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    **DIRTY GAME**
    Gosh! It was almost 7:30am. I rushed out of the bedroom, picked up a kettle, performed ablution and prayed to the God. Only God knows if the prayer was even answered or not because I couldn’t concentrate on it. I rushed from there to the bathroom; I took my bath, brushed my teeth and dressed up for work. I marched out like a soldier going for war. I got to the street where I could get a bus to my place of work very fast but it was quiet unfortunate that I couldn’t get a bus on time and it was around 8:30am. I started murmuring when I saw a bus coming. “Station road”, I said to the driver. “maa bo”. Which means “come”, the driver replied, is forty naira sir. The driver said and I frowned at him, but didn’t alter a word. I got to where to drop, gave him forty naira and alighted peacefully. I trekked a little bit and got to the office. It was already 8:50am.
    “You are a bit late today”, said Mrs. Ola. “Yes ma”. I replied.
    It was not less than a minute that I took my sit when Mrs. Akin entered and greeted everyone on seat and came directly to me. She was one of my bosses at the office before she was been posted to another department. “You will see an alert very soon. Granma is coming for clinic today and the money will be needed to take care of her”. She said. “Ok ma”. I replied. That was not the first time of cashing fund through my Bank account. It was so, because his uncle that does send the money could only locate that bank around him. After two minutes when she had left, I heard a message sound on my phone. I picked it and checked the message. Mtcheeew! It was an unsolicited text message from my service provider. I hissed and threw the phone on the table with anger.
    “Afeez, please come”, said Mr. Ayan. He was also one of my bosses like Mrs. Akin. He counted eighty thousand naira and handed it to me, with a paper that had an account number, account name and the name of the bank. “Drop it into that Bank account”, he said. “Alright sir”, I replied.
    Since Oxford Bank is not too far from Global bank I was sent to initially, I decided to take my ATM card along incase the money drop into my account. I checked my wallet for the card but couldn’t find it. I searched my bag and everywhere I thought of, but I couldn’t find it. I decided to zoom off to the Oxford bank. On my way to the bank, I started tasking my brain where I put the card and the answer appeared to me as if I am a NTA news-caster who reads on the screen. Oh, yah! It was in the pocket of a pair trouser I hung in my wardrobe. I smiled. I continued with the trek when I heard a deep voice from my back… TO BE CONTINUED

    **DIRTY GAME**
    I looked at the back and it was a huge dark guy with tinted hair.
    “Chairman, could you show me the way to Ajegunle”? He asked me. “Just go straight by your left and ask when you get to the next junction”, I replied. I left the spot and moved to Oxford bank. On getting there, I picked up a deposit slip and dug my right hand in my pocket to obtain my pen and the fund in order to fill the denomination as arranged in the slip. Where did I put it now? I searched my pockets thoroughly but couldn’t see the money given to me. I started sweating despite the fact that the air conditioners were on. My mind was seriously disturbed and the heart started pounding like a locomotive machine. What could have happened? Has the guy I answered taken the money from me? I was lost on this thought when I heard my phone ringing. I looked at the screen and it was Mr.Ayan. Should I pick it or neglect it? What would I tell him if I pick it? Did I even know why he is calling? I started asking myself those rhetorical questions while I lost the first call. It started ringing again; I summoned courage to pick it. “Hel hel hel”. I started stammering while he took up from me. “Hello Afeez”. You have left the money in the office. Why? He lamented. I couldn’t belief what I’ve just heard and I nearly told him to recap. “I’ve been looking for it here sir”. I replied with grateful heart and quickly left the bank for office; I collected the money and got back to the bank within a blink of an eye. I entered the details and joined the queue.
    It remained only four persons before me when my phone beeped. I neglected the message thinking it was the same usual unsolicited text message from 5052 again. After some seconds, my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen and it was Mrs. Akin. I picked the call. “Hello Afeez, where are you”. She asked. “Oxford bank ma”, I replied. “Have you seen the alert?” I was called just now that the money has been sent into your account, she said. “Yes ma”, I replied. “Would you cash it while coming back to office?” She asked. “Definitely,” I replied.
    Then, it was my turn. I gave the money and slip to the cashier, to perform his professional duty, he did so and returned a copy of the slip to me. “Thank you for banking with us”. He said and I left the queue.
    I took out my phone to confirm what Mrs.Akin said and it was true. I need to go back home for my ATM card. I said to myself and I rushed out of the bank. On a normal occasion, it will take me like fifteen minutes to reach St. David grammar School where I normally drop before trekking to my final destination and since I had no alternative, I stopped a cab. “St. David”, I said. “Enter. It’s forty naira o”. He said. “No problem”, I replied.
    Some kilometers to the St. David, we ran into a stupid hold-up which got me annoyed. I felt like dropping from the bus and continued with my legs. While thinking of that, I heard the sound of siren of a Black Maria from the back and before I knew it, the way was freed and that gave my cab the chance of taking me the St. David. This is a public secondary School with fence and two gates at the entrance, but since the fence had collapsed at the back, it has created avenue for people’s passage. But I ran out of luck on this very day just because when I alighted from the cab, I discovered that the gate had been padlocked due to some reasons unknown to me. I need to cover a great distance through another route before I could reach home. I said to myself and I didn’t know when I picked a race. I got home within a short period of time. “Hope no problem?” My sister asked curiously. “No ma”. I came for my ATM, I explained. “Alright”, she said. I went directly to where I put the trouser, took out both ATM and School ID card and put the
    m in my back pocket and rushed out again. It was around quarter to two. I took another race back to the street where to get a cab but decided not to take bus. I took bike instead. Thank God I didn’t take bus, because there was another hectic traffic jam but my bike scaled through easily. I was fortunate when I got to Global bank because people were very scanty at the ATM machine stand and there was another free machine. I went straight to it, took out my ATM card and inserted it. I was waiting for it to be ready so as to input my pin but all I could get on the screen was “hardware error” and the card was rejected… TO BE CONTINUED

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    **DIRTY GAME**
    I took the card, cleaned it and made another trial, but the problem persisted. I wanted to go to customer care immediately but a thought came over me to try another machine, which of course I did. “Usage App Error” was the new message I got from another machine I used. Since I have satisfied my conscience, then I decided to go the customer care. I left the ATM stand and went directly into the bank. I thought I was in a market because everywhere was just jam-packed. Though, those that wanted to withdraw and those that wanted to deposit were on a long zigzag queue but the story was not the same with those at the customer care section, it was just like the movement of gaseous particles in a container colliding with one another and with the wall of the container that occurs in a chemical reaction, and since there was no order at the place, I had the opportunity of tendering my case to an attendant. “Ma, I was trying to withdraw through the ATM machine but was not successful”, I complained.
    “What was the message you got from the machine?” She asked.
    “Usage App Error”, I replied.
    “Your English is not correct”, she said.
    “What an embarrassment! How do you mean?” I responded furiously.
    “I didn’t mean to rude to you but only trying to explain to you that the machine could not give out such message. So, you will need to recheck so as to know the problem to work on”, she explained.
    I raised above the taunt and remained unruffled. I went back to the ATM stand, inserted the card. The same message appeared on the screen and I snapped the information with my phone as evidence. I went back to her and showed her. She started looking at the message like a primary four student given WAEC question to solve. After some minutes, she asked me to write a report which I did with tick and gave it to her. She dragged the keyboard of the system on the table towards her and checked my account details. She looked at my face, and then faced one of her colleagues. “Shola, what could make machine write this while the account is not fixed?” she showed him my report. So, you didn’t have the knowledge? No wonder you claimed the English was not correct I nearly said when Shola gave response to her question.
    “It has damaged”. He said.”
    What could have damaged this neat card?” I asked.
    “Maybe you packed it with a phone”, he replied.
    “I have never put the two together because I know the implication”, I responded.
    The guy refused to say anything again and started punching the keyboard of the computer in front of him. Look at this stupid boy using me to press keyboard I almost said when I heard my phone ringing. It was Mrs. Akin. I picked it up and explained the situation on ground to her and dropped the call. I couldn’t tolerate the guy’s ego, so I decided to go and face my first attendant. “Ma, what is the next line of action to seek redress?” I asked.
    “You will need to apply for another ATM and one thousand naira will be charged from your account”. She replied.
    I stood at akimbo thinking of the next line of action to take when my phone started ringing again. I looked at the screen and it was her again, Mrs. Akin. I picked it up and I was about to say ‘hello’ when someone held my hand from the back… TO BE CONTINUED

    **DIRTY GAME**
    I turned my head to know who was holding me and it was a security agent. “didn’t you see the notice that receiving calls is prohibited in the bank!” he yelled at me.
    I was shocked and dropped the call unknowingly.
    “Am sorry sir”, I apologized.
    I went back to the first attendant.
    “Ma, would I be able to get the ATM today if I apply?” I asked.
    “ATM form is not available for now, you will need to come as early as possible tomorrow morning”, she replied.
    “But the money is needed right now in the hospital to take care of an unhealthy patient”, I tried to explain to her.
    “Perhaps, you withdraw through counter then, that is the only option you are left with”, she advised.
    I looked at the situation on ground; the queue was still as long as river Nile.
    “I couldn’t come out of this queue if I join”, I said to myself.
    “Ma, what favour could you offer me if at all I want to withdraw through counter?” I asked her.
    “Don’t worry! You will only be charged of two hundred and fifty naira from your account”, she said.
    “Am ok with it provided that I will get the money”, I responded.
    “Go to that lady at the extreme end and request for withdrawal slip”, she pointed to a fair lady, very beautiful and portable in size. She should be an I.T student like me, I guessed.
    “Well done”, I greeted her.
    “How may I help you?”, she asked.
    “I need a withdrawal slip”, I replied.
    “Do you have your ID card with you?”, she asked.
    “Yes, is with me”, I replied.
    (She detached a slip and filled it.)
    “Where is your ID card”, she asked.
    (I gave out my school ID card to her).
    She looked at my face and smiled. Why is she smiling at me? Are we from the same school or she has developed interest in me? I was lost in those thoughts when I heard from her. “Sir, I don’t mean your school ID card, but National ID card or better still, Your driving license”, she explained.
    “But you said ID card and besides, what is wrong with my school ID card?”, I asked.
    “Am sorry sir, we don’t recognize school Id card. In the light of this, I will only give you this slip, but you can’t withdraw with it”, she said and handed the slip to me.
    “What should I use it for since I couldn’t use it to withdraw?” I asked in pity.
    “It’s yours, since I have detached it and your names had been written on it”, she replied.
    I felt disturbed and started thinking of the next action to take and that was when I remembered that my PVC (Permanent Voters Card) could be of use as a substitute to National ID card.
    It was already 3:15pm. I left the bank for office in hurry so as to take my PVC and come back before the bank close for the day.
    I branched at Mrs. Akin’s office and told her what I had gone through.
    She looked at me with pity and showed her sympathy.
    “Am very sorry for letting you experienced such turmoil. Perhaps you delay it till tomorrow”, she said in a pitiable mood.
    “No ma. Let me take my PVC at the office and give it the last trial for today”, I replied and left for office.
    “Are you just coming from the bank?”, Mrs.Ola questioned.
    “Yes ma”, I replied.
    “That’s serious!” she exclaimed.
    I started checking where I put my PVC, but couldn’t find it. Another problem! It should be at home too, I thought.
    “I will be back ma”, I said to my boss.
    “Are you still going back to the bank?” she asked.
    “Yes ma”, I replied and I left. She uttered a statement but I didn’t care to listen.
    I checked Mrs.Akin in her office and explained to her that I couldn’t see the PVC but I have prepared for the worst.
    “How do you want to go about it?” she asked.
    “I have decided to go and meet the manager”, I replied.
    “Do you think they will allow you to see him”, she asked with confusion.
    “Don’t worry ma, I will”, I replied optimistically.
    “Alright dear, thanks so much”, she said and I zoomed off back to the bank.
    On getting to the bank, I changed my thought of meeting the manager, so, I went back to the first attendant.
    “Ma, I presented my school ID card to her for the slip, but she insisted that I must present my National ID card”, I lamented.
    She looked at me with pity and collected the slip from me.
    “Where did you open your account?” she asked.
    “Ede, Osun State”, I replied.
    She signed it and gave it to me.
    “You are good to collect the money on the counter”, she said.
    I was a little bit relieved.
    “Thanks for your support ma, but I thought you are helping me to withdraw the money”, I said.
    “As a good Nigerian, you have to join the queue, and besides, you know am on duty and customers could be here at any time. Sequel to that, I can’t leave my seat”, she continued, “am sorry incase I have disappointed you”, she concluded.
    On hearing that, I became hopeless like an orphan who lost her parents due to war and still lost in a desert. My heart vibrated and my eyes were filled with tears. Who would come to my rescue? I was lost in my thought when I heard from her… TO BE CONTINUED

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    @Adebiyi.deemola your story is very nice but please always log into your account before posting any episode so that it won’t be moderated.

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    “Bro, try to understand me. It’s not that I am being wicked at you or maybe if you could go to that man”, she pointed to a security agent, “If he could be of help”, she advised.
    I bought her idea and went to him. I tried to explain to him.
    “Who asked you to come to me self? Abeg, we don’t assist to withdraw and why can’t she withdraw for you too?” he said in anger.
    So, I’m now a basket ball throwing up and down. No problem! I said and went back to the lady.
    “It’s high time I left for office. I can’t join this queue. Probably I’ll come back tomorrow if and only if the patient sustain the condition till tomorrow, but hope my account will not be charged for this slip?” I asked.
    “You have to return it so as not to be charged”, she replied.
    I gave it to her and she crossed it.
    I went back to office and told Mrs.Akin the latest development.
    “I have told grandma to delay the check up till tomorrow since we couldn’t get the money today, so how shall we go about it tomorrow?” she asked.
    “I have decided to go directly from the house to the bank tomorrow morning”, I explained.
    “Are you cashing it through counter or how?” she curiously asked.
    “I prefer applying for ATM, but if cashing it through counter would be the faster, I will use that”, I replied.
    “Alright, let me follow you to take permission from Oga (boss) that, you may likely come late tomorrow”, she said.
    It was 3:45pm that day and of which my closing time used to be 3:00pm, and since the permission had been granted, then I left office for home.
    I got up from bed by mrs. Akin’s call telling me on phone that grandma was in a critical condition and needed urgent medical attention. In that case, the money will be needed to cater for her treatment.
    I left home as early as possible so as to get the money probably through counter, but it was quiet unfortunate that I still met people on queue. I got confused to the extent of contemplating whether to withdraw through counter by queuing or apply for the ATM. But, since ATM will still be useful for me in the nearest future, then I decided to apply for it.
    I informed the first customer attendant that attended to me in the previous day and she instructed me to go into a room so as to get a form. I left for the room and felt like saying I was no longer interested when I saw many a customer to be attended to, but I summoned courage and collected the form, filled it and joined the queue for ATM.
    While on the queue, my phone started ringing, I looked at the screen and it was Mrs. Akin, but I decided not to pick it. She continued calling and since the call was disturbing, I decided to put the phone on vibration.
    After some minutes, it became my turn and couldn’t just belief it, the attendant was that fair lady that refused to sign for me in the previous day. She smiled and stared at me when she saw me.
    “Good morning gentleman”, she greeted me.
    “I pray this morning is good o”, I replied jokingly.
    “It will surely good”, she responded.
    I submitted my form to her with the PVC.
    “Where is your school ID card”, she asked and winked me.
    “But, you said you don’t welcome my school ID card yesterday, why asking for it now?” I asked. (Though, I gave her.)
    “That unit is different from this one. Your school ID card is needed here”, she explained in a seductive manner.
    “You will have to do the photocopy of these cards o”, she said.
    “Where could I do it?” I asked.
    “Give it to that security man at the door to do it for you”, she said pointing to a man.
    She gave me my PVC and the school ID card, and then I took them to the man as instructed.
    “Why didn’t you give it to me when others were giving me”, he complained.
    “I was not aware about it”, I said.
    He murmured for some minutes and collected only the PVC from me.
    “But, sir, you are to do the two cards for me”, I said.
    “You need the PVC only”, he yelled at me.
    Then, I kept mute. He left and came back after some minutes with the photocopy.
    Then, my phone started ringing, it was a strange number and I ignored it. I looked at the time, it was after twelve, and then I rushed back to the lady.
    “Here is the photocopy”, I tendered it to her.
    “Where is the second one?” she asked.
    “He did only one for me saying the second one is not needed”, I replied.
    “Who is in control? I said I need the two. Go back to him and tell him that I said he should do it before I get back to him”, she said furiously.
    See me see trouble o, see the way this small rat is sending me up and down. No wahala! I said to myself.
    I went back to the security, pleaded to him and he did it for me quickly, I now went back to her. She issued me another ATM card.
    “Go back to the attendant that attended to you yesterday and give the card to her”, she instructed.
    I quickly went to her handed the card to her. My phone started vibrating, I looked at the screen and it was Odunola, my co. IT student, but she has completed her own training. I neglected the call. By then, the attentant was ready. TO BE CONTINUED


    “Take it back inside to change your pin”, she said.
    “What’s all this?” I murmured and collected the card from her.
    I went back to the fair lady.
    “I was directed to bring this card back to you”, I said.
    “Not here, but to that madam receiving call”, she pointed to a fat woman. While rushing to her, I saw her standing. “I will be back shortly, my attention is needed by the MD”,she told her colleagues and rushed out.
    I looked at the time and it was 12:45pm, I felt like crying. If I had known, I wouldn’t have applied for this. I started blaming myself. The phone started vibrating again, but I didn’t even bother to check who was calling because I was moody.
    After ten minutes, the woman came back to her seat and the following conversation transpired;
    Madam; where is your card?
    Me; this is it ma (I gave it to her)
    Madam; are you a student?
    Me; yes ma.
    Madam; where is your school ID card?
    Me; this is it ma (I gave it to her)
    Madam; I can’t accept this card from you because it has expired.
    Me; not yet expired ma. My school is still on session and since am still on I.T; the new I.D card could not be issued for now.
    Madam; it’s not possible! Never!
    Me; I am an IT student now.
    Madam; Taiwo, come (she called the fair lady, and that was when I knew her name) check this card, look at the session, 2010/2011 and we are in 2012.
    Taiwo; the card is valid ma. It seemed they were delayed by strike.
    Madam; I still can’t accept this from him unless he proves his studentship.
    Me; what else do you still need when I have told you am still exercising my I.T (I yelled at her and walked out on her to where customer’s wardrobe was, took my logbook with my and other relevant credentials, I went back to show her; she checked it very well and became sober)
    Madam; enter your pin on the machine.
    Me; (I entered my four digit number) what next?
    Madam: your card is ready for use.
    I collected the card and looked back nostalgically to where the journey started from. I packed my belongings on her table and left for the ATM stand to withdraw.
    I was fortunate to see a free machine and quickly inserted my new card without any delay. I kept on looking at the screen waiting for it to be ready so as to enter my pin when I saw “please, insert your card”. I couldn’t trust my eyes with what I saw, so I wiped my face with my volar and re-checked.
    “Please, insert your card” was still on the screen.
    “Which card again, what about the one I’ve inserted?” I kept on asking the machine as if it was a human being.
    “You shouldn’t have used the machine, it has swallowed someone’s card before now”, a lady said to me.
    I checked the time and it was 1:15pm. I was so furious and went back to the first attendant.
    “You are still here!” she asked in surprise.
    “In fact, am even fed up with this your bank. Could you belief that, my newly collected card has been swallowed by a machine”, I lamented.
    “Go to the room where the card was issued and ask of Ahmmed”, she said.
    I marched in like a soldier.
    “Am looking for Ahmmed?” I asked a staff standing not knowing that he was the one I was looking for.
    “Any problem?” he asked.
    “There is!” I took my time to explain to him. He was about to speak when a short woman like a mortar spoke for him, “you will have to come back because he just left the place now and you can’t ask him to go back there again”, she lamented.
    I went crimson immediately.
    “What are you telling me? What was he employed for? I couldn’t hear you, could you recap?” lamenting continued, “I’ve been parading here since yesterday and the card was just issued some minutes ago and your useless machine swallowed it, and you are still telling me to come back later”, I said, “You must be joking”, I poured angrily.
    Yes! Good! I like you! Well done! The customers around hailed me and the woman started shivering like water lily.
    “I will get it for you, just take it easy”, Ahmmed said in a low voice.
    He was about to leave when a woman with the same problem as mine came in.
    “Stay here while I check for both of you”, said Ahmmed.
    We both stood at the entrance of the room like a security agent.
    He came back after some minutes (sweating).
    “Who is Adebiyi Kabirat Ajoke?” he asked.
    “Am the one”, the woman responded.
    He handed an ATM card to her.
    “Uncle, which machine did you use?” He asked with tremble in his voice.
    “We used the same machine”, I responded.
    “Sir, I guess the system has returned your card, because I couldn’t see it. Therefore, you will need to go back outside before it is being taken”, he said.
    On hearing this, my eyes bulged out like that of dragon-fly thirsty of water and I fled out of the bank to the ATM stand where I met a guy standing beside the machine that swallowed my card.
    “Chairman, please, did you help me see a card?” I asked like a beggar looking for a Samaritan.
    “What is your name sir?” he asked.
    “Babatunde Afeez Demola”, I replied.
    He handed my card to me and went to sit in a Toyota Camry car.
    I tried another system with the card and it was successful

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    Nice story pls next

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    @Klola46 were are you beta dey here ooo shooo

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