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    Bring it on

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    Hmmmmm,,,de harm has already been done!!!

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    (EPISODE 3)

    Adaora sadly took the pregnancy test she showed to his husband Julius which he rejected. Julius got to his bedroom and became too sad for his desperation of going against God’s will to marry another woman into his family, not knowing the plans of God for him.

    He wept throughout the night; but pretended to his new wife while they were at the bedroom.

    “Dear, what’s wrong? I haven’t seen you in this kind of mood before. Who has offended you?”, Adaobi the new wife speaking.

    “I’m fine Adaobi, but something is really wrong now and am confused, I don’t know what to do”, Julius explained.

    “Alright, I know is that your fruitless thing you call a wife_____” Julius cut in to her conversation, “Don’t call my own wife a fruitless thing. How dare you call Adaora, my precious wife from God a fruitless thing?”, he aggressively countered her words.

    Adaobi the new wife was so pissed off at his mood, she stood up and confronted Julius.

    “Listen, no matter what you assumed her to be, she will no longer abide under the roof of this house. Just get yourself prepared to send her to where she’s coming from because she has no worth.”, Adaobi said.

    Julius was speechless as tears dropped down his eyes to his cheeks, straightforward to his lips as he tasted how salty his sweat is. Then he began to count the cost of what his desperation has caused him.

    At that moment, Adaora the first wife was alone in her room appreciating God for breaking the yoke of barreness in her life. Unknown to her that her husband Julius brought a destroyer to their family.

    After her intercession that night she had a terrifying encounter with a strange woman, striving to terminate her husband, Julius.

    She woke up in the morning and met her husband.

    “Good morning dear?”, she greeted.
    “Good morning my beloved, trust you are doing fine today?”, he replied.

    Adaora the first wife was amazed at his speech.

    “I had a dream I think you need to hear me out because God is pointing out something you should amend”, she gently uttered.

    “Alright; I will love to hear it but that will be later when I return back from the office, am already late to work”, he said and walked away from her.

    While he left, Adaobi the new wife came out from the bedroom and met Adaora the first wife at the sitting room while she sat down meditating on God’s word that moment .

    “Well done, barren woman”, she said as Adaora the first wife lifted her face to see Adaobi the new wife standing by her side. She didn’t consider the fact that she speaks out of point, she reciprocated to her greetings.

    “Good morning, Adaobi, how may I help you this morning?, Adaora the first wife said.

    “Help? coolval stories Who needs help if not a barren thing like you that can’t conceive and bare even half of a child. Well, I’ve come to render help to you, and the help is that you should get yourself prepared to go back to where you are coming from because this house can’t accommodate you and I anymore.”, Adaobi the new wife flattered.

    Adaora gave her a shocking smile she couldn’t believe. Adaobi the new wife was surprised to see such kind of mood on her face. She was shocked and angrily left her presence while she continued studying her bible.

    Later in the night, Julius came back from work after much stress in the office that day. Adaora has already prepared a wondeful meal that night for him when he came back. She quickly met him at the door step as she assisted him in carrying her office bag and his suit.

    “Good evening dear”, she greeted
    “Good evening my dear, trust you are doing well?”, he asked….

    “YES dear, I’m fine and I’m doing well. I hope there’s no stress today at the office”, she asked!

    “Oh my dear, the stress is too much but in all I give glory to God”, he replied her happily.

    Adaora had gotten his attention at that moment, then she had the chance to speak to him freely. She didn’t hesitate to speak.

    “Dear……. we need to discuss”, she said.
    “Really, hope all is well”, he inquired.
    “All is not well by the way things are going wrongly now”, she retorted.

    “Alright dear, we will talk later, I need to freshen up first and eat something because am exhausted and needed food”, he requested.

    Adaora did everything she could do to make her husband Julius feel relaxed and satisfied that night.

    Adaobi the new wife has already slept off and knew not what was going on in the house that night.

    After eaten to his satisfaction, he testified to Adaora that, that night was one of the day she made him smile.

    “Dear; you know what?” He said.
    “No! I don’t”, she replied.
    “Your food is so delicious I’ve ever eaten in my life”, he appreciated.

    “What about your new wife Adaobi, isn’t she cooking the best food you have ever eaten on earth?”, she said.

    Julius was speechless at hearing from his first wife Adaora.

    “I think the woman God gave to you wasn’t enough for you and because of your wealth and riches you went ahead and broke God’s law and married a strange woman into this family.”, she gently directed these words into his heart.

    Julius was speechless on hearing this and turned away his face.

    “I think you were desperate to have children that was why you brought in a stranger woman into his family, then, since she has been here with you, why has she not given you as much children as you desired since you think you can’t be patient for God to give you children at his own appointed time.

    “I think you are a Christian from a bible believeing church where Holiness and Righteousness is preached everyday, but you despised God and went your own way, now you have turned around to call me your dear”, she spoke as tears rolled down her eyes.

    Julius was so guilty of his mistake because of his desperation to have children.

    “Am so much sorry for the pains I’ve caused you all this while. Please, you just have to forgive me”, he said, feeling so sorrowful.

    “Well; as for me, I have nothing against you in any way, but God is not happy and you have broken the edge which God has built around this family, that was why I told you about the dream I had this morning.”, she said as she narrated the dream to his husband that moment.

    He was afraid while he heard the terrifying dream, but his fear is how to send Adaobi the new wife back to her father’s house.

    “I don’t know what to do and how to send her away from this family”, he said.

    “The earlier you do it, the better for this family”, she advised.

    Julius wept throughout that night and regretted the actions he took out of Desperation.

    He Finnaly agreed to tell Adaobi the new wife and send her back to her father’s house.

    To be continued from Episode 4, dropping later in the day.


    What’s your view in this episode?

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    Julius our people use to say , he who gathered firewood with ants has called the lizard 🦎 for partying.

    You ve to face your music my friend.

    Ride on .

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    Abiola Ifeoluwa KehindeAbiola Ifeoluwa Kehinde
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    And you think she will go?

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    daniel wiredaniel wire
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    You better send her

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    Sending her away will not be easy

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    That were the problem come

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