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    Funny sha…..
    thats what they meant by BANK-problem….
    That sufferness much fa…..(e be like say nah state capital of state of the virtous you deh use here)…..

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    Nice stowie….

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    Happy new month 2 u all..

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    **DIRTY GAME**
    Atlast! I went to thank the guy who kept my card for me, and that was when I got to know that he was a son of Mrs. Adebiyi. No wonder he stood at the ATM!
    I left for office after the appreciation.
    On getting to office, I checked Mrs. Akin in her office but she wasn’t around, then, I decided to send “call me back” to her and to the rest of the numbers I’ve missed intentionally. Then, I left for my office. After some minutes, my phone started vibrating, an unknown number, then I picked it up.
    “Hello, Afeez, where have you put your phone since?” (It was Mrs. Akin’s voice.)
    “It was not with me ma. I’m now available ma, I’ve even checked on you in your office”, I replied.
    “I’m with grandma. I’ll join you soon” she said.
    She came around after some minutes.
    “You almost turned me to something else when you didn’t pick the calls up. My mind was not at rest and I have even come to the bank to check on you but I couldn’t see you. I’ve been dodging Oga (boss) since morning, because I didn’t know what to tell him if he asked about you”, she said
    “I’m sorry ma, I left my phone in the bag and kept it in the wardrobe outside, so I didn’t know it was ringing until when I went to take my logbook and saw the missed calls”, I lied.
    She thanked and appreciated me for the great job I have done for her and she tried to compensate me with token, but I rejected it in the first instance and later collected it from her when the frustration was too much.
    I took permission at office and went back home after some minutes because I was seriously tired.
    I got home around 3:00pm, ate the food prepared for me by my sister, then headed to the bathroom to take my bath and slept off soon after my bath.
    I woke up around 8:15pm, picked up my phone and saw six missed calls from an unknown number. Since I had no airtime on my mobile phone, I decided to send “call me back” to the number.
    After some minutes, a message entered and when I checked it, it contained the pin of a recharge card from the unknown number, I recharged the card immediately.
    Wao! Who could have sent me #1000 worth recharge card!! I was flabbergasted and decided to call the number straight-away. I was about to dial the number when my phone started vibrating. It was another unknown number and picked it up without any hesitation.
    “Hello o, please, who is this?” I asked inquisitively.
    “It’s me nah; you can’t even recognize my voice on phone again. O ga o!” (It was a lovely voice of a lady which sounded familiar) she said silkily.
    “Is this not Zainab’s voice?” I asked doubtfully.
    “Yes o o o!” she replied joyfully and giggled
    Me: wao! Can’t just belief this! Where did you get my number?
    Zainab: don’t worry about that joor. I learnt that you are in Osogbo.
    Me: yeap. Who told you? (I asked curiously)
    Zainab: we shall talk when we see on Saturday joor. I’ve seriously missed you o.
    Me: really? Same here too. Are you also in Osogbo?
    Zainab: no, but I will fall in on Saturday.
    Me: no problem. But wait o! Were you the one who sent me airtime some minutes ago?
    Zainab: me ke! Rara o, or should I send you ni?
    Me: don’t bother o.
    Zainab: catch up with you on Saturday dear.
    Me: alright. I wish you Journey mercy in advance.
    Zainab: thanks dear. Byeee! (She ended the call).
    I can’t just belief I could still here from Zainab ( I was overwhelmed with the memory we shared together when we were in Polytechnic) I was lost in the emotional feeling when I remembered that I have not called the number that sent me the airtime. Then, I dialed the number… TO BE CONTINUED.
    This is where the real story started… Enjoy it in full.

    **DIRTY GAME**
    “hello, please, who am I on to?”
    “it’s me, Taiwo” she replied. (It was another lovely voice from a lady)
    “did you mean Taiye Taiwo, the Nigerian player?” I asked jokingly
    “no o o o!” she replied stressing “o” and giggled.
    “Then, which Taiwo?” I asked with seriousness.
    “From the bank you are banking with”, she said in a silky tone.
    Me: oh yah! How did you get my number?
    Taiwo: from your form now, or you have forgotten that I was the one who entered your details into the system?
    Me: hmmm! What a clever game! No wonder they employed you.
    Taiwo: stop teasing joor.
    Me: I am not o, but only saying the fact.
    Taiwo: ok o. Thanks anyway.
    Me: so, you were the one who sent me the card?
    Taiwo: don’t mind me jare. I did when I discovered you were out of airtime. It’s just a token and I hope you have accepted it the way it was?
    Me: I can’t just belief this! So, your type still exists on earth? Thanks so much. You are highly appreciated.
    Taiwo: the pleasure is mine.
    Me: I guess you have information to pass across to me.
    Taiwo: not really, but just to apologize for what our organization made you pass through. I decided to do this on their behalf.
    Me: baby, you are so kind! Are you truly a human being? Because, I’ve not come across someone like you. Everything about you is just perfect.
    Taiwo: hmmmm! Really!
    Me: I mean it baby. Sequel to what you apologized for, it was nothing, but only a challenge which has added to my boldness and rigidity.
    Taiwo: I could notice that while reacting in our office. I so much cherished and saluted your courage and boldness. I was really impressed. In fact, you are such a man!
    Me: are you trying to kid me?
    Taiwo: I’m seriously not kidding you o. I mean it. Keep it up.
    Me: thanks so much for the compliment.
    Taiwo: hope you have granted the apology?
    Me: even, more than granted.
    Taiwo: how will I be sure you have granted it?
    Me: I swear to God, I have granted it.
    Taiwo: ok o. But if I invite you to my place, would you honour my invitation?
    Me: that will be awesome! I will definitely do.
    Taiwo: you mean it!
    Me: of course, yes.
    Taiwo: I’m now inviting you to my haven on Sunday.
    Me: that’s serious! I thought you were joking.
    Taiwo: joking ke? I’m not o.
    Me: by what time then?
    Taiwo: I want you to choose any convenient time of your own since am going nowhere on that day.
    Me: let’s make it 4:00pm then.
    Taiwo: that’s too far now. I will be bored at home. Could you make it 12noon at least?
    Me: no problem. I will give it a trial.
    Taiwo: thanks so much dear.
    Me: the pleasure is mine. Let me have the address.
    Taiwo: don’t worry, I’ll send you the address via text message.
    Me: alright.
    Taiwo: thanks so much for making my night a colourful one.
    Me: the pleasure is mine. Take care of you and do have a splendid night rest.
    Taiwo: and you too.
    Me: yeap. Good night. ( I hung up the call)

    **DIRTY GAME**
    What has just happened now? Taiwo! From the bank! Am I dreaming? Then, I started picturing the scenarios that happened in the bank and her stances towards me. Has this lady felt in love with me? Love at the first sight, can it be possible? In the course of thinking, my heart lighted up and my face was full of smile…
    I stood up and went for prayer, but couldn’t just belief I was still thinking of her while praying. I managed to complete the prayer and took the food prepared for me by my sister, then went to bed when I have watched and listened to NTA network news. I woke up at midnight just because I was still thinking of her in my sleep, then I decided to put call to her and let her know how I was feeling. I picked up my phone and dialed her number, and couldn’t just belief she picked it up immediately as if she was expecting the call before.
    Me: hello baby. How far?
    Taiwo: I’m fine, and you?
    Me: I’m doing well too. You were not sleeping, why?
    Taiwo: I’m experiencing slight stomach pain ni jare. How did you know?
    Me: I could notice that in your voice and again, you picked the call without any hesitation.
    Taiwo: don’t mind me. A pot calling kettle black… What about you?
    Me: I woke up to urinate and decided to remind you that you have not sent the number to me.
    Taiwo: number? Which number is that? Me: oh! Sorry. I wanted to say address (laughing)
    Taiwo: (giggled) Funny you, am very sorry for that anyway. I would do justice to that as soon as I am ok. Me: alright then, am sorry for disturbing you by this time of the day.
    Taiwo: you are not disturbing me joor. I’m even enjoying you for keeping my company.
    Me: that’s lovely, but I still need to free you so as to rest a little bit because of work.
    Taiwo: you are such a darling! Thanks so much for being there for me.
    Me: don’t mind me. Take care of you.
    Taiwo: and you too. Bye…
    Me: yeap. Byeee (I hung up the call) My mind was a bit satisfied and I slept off.
    I received a text message from her in the morning which stated thus; one becomes a fool and acts silly when she meets someone whom she believes, take care of you like you always say. Winks – Taiwo cares about you so much. The message ignited the feelings in my heart and the feelings busted out like raging fire which water cannot quench, even flood could not stop it. I don’t need any soothsayer to tell me that I’m in love. Suddenly, a thought came over me – Hope I’m not making same mistake; once beaten, twice shy is what they say… Afeez, did you even learn from your past bitter experience that made you lost your grandma? Yet, life is all about risk, at least it’s a must for you to marry, only that you have to be very watchful (self motivation and encouragement)…. TO BE CONTINUED

    **DIRTY GAME**
    EPISODE 10
    On Saturday, Zainab called me and pleaded to me that she wouldn’t be able to make it on that day, that I should be expecting her at the end of the month.
    I was neither happy nor sad on her decision since I’ve erased her feelings from my heart.
    Zainab was the only daughter of one popular businessman in my town. She was an attractive lady with moderate bosoms and her hips were well curved.
    Though, we are both from the same town but never met except one fateful day when we met in a supermarket. Her beauty caught my fancy right from that very first day. We both stared at each other at a distance, then she left and I followed her, but before catching up with her, she had entered a car, and that was when I discovered that she was brought by the car.
    “We’ll meet again”, I said to myself and I left for house in preparation for the class as a newly admitted student.
    Though, the school had resumed a month ago, but due to financial constraints, I couldn’t resume with them at the appropriate time.
    I was an orphan who didn’t grow up to know my parents. I was brought up by my grandmother who did petty trade to cater for us, my sister and me. And as a result of this, I hustle to meet my needs for survival.
    My first day in class, I put on my best wear and looked cute, and then left for class. All eyes were on me when I entered but didn’t know why. I went to sit at the back since the front seats were filled up.
    After some minutes, a skinny man entered and the class that was rowdy before became a graveyard. It was a lecturer, he wrote the course code on the board, MTH 121.
    “Everybody should submit the last assignment I gave out”, he said.
    I had nothing to submit, so I was just looking.
    He went through the submitted copies and said, ” I know you would copy one another and I don’t mind, but I will need someone among you to show what you have copied down on the board, otherwise, I will score you people zero” he threatened.
    We started looking at one another, who will bail us out? I thought in my mind that I have nothing to lose since I didn’t submit.
    He wrote the question on the whiteboard (question on permutations and combinations) which I’ve been thought in further mathematics when I was in secondary school.
    I was looking at the question and at the same time thinking of the approach to use when I heard him say, “Who is belling the cat?” he asked angrily and no one stood up.
    “Before the count of THREE, if someone fails to come out, you will all smell pepper”, he emphasized.
    Then, a guy stood up and walked up to him (we started clapping for him until when we heard what he said)
    “Sir, I want to go and urinate”, he said.
    “You are permitted, but you are not entering my class again till the end of this session” the lecturer replied and the guy reversed to his seat.
    Then, the man started counting, one, two and he was about to pronounce three when I interrupted
    “Sir, though, I didn’t submit because I am just resuming class today, but let me give it a trial”, I said soberly.
    He looked down on me and said “those that were in class when the topic was been taken couldn’t solve it, I wonder how an unserious element like you will go about it. I will allow you, but if you miss it, you have put salt to your wound”, he said sarcastically.
    I felt embarrassed, but I raised above the taunt and remained unruffled…

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    **DIRTY GAME**
    EPISODE 11
    The eyes of every member of the class set on me and my heart started pounding heavily. I summoned courage, stepped forward and collected a marker from him. I drew three vertical lines to divide the board and I started proving it.
    The solution was so long and tough, but thanks to God I got it. When I completed it, I wrote “QED” which means Quite Easily Done.
    “This is serious! The man did it! What a perfect job! You must be a genius!” the man was flabbergasted and started to applaud while the members of the class joined him and I didn’t know when tears started rolling down my cheeks just because I was over joyous. The man embraced me and then asked for my name which I answered immediately. Then, he handled the submitted assignments to me said “you are the course rep of MTH 121 and you will need to follow me to my office right now”, he ended the class with us and I followed him as instructed.
    When we got to his office, he asked why I have not been coming to class, and I explained the challenges I was facing then. He advised and encouraged me.
    I moved directly to where the departmental notice board was situated when I left his office. I stood there reading information when someone covered my eyes from the back as if we were doing hide-and-seek. I held the hands and turned around, and I couldn’t just belief who I was looking at, it was as if I was dreaming. Could this be true?
    “Were you not the one I saw in a supermarket the other day?” I asked anxiously.
    “hmm…un, yeah! You are very correct! I respect your talent” she said and put on a sumptuous smile.
    “Your name, if I may ask?” I asked stylishly.
    “I’m Zainab”, she replied without hesitation and quickly said “Afeez, right?”
    I was shocked, “how did you get to know my name?” I asked
    “I was in the class when you performed a miracle in front of that wicked man called Popo. I was very happy when you completed the work correctly, because he wouldn’t have taken it easy with you if you missed it” she said happily.
    “God! So, we are course mate!” I said surprisingly.
    “Yes o o o.”
    “Nice meeting you”, I said and handshake her
    “It’s my pleasure” she replied and embraced me warmly as if she had missed me a lot.
    “But, why have you not been coming to class before?” she asked inquisitively
    “It’s a long story baby” I replied.
    “But, hope you have done your registrations?” she asked.
    “Not atall. I didn’t even know where to start”, I replied.
    “Hope you wouldn’t mind me putting you through?” she said while rolling her eyes and twisting her neck.
    “I would appreciate it” I replied and that was how we started our friendship.
    Due to the natural gift bestowed in me, people like associating themselves with me, most especially ladies but Zainab always chased them away from me and sequel to that, people saw us as lovers of which we were not, but ordinary friends.
    I was emotionally connected with her after some months and I also saw the traces boldly written on her face as well, so I decided to ask her out, but she turned me down…
    What happened next?

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    **DIRTY GAME**
    EPISODE 12
    About 3:45pm the following day, I was still in bed and decided to switch on my phone because it was switched off in order to have sound sleep.
    Immediately I switched it on, I heard it ringing, I looked at the screen and it was Zainab. I decided not to pick up her call because I was not in a good mood. She called for like five times but I refused to pick her calls. Then, she decided to send me a text message and pleaded to me to pick her calls that she just had to speak to me.
    That was when I gave her second thought when she called again and I picked it up
    “Hello Afeez, why are you doing this to me? It’s unfair now. I’ve been calling your number since when we have departed but it was switched off and same thing happened this morning when I called. Was it because of my reaction yesternight? I’m so sorry for that. To be sincere, I didn’t mean to hurt you”, I kept mute while she continued talking, “why were you not in class today? Was it because of the issue? She asked disappointedly.
    “I didn’t get myself right since when you told me that you are not ready for any relationship. If I was in the class, I couldn’t concentrate, so why coming to class while I’ll gain nothing?” I confessed.
    “I am very sorry for hurting your feelings; I’m going to do justice about it. I’m sorry once again”, she apologized and continued, “Mr. Popo even asked of you and also said, ‘we are writing his test tomorrow by 6:00pm’ and I have not understood the last topic he taught us very well. So, would you be so good to come and explain it to me in my house?” she requested
    “I will, but am not coming to your house. Let’s meet at FF block in the school”, I replied
    “I know you will deny coming to my house, but no problem. When should I be expecting you?” she asked remarkably.
    “Just give me some minutes” I replied soberly.
    I left for bathroom and saw two missed calls when I came back. I checked it, and it was class rep, Funsho. I was about to call him back when he called back…
    “Hello Funsho, how far?” I said.”
    “I dey o bro. Why were you not in class today?” he curiously asked.
    “Nothing jare bro. I just felt like relaxing at home today” I replied.
    “Na you o. You be boss of life nah, me self wan be like you. Am very sure that your girl must have updated you on Mr.Popo’s new development” he said remarkably.
    “Who are you referring to as my girl? You guys sha! I have not heard from anyone joor, abeg update me chap chap” I replied anxiously
    “Stop pretending bro! Besides, I am calling you on behalf of the whole class to ask about your well-being and also to invite you as tutor for the tutorial which is holding in D16 by 6:00pm today”, he said.
    I sighed, “tuto what? Why me: what did I know to teach you guys?” I asked interrogatively.
    “I have delivered what they sent me o and you must not fail us. Good day” he said and hung up the call without letting me utter a word to what he has said. I was confused. Will I be able to meet up? How do I go about Zainab’s case?

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    **DIRTY GAME**
    EPISODE 13
    “I will have to be very brief with Zainab” I said.
    Then, the worms in my stomach started rumbling, but nothing to give them. I dressed up quickly and set out for school. I trekked to the street where I could get bike easily because I reside in our family house with my grandma.
    I got to school after some minutes, went directly to FF block and called her.
    “Hello baby, where are you?” I asked on phone
    “FF5. Are you in school?” she curiously asked.
    “Yeah. I’ll join you shortly”, with that, I heard “your call credit is exhausted” and my call was terminated. Thank God she has told me the room where she is.
    I rushed upstairs by skipping some stairs and got to her within a tinkle of an eye.
    They were seven in the room, three couples and she was the only one sitting alone.
    She frowned at me when I entered.
    “It seems you are not happy. What is the problem?” I asked in a caring manner.
    “Free me joor! I don’t know what I have done to deserve that”, she said disappointedly.
    I moved closer and sat beside her and then placed my left hand on her right shoulder while my right hand was used to hold her left hand leaving the right one free and tried to pet her.
    “Baby, what’s really the problem? I’m lost and can’t even reason right. Accept my apology in case I’ve hurt you, just forgive me”, I pleaded.
    “You have changed! I just have to confess to you so as to free my mind. Why did you terminate the call some minutes ago when we have not concluded the discussion?” she asked angrily.
    “I’m very sorry dear. It was not intentional, but the credit got exhausted. You should trust me that I couldn’t do such to you baby” I explained and tried to give the phone to her for confirmation, but she rejected it.
    “Hope you are now pleased with me?” I inquired.
    “I’m not yet satisfied. In fact, still not happy”, she confessed bitterly.
    “What is the matter again?” I asked like a wounded lion that has lost its claws and teeth.
    “I’ve been inviting you to my house for so long but you have never honoured my invitation and same thing still repeated itself today. We have been friends for more than a month now and you have never in your life being to my house, let alone of you taking me to your house and you claimed you love me, is that love? Loving someone without bothering to know where she lives”, she lamented bitterly and went crimson
    I was touched by her words and also felt embarrassed when those people in the class with us set eyes on us as if they were watching drama.
    I was short of words for some minutes before I could say something.
    “Zainab, I’m so sorry for what I have done and I’m ready to correct my mistakes. Would you be so glad to lead me there now?” I requested like a debater who has just accepted a defeat.
    I didn’t know where and how that sumptuous smile came from, it just appeared all over her face, it was just like a magic.
    She giggled and hugged me so tightly and we zoomed off to her house which was very close to school.
    On our way to her house,…

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    **DIRTY GAME**
    EPISODE 14
    I decided to tell her that I wouldn’t stay long due to the tutorial I was invited for.
    “I will just know the place today and pay you a full visit tomorrow”, I said.
    “So, you will not teach me what I purposely called you for before leaving?” she asked disappointedly.
    “Zaiiinab! Try and understand me now. I thought I told you that I am having tutorial with the members of our class by 6:00pm today and the tutorial will be based on what we have been taught in class, maybe you join them”, I said with tremble in my voice. She looked at me disappointedly.
    “And you said I am special to you! Treating your special one equally with other members of the class, no problem!” she confessed.
    “I’m very sorry for my utterances baby. Just try and understand me. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Just pardon me” I apologized.
    “I don’t even know the reason why I’m doing all these. It seems am forcing you to do what you didn’t want to do” she said gleefully.
    “Baby, I’m gonna do anything because of you just to see you happy and mind you, as from now on, I’m gonna treat you like a queen”, I said and then threw my right hand on her neck and pecked her on the cheek.
    She looked at me amazingly and smiled but didn’t utter a word till when we got to where she resided.
    She opened the door and asked me to enter then she followed.
    It was a bedroom flat. Her room was well set and quite cozy.
    “Welcome to my hut. What should I offer you? Don’t tell me you are ok o”, she said joyfully.
    “Did I hear you say hut? In fact, this is what they should be referring to as ‘heaven on earth’. If I say I’m ok, you might be thinking that I’m still annoyed with you. In the light of that, just bring anything edible” I requested to satisfy the angry worms that have been murmuring in my stomach.
    She brought out a mortuary standard five alive juice from a portable freezer and two glasses.
    “I’m very sorry for offering you this dear. I never believed you could be here today, had it been I know, I would have prepared you a nice food. All the same just give me some minutes to dish you something delicious” she said gleefully.
    “I’m very much ok with this baby, so don’t bother about that joor. I’m taking this one self just to show you love”, I replied but I did not mean what I said because I was seriously hungry.
    She stared at me for some minutes and smiled. She poured the juice into a glass cup and brought it to me because I was sitting on a chaise lounge. She went down on her knees to show some respect and offered it to me.
    I was shocked and impressed, I couldn’t just belief her type still exists.
    I collected it from her and supported her up.
    Zainab was a good wife material. Despite the fact that she was born with silver spoon in her mouth, yet she was humble and respectful.
    I asked her to get her own glass of juice and she obeyed and we clinked the glasses happily and drank.
    “Zainab, let’s get the work done so that you will have enough time to revise it”, I said.
    “Thanks dear”, she responded.
    I was waiting for her to bring out her book when my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen and it was the class rep, Funsho, then I picked it up…
    “Bro, how far now? Shey you no go show up ni” he asked.
    “I no fit disappoint the class now. Shebi na 6:00pm?” I asked
    “Yes now! This is 5:55pm by my time here, so you ought to have been here by now”, he said
    I was shocked when I checked my wrist watch to confirm the time.
    “I will join you in the next five minutes bro”, I said optimistically.
    “Alright, we go dey expect you o. No African time o”, he said jokingly.
    “Trust me bro”, I responded, he hung up the call.
    We both looked at each other at the same time while there was silence.
    “What is going to happen now?” she asked in pity.
    I was short of words. Different things were running through my mind. What a dilemma!

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