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    Before you read… The story is a mixture of tense patterns.. And told at the character’s ability. Read with an open mind to creativity.. I tried to break the rules…*** please Enjoy… This one is free 🙂 ***

    Please comments and likes will be much appreciated. Una dalu! Uweh Obulu ! Una Eshe/ modukpe ! Kun Nagode! Wah Uwese! Doh! Una Ayaya O ! 😀 oya abeg mention yourself after you read. God bless you,

    WITH STYLE, he sweeps me off my feet. He leads me on. And foolishly, blindly, wholeheartedly I follow him. I don’t know why but I am just following. I remember the singer’s words although I am not a graduate, he loves me still and I love him more. My parents have no idea of my frequent meet-ups with him at hidden areas. If they find out, they will stop giving Chief Uba high hopes of marrying me. They will beat me up for sure. They love me that much to protect my future but my feelings for one man covers it all. I think about him day and night. I sink inside love and yet I still follow. I can’t stop myself. Even now , I’m with him under a mango tree which is behind our village catholic church.

    The evening is getting dark, his eyes much darker with unselfish love.

    CHEKWUBEM promised to marry me. We dreamt of raising children , happy without care of what people will say. * We are fine together* At least , he said so and I believe him. He has told me of his love and said I am his medicine to cure heart ache. I don’t mind being compared to anything , so far as it is special to him.

    ‘Uju m. I want to be with you here, under this tree, until day break”

    I vibrated at his words. My head got bigger with importance. Then I smiled.

    OBVIOUSLY I want that too but Mama will get angry if I stay more than one hour. I am to buy ugu leaf from Mama Nkechi and go back through the tiny path to our humble home.

    ‘ I know you do’ I touch my soft cheek. I play with my blouse top. My eyes catches his own.

    He is staring at me with joy.

    ‘I would like that too. But I can’t, you know how hard it is for me to come here.’

    ‘Whenever chief Uba visits us, ‘ I said’ I pretend to like him . And my mama does not know I’m acting drama’

    Chekwubem frowned. He touched my shoulder.

    I wondered what he thought about my reply.

    ‘ I love you Ujunwa . How long will you pretend_ How long do we have to hide? He was serious then he continued ‘ let me come and see your parents_ let me take care of you . We will grow old together.’

    I SMILE for the fourth time in a row. My mind is blank and all I know is that this handsome man with a very good body, loves no other girl than me. I will love to marry him too. I will like to be his ‘Mrs’. I can’t wait anymore.

    He travels to the city once in a while- we are childhood friends- and each time he comes back from his uncle’s place I am the first thing on his mind. He comes back to me, for me.

    THIS NIGHT ended like others before it. I gave him a peck. He wanted more than that. I pushed him off ‘ I’m not yours, yet. I need to be sure’

    He swore that no jupiter will separate our union. Only God can do so.

    My heart melted and I embraced him. Then after, we path ways and promised to see again.

    MAMA ALWAYS believes me when I tell her little lies. She did. Today she does not. She is screaming my head off with curse, beating me for time wasting. She drag the ugu from my hand.

    I feel that she does not love me at all . Even now, I believe its the reason why she wants me to marry a man as old as my papa. She does not want me to finish school. I do not care though. As long as my Chekwubem is a University person, I prefer him to a big belly chief with three wives in his house. I wish papa will help my case but Mama seems to control his decisions. Sometimes I wonder if she has wash special ogiri and put in his soup.

    MAMA DREW my ear, turned it’ Next time you behave like this, I will have your legs for pepper soup. I know you have started followin g these village boys. Soon you will–‘

    She spoke Ibo. Her parents did not send her to school, so she does not know English. She once told me I am either seventeen or eighteen years old. She is not even sure. I wonder if she is even my Mama.

    ‘ Mama I–I’

    ‘ Keep quiet. Oya enter kitchen. Before I forget my hand on your face’

    THIS NIGHT, papa enjoys the food. He will tell me stories after his meal and every time, I enjoy them too. I try to complain about how mama treats me but I am afraid. I smile instead and fall asleep where I am , on the parlour’s arm chair.

    A slap wakes me up at 11pm. Mama is really a wicked person, if she is not my mama I want to call her ‘a witch’

    She said
    ‘ Oya enter room osiso( quickly). Old baby’

    The next day, CHEKWUBEM took time to arrive. When he eventually came. His face was not bright.

    ‘ My father’s ailment is getting worse. My mom and siblings are not helping issues.’ He complained.

    I told him of my experience with Mama. He decided that only two of us could make ourselves happy.
    I asked him what he meant. He did not reply with words.

    Kissed me for the first time. I tried to resist but I loved it. I looked around.
    Nobody was coming. I smiled and returned the kiss.

    HE COMES again. Grabs my backside and tells me sweet words. My bones stand up and some points in my body burn with fire. This feeling is strange but I want something. I can’t explain what it is. I just want it.

    ‘ Chekku do you love me? I asked under my breath.

    I was on the floor, on my back, my wrapper , under me.

    He was pressing my tips.
    ‘ With every blood in my body’

    I asked him if he will marry me. He said ‘ why?? Yesssss!!!’. I asked what happens if I get pregnant. I remember my mama last warning.

    ‘ You are a virgin. Are you not?

    I gave a nod.

    He continued’ Virgins don’t get pregnant. I’m a virgin too.’

    ‘ How do you know? My mama said–‘

    ‘ Forget what your mama said. It can’t happen. I read it in a book’

    I smiled at my university person and believed him. My mama did not break chalk , where she see book to open sef? She does not know anything.

    I AM enjoying this. He is breathing gradually and he has not put his thing inside me yet. But my body is so wet and I can’t wait anymore. He put it in suddenly. I feel pain and I don’t know if I want him to continue or stop. I see blood rolling down to my wrapper. Still, I don’t want this to end. Its sweet and painful. I want more.

    WEEKS after our little secret occurred, I became shy of him. Chekku did not leave me. He loved me even more. I was so happy and I promised myself that since I’m not a virgin, I will wait until we marry before another one. I will not get pregnant if I do not do it again.

    His father died in the following week and he became cold to his family.

    I was going to tell him that I felt strange and that my mama suspected me, when he told me his plans for tomorrow.
    That morning I was another person inside my cloth. My head and body pained me. I vomited two times. Anything I ate was bitter. I told my Papa that it was malaria and that I will be fine. My mama did not agree and told me that she will not allow me bring shame to the family.

    She shouted ‘ Over my dead body’

    I feared for my life because she will kill me to keep her promise. Mama is like Nepa.
    Very unsteady.

    I AM not understanding her. I avoid her beating while Papa supported me like he has always done.

    In the afternoon, I visit Chekwubem’s house. I ask him why he did not come to our mango tree. That is when he tells me that he is going to the city.

    ‘ A week after my father’s burial. I will join my uncle. My family is forcing me to go. I will miss you Ujunwa. So much Uju m’

    I want to tell him about my problem but I don’t want to add pepper to open wound. I keep quiet instead and allow his love to lead me. Move me like a wrapper in the wind.

    His love leads me on” that is what the singer _ jamie Grace said and I like it. ‘ Just lead me on, I’ll follow’ .

    The words play in my head. I smile even when he asks me why I look so white.

    ‘ I’m fine. if you are happy , I’m happy. Just that if you leave, chief Uba will finally marry me’

    ‘ Uju m. I tell you again. Only God can take me away from you. ‘

    ‘ And by yourself, you are leaving me’

    He laughed then said’ you and this your igbotic tongue.’

    ‘ Wait for me .’ He touched my cheek’ let my name remind you of my promise. Will you- Will you wait for me?

    I SMILE. This time it is not from my heart but my face. I don’t know what to answer.

    MY JOY turned to sorrow when he left. His eyes and face were not the only thing he left me to worry about not seeing, infact, what I am seeing is making me sad. My stomach has grown big. My monthly visitor- Mama said so , not me- did not come again.

    I realised I was a fool. Mama said I am and I believe her. She cried and I pity for her instead of myself. I was consoling her when my Papa threw me out of the house. Days turn to weeks. He showed strength every time he chased me with cutlass as he wanted to remove my head. I would sneak back to the house when he went out, while Mama always gave me food.

    The food increased my belly size. After weeks I knew I was pregnant- I was sure. My Papa hated me and my Mama started to love me. It was like Ororo ( hide n seek). So my mama loved me more?

    Chief Ubaka laughed my family and told Mama to return all the gifts he gave us; the goats , the yam , wrapper and even the body pomade that I have finish since 1990 and throw away the kom-kom. Everything. Kai human is wicked.

    So Chekku lied to me. No he cant. He loves me so much.

    My papa finally brought me home in shame. I had taken him to Che-Che’s place. Chekku’s mother and brothers drove us away. One of them even jack my papa up

    ‘ Don’t put me inside faeces o!! Drop me down now. You hear me, don’t put me inside— dont— dont’ my papa shouted in Ibo.

    You know the story.

    And the next thing that followed , I saw him on the floor. He landed like ripe pawpaw. His fair skin turned red.

    My papa wanted to leave me there with anger, but Mama begged him to take me home. She said they will kill me with in the night , if I stay , with otapia ( rat poison)

    Years past by and no sign of my lover. Maybe he has forget his promise.

    ‘ I will wait for you. I will wait Chekku. Please come back ‘

    AFTER FOUR years , he came back to me, with another woman, an oyinbo pepper. Her name is Nikita, but my Mama renamed her nkita ( dog) . His friend Kelechi, who stayed in the city had told me that Chekwubem travelled to abroad after two years.
    I had tried to call him in the past. His mother did not give his new number. Even if she had agreed , where I see phone to use call him. Will my my mama buy for me?

    ‘ Okay na. Tomorrow. Early morning by 6am. ‘ I hiss and and stood up from the doorstep.’ No be only phone. Laptop join’

    I BEGIN to feel used, hopeless and sorrowful. My mama does not want me to fight for my right. She is laughing at me and after looking at my face, she begins with a sigh.

    ‘ Hmmm.. Chai! ‘ She is trying to laugh again but instead she shake her head ‘ which right are you fighting for? Are you his legal wife? If he wants you , he will come for you and his child’

    I pray to God ‘ Father, please give Chekku back to me. Don’t take him away’

    For where? Chekwubem does not remember I exist. ‘Jupiter’ has snatch him from me. If he sees me on the road , he passes by. He tells his ‘ new ‘ wife that I am one mad woman in the village- that they recently cure me.

    I try to endure this insult , yet I can’t.

    ONE DAY I approached him and said that my child belongs to him, our child. He almost slapped me and threw me on sand-sand ground. I saw something in his eyes. I knew he was still inside there somewhere, atleast, until he shouted at me.

    ‘ Take your bast.ard child and get out of here. . .’ He reduced his voice’ Uju why ? I told you to wait for me. Why did you do this?

    I WANT to reply him when his mother and brothers shout at me. They disgrace me and I left with tears in my eyes.

    The next day, I think about this and decide to leave the village , travel to the city. Whatever I see there I will collect it like that. Maybe I will find opportunity and travel abroad, then marry my own oyinbo /jupiter

    I WORKED hard to sell palm kernel. I saved money, left my little Chekwubem with my mama and travelled. All I hoped for is that my son does not follow our footsteps.

    I was a love medicine. Only one in the morning and my Che-Che did not come for evening own . He left after leading me this far.

    TWO YEARS later. I am still trying to make my life meaningful. Here I am on the streets of Lagos, doing any work I see: from call girl to house girl, errand girl , show girl, pure water girl, (anything you can think of, as long as killing is not involved, add girl to it) . I start to regret why my mama and papa did not send me to school. Its not my fault though.

    LUCK shined on me. I met Kelechi’s cousin, Nkechi , her mother sells ugu(pumpkin leaf) in our village. She treated me with love and introduced me to hair dressing business. Big girls type, not 250 per hair.

    I saved money and and bought a phone for my Mama. I sent it to them through Nkechi.
    Mama could not operate the handset. Whenever I called, She would always shout my ear off.

    ‘Hello’ Eenn! You say? Hello??!! Ujunwa?!, Hallo, Ello!! Can you hear me?

    ‘ Mama I can. Take it easy’

    We are speaking our dialect

    I said ‘ stop shouting. I can hear you’

    ‘ Ehen! I thought maybe the distance from here to the city is far. So if I shout you will hear me well. You know_ I’m not use to this kind of thing… Oyinbo is wise o…hmmm’

    ‘ Its obvious’ I mocked her .

    I ASK her about my little Che-Che . I ask her if she saw the money I sent for his school fees, together with the phone. She answers ‘Yes’

    She tells me that everybody is fine and my papa has forgiven me after many years. His kinsmen no longer make carricature of him.

    ‘ Thank God’

    ‘ Ehen! Uju, have you heard?

    ‘Heard what Mama- who died?

    ‘ Tufiakwa!! Nobody body died in our family o’

    I sigh out a relief ‘ So what happen?

    My mama clears her throat’ Do you know that Chekwubem’s oyinbo wife, nkita has left him. Hiann!! Wonders will never end !

    ‘ You say?…hey! Tell me something! I become interested.

    I HEARD my mama shout at little Chekku. ‘ Che-Che. Oya drop that stick osiso. You want to kill my fowl. Spoilt child. Let me catch you. See how he keep head like his father’

    ‘ M.a.m.a easy on him na. He is still six years old. He will learn soon’

    ‘That’s how your papa spoilt you. Naughty children. Anyways—‘

    I cut in ‘ Mama , so what happened to Chekwubem and family?

    ‘ My daughter. Story story o! Where will I start? Hey!!.
    He came here and begged your papa , saying its not his fault. That when he travelled , his mother told him how you followed one of these useless boys and soon you got pregnant. Now he has realised that the child is his spitting image. Oyinbo wife has left him, he came back to the village. He is rich o. But he is lonely and heart broken. Now he says he wants to marry you. He can’t do without you. Can you imagine?

    I asked my mama what papa said to him.

    ‘ What do you expect him to do? He chased him away. Thank God , he did not cutlass his head off’

    I laughed even harder when mama told me about chief Ubaka’s fourth wife. That she has made life a living hell for him.

    ‘ Hmm… Serves him right. Wicked man’

    My mama asked if I would give Chekku a second chance.

    I DONT know what I want. Should I continue my lifestyle and hope that one day, I will find the man for me? My emotions are controlling me- I still love Chekwubem- what will happen if I accept him?

    ‘ Mama I have to go. I don’t have airtime. Greet papa for me okay. I have a customer. We will talk later’

    I walk to the shop’s door. A car has stopped on the road accross the gutter. The woman walked to our shop . She always does her Brazilian hair here.

    ‘ Welcome ma’ I said. ‘ Come inside.’

    She smiled and followed me.

    WEEKS later I travelled back home. My mama was happy to see me, but my papa was disappointed that I did not come back with oyinbo husband.

    In the evening. Chekwube came to our house. He must have heard of my arrival. He came down from his car. He has grown quite rich in six years.

    He knelt down and crawled with his knees till he reached our doorstep.

    My papa wanted to kill somebody but mama begged him to allow Chekku speak.

    HE Grabs my hand and stare into my eyes.

    He is squeezing my arm ‘ I am so so sorry. Uju m. I was a fool. My mom and brothers made me look stupid. Come back to me . Please. We can start over again. Biko’

    Any choice I make will determine my future. Things are not the same and won’t remain the same. My head start to grow very big this time, with joy and importance.

    Mama ask him’ what about your wife nkata abi nkita? As if she did not know already.

    ‘ She was never meant for me’

    I am laughing so hard.

    Then I want to cry, but the laugh is taking control.

    ‘ God will purnish you. ‘ I managed to say’ You played on my innocence and treated me like a rag’

    I am feeling powerful.

    ‘He has already…I’m sorry.’ Chekwubem replied and held my arm tightly’ Please Don’t Laugh at Me, I will do anything to make you Love Me again’

    I shake my head and look at my papa. He is smiling now. Mama is the happiest person alive. My son’s happiness is now in my hand.

    Chekku came back for me, to me. He still wants my heart medicine. Or did my mama wash special ogiri and blow it spiritually to him? I will never know.

    Full stop.(kpom)

    The End

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    haha .maybe she did….

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    interesting welldone

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    Very interesting

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    Hahaha…wonderful writer

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    Kikikikikik nkita kwa?
    My dear ur mama wash special ogiri for him o, nice one.

    Ndewo nu, (10times).

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    He realised his mistakes because Nkita, sorry Nikita left him… Well its not too late

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    interesting i blv she agreed

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