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    My parents are devout withnesses,my
    father was an outstanding elder in
    our congregration and my mother was
    a regular pioneer-regular pioneers
    are people who devote thier time to
    tell people about jehovah.. Although i was born into a Godly
    family i was more of a rebel,jehovah
    withnesses are never stubborn my
    parents keep reminding me..
    My parents were unfortunate to have
    a bully like me as an only son,mama would always tell me that an only
    palm fruit never get lost in the fire.
    But did i pay heed to her words??
    * * * * * * * *
    Emeka! Emeka!” mama’s voice woked
    me up from my stupor,i was unconciously folding the awake
    ”mama good afternoon” i greeted. I
    was surprised to see her at
    home,when i had arrived from my
    friends place my youngest sibling had told me that she had gone for field
    service. *
    ”you look troubled,what is it?” she
    asked as she came to sit beside me
    on the bench, i was so fond of
    mama,although she had given birth to five girls before me,people preferred
    to call her mama-Emeka, i was so
    close to her much

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    to the envy of my
    ”mama something is troubling me” i
    began ”what is it?”
    ”there is this young girl i love so much
    and am thinking of marrying her”
    ”hope she is a withness?”
    i sighed ”no mama,she is not a
    withness,but i love her so much,and i want to make her the mother of my
    ”taaaaa”mama rebuked me,her eyes
    fiery red.
    ”thats rubbish,you better remove that
    thought from my hear me?” my heart sanked,i had feared telling
    mama about nkeiru.
    I knew no staunch withness will be in
    support of my marrying someone who
    isnt our fellow member.
    But i loved nkeiru so much…. ”have you forgotten solomon in the
    bible,when he married out of thier
    tribe,he started worshipping idols”
    ”but mama she is not an idol
    worshipper” i interrupted her..
    ”hush what do you know? Doesnt she celebrate christmas? The both of Us
    know that 25th december is an
    ancient pagan holiday in worship of
    the sol-invictus the unconquerred sun
    which was the enjoyable period of
    longer days and shorter nights.”


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    mama was saying.
    I sighed and stood up
    ”mama i love nkeiru,it is not her
    religion that am marrying,but herself”
    i retorted and walked awayI walked into my room and sanked
    down on the only
    thoughts were far away and my head
    was spining,i felt confused…i didnt
    know when i started biting my finger
    nails,this was a childish habit i had stopped doing for long.
    Back then when i was an adolescent,i
    always bite my nails whenever i was
    nervous or in a confused state, this
    led to been called ORI MGBO AKA
    (finger nail eater) by my peers,and i had to stop the habit.
    The nokia tone of my ringing phone
    brought me back to reality,i brought
    out the phone from my trouser pocket
    and stared at the screen.
    The call was from chuka,the friend i just left his house,he was my close
    buddy although he wasnt a fellow
    withness.our friendship started far
    back when we were both little
    boys,we even formed a languange of
    our own then.

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    He knew my secrets and i knew most
    of his,he was the only friend i had
    confided in about my problem.
    ”Emekus whats up?” he asked
    immediately i accepted the call.
    ” o boy..i just told my momsy and she wasnt in support of it oo”
    ”haa,i said it!”he excliamed
    ”yes you did,am just confused,i dont
    think my parents are going to be in
    ”then try and talk things over with nkeiru,maybe who knows? Due to her
    love for you she may agree to be a
    i shooked my head” i know her very
    well chuka,that girl is stubborn.and
    moreover she doesnt know i am a withness,i have been hiding all this
    from her because i know she doesnt
    approve of jehovah withnesses”
    ”my dear love can move
    mountians,anyway i think you need to
    give this issue serious thinking,you know marriage is once and nothing
    like dating,are you sure you love this
    girl so much?”chuka asked
    ”i do,i love her with my life” i remarked
    ”okay but be careful,i will call later to get feedbacks from you”
    ”nsogbu-adighi” (no problem) i

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    in igbo.
    He disconnected the call and i
    dropped the phone on the side table
    beside the armchiar i was sitting on. I remembered i had an assignment in
    our congregration that evening,i had
    forgotten i had few hours left to
    prepare for the assignment.
    I quickly brought out my watchtower
    and awake journal from my leather bound briefcase.
    Just then my cell phone ranged and i
    picked it up.i wasnt able to recognize
    the eleven digits on the screen.
    ”hello who is this?” i cautiously asked.
    ”haba…bro emmy so you have deleted my number already” a familiar
    female voice accused.
    ” phone got stolen so i did
    welcome back with the new
    sim,please dont be annoyed”
    ”okay,this is ogechi,elder Bethel’s daughter”
    ”ooo Nne,is that you? Long time ooo
    what happened?”
    ”i travelled to kano,i lost your contact
    there,i came back yesterday and i
    retrieved your number from my phone book”she explianed in a hurried
    ”okay..hope you will attend todays
    ”yes,we will meet there”
    ”okay,takecare” i

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    retorted and quickly disconnected the call.i was in a haste
    to prepare for the assignment.
    I was surprised that ogechi had called
    me,ogechi was one of the
    outstanding beauties with good
    personality in our congregration,she was also a regular pioneer and an
    Elders child likewise I.
    Few years ago i had a crush on her
    and we went out on a couple of
    dates,but i became fed up of her,she
    treated me like i was below her level just because she had many admirers
    that were far handsome and marture
    than me. The days study went fine as i had
    planned,i had performed the
    assignment without stammering and
    when i left the podium i was greeted
    by a pronounced oviation.
    My mother smiled at me as i returned to my seat while my immediate elder
    sister chioma winked at me.
    After the closing prayer,we held a
    meeting on the issue of the building
    project which we had at hand-we
    were building a fence around the kingdom hall premises.
    ”bro Emmy” a familiar voice called my
    name from behind as i came out of
    the kingdom hall after dismissal.i

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    kingdom hall after dismissal.i
    turned,ogechi was the one who had
    called me,but it wasnt her that caught my attention,it was the younglady
    beside her.
    I approached them slowly,with a
    smile on my face,still wondering who
    the younglady beside her was.
    ”ogechi how far” ”we are fine oo,meet my friend
    chioma from Umuna congregration”
    she introduced.
    ”haa..chioma,thats the name of my
    elder sister,Nne kedu?”
    ”am fine”she replied in a sonorous voice that reminded me of birds
    singing at dawn.
    Someone called ogechi and she
    excused herself,i cleared my throat.
    ”i really enjoyed your public talk”
    chioma was saying.i noticed she was wringing her hands,she was also the
    nervous type.
    ”ooo Dont mention,its jehovah who
    inspired me,i remembered the first
    minute i stepped on the podium,i had
    stage fright,i had to take a deep breath before i commenced”
    chioma smiled,i saw the twin dimples
    on her cheeks and i liked her the
    more,she was light skinned,average
    height and had a shape to die
    for.although she wasnt wearing a

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    tight fitting gown,her feminine curves
    was clearly visible.
    I felt turned on,i havent felt this way
    for any other girl since i started dating
    nkeiru,maybe this was a good sign.
    ”bro i have to go now,i came in the company of my siblings and they are
    about to start going”
    i panicked” please can i have your
    phone number?” i gave her my phone
    and admiringly watched her as she
    typed her eleven digits and save it. ”i will call you in the evening” i
    promised as she gave me back my
    phone just as ogechi approached
    Us,she left in a hurry after whispering
    into ogechi’s ear.
    ” oge..kano treated you fine oo” i said when ogechi joined me,we were both
    heading out of the kingdom hall
    ”which fine? Dont start that your yeye
    talk,are you mocking me?”
    i smiled ”not at all,i like your friend chioma” i said after a prolonged

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