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    Diary Of An Abused Husband
    Episode 2
    By Gladys Nnenna
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    Mrs Kelly : who ate the food in the pot?
    Kelly: I did, I was very hungry
    Mrs kelly: I don’t understand but u just ate few hours before I left, are u now a baby that u eat everything minute?
    Kelly: I am sorry please I was hungry
    Mrs Kelly: (screamed) sorry for yourself! what is My son going to eat when he comes back from school?
    Kelly: but Prince doesn’t like rice, I thought u will prepare noodles for him when he comes back or let me come and prepare it, I’m so sorry
    Mrs Kelly: what a father! just sleep there till eternity

    Kelly: why all these name calling? you know I help u in doing all the house chores when I’m strong, I am so sorry please, I use to prepare his food before he gets home, u are just complaining of the rice Because u want to get to me, I am sorry anyway
    Mrs Kelly: (sigh)mttcheeeew, HIV patient
    Kelly ( checked the time) is 2pm already let me go and get prince from school
    Mrs Kelly: nooo come and sleep, sick father!
    Kelly: (shook his head) it is well
    later that night when their son has slept he called her as usual, he has been doing this for years now, trying to have a heart to heart discussion with her about her behaviors,
    Kelly: please I begging u in the name of God, I want some peace, let’s leave happily as we signed in the first place, ‘happily ever after’ I am begging u, I know I am not perfect but at least I am trying my best, I want to become your best friend
    Mrs Kelly: what am I doing? for goodness sake I am not doing anything bad, I am trying my best in this house, I miscarried 3 times and u know what I went through, later God wiped my tears and gave me Prince, u know the hell I went through to carry the pregnancy, I do my daily activities, what else do u want?

    Kelly: I appreciate everything u listed here but we lack peace and understanding, I want you to see me as the same person u were dating back in the days, u are fond of shouting on me, treating me like nobody, no regards to me as your husband, u talk to me like a goat, I feel so down when u shout on me
    Mrs Kelly: u have started again, so u expect me to keep quiet when I see something wrong? I should eat your shit because u married me? I am not those type of woman that takes nonsense just to be called a Married woman, I don’t mind leaving u so that u can go and find a silent woman that is ready to swallow her words
    Kelly: ( went on his knees) I am so sorry honey, don’t ever think of leaving me, I don’t think I can survive without you, you and our son are my priorities, don’t break my heart,
    Mrs Kelly: then why are u complaining? u don’t want me to go and at the same time u don’t like my behavior, are u confused?
    Kelly: no I am not confused, I signed for better for worst with u, besides I love u and our son so much, I just wish u can stop nagging and take me the way I am, I feel so bad when u shout one
    Mrs Kelly: if u don’t want me to shout on u then be responsible, stop acting childish

    Kelly: thank God I am not those men that follow women up and down, do u know I can use all these u are doing to start sleeping outside
    Mrs Kelly: there he goes again, who do u want to decieve with being faithful? do we have faithful men in this generation? stop lying oga, that is how I saw one post on Facebook where a woman trusted her husband so much only to get disappointed when she finds out that he was cheating, all men are d’ogs , u inclusive! stop covering up, I am wiser
    Kelly: this is our 5yrs in the union and u still don’t know the type of person u are living with, it is well, let’s talk about sexxx……
    Mrs Kelly: (interrupted him) sxx again! is sex food? why are u always talking about sxx? do u married me as your sxx tool? why not go and get sxx doll? I know that I married a d’og
    Kelly: Olivia this is 3 weeks now you’ve denied me of my right, do u know how painful it is for your wife to do such? i would have forgotten about u if I’m cheating, I feel pained, I feel abandoned, at least twice a week I will be grateful… stop telling me that u are not in the mood all the time
    Mrs Kelly: twice a week??? am I a prostitute? I can only do it when I’m in the mood

    Kelly:(shook his head) what can I do to always put u in the mood? what else can I do? I help u in doing chores, I help bath and take our son to school, I provide for the home in my little capacity, what else can I do? I’ve loved and adored u in this marriage but what it seems I am wasting my time
    Mrs Kelly: ohhhhh what is my sin this night, I need to sleep
    Kelly: no, u have to tell me what I’ve done wrong, I am married but lonely, it is so sad that the society did not know that some men that are ready to give out their love are unlucky while choosing life partners, what else do u want me to do for u Olivia? I started a business for u and everything went down in few months, you did not give any reasonable account in that business, i sent u into skill acquisition and u stopped with a flimsy excuse, let me get a job for u but u said u cannot work under anyone, yet u shout and nag around, what else can I do for u Olivia???
    (Proverbs 21:19…Better to live in a desert than to live with a quarrelsome and nagging wife)

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    Arrrggh GOD

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    What sort of life is diz

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    The woman may have seen one sugar daddy outside, nd she’s looking 4 hw to break up d marriage

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    D woman no get joy jhare, bt she go suffer am….. Swear down dat life wae she dae find she go see am…

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    Nxt episode momma

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    She’s a stupid woman.
    Kelly b a man for once and keep her where she suppose to be biko, which kind wahala be this Kwanu ?

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    What a woman she was!

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