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    Deep Waters
    Sequence 1
    She dipped the duvet in the water then removed her shoes and started stepping on it. This was the way her mother had taught her how to wash blankets and duvets and it always did the trick. She preferred doing this herself instead of allowing the maid to do it. She never trusted maids with any of her laundry.
    She looked up as the gate opened and in walked her sixteen year old. She frowned at the crop top Maddy wore and the ripped jeans. They had discussions about that countless times.
    “Aren’t you supposed to be heading to Mr. Banda’s place for the tuitions? ” she asked.
    Madalitso walked towards her mother as she removed the headphones from her ears. The two hardly looked like mother and daughter; what with only sixteen years age difference between them.
    “He is unwell. He has gone to the hospital.”
    “I see. I don’t expect to then see you hanging around the house. Grab your bags and head to the library then. I will not tolerate you failing this exam.”
    Maddy frowned. She hated how her mother was always pushing her to study when she wanted to have fun like her friends. She was after all a teenager.
    “Can’t I just hang out with Florence and Kessi today? They are going to debonairs in a few minutes,” she asked hopefully.
    Zangi shook her head. ” If you want pizza I will bake for you. For now grab your bag and head to the library. I am sure uncle Sam is around to drop you off and while you are at it please dress decently. I can’t believe you went for tuitions dressed that way.”
    Maddy stamped her feet in frustration and then stalked away. She knew that once her mother had that tone there was no changing her mind. She didn’t understand why her mother was so strict when they had enough money.
    Zangi stopped what she was doing as she watched her daughter stalk away. She wished the little girl could understand why she was doing all this. She had no idea what she had been through.
    Pregnant at sixteen and thrown out of her childhood home by her father she had been left with no choice but to move around doing odd jobs till she found a place where she worked till she popped. It was a small orphanage where she cooked for the orphans. The owners had agreed to let her be there till she put to bed.
    Not wanting to be separated from her little girl she took her when it was time and started going around doing odd jobs till she landed a job with a rich family in New Kasama.
    She then went back to the orphanage and asked the owners to look after her child till she was able to get her back. The white couple agreed and they got the infant. Zangi would visit her each time she got her day off. Maddy was the only family she had after her parents refused to let her back into their lives. Her father was a pastor and he was well respected. Her getting pregnant had put him in a bad light.
    When Zangi was two the family she worked for referred her to another couple who had just gotten married. They needed a live in maid. She took the job as it came with a salary increment. She loved the job although she always wondered about her sir. He rarely slept home. He was always out.
    She was with them for a year till one fateful day she had just taken her day off and had been on her way to get on a bus when she realised that she had forgotten her purse. She then started walking back home. As she got into the yard she noticed that the vehicle for the owner of the house was in its spot. The previous night he had slept out as per his norm.
    She had never told anyone but the couple were odd. It was obvious the man was cheating but the woman held on. She had heard the gossip from people around but she was never truly interested.
    As she opened the door to the house she saw her madam crying over her husband’s body. He lay lifeless on the hall way floor. She noted that there was a bottle near his head and a gush that was oozing blood on his forehead.
    Her madam looked at her tearfully.
    “He wanted to leave me. He Brough divorce papers…we got into a fight and….”
    Zangi immediately ran to her madam. She looked around then bent to feel his pulse. There was nothing. She knew a lot about these things because she read a lot. She had been quite intelligent before she decided to fall in love with Mason the jerk. The jerk that knocked her up. She had dreams. She had wanted to be a medical examiner or an anthropologist but none of that would be for a while.
    She looked at her madam. ” He has no pulse. ”
    The woman cried louder. Zangi stood.
    “We need to call the cops.”
    She started walking away when the woman grabbed her legs.
    “Please don’t. Don’t please. I will be arrested. They won’t understand that it was an accident!” The woman wailed.
    Zangi had looked at her sympathetically.
    “I am an orphan. I have no one. Going to jail will kill me. I had no intentions of killing him. I just wanted to stop him from leaving, from going back to her.”
    Zangi felt for her. She knew calling the cops was the right thing to do but instead she found herself promising to help. She then recalled a book she had read about covering up a crime. She asked the woman to help her pick the body nd carry it to the hallway closet. They closed the body there then Zangi asked the woman to get a bucket and some bleach. The woman asked her what for but Zangi told her to do as asked. Once the bleach came Zangi got gloves and using a cloth wiped the bottle clean. She then poured beach on the stained floor and mopped it before taking the dirty water and flushing it down the toilet. She then told the woman to help her undress the corpse.
    She didn’t dare look at the naked body of her dead boss. The two quickly dressed the body then Zangi got the clothes and burnt them using paraffin and the remains she flushed down the toilet.
    “Now we wait for night. I will go visit my daughter and you act as normal as possible.”
    She ahdn wanted to seem shaky around her boss but she was terrified. She was covering up a crime. That day she failed to visit her daughter but instead went round town till it was time to head back home. She stope at the market and bought three bottles of beer. She then told her madam to drive one car to a certain place and return on a bus.
    Around midnight the two ladies dragged the body to the car. The madam drove the car and they headed towards kafue. When they were certain no one was on the road they got out of the car and with so much effort placed the body in the front seat and then wiped the car clean of all their prints. They carefully placed a bottle in the cup holder while the other was placed in between the man’s thighs. The madam then stepped on the accelerator and then steered the car towards the bush.
    When the impact hit the two women ran and hid making sure no one had seen them. When they were sure they were in the clear madam led the way to where she had parked her car.
    Zangi shook her head as she remembered that day. Over the years she had pushed it aside. Her madam had acted all distraught when the police told her about what had happened. She confessed they had fought as he wanted a divorce and even showed them the letters.
    “Does he have relatives we need to inform?” An officer had asked.
    She shook her head. ” If he had any he never mentioned them. We were alone in the world. We only had each other.”
    the police never did any further investigations. To them the case was as good ands solved. Drunk driver hit into a tree. After the funeral madam paid Zangi off with a lot of money and told her to leave Lusaka.
    Fuelled with anger now Zangi heaved the duvet onto the line. She then emptied the doh of water onto the lawn and cleaned it at the tap before leaving it at the kitchen door. She called out to the maid and told her she was going to bath and then sleep. It was her day off. She was a doctor now. She had used the money to study medicine at CBU then when she passed got a job at the Livingstone general hospital. She thought by doing this she was making amends for what she had done. She had just drifted off into dreamland when the maid knocked. She angrily got off the bed.
    “Yes? ” she barked.
    “There is a woman who wants to see you. I told her you were sleeping but she insisted.”
    Zangi glared at the maid before she waved her away. She went back into the room, slipped on a gown and house shoes.
    The perfume hit her first. There was no mistaking that perfume. The lady then turned. She was dressed in and pink expensive suit.
    “A man claiming to be his brother has ordered for the exhumation of the body.”

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    deep waters indeed

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    Wow this is gonna be interesting….

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    Not good

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    Wahala don come oo!!!

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    Mehn the past is really coming back to haunt you……

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