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    Episode 1
    “You are the best friends I have had in my
    twenty seven years of life. The day Stanley
    introduced me to you all; I had no clue as
    to how much blessing friendships with
    you all would become to me. I want to say
    once again, thank you.” Eve began to sob;
    Stanley and all his friends applauded her
    and stood to their feet to give her a hug.
    When the hugging was over, Stanley took
    her into his hands and kissed away the
    tears on her face. The next day was her
    wedding with Stanley, a guy she had dated
    four years. The meeting was a private one.
    Stanley’s six friends had hosted the two of
    them to bid them farewell into blissful
    marital union. It was their tradition to do
    so each time one of them was to tie the
    nuptial cord. Stanley and his six friends
    had known each other for years before Eve
    got know Stanley, and subsequently his
    group of friends. Stanley had made it clear
    to all of the guys in the group that Eve was
    not to be touched. His intentions were
    clear from the first day; he was going to
    marry her. The group of friends was made
    of Mayo, Chucks, Clara, Stanley, Bimpe, Steve
    and Stella – four guys and three girls in all.
    Bimpe and Stella were married while Clara
    was still single. Amongst the guys, the last
    single guy was Stanley who was getting
    married the next day. The group of friends
    was so knit together that they made
    shocking sacrifices for each other and
    would go to war for one another.
    The first day Eve hung out with them, she
    was put off by some of their crass and
    vulgar jokes. From the impression they
    made on her, she concluded they were not
    the likes of people she would like to mingle
    with. She loved Stanley and could tell he
    was a good guy, but what she could not
    figure out was what he was doing with
    the farouche group he called friends. They
    were not orderly, gentlemanly and ladylike.
    They talked rough and swore a lot. From
    her upbringing she learnt people should
    not behave that way. However as Stanley
    kept spending time with his friends and
    Eve sometimes tagged along, she began to
    see Stanley’s friends differently. They were
    selfless; the sort of group who put their
    friends first in all they did. With time Eve
    came to realize she had judged them
    rather too quickly. As years rolled by, the
    respect Eve had for Stanley and his friends
    grew. However there were things she
    didn’t know about them. Had she
    uncovered the litany of secrets which lay
    amongst them, perhaps that would have
    changed the sad events which unfolded
    Eve was a deftly shaped pretty lady with a
    piquant mind. For Stanley Eve was his
    world. He often boasted that God looked
    upon his soul, found his peculiar needs
    and then went to work to produce Eve for
    him. Those who knew Eve could not agree
    more. She was a bundle of beauty sealed in
    a package of gentle and quiet spirit. She
    was graceful and had a natural charm
    which made her easily calm even the most
    stubborn men. In trying moments, she
    would cut the figure of a lily pushing
    through a storm, surprising her friends
    with her veiled staying power. “I have
    always had a dream about what my
    wedding will look like. It is going to turn
    out just the way I have dreamt it,” she said
    to Stanley who was standing by the
    kitchen door watching her ravishingly. “I
    don’t care how the wedding turns out; all I
    want is to get married to you Eve.” Stanley
    stepped away from the door and put his
    hands around her lithe, seductively
    sculptured body. “I don’t mind getting
    wedded to you right here,” Stanley
    continued. “You have held on for about
    four years, there is no need to rush in now
    baby. Our wedding is a week away, after
    which you will know much a bad girl I
    have prepared myself to be to you.” She
    winked at him, held him tightly and
    continued, “We will have the whole of our
    lives to love each other, and we will never
    stop loving each other. I have a vow with
    God to keep. The moment I say ‘I do’ on
    the altar, that vow will be broken and I will
    be yours forever.” Eve said, her voice
    sounding like a songbird.
    Their church service was straight to the
    point; there was not much tales told by the
    preacher. Eve had a word with the
    preacher earlier and asked he save his
    sermon for Sunday and wed them without
    too much homily about failed marriages
    and how to save theirs from crashing. The
    preacher had laughed hard when Eve said
    to him, “If you decide to preach long and
    delay us, the truth is you will have wasted
    your time because I won’t remember a
    word from whatever you preach. On that
    day my mind will be on stripping down
    after my wedding, and letting Stanley have
    his way with my body. I have waited four
    years for it. I hope you won’t delay me any
    further.” “If you have kept yourself and
    waited that much, which is pleasing in the
    Lord’s sight, then I won’t delay you a
    second on that day,” the preacher had
    assured. After the exchange of vows and
    rings, the newly wedded couple had
    sessions of photo shots with relatives and
    friends; during which their friends gave all
    present a taste of the part which awaited
    them at the reception. While Eve was
    taking shots with several guests, she had
    spotted two men in a car some distance
    from their photo stand pointing at her and
    saying stuff she could not make out. When
    her eyes met with theirs, they turned their
    faces away and drove away fast.
    When Eve and Stanley left the reception,
    their destination was hotel de la crème, an
    upscale hotel in the city famous for its
    international services. “We have dreamt
    this day for long and now it is here,” Eve
    said as she held Stanley closer to her body.
    Stanley took her cue for what it was and
    kissed her passionately. Eve relished every
    bit of his invading kiss. She moaned,
    twisted herself and sat on his laps. Their
    driver had to wind up the glass between
    him and the couple he was taking to hotel
    de la crème. Eve giggled and said to the
    driver, “Thanks for your understanding,”
    even though she knew he wasn’t going to
    hear her. He had wound up the glass
    because the steamy passionate session
    between the couple at the back seat was
    getting in the way of his driving. With the
    momentary privacy they had, Eve asked
    Stanley, “Baby should I undress now?” She
    had the look on her face which gave
    Stanley the impression she wasn’t joking.
    “You can’t be serious. How can you
    undress in a car taking us to the hotel?
    What has come over you? This is unlike
    you.” “Didn’t I tell you I am a naughty girl
    in a good way? I have kept my vow with
    God, now that I am married, please don’t
    deny me.”
    Stanley looked at her curiously and began
    to laugh. Eve made a face, pretending she
    had some super power; she tried to pull
    off Stanley’s head from his neck. Stanley fell
    back on the seat, tilted his head and played
    dead. Eve put her hand under his armpit
    and tickled him. He laughed hard, sprang
    up and raising his hands high like a bear
    about to claw its prey to death, he came
    after her. Eve raised her hands in similar
    fashion and growling like a bear, she
    attacked him. Both of them held each other
    in their hands and kissed until their car
    pulled up in hotel de la crème. Normally Eve
    should have waited for Stanley to get
    down first and open the door for her, but
    she sprang out of the car first. Holding her
    wedding gown with one arm she ran to
    the other side of the car and grabbed
    Stanley who had just stepped out of the
    car and led him into the hotel lobby,
    hurrying to their room.
    In the room, both of them peeled their
    clothes off in a hurry. Just then there was a
    knock on the door. “Oh God, who is that?
    Babe, ignore the knock,” Eve said with
    desperation. When the knock persisted
    Stanley slipped away from Eve, got in his
    clothe and went to check who was at the
    door. Eve took the moment to use the
    restroom. While she was in the restroom,
    she heard a husky male voice ask Stanley,
    “Where is she?” The question was
    followed by a scream from Stanley. The
    man had hurt him. Eve flew out of the
    restroom and met Stanley in a pool of
    blood on the floor. She was terrified and
    screamed, “Help! Help! Somebody Help!”
    The man raised his hand, revealing a pistol
    with a silencer device on it barrel. Eve
    raised her hands in the air and pleaded,
    “Please don’t shoot me! Don’t please!” The
    man fired shots at her, dropping her to the
    floor. In seconds the spot where she lay
    was stained with blood. Certain he had
    done his job, the man quietly closed the
    door and left.

    To be continued!

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    Episode 2
    A concierge had heard a female voice
    shout for help and dashed toward the
    direction of her voice; on his way he met a
    man calmly leaving a hotel room. The
    concierge studied the man momentarily as
    he passed him before continuing his run.
    There were lots of doors to knock on to
    find the woman who had cried for help.
    While he knocked on a door, it occurred to
    him to go check the room he saw the
    stranger leaving moments earlier. A gentle
    push on the door swung it open;
    cautiously he stepped into the room but
    was stopped in his track when he saw
    Stanley lying in a pool of blood. His eyes
    darted about the room and he saw Eve on
    the floor, lying silently amid fresh blood.
    There was an alarm bell on the wall, he
    sprang toward it and held it down for
    about a minute and then dashed into the
    hallway and began to call for help, “Help!!
    Help!! A man and his wife have been
    murdered in their room! Help!!!” In just
    seconds the hallway was swarmed with
    the hotel security and guests. While some
    petrified guests packed their luggage and
    bolted out of the hotel, the hotel security
    and medical team checked Stanley and Eve
    to see if they could get any pulse. There
    was a little confusion; some thought they
    got pulse while others were not sure they
    did. They had to however haul the
    newlywed couple into an ambulance and
    sped off to the nearest hospital.
    8:30 pm, Hotel Copacabana
    A lady in her forties lay naked in her bed
    with a young man in his early thirties by
    her side. For hours the young man had
    been working himself sore in bed to meet
    his end of a bargain. She shoved the
    drained young man aside and reached for
    her phone; punching a few keys on her
    phone she placed a call to some guy, “Hello
    Leroy. Have the lovebirds been sent home
    early?” “As I speak to you, they at before
    the pearly gates of heaven waiting to
    know if they would be let in. Sadly the lady
    had no clothes on when I put her on a
    sudden flight out of our world.” “I am glad
    they are home now. Don’t worry about the
    girl; the angels of God will clothe her if she
    makes it past the pearly gates.” “Good to
    hear that, it is very comforting.” “You were
    a ghost out there, were you not?” “A boy
    saw me, but I doubt he can pin the hit on
    me. I was just another guest in their
    hotel.” “I don’t like the sound of that Leroy.
    Go back, find the boy and put him to rest.”
    “Is that necessary?” “It is my wish and I
    want it done.” “Okay Mam, your wish is my
    Four Hours Later, Eden Crest Suits
    Mayo, one of Stanley’s friends is on the
    floor of his hotel room. Stark naked and
    sitting on Mayo is Stella. Stella is also
    another of Stanley’s friends. After the
    wedding reception, she had made an
    excuse to her husband and two children
    and sneaked into Eden Crest for a raunchy
    sexual marathon with Mayo who was also
    married and had children. “We all are
    going to miss Stanley, especially we ladies.
    He certainly knew how to make a woman
    happy. I hate that b---h he married. She
    came along with her holier-than-thou
    attitude and took him away from us,” Stella
    said with a wry look on her face. “They are
    not going to last long together. In fact they
    are going to make a big sad story
    together.” Stella dropped the back of her
    hand on Mayo’s forehead and felt it for a
    moment. “Are you okay? You don’t see
    well, do you?” she asked Mayo. “I can’t get
    your meaning Stella.” “As much as I have
    grouse with Eve for taking my best sexual
    partner away from me, I believe they are
    made for each other. I know it; they will
    make the best couple in the whole wide
    world. I am surprised you can’t see that
    “Don’t worry, you can’t get my meaning.”
    “Whatever… I am going to miss Stanley you
    know.” “You sound like you had him many
    times. I heard you didn’t.” “I had him only
    a few times. He said he had found the
    truth, whatever that was, and stopped
    bedding me. But I think he saw how spoilt
    I am and that he had no future with me.
    Look at me, I am a married woman who
    has two children, yet I am here naked with
    you and have been making love to you for
    the past two hours. Right now I am sure
    my husband is busy at home making
    dinner for my children. The sad part is that
    when I get home he is going to look me
    straight in the eye and thank God for a
    wonderful woman I am to him before
    taking me to his bed to spend the night
    with me. I think hell is made for people like
    me.” “You are right; hell is for you and you
    are going to have a front row in it.” “How
    about you piggy? You are going to be an
    usher in it. Of the four children Bimpe has
    for her husband, how many are your?”
    Mayo pumped three fingers in the air
    signaling to her three were his.” “Oh
    Christ! You are the son of Lucifer. Thank
    God I have had no child for you. All my
    children will turn out like my husband.”
    “You can’t be that sure, your last child
    might be mine.” Stella slapped him across
    the face and yelled, “Son of Lucifer, you
    have no child with me!” Mayo sprang from
    under Stella, tumbling her to the floor;
    sitting on top of her he began to mock her,
    “You don’t know me, but there is one
    thing about me which you are right about,
    I am indeed and usher for hell, and right
    now I am ushering you to hell.” The look
    on Mayo’s face was beastly; Stella had not
    seen him that way before. Even though she
    knew he was playing, she was however
    becoming afraid of him. “Get off me; I
    want to go back to my husband!” Mayo
    didn’t listen; He lowered himself on her
    and maneuvered her into another round
    of lasciviousness.
    10:40 pm, Clara’s Apartment
    Clara is lying on a couch in her living room,
    half asleep. On the table opposite her, was
    her Samsung Galaxy phone. The phone
    vibrated loudly as a call came in; Clara
    startled out of sleep, sighed and then lazily
    picked her call, “Hello Steve, what is it? You
    just woke me up from sleep.” “Clara,
    Stanley and Eve have been shot dead!”
    “What!!! It’s a joke right?!” “Some shooter
    broke into their hotel room and shot the
    two of them. I have been running around
    the city trying to find the hospital where
    their bodies are. About thirty minute ago I
    found the hospital but the police won’t let
    me see their bodies!” On the other end of
    the phone Clara began to sob terribly.
    “Clara! Clara!! Stop!! Listen to me, whoever
    did this might be after the rest of us. We
    have to meet now! I just can’t reach Mayo
    and Stella, Chucks and Bimpe are on their
    way to your house now. Please see if you
    can get a hold of either Mayo or Stella. I am
    scared to death; their phones are off.”
    Clara stood to her feet, her eyes darting
    about her apartment while waves of fear
    shot through her. The rustling of the
    curtains by night breeze made her dash
    into her bedroom and shut the door.
    In that circumstance her bedroom
    suddenly looked too big for her, so she ran
    into her bathroom. She had to run back
    into her bedroom when she thought she
    heard footsteps by her bathroom window.
    To her, the safest place to hide was under
    her bed and so she squeezed herself
    under it. At her door outside were Bimpe
    and Chucks, banging loudly on the door for
    her to let them in. Under the bed, Clara
    prayed fervently for help and forgiveness
    for her sins. When her phone rang, she
    almost threw it away, thinking it was
    going to give her position away. The call
    was from Chucks, she had to pick it when
    she saw it was him, “Chucks where you
    are?” she cried desperately. “I am at your
    door with Bimpe, where are you?” “Thank
    God! I am coming to get the door.” Hastily
    she pushed her way out from under the
    bed. By 11:15 pm all of them, Chucks, Clara,
    Bimpe Mayo, Stella and Steve were in Clara’s
    apartment mourning their dead friends
    and wondering who might have shot them
    and the reasons for that. They all had
    secrets, the sort they would not like to talk
    about. They sat, looking helplessly at each
    4:30 am, St. Briggs Clinic
    Since early night when Eve and Stanley
    were brought to the hospital, teams of
    doctors had worked their fingers sore to
    revive and save their lives. About 3:00 am,
    the doctors broke up and left with sad
    faces. No one was told if Eve and Stanley
    were saved or not; but about 4:30 am, a
    nurse was heard telling someone outside
    the hospital that the couple was alive. The
    police man sitting next to her was not sure
    who she meant. As if to move away from
    his colleagues and smoke, the police
    officer placed a call to a certain lady, “Hello,
    you asked me to let you know if the couple
    makes it or not, I think they are alive. The
    doctors in Briggs Clinic may have save their
    lives. Whoever you send here to finish
    them off must be very professional. There
    is a squad of well trained policemen here;
    they will shoot everything which is
    considered a threat over here.” “Why do
    you think they are alive? Leroy told me they
    are dead. I spoke with him again about ten
    minutes ago.” “I don’t care what Leroy told
    you, I have been here for hours, I have not
    seen the couple moved to the morgue. Just
    now I overheard a nurse telling someone
    over the phone that the couple is alive. I
    am just doing my job, you do yours.” The
    police officer hung up.
    “Hello Leroy, Eve and Stanley might still be
    alive. I just spoke with Adams; he is at
    Briggs Clinic. He thinks doctors may have
    somehow saved their lives. Go find out if
    he wants free cash or is telling the truth. If
    by chance he is telling the truth, you know
    what to do. Good night Leroy.” “Good
    night miss!” “Hold on Leroy… he also
    mentioned that there are some well
    trained policemen at the hospital. Be
    careful please.” “I will.”

    To be continued!


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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    when u engage urself in shady deals,,, and nemesis start catching up wit u, u won’t know from which angle dey coming from

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    Following like a follower

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    Please can I be linked to this story, and get updated once is uploaded.

    thank you.

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    Episode 3
    Leroy was skimming through the list of
    staff at hotel de la crème, where he had
    shot Eve and Stanley, hoping to find the
    boy who had seen him in the hallway
    when the mystery lady called him to inform
    him that Eve and Stanley might still be alive.
    He had to call off his search for the
    concierge. He was happy he won’t be
    focusing on the boy. Somehow he felt
    strongly it was wrong to shoot the boy, he
    was just doing his job. Leroy had done
    worse though, but somehow he felt the
    boy should live. Shooting a couple on their
    wedding day was not a problem for him,
    and going back to a hospital to finish them
    off, if they were alive as was rumoured,
    did not bug his conscience a bit. He stood
    up from his reading table to garb himself
    in a fake police uniform; with the uniform
    gaining entry into Briggs Clinic won’t be a
    problem. His sense of dressing was top
    class, he had paid an Indonesian trained
    tailor in Aba to make the police uniform for
    him. The outfit had a fitting look on him,
    giving him a seductive appeal. His well
    toned chest and biceps were well
    emphasized in the clothe. He stood before
    the mirror and admired himself as his
    adrenalin shot high. He had a queer
    mannerism; he was in love with his fine
    looks and sometimes would get sexually
    turned on just by looking at himself in the
    Pointing two fingers to the right side of
    his head like a gun, he pretended to shoot
    himself, making a gunshot sound with his
    mouth. With his mind having momentarily
    shifted to sex, he picked his phone and
    called one of the ladies whom he regularly
    paid well to have that need of his taken
    care of. The lady did not pick up his call. He
    got angry; acting like his feet were
    unsteady on the floor, showing the
    paranoid side of him. Breathing like his
    chest was going to burst out of him, he
    yelled, “Who the hell is with my b---h by
    this time of the night! I pay her well to
    keep booty for me!” He had to dial her
    number again. This time the lady picked
    up, “Hello Leroy…” “Don’t you hello me s--t!
    Who the hell are you giving your booty
    right now?!” “What did you just call me
    Leroy?” “You are a bitchy s--t!! Who is
    f***ing you right now?!” The lady who
    had just woken up from sleep was
    shocked and angry at the words Leroy
    shot at her. “You know what Leroy, I am
    done with you! There are men who can
    pay better than what you give me. I don’t
    deserve this insult!” She dropped the call.
    Leroy quickly called back, vibrating in
    anger from head to toes. While he waited
    for her to pick up, he pulled out his gun,
    kept it on the table and began to caress it
    amorously, hoping she was close enough
    for him to blow her brains out.
    The lady didn’t pick up. In anger he lifted
    one of the sofas next to him and broke it
    on the floor. Still shaking in anger, he went
    into his wardrobe and removed a medium-
    sized briefcase. He opened it, took a deep
    breath to calm himself and studied its
    contents. The briefcase contained his work
    tools. In it were handguns, a poison case,
    silver-coated military grade knife, bullet
    cases and hand gloves. Swiftly he closed
    the briefcase, took it and went back to
    look at himself before the mirror before
    leaving for Briggs Clinic.
    5: 15 am, Briggs Clinic
    In front of the clinic, a brand new, yellow
    Nissan car pulled up – a taxi. With affecting
    panache, Leroy stepped out of the taxi
    holding his briefcase and looking every
    inch the nicest police officer in the city.
    When he got to the gate he flashed his
    fake police ID card and the security men
    allowed him in. When he moved into the
    hospital premises, the squad of policemen
    inside stopped him and asked who he
    was. Calm like an angel on duty, he gave
    them his ID card and dropped the name of
    one of the city’s top police chiefs. “Two
    hours ago, we intercepted a call which we
    believe to have originated from this
    hospital. Someone in here is working with
    whoever shot the couple who are being
    treated in this hospital,” Leroy said
    presenting his lies impeccably. “Why were
    we not told about this and why are you
    here alone?” the officer in charge of the
    squad at the hospital asked him. “You
    were not told because everyone in this
    hospital is a suspect, including you and
    your men. I am alone because we don’t
    want to spook out whoever made that call.
    I have to ask some of the doctors a few
    questions. Don’t worry I won’t get in your
    way, my job here is investigative.” The
    officer looked at him curiously and asked,
    “What do you have in that briefcase?”
    Leroy opened it before answering him, “My
    work tools.” The guns, bullets and knife
    were gone. There was only a stack of
    papers and biros. However, under the
    stack of papers in briefcase were his real
    work tools.
    “I don’t trust you and for that I am going
    to let you go in with one of my men,” said
    the officer. “That is fine by me. If you didn’t
    say that I would have thought you don’t
    know your job,” Leroy said with a tinge of
    humour and the two of them laughed. The
    officer sent one of his men to accompany
    Leroy into the hospital. In the emergency
    ward unit, Eve and Stanley were under the
    watchful eyes of three doctors. They had
    begun to twitch their hands and legs and
    breathe fine. Long hours of harrowing
    medical surgeries had snatched their lives
    from the jaws of death. When Leroy and
    the police officer asked to accompany him
    entered the hospital reception, Leroy
    stealthily loosened his gun holster. In the
    holster was the same gun with which he
    shot Eve and Stanley earlier at hotel de la
    At the desk in the reception were two
    nurses. When they saw Leroy and the
    other police officer enter the reception,
    their eyes instinctively fell on Leroy’s chest
    and biceps and somehow stayed glued on
    them. Leroy smiled at them and they
    moved uncertainly as if unsure of
    themselves. “I am with the police homicide
    unit, I would like to have a word with any
    of the doctors present concerning a case
    we are working on,” Leroy said, still
    smiling at the nurses. One of the nurses
    hopped off the stool she was sitting on
    and said, “Okay sir; let me go get a doctor
    for you.” “What are you doing? We don’t
    have any doctors around at the moment,”
    the other nurse countered. The nurse who
    was already on her way to call a doctor
    swung around, put her two hands on her
    head and exclaimed, “Oh my God! I actually
    forgot!” “Sir I guess you have to leave your
    message with us or come back later,” said
    the nurse who sat still on her stool. Leroy
    smiled and thought about his next move.
    He did not believe the nurses that the
    doctors were not around in the hospital.
    The nurses had been instructed to keep
    the presence of the three doctors looking
    after Eve and Stanley secret.
    “I guess I have to come back later then,”
    Leroy said. He had worked out a new
    strategy to get past the nurses and shake
    off the police officer sent to keep an eye
    on him. “Where is your restroom, I am
    hard pressed?” Leroy asked pretending he
    had need to use the restroom. “It is that
    way; I can walk you to it,” said the nurse
    who had jumped off her seat to for fetch
    one of the doctors. “That will be nice,” said
    Leroy. “Don’t worry nurse; I will walk him
    to the restroom. I know where it is,”
    volunteered the police officer asked keep
    an eye on Leroy. At the restroom, the police
    officer stood outside while Leroy went
    inside to ease himself. Inside the restroom,
    Leroy quickly attached a silencer device on
    the barrel of his gun. The officer was lost
    in thought when Leroy jumped out of the
    restroom and pumped a bullet into his
    skull, a blood splash staining the wall next
    to him. Due to the silencer device, no
    gunshot was heard as the police officer
    went down in a heap. Leroy quickly
    dragged him into the restroom and shut
    him in. Removing his handkerchief he
    hurriedly tried to wipe the blood stain on
    the wall.
    There were many doors close to the
    restroom; Leroy had to try if any of them
    led to the medical wards. He knew it won’t
    be hard to find the wards pretending as a
    police officer. He pushed one of the doors
    open and found the room led to nowhere.
    Moving farther away from the restrooms,
    he tried another door, there were two
    nurses in the room sleeping. This time,
    there was another door in the room
    leading to some place. He quietly walked
    through the room and went out through
    the other door. On the other side, he met a
    hallway and there was no one in it. He kept
    walking with his eyes fixed on the doors
    both sides of the hallway. Back at the
    reception, the nurses were beginning to
    wonder what was keeping the police
    officers. The nurse who had offered to
    walk Leroy to the restroom decided to go
    find out what was keeping them. A few
    steps away from her colleague, she turned
    and said, “I hope the officers are not doing
    themselves when we are here burning for
    a man.” “You are too spoilt, I don’t
    remember telling you I am burning for a
    man,” her colleague replied smiling guiltily.
    “Well since you are not burning, I guess I
    will have to seduce the two of them and
    have them alone,” said the nurse as she
    quickened her pace toward the restrooms.
    Far toward the end of the hallway, Leroy
    found a sign pointing to the wards. He
    smiled and rested his hand on his gun
    while clutching his briefcase firmly. Back at
    the restroom, the nurse had seen blood on
    the wall and a bloody trail on the floor. Her
    heart was frozen with fear as she took
    steps closer to the male rest room. When
    she tried the door, it won’t open. So she
    moved back a bit and kicked the door.
    When it swung wide open, it revealed a
    police officer in a pool of blood. Shrieking
    as loud as a terrified woman could, she
    sped off; at the reception she did not stop
    to tell her friend what she had seen. She
    went straight outside and told the police
    officers, amid broken cries, what she had
    seen at the restroom. The policemen
    surged into the hospital, fanning out in
    groups into every part of the hospital.
    To be continued!
    Question: Why are most nurses always
    spoilt? Lol you guys know what i mean.
    Leroy seems to be a proffessional, will he
    get caught?

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