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    Wow.dis is going to be interesting

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    Cant wait. Oya bring it on

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    Am already hei, just taken ma position

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    Finally! I have almost lost hope in this story o, thought you have even forgotten it. I’m glad u’re back with it. I can’t wait.

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    Episode 1
    Adam caught the look on his wife’s face again
    and looked away. She was trying to make
    him feel bad and it was working. He walked
    away from her and towards the wine. He was
    at the party for a reason; he could not leave,
    not yet. It was a party with a lot of political
    bigwigs and they did not seem to mind that
    their host – Senator Adeshina was nowhere
    to be found. But then, none of them had a
    pregnant wife to worry about, he did.
    He picked two glasses and walked back to
    Ese. He stopped in front of her and smiled.
    He had married a beautiful woman, not even
    the eight months old foetus pushing her
    belly out of proportion could disguise that.
    “You look beautiful tonight Ese.” He said as
    he set the glasses on the table in front of her.
    “I don’t feel beautiful. I feel like a house on
    legs.” She said with a grunt. “And this house
    wants to go home.”
    “We can’t leave yet Ese, we’ve not even seen
    the Senator.”
    “It’s not our fault he is late to his own party,
    I’m tired Honey, I need to go home.”
    Adam looked at his watch, it was past nine;
    she was right it was late.
    “Babe, let’s wait for another fifteen minutes,
    if the senator isn’t here, we will leave, okay?”
    “You’re not leaving, are you?” A voice said
    from behind them.
    Adam turned around, it was the Senator.
    Finally, they could pay their respects and
    “The Mrs was getting a little tired, that’s all.”
    Adam said.
    “It’s not me sir, it’s the baby.” Ese said.
    “I’m sorry Adam, I apologise specially to you
    Ese. I was held up by a call from the
    Hungarian ambassador who for some
    reason I can’t fathom has become a dear
    “We totally understand sir. We just wanted a
    chance to say a big thank you for your help
    sir.” Adam said.
    “My help?”
    “Our transfer to Abuja.” Ese said.
    “You think I did you a favour by bringing you
    to Abuja? I hope you still think so in six
    months.” The senator said and laughed.
    “I’m sure there are other people you need to
    say hello to.” Adam said, he could tell his
    wife was barely keeping the fake smile on
    her face.
    “Oh sure, most of them I should introduce
    you to, Senator Halima especially. She’s been
    eager to meet you.”
    He knew who Senator Halima Abubakar was.
    She was the youngest member of the senate,
    she was barely thirty five. It was obvious she
    was only in the Senate because of who her
    parents were. He wondered why she wanted
    to meet him.
    “She is a big fan of the Church Street Killer
    case, she should be here already; she’s never
    late for
    parties.” The senator said. He dug his hand
    into his pocket and brought out his phone.
    Adam nodded and smiled, he hoped the
    senator would just go; he was almost as
    eager to leave as his wife was now.
    “Excuse me please,” The senator said. “I
    need to take this call.”
    Adam watched him leave. He whispered to
    Ese. “This is our chance.”
    He helped Ese to her feet and they walked
    across the room. There were a lot of
    important people in the room, people who
    could make his stay in Abuja easier, people
    he had hoped the senator would introduce
    him to. He had learnt his lesson, he would
    not bring a heavily pregnant woman to a
    party next time.
    “Adam?” He heard the voice call behind him
    and he stopped, it was the Senator. No!
    He could hear Ese grumble. “Just tell him I’m
    not feeling well.” She said.
    “I’m sorry sir, Ese isn’t…”
    “Adam, you need to come with me.”
    Adam shook his head. “Sir, I…”
    “There’s been a murder.”
    “What?” He gasped. “Where? When?”
    “Just now, a few minutes from here.”
    “That’s awful. I hope it has nothing to do with
    your party or your guests.” Ese said.
    “Who was killed?” Adam asked.
    “Senator Halima.”
    “Oh my God.” Ese whispered.
    “She was found in her car, not very far from
    here. You need to go with me now.” The
    senator said and walked towards the exit.
    Adam looked at Ese, he could see the dread
    in her eyes. They had come to Abuja because
    they wanted to get away from the whole
    church street killer case. They had not even
    spent a whole month in Abuja.
    “Babe, this is probably a case for some other
    agency. I’m just finding my feet, they won’t
    throw this at me, it’s too important. But I
    have to go and secure the scene before I
    hand it to whoever will take it over.”
    “What am I supposed to do then Adam?”
    “The driver will take you home. I promise I
    won’t be late.”
    “If you won’t be late, I could wait up.”
    “No sweetheart, don’t wait up. Get some rest;
    I have stressed you enough today.” He kissed
    her forehead. “I love you, you remember
    that, right?”
    She smiled and punched him lightly on the
    chest. “Don’t try to be sweet. I’m waiting up
    for you so don’t be late.”
    “Okay ma’am. Now, let’s get you and my baby
    He loved her, he really did but he could not
    wait to be at the crime scene. A crime scene!
    He stifled the smile spreading over his face;
    he was back in the game!
    The car slowed to a stop and Adam stepped
    out. There were a few people gathered
    around a black Mercedes, he assumed it was
    Senator Halima’s car. Surprisingly none of
    them looked disturbed by the murder, they
    looked amused instead. The senator had not
    told him anything about the murder; he said
    he had to see for himself.
    The men standing around the car stepped
    away from it as he approached. He needed
    them very far away, the last thing he needed
    was interference from overzealous but
    ignorant politicians. There were two
    uniformed policemen standing behind the
    car, away from the intimidating bigwigs.
    When they saw him, they approached.
    “Officers,” He started before they could greet
    him. “The first thing I want from you is to
    disperse everybody who isn’t law
    enforcement. Go on and do that now,
    The policemen walked away reluctantly to
    perform their daunting task.
    Now was the moment of truth. He put his
    hand on the door handle and paused.
    Memories of chasing after the church street
    killer rushed through his mind. Did he want
    to get back into that world? He shook his
    head; he would make that decision later. He
    pulled the door handle and held his breath.
    He saw the body and took a staggered step
    back. Senator Halima – her naked body laid
    on its back on the backseat. Her left leg
    rested on the front seat where her clothes
    were laid and her head laid on the door
    opposite him. Her pale eyes stared at him
    and her mouth was curved in what looked
    like a smile. She looked very much alive
    except she was not breathing. There were no
    obvious bullet wounds or knife cuts. It would
    take an autopsy to determine what killed
    her. Had she died in the middle of sex or had
    the killer arranged her body that way to send
    a message? Was this the church street killer
    all over again? What was a senator doing
    having sex in her car, and totally naked? It
    was difficult to see much without getting
    deeper into the car. He looked behind,
    thepolicemen had succeeded in clearing the
    curious crowd and only Senator Adeshina
    was left standing around.
    He closed the door and walked closer to the
    “Who found the body?” Adam asked.
    “We did sir,” One of the policemen – Tijani
    according to his name tag, said. “Or actually I
    “We were patrolling when we saw the car,”
    The second policeman said. “It was parked
    by the road, so we decided to see if it was
    empty. I waited in our car, he went up to
    check the parked car.”
    “Did you touch the body? Did you move it at
    all?” Adam asked.
    “No sir, we didn’t.”
    “How did you find out about this, Senator?”
    Adam asked.
    “Chief Korede called me, said he saw the…
    said he saw her on his way to my house.”
    “Some of the guests at his party were driving
    past, maybe one of them recognized her car
    or something but they stopped and then saw
    everything.” Tijani added.
    Adam nodded and asked. “Is there an
    ambulance on the way?
    “Yes sir.”
    He looked back at the car; the killer might
    have left something behind.
    “We need to take pictures of the car and the
    body before we move it, and I want the car
    searched for anything the killer might have
    left behind. A used condom, a sock,
    footprint, anything.”
    “I told you Adam.” Senator Adeshina said.
    “Abuja is not as quiet as you think. This case
    is going to be bigger than the church street
    killer case.”
    “Yes, it will be. It’s a good thing I won’t be the
    one chasing down this pyscho.”
    “Really? Why? You have experience with this
    kind of thing.”
    “I have a pregnant wife who wants me by her
    side all the time, I’ll help when I can but I
    think I’ll pass on this one.”
    Adam had considered his options. He could
    walk away from the case and make his wife
    happy or he could satisfy his curiousity and
    go after the killer. He wanted this case but it
    was not what he promised Ese. He would
    hand the case over, but first he had to make
    sure that he got everything he could from the
    He started towards the car when a car pulled
    up close beside the crime scene. He
    motioned one of the policemen to deal with
    whoever it was. The occupant of the car
    stepped out, it was a woman. He paused.
    “Uncle Adam.” The woman called out.
    It was Kate. He had not seen her since he
    came to Abuja.
    “Kate, it’s good to see you. What are you
    doing here?”
    “I called her.” Senator Adeshina said. “I
    needed her to get me some things from the
    “Sir, you don’t have to stay. You won’t be
    doing much here.” Adam said.
    “Don’t worry Dad, I’ll stay and help him.” Kate
    “No Kate. Thanks but this is a crime scene, I
    can’t have you here too.”
    “You can go Dad.” Kate said and started to
    push Senator Adeshina towards his car. “I’ll
    wait around and call you if anything comes
    Adam returned to the Mercedes. There were
    several things he needed to find answers to.
    How did the car arrive there? Was the
    murder committed here or was the car
    driven here with the senator dead already?
    Was another car on the scene? He should
    check for tyre tracks. He needed light.
    “Do you need a flashlight?” Kate asked.
    He looked behind, at her. “Yeah, I was just
    thinking that.”
    “You see, I can help you.”
    She went to her car and returned with an
    industrial flashlight. He collected it and
    looked around the car. There were no extra
    tyre tracks so it was safe to assume the killer
    came to the scene in the same car. But how
    did the killer leave?
    “What do you think happened here?” Kate
    “I don’t know. I have to look inside that car
    He looked at the policemen, who were
    keeping a safe distance from the car. He
    needed a lot of things. He motioned them
    “Who would handle something like this
    normally?” Adam asked.
    “Er..I don’t know but we have called the office
    and they said we should wait, they will
    send somebody.” Tijani said.
    “We don’t have too much time. I don’t want
    that body getting stiff here.”
    Adam put his hand on the car’s door handle,
    steadied him and opened it. The body was
    exactly the way it was earlier. He shone the
    light around the car – there was nothing. He
    looked through the clothes laid on the front
    seat, they were all the victim’s. The scent on
    the victim’s clothes filled the car. The killer
    had done a good job of leaving none of
    himself behind.
    “How do you think she died?” Kate’s voice
    came from behind him and he jumped.
    “Kate, you shouldn’t be here.”
    “Was she cut?”
    “No, there are no cuts.” Adam said. “Nothing
    looks out of place here.”
    “Maybe she wasn’t murdered.” Kate said.
    “Maybe it was an accident. Maybe she died
    during sex and her lover ran because he was
    Adam opened his mouth to respond then he
    saw a car speeding towards them. The car
    swerved and stopped just a few metres from
    the crime scene. The occupant of the car
    came out and started running towards him.
    Adam hurried of the car and signaled the
    cops to stop the man.
    “Let me go!” The man shouted and
    strugggled to break free from the cops. “You
    stupid imbecile, that is my wife there.”
    Adam looked at the man and back at the car.
    Senator Halima was not married. Whoever
    this crazy guy was, it was probably a good
    idea to keep him away from the body.
    “I’m sorry sir but what’s your name?” Adam
    “My name is Hameed and Halima is my wife.”
    “Senator Halima was not married.” Adam
    “I want to see her! Let me go. Do you know
    who I am?”
    Adam shook his head. Everybody in Abuja
    believed they were somebody or knew
    somebody. It was not the first time he had
    heard somebody asking that question. This
    Hameed guy however was a nutcase. The
    only way to keep him out was to arrest him.
    Adam signalled to the cops and they dragged
    him to their car.
    Kate moved closer to him.
    “I know that guy.” She said.
    “Yeah? Should I be afraid?” Adam asked with
    a smile.
    “He is the son of a general. He is… well, he
    was engaged to Senator Halima. Their
    fathers are very close friends.”
    “This is another reason why I won’t be on
    this case; too much political interest.”
    “Really? You won’t take the case? I was
    hoping to work with you.”
    “You didn’t learn from the last serial killer
    you came close to, right? Well, I did.” He
    looked at his watch and gasped. “It’s almost
    eleven. Ese will kill me!”
    “I’m sure Ese will be eager to get on this case
    “Ese is heavily pregnant. The only thing she is
    eager to do is give birth.” Adam looked at his
    watch again. “I don’t think I want to do
    anything here again. Where are the police?”
    In the distance, sirens began to blare, they
    got close very quickly.
    “Well, looks like there is the calvary. I’ll hand
    this over to whoever leads them here and
    you can drop me where I can get a cab
    Kate nodded and they both stood, waiting for
    the approaching police cars. A few seconds
    later, three police cars, all of them with
    sirens blowing parked beside them. Two
    men came out of the car in the middle. The
    occupants of the other two cars remained
    “That’s not the IG or the C.O.P. right?” Kate
    leaned in and whispered to Adam. “Why
    does he have escorts?”
    Adam shrugged.
    The two men got to them and Adam
    stretched his hand.
    “Hello, my name is Adam Ademola, Director,
    CIB. This is Kate Adeshina…”
    “His personal assistant.” Kate added. Adam
    shot her a look but she ignored him.
    “CIB huh? I hope you have not tampered with
    anything here. This is my case now.” One of
    the men said.
    Adam and Kate looked at each other.
    “Excuse me, who are you?” Adam asked.
    “I’m Nnamdi Uba. This is Chuks Ezenwa, my
    personal assistant. Will you tell me what
    happened here please?” Nnamdi said and
    walked off.
    Adam stood where he was. Nnamdi looked
    back and saw Adam did not move and he
    came back.
    “Do we have a problem here?” Nnamdi
    “Do we?” Adam said.
    “What do you mean?”
    “You hope I did not tamper with anything?
    You want me to give you a report on what
    happened here?”
    “Yes, and that is a problem because…?”
    “Nnamdi, I don’t know who you are but if you
    need anything from me, I will be in my office
    by 9 am tomorrow. If you can’t wait, I
    suggest you conduct your own investigation.”
    Adam tapped Kate and they walked away.
    Adam was not sure he had done the right
    thing. He had no idea who the Nnamdi guy
    was and he hoped he would not have to go
    and apologise to him later.
    “I just googled the guy.” Kate said. “He’s not
    that important. Just an errand boy for the IG.
    That’s the problem with Abuja, everybody
    wants to take advantage of you.”
    “Is that the idiot who will take this case?
    There’s no way the killer will get caught.”
    “Yes Uncle. They need someone who is not
    deep into Abuja politics, someone who will
    be objective.They need you.”
    Adam looked behind, Nnamdi was on the
    phone, probably calling his bosses to report
    the disrespectful new boy. He kind of wanted
    the case now. He needed to show Nnamdi
    and people like him he did not have to know
    everybody in Abuja to do well at his job.
    They got to Kate’s car and entered.
    “Please consider taking this case. You are
    probably the only one who can find this
    “Maybe but if this jerk is the IG’s lap dog like
    you said…”
    “I said errand boy, not lap dog.”
    “Same thing. If he is the IG’s lap dog, then
    he’ll find a way to get the case.”
    “We’ll see then.”
    Kate started her car and shifted te gear into
    drive. Adam looked through the window and
    saw Nnamdi running towards them.
    “Hold on Kate, the lap dog is coming .”
    Nnamdi arrived. “Got any more instructions
    to bark at me Mister Nnamdi?”
    “It’s detective Nnamdi, not Mister. And I was
    just on the phone with the IG.”
    “Of course you were.” Adam said with a
    “I apologise for my earlier… Anyway, he said
    to tell you that with the high status of this
    murder and your experience, you will lead
    the investigation.”
    “Really?” Adam could not hide the grin that
    spread over his face.
    “You will of course coordinate with other law
    enforcement agencies but you have the lead
    on the case.”
    “Okay detective Nnamdi, thank you for the
    information.” Adam said and turned to Kate.
    “We can go now.”
    “Oh wait, there’s one more thing.” Nnamdi
    said. “You report to me throughout the case.
    You have the lead but you cannot do
    anything except I approve it.”
    Adam looked at him with his mouth open.
    Report to him?
    “Where is that smirk now?” Nnamdi said.
    “Welcome to Abuja Detective Adam

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    I must read season1

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    powerful way to start. bravo. Hope you boys leave your egos at home and play nice so the case gets solved quickly

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