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    Diluted Bullet { Weeping Love }
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    Episode 1
    ” make sure you don’t play hard and make sure you listen to what you’re been thought today , I love you dear” the last word my mom said to me pecked me on my cheek before I alighted from her car and made to head to my class.
    Then, I was ten years old, short of memories but not of that last words I heard from my mom who I found hard to remember her face now.
    A car suddenly sped towards me and stopped as I came down from my mom’s car and was making my way to my class.
    Two guys came out of the car and grabbed me ,with speed of lightning, I was pushed into their car as my mom came out of her car and started shouting, chasing after the car with her bare foot as she looked like a fresh insaned person.
    My school gateman tried to quickly shut the gate but the swift sticking of a bullet on his head hindered him from closing the gate.
    Some cars from the school compound tried to follow us as I also struggled with them with the little strength I had then.
    An handkerchief was placed on my nose and as I inhaled the content of the handkerchief, I didn’t know how the chase went but I woke up it was in a strange room filled with kids,kids
    Probably that of my age.
    The room was well lit and I could easily tell that they’re also kidnapped like I was .
    Suddenly the door flung open and two hefty men entered with guns in their hands.
    MARCH 24 2025
    8:31 A.M
    quick description about Bamo uni
    { Bamo university is the most costliest and the most influential university in Nigeria, where they always produce 80% first class in every year out of 100% students ,the remaining are always with second class upper.
    It’s said to be owned by Mr Badmus David, one of the faceless godfather in ARP { Alliance redemption party } the ruling party in Nigeria but now the president of the country, tho using his last term on the seat unless if reelected in the upcoming election. He can be referred to as a cabal too. Bamo university is one of his numerous investment in Nigeria, one he’s got before he attained the presidential position, and many more investment sit on the bank of the foreign and local shores.
    The university is only honoured by the presence of the children of politicians, not ordinary politicians but the ones who spend their days with paper thinking what else money can be used for, and also by some wealthy business men who are mostly found backing up a political party with their resources.
    Bamo university is a dead zone area for the rich people and a zombie land for the poor. }
    A young man, not an ordinary young man but an handsome guy in his prime, with his viking-gold hair that complemented his smooth sulky fair skin, and his thin pencil moustache which connected lightly with his neatly trimmed youth beard, made his face the kind of face a girl on track will see and stop to have a clear view of it.
    He was awfully handsome, he has the kind of personality that automatically derives attention from passers by.
    He’s 6 feet’s tall with a taut stature.
    He had on a casual cloth, a dark green neatly ironed shirt and a black penciled jeans.
    A good look at the casual clothes, one will know that it’s prize is capable of changing 5 slay mamas wardrobe and there’s still going to be change.
    His steps was accompanied with a kind of unknown pride.
    Bamo university is famous for the rudeness of its securities, especially to those entering the school and possessing no ride, and people’s whose rides can’t be rated above #40m, it was part of their duty to know about the prize of every car ,even the latest one in town.

    But even as the young man had no ride to bring into the university, they couldn’t approach him, they were all mesmerized by his sight that all they could do was watch him as he made his way into the heart of the university’s campus.

    One common thing about the spoilt rich brat of Bamo university is that nothing surprise them, they’ve seen many things, many people,things from different countries and so on to be mesmerized by anything or anyone.

    Only few students were roaming the school campus as almost 80% of the students were still in their lookalike hostels.

    Many reputable hotel’s room decor can’t be compare to the hostels inside Bamo university, the hostel was designed to latter, all with 24 hours working electricity, full powered air condition, all of them are made up of two bedroom flat and only assigned to a student except those who are willing to share maybe with their inseparable friends.
    Everything that makes life easy and pleasurable fills all the hostels and the students are free to attend lecture room anytime they want, some doesn’t attend, because every lecture room has a camera recording everything the lecturer is teaching and after the teaching, all the list of the absentees will be compiled and the copy of the teaching will be send to them.

    So it isn’t a surprise to the lecturers when they only have 3 students in the lecture room out of about 20 students offering the course.
    The highest percentage a lecturer can get in a lecture room is 50% out of 100% and that means the students adore the lecturer’s teaching.

    The young man whose age isn’t easy to guess walked straight to the vice-chancellor’s office.

    He attracted the attentions of the 20% students roaming the campus, they all stopped on their track to have a clear view of him.

    ” is he a new students ” some with partners asked their partner but they all didn’t know but he sure looked like a student because of his look.

    ” have being waiting for you ” the VC of Bamo university said with a bright smile gracing his lips as the young man entered into his luxurious office.
    His secretary Miss Thompson Nina has already been informed by the VC that he’s expecting someone, a young handsome guy by the name Parker Benjamin, so without delay ,she should send him.

    ” good morning beauty ” Ben had greeted her as he entered into the VC’s office, the parts meant for the secretary and other office assistance, the room can be compare to a suite in a multi billionaire hotel.

    Miss Nina whose age is a little above 23 , daughter of the inspector general of police for Nigeria.
    All she could did was blushed at Ben’s greeting as she gazed at the dashing young man standing a few feet from her desk. Their were two other empty desks in the office.
    She felt the urge to drag him into the office restroom and have a quickie with him, she smacked her tongue as she looked at him not uttering a word.

    ” hello ” Ben said softly as if the word were refusing to come out of his lips as Nina stared at him awkwardly.

    ” oh sorry, are you Mr Parker ” Nina asked startling as she regained her wit and used her hand to adjust the glasses she had on, a pecky glass which she had hundreds of it in her room, she doesn’t have any eye prob but she has been wearing glasses in the past 3 months when she got the job as a secretary in Bamo university , she wears this glass in order to look mature and hide her immature act.

    ” yes ” Ben answered with an intonation that depict that he wasn’t from Nigeria, tho his look and skin will arouse an argument to whether he’s from Nigeria or not.

    ” that way ” Nina pointed to a stair case which was covered with a red exotic carpet.

    ” thank you ” Ben said almost in a whisper as he made his way up the staircase which led to another floor.
    Even without looking back, he could tell that Nina’s gaze was on him as he ascend the stairs magnificently.

    With a mild knock to complement the sophisticated young man that he is ,a voice ordered him to enter.

    Mr Eboigbe Victor had already seen him coming from the CCTV which he closely monitor from his office.
    He’s a distant relative to Mr Badmus David, the sole owner of Bamo university, and at the young age of 32 ,he was made VC of Bamo university and after three years of being the head, he’s still naive in controlling the university.

    ” I resumed office early today just to welcome you into our midst personally ” Victor said ,smiling brightly revealing his gap teeth in the process as he offered Ben a seat.

    ” have heard a lot about you , the young Nigerian who graduated from Harvard university at the age of 20 with distinction ” he added still carrying along his bright smile.

    ” I’m honoured but where are the papers I’m to fill before I start working here ” Ben said with a tone which sent the message that he wasn’t there for a chit chat

    ” ohh, here ” Victor said handling him a file which Ben collected, went briefly over it and signed it, as he looked at him, mesmerized at his beauty.
    They both shaked hands and Victor clicked some digits on the landline in his office.

    ” take him to his lodge ” Victor ordered the anonymous receiver of the call in a harsh tone then smiled to me.

    ” you’ll be taken to your lodge, please make yourself comfortable in the school and an advice, please don’t get on the wrong side of any students, I repeat, none ” Victor warned and Ben thanked him as he left his office.
    Descending from the staircase he ascended, he was back to the first office.
    Surprisingly the two empty desk has been filled with their occupants.
    A lady in her late thirty and a young man who’s probably in his late thirty too.
    Which automatically makes the receptionist that attended to Ben the youngest and probably the most beautiful face inside the VC office.

    ” this way sir ” the new male occupant of one of the two desks inside the office said ,standing up as he saw me.

    ” oh Mr dandy, sit down, let me take care of this ” the secretary whose name I later knew to be Nina said to the man in a cheerful tone.

    ” what ” the man she referred to as dandy exclaimed to prove his shock towards her words .
    I knew what that meant but feigned ignorance as I made my way out of the office.

    ” the key ” I heard Nina scowled at the man and in some seconds she was also outside smiling, with a key in her hand.

    ” follow me ” she said as she walked in my front and I followed behind her.
    I got nothing with me except my iPhone greater 0q X plus which rested kingly in my pocket.
    I’ve already sent all what I need to be in the lecturer’s lodge some weeks ago when my request to lecture at the school was granted.
    All probably in the room Nina was taking me to.
    She tried hard to flaunt her asset, maybe for me but I don’t care for now, maybe later when I got need for her.
    The way to the lecturer lodge was almost an exclusion from the main campus.
    We met no students on our way and I was kind of happy for this.
    Not ready for some prying teenage eye.
    After walking for some minutes we’re finally in front of the teacher’s apartment.
    It was like a boys quarter situated behind a big mansion.
    But this boys quarter was built for only a single lecturer.
    Many apartment that looked the same were built beside each others making it look like a modern day village.
    It was beautifully designed from the exterior view and the mixture of butter and lemon colour as its painting beautified it more

    ” here we are ” Nina said as she suddenly stopped and looked at me seductively but I didn’t reply her.

    ” okay let now look for your apartment ” she said as she looked at the key holder in her hand to know the number written on it.
    I smirked at her dumbness.
    I knew it was number 17 that was written on the key holder.
    I saw it when dandy brought it out in the office.
    I rarely miss such things.
    All the building were numbered in an ascending order.
    We stopped in front of the building numbered 17, Nina moved closer to the entrance and opened the door, and held it for me till I enter.

    ” do you need anything else ” she asked me as she stood at the entrance of the apartment.

    ” no thanks ” I said in a polite manner.

    ” okay, if you need anything call me, let me give you my number ” she said as she was expecting me to bring out my phone to pin her number .

    ” there’s no need for that , thanks ” I said as I shut the door against her.
    I could tell she was flabbergasted because of my act.
    She thought maybe of how she’s been looking at me seductively, I’m going to invite her in for a cup of coffee, but little did she know that I’m a rock, never bulging to little things like that.
    I sighed as I viewed the room.
    I knew I must start work with immediate effect.
    No time to rest during a mission in THE MASK time table .
    To be continue….
    The story might seem confusing for now but it will get better as you read on.
    And starting from the next episodes, we’re going to be covering for two stories which might make it more confusing buh the fog will soon be clear.
    Thank u

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    Ok, make it rolling

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    nice start….

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    And I will never miss this !!!

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    Nice start

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    Episode 2
    The two guys that entered each had a black mask on.
    They were hefty looking and tall.
    They had on big black boots that looked like army’s boot.
    We all shivered in fears as they glared at us like we’re a big threat.
    They moved up and down staring at us.
    One of them suddenly brought out a cigarette pack from his pocket, took a cigarette out of it and placed it on his lip.
    He took a long gaze at me before he finally brought out a lighter from his pocket, clicked on its starter, placed it to the tip of the cigarette clamped between his lips ,and thick flames started emerging from the cigarette.
    ” this boy is the most handsome guy among them ” the one with the cigarette said as he moved closer to me and I felt my small penis releasing hot fluid.
    ” oh boy,this boy don weewee for body sha ” the one with the cigarette said as streams laughter erupted from his mouth not excluding his partner who was still pacing around looking at the remaining kids.
    ” welcome to THE MASK, kids” The second guy said with a deep baritone.
    I viewed the room well, the taste wasn’t bad to mine.
    It was made up of a sitting room which was well furnished and designed.
    Two bedrooms, one for the lecturer who’s currently holding its key and the other for visitor.
    The two bedrooms has its own bathroom and toilet.
    Both beside themselves ,and looked neat.
    I moved to the bedroom and checked all my stuffs which I’ve sent to the university before.
    It was placed carefully beside the bed .
    Two luggages, locked with a rigid security panel.
    I inserted my password and unlock it.
    Beneath the clothes were my three toys.
    Actually, they’re four but I got one on me already.
    I pulled out my glock 17 pistol tucked in my trouser, I brought out its cartridge and checked the bullets, it was still complete, I jammed it back in as I returned it back to its position.
    I’m always with my glock 17 pistol, I loved it features and how small it is.
    But I always carry it around for self protection, in case I’m stranded, tho I still had two knifes hidden somewhere in my body.
    You can’t tell when danger is coming when you’re in THE MASK.
    Seeing my stuffs in place, I locked my luggage back, I couldn’t open the second one as a phone which I was sure wasn’t mine started ringing in the house.
    I traced the ringing tone back to the sitting room.
    It was a land phone, I was surprised to see it there, I rarely miss things like that.
    I picked the call and I heard a female voice say “hello Mr Parker ”
    ” hello ” I replied the caller.
    ” you’ll be having your class in the next 10 minute, use the map beside this phone as a guide to the language department, room ²³ in block 75, that’s where you’ll be having your class ” the voice stated fluently in British English.
    “. So soon ” I muttered under my breath
    ” you said “? The voice asked thinking I was talking to her.
    ” thank you, I’ll get my ass moving now ” I said as I swiftly dropped the call.
    ” let do this ” I said to myself as I heaved a sigh of relief and I exit my room.
    Ella entered the house in haste startling Aminat who was engrossed in the TV program been aired on the 32 inches flat screen TV in the sitting room.
    ” is Kingsley coming ” Aminat asked startling as she quickly switched off the TV., inaugurating a motion of dashing out if the room.
    ” why are you still scared of that goat, mtcheeew ” Ella hissed angrily as she sat on one of the comfortable sofa in the sitting room.
    ” is he the one coming or not “. Aminat said not sitting down as she readied herself to dash out of the sitting room.
    ” do you think I’ll be in haste to come visit you early this morning because of Kingsley ” she said hissing loudly again.
    ” sit down joor, I’ve a gist for you ” Ella said as she swiftly pulled Aminat to sit beside her
    ” what’s the gist that made you to almost give me an heart attack ” she asked smiling as she switch the TV on with its remote but paused the program she’s watching with a dstv remote.
    ” but babe, you need to face Kingsley, you can’t keep on hiding for him ” Ella said with a serious countenance.
    ” I’ll do that later , tell me the gist na,you know that I love gist ” Aminat said feigning a babyish cry.
    ” there’s a new guy in school ” Ella screamed excitedly
    ” is that all ” Aminat remarked disappointedly
    ” babe, let me land na, you know that I’m always the one with the perfect news and gist ” Ella said squeezing her face.
    ” okay, mo n gbo { I’m hearing }” Aminat said mixing her dialect with English.
    ” he’s the hottest guy I’ve ever seen , Kingsley is an A grade ugly dude compare to this guy ” Ella said smiling to show that she’s head over heel for the new guy she just met.
    ” really “! Aminat exclaimed changing her sitting position in order to stare directly at Ella’s face
    ” gist me babe, which course is here to study and which level did he registered for “? Aminat asked flicking her heavy fixed eye lash
    ” I don’t know yet, I saw him when I was coming back from Khalid’s room, you remembered I told you I was going to sleep over at his place yesterday ” Ella said trying to remind Aminat of the conversation they’ve had the previous day.
    ” I remembered, oya gist me, did he passed his normal two rounds this time ” Aminat said covering her mouth as she tried to keep the stream of laughter that was about to flow from her mouth at bay.
    ” you’re not serious, I think your mum gave birth to you while she was gisting with your dad ,I’m not even through with the one that brought me here ” Ella said hissing loudly.
    ” you know that I love gist like hell but you need to find out about the new guy, but he will be a total waste if he’s below us, you know I don’t date junior ” Aminat said with her one her finger twisted in her long fixed hair.
    ” see you ooo, who told you that I’m advertising him to you so that you can date him ” Ella yelled loudly clapping her hands together in a jovial manner.
    ” I’m the only single here nah, or are you going leave your precious Khalid for him ” Aminat asked her smiling.
    ” babe, I can leave him ,for this guy ,I can, you should have been there, then you’ll know he’s worth leaving one two rounds guy ” Ella replied with a tone that depict that she meant what she said.
    ” that reminds me, what of Gina, I haven’t seen her since she came back from Portugal ” Ella added looking curious.
    ” yeah, Mr David has placed her under house arrest, he’s not happy with her for leaving Portugal, he want her to change her mind about staying in Nigeria with that.
    I can only visit her at home ” Aminat said with a sad countenance.
    ” but what’s wrong with her nah, isn’t that the 13th country she will be eloping from all in the name that she doesn’t like there ” Ella said fusing up a bit.
    ” it isn’t her fault, she only want to be with her dad, you know she can’t do without her dad ” Aminat said with an ounce of pity reflecting in her tone.
    ” then Mr David should let her be, why prolonging the matter ” Ella said hissing loudly.
    ” you know it isn’t safe for her to be in Nigeria, especially now that election is around the corner ” Aminat explained to Ella trying to make her reason with her point.
    ” I know it isn’t safe ,but why is yours not forcing you too to leave the country, he’s also a lion in this jungle nah ” Ella said frowning her face.
    ” and Mr David is a dragon in the game, not only the animals want his head , humans too are on a hunt for him ” Aminat said and Ella shook her head to show that she supported her point.
    ” that’s their own palava, I just feel for Gina, let me go and dress up, lecture would have started, and I want to see the new foreign language the school recruited after the death of Mr Popoola Lekan ” Ella said standing up.
    ” bye bye, I’m not coming sha ” Aminat said concentrating on the TV program she’s was watching before Ella entered.
    ” and why are you not coming ” Ella said standing in front of her thereby blocking her view of the program she’s watching.
    ” you know Kingsley will be there and I’m not ready to face him yet ” Aminat said pausing the TV program.
    ” okay ooo, God will help you and your ex ” Ella said laughing mockingly as she exit Aminat’s room.
    With the help of the map I took beside the land phone, I was able to locate the lecture room,tho I knew there before.
    I know everything about the school like my palm.
    Every room, secret ones, secret passage, undetectable hideout and different places.
    I’ve already done my assignment before embarking on such a dangerous mission.
    A mission that THE MASK thinks I’m the only one capable of executing it.
    A mission that was suppose to be carried out for a whole year.
    We rarely embark on such a long period of time mission.
    The windows of the lecture room was tinted and locked thereby blocking the view of outsiders.
    I heaved a sigh before I wrapped my hand around the door knob, and click goes the sound as the door opened.
    I was surprised to meet the neatly arranged chairs and sparkling clean desks inside the lecture room empty.
    Not a single soul of human was inside the lecture room.
    I smiled to myself remembering where I was, home of all the nation’s spoilt brat, expecting them to be early for lecture is like expecting the genuine waec result of MR B, you can never see it.
    I made my way to one of the neat chair and desk and sat on it.
    The air condition of the room was working wonder.
    My minds revolves on how the mission was going to be a success, especially the starting point which I’ll be beginning soon.
    In THE MASK principle, the starting point of every mission means a lot to the mission.
    I’ve never undertaken a mission which I’m suppose to undertake the role of a tutor in it.
    Tho we’ve been groomed well for any type of mission but I had some doubt about myself, something which rarely happen to me.
    With a lot on my mind, I placed my head on the desk and didn’t know when I drifted off.
    Even a year training can’t hinder nature from performing its wonders.
    The last month has been tedious for me.
    Having to learn two foreign language within a month was something that was a little bit extreme even for someone with 225 IQ result like me.
    And having to perform some mission too in between my learning session.
    Like eliminating the former foreign language teacher of the school, Mr popoola Lekan, killing the deputy governor of Kogi state and completing a mission of making the wife of a famous Nigeria footballer playing in Europe to divorce him without letting her get a dime out if his properties.
    The mission lasted for 3 months.
    I woke up to the opening of the door of the lecture room.
    I’m a light sleeper, we’ve been trained like that.
    The perching of a mosquito on an agent in THE MASK skin, even without biting is capable of waking him or her up.
    It was a young fat guy that entered.
    He had a big burger in his hand which he was eating ferociously.
    He looked at me like I was an alien before he made his way to one of the chair and desk in the room.
    Tho every chair were sparkling clean but he still cleaned it with his handkerchief before sitting down.
    He took off the bag pack on his back and sat down.
    He opened his bag pack and brought Peffy soft drink in pet form.
    Peffy soft drink is sold at #5000 per bottle, it’s rarely found on the street.
    He occasionally stole glances at me as he ate his burger and escorted it with the Peffy drink in his hand.
    The door opened again and three young girls entered with classy handbags.
    They dressed like they were going for a party, polished nails, fixed eye lash,high heels, skimpy dress etc.
    They glanced at me smiling as they head to their seat.
    I pretended not to be interested in them as I raised my head up gazing at the Marker board in front of the room.
    Through the corner of my eye, I saw as they chat and giggled , as they were passing turn to look at me.
    According to my calculation, the class had only 24 seats and four were already occupied by students, which means it remains 20 students to go.
    I was planning on standing up and start the teaching when I have half the population of the class.
    Tick tick tick, goes the time and come the students.
    They were already 11, I was only waiting for one more before I start my teaching.
    All the students that entered all treated me like I was a kind of alien.
    They all stared at me and all I could do was smile.
    The door suddenly flung opened with force and three guys entered
    Merely looking at them, I knew I was going to have problem with them in my course of teaching in the school.
    They were putting on expensive clothes but in a hooligans manner.
    They were heading towards me, I knew trouble was already knocking on my door so I quickly stood up and head to the front of the class in front of the board.
    I saw one of the guy give me a deadly look before he sat down from where I stood up and the other two guys sat on different seat.
    ” good morning all, my name is Benjamin Parker and I’m your new foreign language lecturer ” I said briefly and the students bursted into an uproar.
    To be continue…

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