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    She smiled wanly ”emekus the man”
    she retorted and we both laughed.
    ”time to part,i have reached my
    junction” i said. ”okay naa,bye” she said and we
    * * * * * * * * *
    my phone was ringing when i entered
    the room after bathing,it was some
    minutes past eight o’clock in the night.just then i remembered i had
    forgotten to call chioma.
    I recognized the eleven digits on the
    screen,it was ogechi’s number,i hadnt
    saved her number earlier.
    I wondered why she was calling me.i thought we saw today.
    ”hello Emmy”
    ”oge whatsup”
    she kept quiet for a long time ”Emmy
    there is something i want to tell
    you”she started. ”what is it?” I asked as i sat down on
    the bed.
    ”i dont know how this may sound but i
    really love you,it was because of you
    that i came back from kano”
    my heart sanked,was she playing a game? She loves me ? What of those handsome and
    wealthy youngmen of hers??

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    ”oge i have heard you” i remarked
    ”what are you saying naa?”
    ”i said i have heard you,but this is not the right time to talk about love..oge
    am sorry to disappoint you but please
    put this love issue aside”
    ”okay but bear it in mind that oge
    loves you and is there for you”she
    remarked. ”okay goodnight” i said and
    disconnected the call,i felt angry all of
    a sudden,what was she playing at??I was still lost in thoughts when
    someone knocked at the door of my
    ”who is that?”i asked with a tired
    ”dede food is ready”my junior sister’s voice came from behind the door.
    I stood up and tossed the phone on
    my bed,there was still enough time
    left to call chioma.
    I walked to the dining room,mama
    and papa were already sitted at the table.i took my seat and closed my
    eyes in prayer.
    Papa took the cue,he said the meal
    prayer in a jiffy.
    Dinner consisted of fried ripe plantian
    with jollof rice,i savoured every grain till the last grians left on my plate.

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    ”Nnam,do you need extra?”mama
    I shooked my head.
    ”jehovah thanks for the meal,thank
    you papa,thank you mama” i remarked.
    They mumbled thier replies and i
    stood up awkwardly,ready to dash
    into my room.
    ”Emeka you did very well in todays
    public talk,keep it up” papa’s voice startled me.
    I blushed.
    I had expected him to say something
    about what i had told mama,it seems
    mama had kept a sealed lip.
    I winked at her and walked out of the dining room. My phone was blinking green light
    when i entered my room,i dashed for
    it and checked the screen..ten missed
    calls from nkeiru.

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    My heart sanked,i felt quilty for not
    calling her through out the day. I was about to dial her number when i
    got an incoming call,it was from her.
    ”hello nkeiru”
    ”Emmy howfar”she replied,i noticed
    her voice sounded faint.
    ”fine,nkeiru are you okay?” i asked,worried.
    ”no…i have been throwing up since
    morning,i feel weak and dizzy,i just
    managed to go outside this night to
    buy airtime because i havent heard
    from you since morning”she replied. ”am sorry dear,please bear with me.i
    have been busy today,hope you have
    taken pills?”
    ”yes..i took aspirin”
    ”aspirin isnt enough naa,makesure
    you take something better tommorow”
    ”okay,am already feeling sleepy
    ”goodnight dear,i love you”
    ”i love you too”she replied and
    disconnected the call,i heaved a sigh and dropped the phone.

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    It was late in the afternoon and i was
    inside my shop were i sold phone
    accesories,recharge cards and nokia
    torch phones when i got the shock of my life.
    I was busy unknotting a blackberry
    bold5 phone when i looked up and
    saw chioma entering my shop.
    My heart sanked,i hadn’t called her as
    i had promised,and it had been nearly a week since i saw her.
    ”good afternoon” i greeted with a
    smile on my face.
    She stood still..i saw the emotions –
    shock,relief,indifference- dance on
    her face. ”afternoon,please i want to repiar my
    ”chioma am sorry for not calling you
    all this while,i have been very
    busy,am really sorry please sit down” i
    motioned at the leather sofa opposite me.
    ”thanks”she said and sat down.
    ”let me see your phone”
    she brought out an old model white
    and black nokia phone that my junior
    sister wouldnt have accepted even in a dream.

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    ”this phone cant function very well
    naa” i remarked.
    ”i have been using it since ages” she
    I shooked my head and opened my drawer,i gave her the asha205 nokia
    phone that i had intended to give my
    elder sister.
    ”take it,it is yours now..”
    ”thanks but i cant take it”
    ”you can and you will” I remarked adamantly.
    She took it reluctantly and thanked
    me profusely.

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    We were both Engrossed in a petty
    conversation that obviously was
    leading nowhere when an okada
    halted in front of my shop.
    Nkeiru came down from the
    motorcycle and paid off the cyclist. ”angel how far?” i asked as she
    entered the shop.
    ”am fine”she replied,her eyes darted
    from chioma to me.
    Chioma took the cue,she stood up
    immediately. ”bro Emmy,am going” she said.
    ”okay,you will hear from me soon” i
    replied,silently praying that she
    shouldnt say anything about the
    phone i gave her.
    ”thanks,goodbye” she left and i heaved a sigh of relief.
    Nkeiru sanked down on the sofa and
    yawned tiredly.
    ”baby whatsup?is there anything i
    can get for you?” i asked as i took my
    usual position on the arm of the sofa. She shooked her head.

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    ”not at all,am okay”
    ”so whats troubling my angel?” i
    fondly asked as i lowered her head on
    my lap and started caressing her hiar.
    ”Emmy nsogbu di ” she said. My heart beat accelerated,i
    remembered our last
    conversation,she had said she was
    two weeks late-that is she hadnt seen
    her monthly flow on the supposed
    date,and she was troubled. ” baby what is it?” I asked gravely.
    ” i bought the PT strip and i followed
    the instructions on the pack”she
    paused and i held my
    breath,preparing myself for the big
    blow. ”the result was positive,that
    pregnant”she said quietly.
    ”you cant be”i mummured,not
    knowing what else to say.
    ”i told you we should use protection
    but you preferred the withdrawal method” she accused.
    ”hey angel,no need for panicking,you
    cant just believe that flimsy tube of a
    thing,i think you should visit a medical
    lab for close examination and test” i
    carefully said.

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