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    Prisca Ezeh, writer of A Million Tears, well done girl.. Quenneth, relax o.. Our barrister, when you eventually fall, you go fall hard

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    A. KhadiimA. Khadiim
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    My plane don land

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    (Story by Prisca Ezeh)
    Episode 3 &4

    The lady came to my office and told me how Queeneth reacted to her greetings and when she asked to be directed to my office.. Queeneth ignored her and continued with her typings..i apologized to the young lady
    “Bianca am so so sorry..It won’t repeat itself again”
    “Okay Mr Darlington”
    “Oh no..I am not married,pls address me as Darlington”
    “But i guess it’s too formal”
    “Okay..You can refer me as Barrister Darlington”
    “Okay..But don’t you prefer ‘My Darlington’?”
    I just smiled but deep down i was pained

    When the session was over..Bianca invited me to her birthday party which was going to be celebrated at her mansion at Ajah in Lagos..I told her i was totally busy with work but she came closer,sat on my desk,touching my beards and said
    “I’ll pay for your flight to and fro to Ajah.. Just come and be my guest..i will love to see you around” she smiled seductively
    Just then Queeneth barged in,saw how close we were and demanded Bianca to leave..
    “Please leave your session is over!”
    “Is this how your secretary behaves?” Bianca said shockingly
    “Get out!!” Queeneth resorted
    “Okay..but Barrister remember our meetings” she smiled walking out
    Queeneth gave her a wicked look, i just sat there looking speechless
    Just then i tried saying;
    “Queeneth why are you acting that way to my client?”
    “Client? You say client??..Darlington why was she sitting so close to you..I can’t believe you’re a flirt..The way you looked at her with passion in your eyes” she was crying with tears rolling down her cheeks
    “What are you insinuating…it’s okay get back to work” she stared at me and left..i was wondering why she felt that way..i no marry am na

    At exactly 8:30pm..i was preparing to go home..Queeneth came into my counselling room..she locked the door behind her and threw away the keys..i never noticed her at first..i was busy tidying up..she pulled off her gown seductively,came to where i was,that was when i realized TEMPTATION


    (Story by Prisca Ezeh)
    Episode 4

    She was not wearing panties..i was so shocked
    “Queeneth what are you doing?!”
    “Am doing exactly what you were denied..Is it s3x? I have it!” she came closer..Unhooking her bra
    “Please respect yourself”
    “Darlington..I graduated best!..I have the b**bbbs and the ass you desire..Is it’s all in me..Give me a chance to show you love” her b**bbbs were so big..that even her bra was begging for freedom…it was dangling in power..she widen her thighs and kept on rubbing her n*ppples..She came close trying to kiss my neck,just then i stood up.
    “Queeneth you’re my secretary..i can’t be having an affair with you,it’s wrong!”
    “But baby..since the day you employed me,i was hoping you would be mine..i hoped for the day your d*ckkk will slide into me and i moan your name,and you channel all your energy into my p*ssyy..Ejaculating your seeds and i start bearing your children” she said biting her finger nails..I just shook my head,trying to look for the lost keys,just then she walked towards me and locked her lips with mine..She was a good kisser but biko conji catch man instantly
    I grabbed her by her ass,laid her on my desk,unzipped and ready to puncture,she was busy crying to be dealt with
    “Yessss..Go in now,please?!”
    I slide in..Back and forth..Blasting her ass..Her b**bbbs were and hot..She kept on screaming,i cared less..i s*kked, f*ngered and rode on her like a bull..We were getting to our climaxx when i gave out an organismic cry..She screamed too..I poured all my seeds in her..It was just gushing..i felt relieved..At last i did have s3x for the past 13years..she kissed me while we were breathing badly..She begged for more but i refused

    At 9:50pm..I begged her to let me go..She said i shouldn’t worry about tidying the office,i should get some rest..she found the keys and opened the door..
    “Please flush that stuff”
    “Don’t worry”
    I left satisfied..On getting home i met Tola and his babes

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    A. KhadiimA. Khadiim
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    You don fuckup barrister

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    Did i see after 13years there??
    thats automatically 4,747 DAYS

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    13years years is a long time and you are not a virgin, guy you tried.

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    Hmmmm inside life na so u f--k up do u think she will flush it out.
    Mumu man hand don catch u

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    Prosper YeboahProsper Yeboah
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    I hope DAT isn’t going to be de beginning of ur woes….
    Oga,u lost ur guard oo!!!

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