was 7’o clock already. She was so stressed yesterday that she forgot to set an alarm, she felt she did and slept off only to be awaken by her mom.
    Work on Mondays were really hectic as lots of people came either to have breakfast or have meetings over at lunch, she only had few assistance in the kitchen. Bella was the only friend she had there as others looked down on her because of her shabby dressing atimes viewing her as inappropriate.
    Bella saw the Good in her and chose to associate with her as a good soul was everything needed.
    She took her bathe and dressed into a nice white gown with black edges,it was a gift from her mom and she so cherished it. She made her hair into a pony as Bella thought her then left for the dining table. She greeted her mom with a peck and hurriedly had breakfast after which she left for work.
    She got to work by 8 and the assistant manager was already there before her, he was mad at her for being late on a Monday morning. She apologized sincerely and was forgiven. She went straight to the kitchen to make some dishes,she exchanged pleasantries with Bella who was already busy.

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    Episode 2
    Bella gave her an apron and asked if the boss was mad at her as she did come late.
    Diane explained that she was tired from all that delivery work and she felt stressed. Bella told her that some people from Sumac Estates were coming over for lunch so she had to prepare intercontinental dishes for them. Diane was about to ask for a detailed info about them when Bella was called upon,” Bella! Serve some hot snacks and a chilled juice to the customers at table 5 now!.
    She left hurriedly making Diane swallow her curiosity and wait till the guests arrive.
    ” You really need to settle down Alfred, your mom’s right about that idea, you need to stop hanging out with those ladies as they add nothing to you, you and I know that they’re just for merriments so find a good soul and wife her, Berry said.
    Let your mom make that choice as you’re not good at choosing good things well except nice clothes, business associate, landscapes and me of course. They both laughed so hard as they entered the restaurant with some board members to discuss a new project over lunch. Christabel a pretty waitress directed them to a table big enough for them all and left to get them some water or maybe a chilled juice.
    Alfred whispered to Berry:” that girl’s hot yunno?” Andy pinched him and asked him to focus on what they came for.
    Christabel got to the kitchen excitedly to gist Bella about her new crush who she was already infatuated about. Diane having prepared the meal leaned against the wall to listen to her but this made christabel angry so she angrily told her to go serve the food and stop listening to gossips.
    Bella got angry and told christabel to go away too,:” you should go serve them some water you know instead of gossiping over here after all Diane’s done with the dishes, she just needs a notice to serve it.
    Seeing Bella stand up for Diane like that got Christabel angry, they used to be close friends before Diane came into the picture. Bella realized that Christabel wasn’t much of a good person so she kept her at arm’s length.
    Alfred and Andy we’re very close friends from childhood but Andy went to school at England leaving Alfred behind. One would have thought that the distance could weaken their friendship but it didn’t. Part of the reason why Andy came back was because Alfred’s mom Mrs Peters wanted him to talk to Alfred about getting a wife.
    Christabel arrived with water but was lost in thoughts in her world of anger and hatred for Diane making her hit a table and the water spilled on Alfred’s table,. Alfred and a little on Andy.
    Alfred rose in anger and shouted angrily at her, mentioning what that tuxedo cost him and where he bought it from. Diane came out with the dishes but saw the scene Christabel created and apologized to all of them, Andy smiled seeing that there was at least one curtsied staff, she directed Alfred to the rest room to clean up and left their dishes over there.
    Christabel apologized and left in shame,she blamed Diane for everything as she was the reason she entered her world of thoughts.
    Alfred came back out and they had lunch and iscussed about the projects.
    Andy pointed out that the food was tasty and Alfred agreed to, he wanted to know who made that food.

    Follow up on IG: honcho_ Lizzy ??

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    Deceptive heart
    , episode 3.
    Alfred said,” I hope you’re not that interested in knowing who the chef was?”
    Andy replied negatively,they went back to their office thereafter.
    After a hectic day at work the staffs of The genesis restaurant retired to their different homes including Diane who was so much tired. She got home, greeted mom and went straight to her room. Staffs of ‘the genesis’ restaurant offered their staffs dinner every working day so Diane didn’t bother about having dinner at home.
    Days went on at work with nothing special happening except the normal stress which she was getting acquainted with.
    Back at the Peter’s house, Alfred’s younger sister came back from Johannesburg where she lived with her dad who was managing their other company there, everyone was happy to see her as she was the baby of the house. It was a Saturday morning and the occupants of the Peter’s mansion we’re already awake, the chef was preparing breakfast already for them. Alfred ate and left for Andy’s home as they planned to attend a party together later that day. Mrs Peters left to check on some works leaving Anastasia behind promising to be back on time.
    Anna felt so bored that she decided to order for some food and drinks, Anastasia was actually a foodie and had a light skin complexion. She was average in height but slim although she ate a lot. She searched online and found a nice fast food Mc’ Burgers so she ordered pizza,chips and an orange drink.
    Diane! Diane! A woman called. There’s a delivery to be made; pizza, chips and an orange juice so hurry.
    Diane hurriedly packed them and zoomed off in her motorbike to go deliver. She got there and knocked on the gate,Anna opened it and asked her to come in, she explained that her mom was on her way back as she had no money on her. Diane after reasoning Anna was being really sincere decided to give her some time. Her boss kept calling her but she continuously made up
    Anastasia said to her, you’re really nice miss.

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    Next pls


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    go on

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    Following already

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    Nice one, fire on.

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