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    Remi I wonder what u can’t understand in what your grandmother is saying… or have u become those people Isaiah the prophet prophesied (Isaiah 6:9) that “You will be ever hearing but never understanding…”

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    Xaar Whaskyd Brown
    Xaar Whaskyd Brown
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    just try and pay much more attention to ur mum and granny advice…it will really help u alot…and don’t let ur anger make a real fool of u dear…the gods are with u so u don’t hv to be fret on anything…just like am with u as well…lol…and pls resign frm the palace…the earlier the the better

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    Xaar Whaskyd Brown
    Xaar Whaskyd Brown
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    just try and pay much more attention to ur mum and granny advice…it will really help u alot…and don’t let ur anger make a real fool of u dear…the gods are with u so u don’t hv to be fret on anything…just like am with u as well…lol…and pls resign frm the palace…the earlier the the better

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    I can’t even imagine what will happen to Remilekun

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    Episode 14.
    Remi set to leave for the palace
    that morning, her mother
    walked her down, until she
    was close to the palace
    “Maybe you should tell the
    Prince…he deserve to know
    “Maami, he can’t even
    remember that he laid with me
    and took my virginity that
    night…he was drunk and I fell
    for him while trying to clean
    up his chamber…he asked if
    anything of such happened
    after seeing a blood stain but I
    denied it and that was the end,
    I did not even know that I have
    conceived for him except later
    when I miss my monthly flow…
    “Still… try to convince him…you
    are not asking him to marry
    you but for him to know he
    got you with a child, I don’t
    even want anything from the
    palace I love my quiet life
    except if the gods’ thinks
    otherwise but all I want is for
    you to be happy and not go
    through the burden of carrying
    a child alone…but is entirely
    my opinion, if you don’t want
    to then is fine by me too…but I
    promise to be here for you…as
    far as the gods keeps me alive I
    will support you with
    everything possible…and you
    won’t feel the gap or
    emptiness of a single mother.
    “thank you maami and please
    be very careful with Iya Nike,
    you, Dami and Iyaiya are all I
    have…and I don’t want
    anything to happen to you…I
    have series of dream about you
    and Dami and it do get me
    scared…I pray to the gods to
    keep you all safe…
    “am not afraid of Iya Nike or
    whatever she is capable of…I’m
    more worried about you
    Remi…all I want is for you to
    be happy…and to know that no
    matter what happens I will
    always love and care for you…
    Remi thanked her mother
    before turning into the road
    that will link her to the oba’s
    As she got to the palace she
    changed over to the palace
    uniform and began work
    The following day Remi and
    the princess stayed back in the
    chamber and talk
    “his name is Tunde…so he
    came visiting with his father
    the other day…mother called
    me and introduce us, he is fine
    looking young man, his father
    is a prominent man…he is a
    large community leader in
    another kingdom, they are
    “Do you like him…for the first
    time I’m hearing you gush over
    a young man, many has being
    coming but you never picked
    “well because none of the
    young men interest me…I think
    I like him…he kind of occupy
    my mind this days, he will be
    coming again tomorrow and I
    would have love to take him
    round the kingdom… if father
    permits me but I doubt he will,
    so we will just walk round the
    palace and talk…he likes me
    too I can sense it and mother
    said his father is a good man
    and his mother is one of her
    close friend…Tunde is their first
    son and only son…
    “I guess after several meetings
    with the Oba then marriage
    arrangement may kick off…
    “well, even though I would
    love it to start up immediately
    I also want to follow all the
    tradition of the land…I’m glad
    because father gave me time
    to chose who I love…I hate to
    be betrothed to the wrong
    person…what about you
    Remi…do you love anybody
    here or outside here…
    “uuhmm…not really, my story
    is complicated not like yours
    that sound like a fairy tale…
    “Just tell me…have you ever
    love some one before…or don’t
    you want to be married
    “i…I do…but let the gods
    decide…i really don’t want to
    bury my head in love fantasy
    because I hate to be
    disappointed…i may end up
    loving a wrong person…so i
    don’t want to be a victim of
    heart break…but I’m glad you
    found a man that makes you
    happy…you are the princess
    and your feeling is very
    important to me…that is why
    I’m called to serve you…mine
    can wait…it doesn’t really
    “says who…you are equally
    important…do you know I use
    to think my brother…the prince
    has interest in you…he showed
    that in his action and the way
    he looks at you before…I know
    you are not royalty but you are
    the kind of woman I will love
    my brother to end up with…
    you have served me with all
    sincerity and love…and has
    never given me any reason to
    worry, I find no fault in you
    except that you are not from
    the royal side, but to me being
    royal or not royal is not
    important all that matters is
    being with somebody that
    makes you smile…I don’t know
    what happened with him…the
    prince seem to be engaging
    himself more with father…he
    goes out on a royal tour and
    recline to his chamber…he
    doesn’t have time for anything
    or anyone except father…and
    visit’s mother sometime in her
    chamber…he only stop by in
    mine once in a while unlike
    before that he was always
    coming around and I know is
    mostly because of you…did
    anything happen between two
    of you…
    “No…not at all…he is the prince
    and I’m a maiden…whatever
    that will happen will just be
    rendering service when I’m
    asked to, aside that…nothing
    my princess…
    “Do you notice that he likes
    you… do you like him too or
    you like another…maybe Leja…
    don’t be shy to tell me
    anything…it will just be
    between us…
    “Nothing to tell princess…the
    prince, your brother is good
    looking and a nice man, almost
    all the maiden of the land will
    love him…so if I say I’m among
    those that adores your
    brother…nothing special and
    don’t have any special one…
    “Will you love to have one, I
    mean a special person in your
    “Yes…but until then let me go
    and do your laundry…
    “hahahaha…I guess you are
    trying to skip from the
    question…we will continue
    when you are done…
    After two days Remi thought of
    what her mother said about
    meeting with the prince, she
    couldn’t sleep that night, it was
    not yet obvious to everyone
    that she was pregnant, she
    wish she can stop work before
    it began to show.
    Leja has being trying to talk to
    her about something but she
    did not want to give him any
    She was mostly with the
    princess who never stop
    gushing over Tunde, her new
    found Love, indeed the young
    man came visiting and he was
    just as the Princess described
    him, he was not only jovial and
    filled with smile it was also
    obvious that he love the
    Princess very much.
    Nike has being acting all
    suspicious, she was keeping
    malice with Remi who doesn’t
    give a care to whatever she
    does, Nike stayed cleared off
    Remi’s path, Remi was either
    seen with Ope or with the
    That morning as she woke up
    she has made up her mind to
    go and meet the prince later in
    the day and to tell him the
    whole truth.
    When it was time for her to go
    her heart started beating but
    she pushed her self forward
    towards the prince chamber
    She met Leja on her way, after
    greeting him she walked to the
    prince chamber ignoring him
    as he speaks to her, Leja
    quietly followed her and watch
    as Remi gently tapped on the
    prince door.
    she hard his voice asking her to
    come in
    She went in and gently closed
    the door behind her, the prince
    who was sitting, turned from
    what he was doing to look up
    at her
    Since Leja told him that Remi
    was his woman and she loves
    him very much, the prince has
    tried to stay far from Remi, he
    has moved on even though he
    sometime wish Remi was his
    but he do quickly waves such
    thoughts off his mind
    He thanked the gods that
    nothing intimate happened
    between him and Remi before
    Leja broke the news he would
    have being so broken.
    “Good day My Prince…
    “You said you wanted to see
    me…is everything alright…
    what of my sister is she okay?
    “Yes, everything is fine and the
    princess is very okay my
    “So to what do I owe this
    visit…how may I help you…?
    Remi wondered why the prince
    was acting all serious with her,
    something wasn’t right, he did
    not look at her the way he use
    to do that makes her have
    butterflies, he acted so serious,
    making her feel she was like
    every other maiden which was
    unlike him.
    Remi had thought of her visit
    before coming and her mind
    was made up to tell him the
    truth if not she would have
    turned back and leave, Remi
    sense Leja was at the door and
    with somebody, probably Nike
    so she decided to speak slowly
    but the prince voice was high
    as he ask her what she want.
    “i have something to tell you…
    i’m…uhmmm…do you
    remember the night of…of…
    “What is the problem…tell me,
    I’m listening…what happen
    That was the first time the
    prince was calling her name in
    a different way, so casual, no
    sensation in his voice, she felt
    like turning back but she stood
    there, with her head bent,
    stammering, Remi was confuse
    on how to tell the prince that
    she was carrying his child, but
    she eventually did and it came
    out like a bomb
    “mo ti loyun…(I’m pregnant)
    “kini… ki lo nso (what did you
    “mo ti loyun…I’m pregnant …
    “hmmm….ko ye mi…(I don’t
    understand) I mean you are
    pregnant…so…why are you
    telling me…what is my
    business with that…is Leja
    aware…you should tell him…
    you are telling the wrong
    person Remi…I’m still
    wondering why you walked
    straight here to tell me that
    you are pregnant…
    Remi started shaking as the
    prince speaks to her but she
    stood her ground and released
    the last bomb that got the
    prince standing on his feet.
    “You are responsible my
    prince… is yours….
    The prince stood in shock with
    his eyes widely open as he
    stare at Remi.
    Remi looked up at him
    wondering what will happen
    Diamond In The Forest
    Episode 14

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    Don’t forget to like & comments

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    Marie Nkeng
    Marie Nkeng
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    short na
    i wantd to c the price reactn

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    Marie Nkeng
    Marie Nkeng
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    I wanted to see the prince’s reaction!
    you made a great mistake by denying at first,now whats gonna be ur explanation

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