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    Written by Temidayo P. Morakinyo

    All right reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted through photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publisher

    Kunle’s proposal was an anticipated answered prayer for Yetunde, who was thrilled by every bit of him. It was love at first sight which snowballed into the desire to take the nupital flight together.
    Kunle was a tall, handsome and caring guy.He had all embodiment of a fine man. He and Yetunde had known themselves for years since their days in the university. They had started dating from their third year in the university up to five years after graduating from the university. Prior to Kunle’s proposal to her, she thought that Kunle wasn’t serious with the relationship, so she was happy when he finally proposed.
    Mr Johnson, Yetunde’s elder brother wasn’t economical with the truth, instead he corrected her where and when necessary though she turned deaf ears to his corrections. She knew her brother to be a good discerner of character. The choice of Kunle didn’t go down well with Mr Johnson and the acceptance of him as a prospective son-in-law met a brick wall when Yetunde introduced him to her parents.
    Yetunde was ready to marry Kunle no matter what happened. She had several altercations with her father and her step-mother’s persuation for her to be patient was effort in futility. She claimed to have known Kunle all her life that he wasn’t a womaniser and that he was God-fearing. It is said that misery seeks company; in desperation Yetunde adhered to the advice of some of her married friends without marital homes and permitted Kunle between her legs.
    “The pregnancy result came out positive” the doctor told Yetunde. She was rushed to the hospital after fainting during a management meeting in the office. The news brought mixed feelings, her lovely dad would be disappointed but the pregnancy would leave him with no choice than to support her union with Kunle.
    In three months, the knot was tied at the registry. It was a dream come true for Yetunde against all odds. She seemed to have gotten away with her acts and her joy knew no bounds.
    Kunle got what he wanted and soon removed the mask of a tender loving man to reveal his real self . His riotious lifestyle could not be curbed by his wife. Yetunde was surprised to see her husband have a swift change in character. He hardly talked to her, and whenever he does they argued and fought. He started drinking and hanging out with irresponsible friends at nights which was quite different from how Yetunde knew him to be when they fell in love.
    Yetunde who was six months into the gestational journey had to end the journey one Saturday afternoon as she bled to the point of passing out. Her inability to prepare lunch for her husband who returned from the gym was what fanned the flame of anger “Kunle I wanted to prepare your lunch when I started feeling dizzy” Yetunde explained. “You are simply lazy, so stop using the pregnancy as a way out of discharging your duties in the home” Kunle replied. Yetunde told her husband that he was insensitive and inconsiderate but her opinion earned her a black and blue beating from him. Fortunately, Bukky, her best friend came visiting and met her on the floor. There was nobody in sight to ask what happened rather she took the initiative of rushing Yetunde to the hospital. Unfortunately for her she had a miscarriage.
    Yetunde’s inability to conceive for the next two years after the miscarriage set her impatient husband on the path of infidelity. The result of Kunle’s unfaithfulness was the birth of a twin by Lizzy, his colleague in his office. The kids were already a year old when Yetunde got to know. She cried her eyes out. She later confronted Kunle with the news of his disloyalty but got a divorce as a response. No amount of pleas and the mediators sent to Kunle could reverse his decision. Yetunde was back in no time to her parents’ house. It was just like she was back to zero point. She came face to face with the reality of the divorce when Kunle legalised his union with Lizzy at a registry outside the city.
    She was psychologically and emotionally traumatized with an adverse impact on her blood pressure and mental health. Being a dedicated staff member who contributed to the growth of her company, a large chunk of the hospital bill was footed by the company.
    Eleven months later, she was discharged from the hospital and also given a date for her check-up. She couldn’t resume to her office again, because a replacement had been found for her. She wholly got the dividends of obstinacy.. She regretted her actions

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    Bring it on.

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    This life no balance rara nd to before warn is to before harm.

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    Ride on

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    Burh this particular episode surely looks like the summary of all that happened in part 1

    Anyway expecting part 2

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    My dear sista love dey intoxicate like tramadol, u never see smtin. @ele1 @emmy01 make una show.

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    I can feel your pain Yetunde take heart… Your own man will come your way… maybe you try me…. though I’m still a boy

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    OMG uncle kunle you’re not a good man at all, Shame on you dude

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