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    Chapter 1–
    Jiang Chen

    After shaking his dizzy head, Jiang Chen could feel his mind clearing up again.

    ‘It’s the year 3486 of the Saint Origin calendar.I was dead for over a hundred years.Jiang Chen, my name is Jiang Chen.Why have I been reborn after a hundred years?’

    Jiang Chen, the greatest Saint of the Saint Origin universe.100 years ago, he cut through the sky, broke the door that led through the Realm of Immortals, and opened up a new path for the people of the Saint Origin universe.But, he depleted his last drop of blood and died at the Saint cliff.Never did he think that he would be reborn a hundred years later.

    Jiang Chen raised his head and realized he was in a dark, broken room.There were cracks all over the walls, and the door was tightly shut.He was imprisoned.

    Jiang Chen could hear someone talking on the other side of the door.

    “Brother Yong, he’s the mayor’s only son.The mayor loves him very much, even though he is useless.If the mayor finds out about this, we will be doomed!”

    Outside of the room stood two muscular guys, one with a face full of worry.This was a deserted place in Fragrant Sky city.No one come here on a normal day.

    “There’s no need to be scared, no one will know about this, not even the mayor.Furthermore, after we drink the blood of this fellow, we will leave Fragrant Sky city immediately!Yang Shuang, I know you don’t want to spend your entire life as a loser!”

    Yang Yong said to Yang Shuang with a ferocious look on his face.

    After listening to Yang Yong, the look of worry on Yang Shuang’s face was gone, and it immediately changed into the same ferocious look that Yang Yong had on his face.“There’s no return for us!The mayor has spent a fortune on his only son.Since he was born, he’s been fed numerous pills, but is still at the first level of the Qi Jing realm.If that medicine had been given to us, we would’ve already reached the Qi Hai realm!Even the Mortal Core realm wouldn’t be impossible to reach!”

    “Those medicines were wasted on him, he may as well let us enjoy them!Let’s wait for 3 more days.After the cleansing medicine has washed away all the impurities in his body, we will drink his blood and improve our own strength!After that, we’ll leave immediately!”

    Yang Yong said with a cruel smile on his face.

    The conversation between the two was overheard completely by Jiang Chen, who was just reborn into this world.A cruel smile emerged on Jiang Chen’s face after assimilating the memories from his previous life.

    “Dreaming about drinking my blood?You shall drink my piss!”

    Searching his memories, Jiang Chen discovered who the two people outside were.They were guards from the mayor’s mansion.They actually dared to try and harm him?Dreaming of killing Jiang Chen and drinking his blood?

    Jiang Chen never felt nervous.As the greatest Saint in the past, he had gone through countless, dangerous tribulations.Furthermore, the cleansing medicine they fed him for the purpose of removing the impurities in his body would still need 3 days to take effect.3 days, that would be his opportunity to fight back.

    Ignoring the two guards outside, Jiang Chen began inspecting his body.He immediately felt excited upon sensing the large amounts of medicine in his body that his father had given him since he was a child.

    “This body’s father knows how to feed good medicine to his son, but he doesn’t know that his son’s body can’t absorb them.All the pills were stored in this body, and sooner or later something bad would’ve happened.But for me, this body is awesome!”

    Jiang Chen sat there with a smile on his face.He used to be the greatest Saint;for him to absorb the pills stored within this body was a piece of cake.

    “These two guards outside even fed me a cleansing medicine.Although it is weak, for this body, the benefits are huge!All the stored medicine in this body will be absorbed by me now!”

    After searching his memories for a while, Jiang Chen remembered a skill that could gather the strength from pills and began using it.

    As Jiang Chen began using the skill, all the strength from the pills stored in his body began to move all over it.His body started absorbing the strength from the pills!

    The pills started refining his body, his bones, his blood, his skin…Everything was being refined!At the same time, the cleansing pills had also taken effect, helping Jiang Chen get rid of the impurities in his body.

    All the pills he had consumed during the last 10 years were just too strong.His body literally became a treasure.It was such a waste!It’s no wonder there were people who wanted to harm him.

    “And just like that, all the pills stored within this body are being refined by me.”

    He said with a low voice and smirk on his face.The huge amount of pills were continuously refining his body, making it stronger, and turning into Yuan power.


    Level up!He reached the second level of the Qi Jing realm!

    In just an hour, Jiang Chen broke through the barrier, reaching the second level of the Qi Jing Realm!


    Level 3.Level 4.Level 5.Jiang Cheng continued to break through the barriers, reaching the fifth level of the Qi Jing Realm!All within one day!

    There were simply too many pills stored within his body.Even though he had reached the fifth level of the Qi Jing Realm, he had only used half of the pills stored within his body.

    Outside the door, Yang Yong and Yang Shuang walked around with anxious looks on their faces, waiting impatiently.

    “Brother Yong, it’s been a day.Should we just kill him now, take his blood, and leave?”

    Yang Shuang was worried.

    “No, the cleansing medicine will need 3 days to completely remove all the impurities in his body, we need to wait.”

    Said Yang Yong.

    Inside the room, Jiang Chen was still sitting with his legs crossed, feeling the pleasant sensation of leveling up.Everyone in the Saint Origin universe were martial arts practitioners.Once a person reaches the ninth level of the Qi Jing Realm, they would be able to form a Qi Hai in their Dantian, reaching the Qi Hai realm.After that came the Mortal Core Realm, the Heavenly Core Realm, and the Divine Core realm.People called these realms the 5 foundation levels.

    After reaching the fifth level of the Qi Jing Realm, Jiang Cheng did not stop.He kept on refining the energy from the pills, even though the speed of leveling up decreased significantly.

    2 days later, Jiang Chen finally used all the stored pills within his body and reached the peak of the eighth level, just one step away from the ninth level.

    ‘I have reached the eighth level in 3 days…Seems like I have met the limits of this body.’

    Jiang Chen looked calm.If it was another person who went from the first level to the eighth in 3 days, they would have been thrilled to the max!But Jiang Chen was the greatest Saint!.He had already experienced so much during his previous life.To be frank, he was just a monster.

    “Haha, time to drink the blood.”

    As the door opened up, he heard the guards laughing.Both of them appeared in front of Jiang Chen.

    “Drink my blood?You two will drink my piss, instead!”

    While sitting on the floor, Jiang Chen got up and threw a fierce punch towards the guards’stomachs, sending them both flying out through the door.

    They were both guards of the mayor’s mansion.Although their level was quite high, they were only level 6.They were simply not able to match Jiang Chen.

    Wiping away the dust from his back, Jiang Chen walked out of his room slowly.He knew how much force his punch contained;the guards would not be able to stand up again.

    Outside the room, Yang Yong and Yang Shuang were laying on the floor, holding their stomachs painfully and staring up towards Jiang Chen with eyes filled with fear.

    “Impossible, this is not possible!You were just level 1, how could you become so powerful in only 3 days?”

    Yang Yong was shocked.As one of the guards from the mayor’s mansion, he was very familiar with Jiang Chen.This fellow was a useless person, who was not a nice guy either.He would often use his status as the mayor’s son to bully others.This was normal for him.The sudden change almost made it so that the guards couldn’t believe their eyes!It was as if he had transformed into another person entirely!

    “Useless scumbags, how dare you have the guts to try and kidnap me!Now tell me, who asked you to do this?”

    Jiang Chen looked towards Yang Yong with a fierce look in his eyes.He was not dumb;he knew that these scumbags would not dare touch him if there wasn’t anyone asking them to do it.Furthermore, they wouldn’t have had the ability to feed him the cleansing pill.

    “No—no one asked us to do this, it was us who wanted to drink your blood.”

    Said Yang Yong.

    “Since you don’t want to tell me the truth, then you will never have the chance again.”

    Jiang Chen took a step forward and slapped Yang Yong’s skull with a powerful strike.His skull exploded, sending blood and pieces of his brain all over the place.

    “I don’t do second chances.”

    Jiang Chen spoke like nothing happened.He had often seen bloody scenes like this, and he only felt indifference.

    Yang Shuang could feel death surrounding him.He was not a brave person, and he had never seen anything like this before.His face was pale and his body was shivering violently.

    “Now it’s your turn.Tell me, who asked you to do this?”

    Jiang Chen turned around and asked Yang Shuang.

    “No…Really, no one asked us to do this, please forgive me little master, spare my life!”

    Yang Shuang had a ghostly, pale face.The person in front of him was not the little master he was familiar with.The way he killed that person was just too cruel.

    “Still don’t want to speak the truth?Good!Rest assured, I will not let you die easily.I know a method of killing where one will not die completely before his heart stops beating.I will chop off both your hands and legs, cut away your nose, and dig out your liver and kidney, then, I will let you see what’s inside of your own body.Only then will I remove your heart.If you have a strong will, you may be able to see your own heart beating.”

    Jiang Cheng illustrated in detail.

    “Alright, I will tell you the truth!”

    Yang Shuang’s face was covered in sweat;he couldn’t stand it!In his eyes, Jiang Chen was a demon!A bloody demon!

    “Be fast, my patience has a limit.”

    Said Jiang Chen calmly.

    “It’s the young master!It’s him who asked us to do this.He gave us the cleansing medicine, too.”

    Yang Shuang told him everything he knew without any hesitation.

    “Jiang Ru Long!”

    The name was familiar in Jiang Chen’s mind.Jiang Ru Long was his father’s foster son.Due to the fact that he was too weak, his father, Jiang Hai, had adopted another child.In Jiang Chen’s memory, his foster brother had always taken good care of him.No matter what he had done, Jiang Ru Long would always help him!

    “Why would he want to kill me!”

    Jiang Chen demanded.

    “The mayor spent a fortune on you with all those pills.He was jealous, and once you were gone, he would become the only person able to legally inherit the Jiang family.Moreover, tomorrow will be the marriage engagement day between the Mu Rong family and the Jiang family.If you die, he will be able to marry the Mu Rong family’s daughter.”

    Yang Shuang told Jiang Chen everything he knew.

    ‘So that’s it.’

    Jiang Chen had a grim smile on his face.The Mu Rong family was a high class family in Fragrant Sky city, and they were big in the business industry.Even the mayor did not dare provoke them.If the Jiang family were to marry into their family, then it would bring huge benefits!

    This Jiang Ru Long was a cunning guy.If it was the guy from before Jiang Chen was reborn, then he would be dead by now.But now, things were totally different.The once greatest Saint was now in possession of this body.Jiang Ru Long will face his doom.

    “Little master, I have told you all I know.Please spare my life, I will do everything I can to help you.”

    Yang Shuang said as he kowtowed towards Jiang Chen.

    “I don’t need someone stupid like you.”

    Jiang Chen struck his palm towards Yang Shuang and his pleading immediately died down.

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    Nice start

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    chapter 2
    TITTLE: I won’t do it, do it yourself!

    After killing the two guards, Jiang Chen raised his head towards the sky and realized it was late. He walked out of the compound only to see that he was surrounded by a deserted place, the air full of a musty smell.

    According to his memory, this was the most remote and deserted place in Fragrant Sky city. It had been abandoned for more than 10 years. On a normal day, no one would ever come here. The Yong brothers truly did a fine job in finding this place and imprisoning him here.

    “I was a strong person in my previous life, so I won’t be a weakling in this life. My past life is gone, let bygones be bygones. Since I now occupy this body, from now on I am you, the new Jiang Chen. Your family will be my family, your enemy will be my enemy. The path towards the future, we shall walk it together!”
    With glowing eyes, he left this deserted place.

    The mayor’s mansion had been in chaos the last 3 days while Jiang Chen had been missing. Although the previous Jiang Chen would always do something cruel or nasty, he had never been gone for more than 3 days.

    He was the only son of the mayor. Although the mayor never missed a day in scolding him, in his heart he adored Jiang Chen the most. One could easily tell this from all of the precious medicines he fed Jiang Chen.

    All the guards in the mayor’s mansion went out in search of their young master. They overturned every single brick available, but there was still no sign of him. Finally, the mayor gave an order that if the young master still couldn’t be found by sunset, all the guards would not need to return.

    At the deserted place where Jiang Cheng was imprisoned, a team of guards approached. After searching through all other locations, they finally arrived to this abandoned area.

    “Ai, this young master will never give us a break. He must be enjoying his day somewhere, but we are the ones suffering. I’ve not eaten anything all day.”
    “Stop complaining, he is the only son of the Mayor. Tomorrow is the marriage engagement date with the Mu Rong family. If we can’t find the young master by then… don’t expect anything good waiting for us.”

    “Young master would never come to a remote place like this, we are just wasting our time here… Wait, there’s someone up ahead!”

    While all of the guards complained, the guard who led them saw a human figure clad in white clothes walking towards them.

    “Young master!”

    The guard shouted with a hint of surprise in his eyes. He rubbed his eyes and looked again towards that human figure. Who else could that be except for the young master?

    “Captain, it’s young master. We’ve found young master, haha.”

    The guard jumped up from where he stood, his face filled with excitement. Tears were almost flowing out of his eyes, as if the person that appeared in front of him was not the young master, and instead, his own father.

    “It is the young master! It really is the young master, thank god!”

    A few of the guards started running towards Jiang Chen. Even though they didn’t know why their young master would come to a deserted place like this, it didn’t matter. What mattered the most was that they had found their young master, alive and kicking, without looking like he was missing an arm or leg.
    “Jiang Cheng, why are all of you here?”

    [TL: Yes, the guard’s name is Jiang Cheng. Not Jiang Chen]
    Jiang Chen looked towards the captain. He knew this guy; his name was Jiang Cheng!

    “Young master, we finally found you! If you didn’t appear, the mayor would’ve killed us all!”

    Jiang Cheng said with a face filled with excitement. It looked like he was about to cry from joy!

    Jiang Chen had a puzzled expression on his face. But, due to his intelligence, it didn’t take him more than a split second to understand everything. He had been missing for the last 3 days, so his dad must have been worried to death. He could easily imagine that these guards had not slept well.

    Thinking about his father, whom he had yet to meet, Jiang Chen could feel some warmth in his heart. Although he was the greatest Saint in his past life, he never had a friend who was willing to care for him in his previous life. Being an orphan, he never had a chance to know what familial love was.

    “Does it look like I’m in bad shape? You don’t have to die. Come, let’s go home.”
    Jiang Chen said with a smile.

    “Young master, please ride this horse.”

    Jiang Cheng hurriedly led his own horse over to Jiang Chen.

    “I don’t need it, I will just walk. All of you have worked hard. When we arrive home, everyone can go claim 10 gold coins from the treasury.”
    Jiang Chen spoke like nothing had happened.
    What? 10… gold coins?

    Jiang Cheng almost bit the dust when he heard that. He wasn’t the only one! All the other guards were stunned. 10 gold coins, their wages were only 10 silver coins a month!

    Jiang Chen was once the greatest Saint, so he didn’t really need to care too much about money, but for these guards, 10 gold coins was a huge fortune!
    What happened to young master? This was not his style at all!

    Since when did the young master become so generous?

    He was not riding the horse, and since they met up with the young master some moments ago, he had not scolded them like he would always do.
    After disappearing for 3 days, the young master had totally changed into another person.
    “Let’s go, hurry up and follow young master.”

    Jiang Cheng was the first to recover from this huge surprise. All of the other guards sped up and started following their young master. They didn’t even ride on their horses. Who would dare to ride on a horse when their young master walked in front?

    -In the main hall of the Mayor’s mansion-
    A middle aged man paced back and forth with an anxious look on his face. The man, wearing loose silk clothes, was muscular and 7 feet tall.
    He was the mayor of Fragrant Sky city, Jiang Zhen Hai!

    “Don’t worry, dad, I’m sure they will find Jiang Chen.”

    Beside the mayor stood a good looking young man in white clothes. It looked like he was 17-18 years old, and at first glance anyone would know he was no ordinary person. A look of grief could be seen on his face, but internally, he was happy.

    “This spoiled kid will never let me have peace of mind. If he had half of your ability, I would be laughing in my dreams.”
    Jiang Zhen Hai said helplessly.

    “Young master is back!”

    A guard came in, his face filled with excitement.

    Jiang Ru Long almost shouted out loud; the expression on his face changed dramatically.
    “He is back?”

    Jiang Zhen Hai felt relieved and shouted immediately, “Ask him to come here right now!”
    Sensing that the Mayor was going to lose his temper, the guard carefully said, “Mayor, young master said he was tired, so he went to his room in order to rest. He will greet you tomorrow.”

    “What the?! Where’s the manners of this kid?”
    Jiang Zhen Hai stared at the guard as he spoke.

    “Dad, maybe Jiang Chen is really tired. Furthermore, tomorrow will be the marriage engagement day with the Mu Rong family, just let him rest.”
    Jiang Ru Long told his foster father.

    “Ru Long, don’t always side with him. This little bastard has become more and more disobedient.”
    Jiang Zhen Hai said angrily.

    “Don’t get mad, dad, let me talk to him.”
    Jiang Ru Long said.

    “That’s better. Find someone to monitor him, and don’t let him walk out of his room. I don’t want anything bad to happen at tomorrow’s marriage engagement event.”
    Jiang Zhen Hai threw his sleeves and walked away.

    The Mayor’s mansion occupied a huge area. So it was only natural that Jiang Chen also possessed his own large mansion.
    Standing in his yard with both hands behind his back and the moonlight shining down upon him, he stood there waiting for someone he knew. He knew that person would come to him.

    Outside the door to his mansion, a figure appeared out of nowhere. It was Jiang Ru Long. When he saw Jiang Chen standing unharmed in his yard, a cruel look emerged on his face.

    “Useless peasants, how dare they let this bastard come back alive?”

    With a frown on his face, Jiang Ru Long’s face shifted to a more normal one as he walked into Jiang Chen’s mansion.

    “My brother, where have you been for the last 3 days? Don’t you know how much I have been worrying?”

    Jiang Ru Long said with a worrisome tone and a hint of ‘happiness’ from being able to see his brother again.

    All of a sudden, Jiang Chen jumped towards his brother, hugging him and saying, “Brother, you almost lost your younger brother for good!”

    Pretending to be sad, Jiang Chen’s tears dripped all over Jiang Ru Long’s shoulder. A frown emerged on Jiang Chen’s face as he hugged Jiang Ru Long.

    “What happened, my brother? Who dares to bully you? Tell me, I will take revenge for you!” Replied Jiang Ru Long.

    “It’s the two peasants, Yang Yong and Yang Shuang, they wanted to kill me.”

    Jiang Chen said angrily as he moved his head away from Jiang Ru Long’s shoulder.

    Feeling shocked when he heard the name of the Yang’s brother, yet with an indifferent face, Jiang Ru Long said, “What? How dare they do this to you? I will not let them go easily!”
    “Brother, they are dead now.”

    While speaking with an angry voice, Jiang Chen kept looking at Jiang Ru Long’s facial expression, trying to discover his true colors. But Jiang Ru Long was good at hiding his feelings. Being the greatest Saint, however, Jiang Chen had eagle eyes. He could notice the smallest of changes on Jiang Ru Long’s face.

    “They are dead? Both of them were at the 6th level of the Qi Jing realm. How did you kill them?”

    Jiang Ru Long asked suspiciously, eagerly awaiting a response.

    “Don’t joke around, brother. I am a dumb cultivator, and I am barely at the first level of the Qi Jing Realm! I am no match for the Yang brothers, but thank god there was a skilled person at the 8th level of the Qi Jing realm who helped me kill the Yang brothers! Too bad this benefactor did not want any rewards. He left right after killing the Yang brothers… I don’t even know his name, such a pity.”

    Jiang Chen said with relief and regret.

    ‘F--k, what luck he has.’
    Swearing in his mind, he had no doubts about what Jiang Chen said because only this could explain how Jiang Chen was able to return unharmed.
    At the same time, Jiang Ru Long felt relief too. The Yang brothers were dead, so no one would know his secret now. There would be plenty of opportunities to kill Jiang Chen in the future.

    “It’s not a bad thing that they are dead now. Most importantly, you’ve come back unharmed! If you didn’t, I would’ve spent the rest of my life regretting not being able to protect you!”

    The concerned look on Jiang Ru Long’s face made Jiang Chen feel like throwing up.
    “My brother is the best!”

    Jiang Chen pretended to be thankful towards this ‘brother.’
    “Don’t say that, we are brothers. Tomorrow will be the marriage engagement day with the Mu Rong family. You have to be prepared, my brother. For you, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you can marry the Mu Rong family’s daughter, you will have done a good deed for our family!”

    Jiang Ru Long exclaimed as he placed his hand on Jiang Chen’s shoulder. There were two big families in Fragrant Sky city: one was the Mayor’s family and the other one was the Mu Rong family. The Mu Rong family was a huge power in the business industry, and the relationship between the two families was not particularly great. There was a lot of competition between them. If they could somehow marry into each other, then their relationship would naturally improve, reaping huge benefits for both sides.

    “Marry their daughter? Count me out.”
    Jiang Chen shook his head and said firmly.

    “Brother, it’s not up to you to decide. Father has prepared a lot for this marriage, you can’t ruin all of it now.”
    Jiang Ru Long was trying to persuade Jiang Chen.

    “I’m serious, I don’t even know what the Mu Rong family’s daughter looks like. What a joke if you ask me to marry her. And I am still young. If you all want a marriage between two families, I think you will be the best candidate. You are Mayor family’s son, too, and you are older than me. I can’t get married before you, my brother, no way! I won’t do it, do it yourself if you want.”

    Jiang Chen was very firm with his decision.

    After listening to Jiang Chen’s explanation, Jiang Ru Long felt for the first time that this ‘brother’ of his was doing something useful for once. Especially since his true motive was to kill Jiang Chen so that he could marry the daughter of the Mu Rong family, raising his own status in both families!

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    Chapter 3 –
    TITTLE:Brother, please marry into the Mu Rong family

    Jiang Chen was quite happy at the moment, but he did not show it at all.On the outside, all that could be seen was a pitiful face.

    “Brother, you are the one who loves me the most in our family, I do not want to marry Miss Mu Rong.Since you are my brother, why don’t you marry her?”

    Jiang Chen said in a serious tone.

    “Ai, brother, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but I am just a fostered son.Even if I would’ve agreed to marry Miss Mu Rong, dad would not let me marry her.This arrangement is prepared specially for you.”

    Jiang Ru Long said with a helpless expression.But he was laughing in his mind because if Jiang Chen didn’t want to marry her, then he would naturally be the one to replace him.

    “As long as you agree, I can promise that tomorrow you will be the one who marries Miss Mu Rong!”

    Jiang Chen struck his chest as he spoke.


    Jiang Ru Long felt really happy.

    “Of course.”

    Jiang Chen said with a large amount of confidence.

    “Alright, we are brothers.I will help you this time and marry Miss Mu Rong then.”

    He replied as if he was doing Jiang Chen a great favor, but on the inside Jiang Ru Long’s mind was already thrilled to the max.

    “You really are my brother.”

    Jiang Chen said with a thankful look on his face as if he was going to cry out loud.

    “Brother, this is how we will do it.Tomorrow, at the main hall, don’t say anything and pretend you know nothing.Let me handle this.”

    Jiang Chen said.

    “No problem, then I shall leave now and let you rest.”

    Patting Jiang Chen’s shoulder before leaving, Jiang Ru Long was wondering how his brother was going to help him with this matter.But, from what he had seen in the past, it was highly possible that this useless brother of his would create a chaotic scene tomorrow.

    ‘Not only will my status be raised in the Mayor’s family upon marrying Miss Mu Rong, I will also have a place in the Mu Rong family as well!How stupid is he, turning down the marriage request and asking me to replace him?Nonetheless, he has done something good for me.When I gain enough authority in both families, I will find a way to get rid of him.’

    Jiang Ru Long revealed his true colors immediately after leaving the mansion.

    On the other side of the mansion, Jiang Chen stood there with a grim smile.‘Messing with me?You are going to die because of that.’

    The next morning, people were busy decorating the mayor’s mansion with ribbons and lights.Today was the day for the engagement ceremony for both families, something that had never happened before in the history of Fragrant Sky city.

    “The head of the Mu Rong family has appeared!”

    With the loud announcement coming from the guards in the background, a muscular man walked through the main entrance of the mayor’s mansion.

    This man had a gigantic body, making even the mayor look slim when standing beside him.He appeared to be about forty years old and wearing a flowery robe while walking as strong and brave as a tiger.

    He was the head of the Mu Rong family, Mu Rong Zhan.A business tycoon.

    “Haha, welcome to my mansion, brother Mu Rong, I hope you enjoy your stay here.”

    Jiang Zhen Hai said in a friendly manner.Jiang Zhen Hai started walking towards his guest, Jiang Ru Long and Jiang Chen in tow.

    “My pleasure, Mayor Jiang.Today is the marriage engagement date for our families.I take this very seriously.”

    Although Mu Rong Zhan looked bold and forthright, in Jiang Chen’s eyes, he was just an old, cunning person.

    Jiang Chen looked behind Mu Rong Zhan, but he couldn’t see anyone there.Mu Rong Zhan came alone.Of course, this was more than enough.In Fragrant Sky city, there had been almost no events that needed Mu Rong Zhan to attend.But just him coming here alone, he could represent the entire Mu Rong family by himself.

    “Please come inside, brother Mu Rong.”

    With a welcoming gesture, Jiang Zhen Hai led everyone towards the main hall.

    Inside the main hall, Jiang Zhen Hai sat opposite of Mu Rong Zhan, Jiang Chen and Jiang Ru Long standing behind him.

    “Brother Jiang, I will get straight to the point.The purpose of me coming today is the wish for my daughter to be married into your family.Here, we will decide the date for your son and my daughter’s official marriage ceremony.”

    Mu Rong Zhan said it openly.

    “Of course, once they are married, both of our families will be prosperous in Fragrant Sky city.”

    Nodding his head, Jiang Zhen Hai turned around and spoke to Jiang Chen, “Chen, come forward and greet your father-in-law.”

    “Great!You have a good son with good looks.”

    Mu Rong Zhan looked at Jiang Chen and kept complimenting him, but on the inside, he knew he was just spouting bullshit because everyone in Fragrant Sky city knew about Jiang Chen’s bad reputation.He was a playboy with shitty talent when it came to cultivation.

    But Mu Rong Zhan didn’t care about this at all.He seemed to be very satisfied with this soon to be son-in-law.Most of the time, a family’s interest was worth more than personal interests.

    “Dad, I think you got it wrong?”

    Expressing his shock, Jiang Chen said, “Isn’t the marriage for elder brother?”

    Jiang Zhen Hai and Mu Rong Zhan were baffled by what Jiang Chen said.Mu Rong Zhan moved his head towards Jiang Ru Long and started judging Jiang Ru Long.He couldn’t stop himself from nodding his own head.‘This is what we call a talented and good looking young man.At such a young age he has reached the ninth level of the Qi Jing Realm.’

    “Chen, stop this nonsense.”

    Jiang Zhen Hai said with a frown on his face.

    “Dad, I am not stupid.With my qualifications, I am not the right person for Miss Mu Rong.With me, she will probably suffer.My elder brother has already reached the ninth level of the Qi Jing Realm at such a young age.Amongst the youngsters in Fragrant Sky city, he is the one with the best qualifications to marry Miss Mu Rong.I am still too young to marry.Although elder brother and Miss Mu Rong have not met yet, he is still interested in marrying her.If he can marry Miss Mu Rong, then that will be a perfect match!And it will also improve our relationship with the Mu Rong family.”

    Giving his speech confidently, Jiang Chen repeatedly complimented his elder brother.

    Standing next to Jiang Chen, Jiang Ru Long almost wanted to cry.This was because he never knew just how much his little brother loved him.

    “Haha, so brother Jiang wants to help your eldest son get married.I never knew that Jiang Ru Long was so fond of my daughter…This arrangement is a rare one.”

    Mu Rong Zhan was laughing out loud.Yes, this marriage arrangement was for the best interest of both families, but if he had the chance to choose between Jiang Ru Long and Jiang Chen, then he would not be stupid enough to pick Jiang Chen.

    Jiang Zhen Hai was boiling with rage.He would gladly kick this bastard out of the house.However, he remained silent upon seeing how happy Mu Rong Zhan was.

    Jiang Chen had excessively complimented Jiang Ru Long, and he made it known that Jiang Ru Long was fond of Miss Mu Rong.Jiang Zhen Hai knew that if he were to insist, not only would his son be provoked, Mu Rong Zhan wouldn’t be happy either.

    “Ru Long, come meet your father-in-law.”

    Said Zhen Hai, with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, weak and helpless.

    “Greetings to you, father-in-law.”

    Ru Long bowed respectfully towards Mu Rong Zhan.

    ‘Laugh and be happy.Because you will be crying later.’

    Thought Jiang Chen.He cleared his throat and said, “Mr.Mu Rong, my elder brother also has another wish.”

    “Oh?Speak then.No wish is impossible when Brother Jiang and I are together.”

    Apparently, Mu Rong Zhan was in a great mood.

    Jiang Ru Long, on the other hand, was stupefied.He stared towards Jiang Chen, trying hard to recall what he had told Jiang Chen.He couldn’t remember telling him such a thing.

    “My brother told me that he has admired the Mu Rong family for a long time.If he can marry into the Mu Rong family, then he wouldn’t want anything else in this life.”

    Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face;his fox tail had finally been revealed.

    Jiang Ru Long’s face immediately darkened upon hearing what Jiang Chen said.

    “Brother, what did you just say?”

    Jiang Ru Long asked in a deep, low tone.

    “Brother, that’s what you told me, right?Oh, I know…You are too embarrassed to say it yourself.Don’t worry, let your younger brother do the talking, dad and Mr.Mu Rong are here, your wish will be granted for sure!Furthermore, you have been admiring Miss Mu Rong for a long time, that is a fact, isn’t it?”

    Mu Rong Zhan felt joy and pride when he heard what Jiang Chen said.He thought to himself that this useless young lad sure knew how to speak well.

    “Brother, you….”

    Jiang Ru Long was panicking.Yes, he wanted to marry Miss Mu Rong, but he did not want to marry into their family.He wanted Miss Mu Rong to live with him in the mayor’s mansion;he did not want to marry into their family and live with them.

    If he left the Mayor’s mansion, then he would become part of Mu Rong’s family and have nothing to do with the Mayor’s family.All his years of effort would be wasted, and what made things worse was that if he married into the Mu Rong family, then he would never have a chance to handle important matters, so people would surely look down on him.

    If this happened, then his future would be ruined.

    “What?Don’t tell me that what you said to me yesterday was all lies?You admiring the Mu Rong family, was that a lie?This isn’t like you, my brother.”

    Jiang Chen retaliated without even giving Jiang Ru Long a chance to speak.

    He was doing this on purpose;he must have planned this earlier.Jiang Ru Long was so angry that he wished he could kill Jiang Chen right now.What Jiang Chen had just said pushed him in a direction of no return.

    Jiang Ru Long wasn’t dumb.He knew that Jiang Chen had tricked him, but what he couldn’t understand was why this teenager who had never done anything good, who was always fooling around, suddenly became so smart.Smart enough to trick him.

    ‘You are still a long way from being able to fight me.’

    With a smirk on his face, he thought to himself.Since Jiang Ru Long wanted to kill him, then he would need to pay for what he had done.Today was just the beginning.

    “Haha, I didn’t expect your eldest son to be so fond of my daughter.Jiang Ru Long has quite the reputation in Fragrant Sky city, so it will be great if he marries into our family!Since we will become one big family, no one will dare to disobey us in Fragrant Sky city.”

    Mu Rong Zhan said as he laughed out loud.

    On the contrary, Jiang Zhen Hai’s face was all gloomy.What happened was beyond his expectations.First they changed who was going to marry Miss Mu Rong, then he finds out that his second son was going to marry into the Mu Rong family.

    “Ru Long, have you really decided?”

    Jiang Zhen Hai gazed at Jiang Ru Long.If he had a chance to decide, then he would not let Jiang Ru Long marry into Mu Rong’s family.The Jiang family had many businesses in Fragrant Sky city, and Jiang Ru Long had helped him a lot with managing them.But he wanted to respect Ru Long’s decision as well.If that was what he wanted, then he would have to agree.

    “Dad, that’s really what he wants.I know all too well what my elder brother is thinking.He must be incredibly happy right now as his wish is going to be fulfilled!Uncle Mu Rong, you have to look after my brother when he moves to your family, don’t let other people look down on him.”

    Jiang Chen hastened to reply on behalf of Ru Long, not forgetting to show his friendliness with Mu Rong Zhan.

    “Haha, don’t worry, who would dare to look down on my son-in-law.”

    Mu Rong Zhan replied happily.

    Jiang Ru Long tightly clenched his fist that was hidden underneath his long sleeve.He was boiling with anger.There was no way he wouldn’t get mad…All his hard work, all his efforts were now gone.

    But in the situation right now, it seemed like he had no other way out.Mu Rong Zhan was currently boiling with happiness, and if he decided to spoil the mood, then the relationship between the two families would only worsen.

    “Haha, congratulations, brother, congratulations to uncle Mu Rong.Today is really a joyful day!Uncle Mu Rong, since we have reached an agreement, shouldn’t we ask Miss Mu Rong to join us?Let us see what she looks like.”

    Jiang Chen said.

    “Yes, you’re right, I’ve heard that brother Mu Rong’s daughter rarely appears in public.She really is a girl from a respectable family.Since we have come to a conclusion, I think that we should meet her now.”

    Jiang Zhen Hai said helplessly;he could only go with the flow.

    “Haha, my daughter Mu Rong Xiao Rou is on the way.I’m sure she will be here in no time.”

    Mu Rong Zhan laughed to his heart’s content.Everyone in the main hall was joyous except for Jiang Ru Long, who stood there with a smile, trying to hide his true feelings.

    “Wow!Just from her name alone we know that she must be a gentle and beautiful girl, a girl from a respectable family must be different than an ordinary one.She must look like an angel!Brother, you got yourself a good wife!”

    Jiang Chen kept praising Miss Mu Rong, whom he had never met before.Though not forgetting to say anything that would provoke Jiang Ru Long.

    Cough cough….

    Jiang Chen’s words were followed by Mu Rong Zhan’s coughing.For some reason, Mu Rong Zhan couldn’t hold his cough;he even coughed out the tea he just drank when he heard Jiang Chen praise his daughter as a gentle, beautiful angel.

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    Chapter 4–The Mighty Dragon Transformation Skill

    ‘Bastard, I will not let you get away easily after what you have done today.’

    Jiang Ru Long was extremely angry at the moment He could turn Jiang Chen into ashes immediately!Jiang Ru Long, Jiang Zhen Hai, and Mu Rong Zhan had all been tricked by Jiang Chen today.The only thing he couldn’t figure out was how this little moron suddenly turned into someone brilliant.

    But, now it was too late to change anything, as he could only hope that Miss Mu Rong Xiao Rou was a gentle and beautiful girl.If she truly was beautiful, then that could be something to bring up his mood again.

    “Miss Mu Rong is here.”

    Moments later, accompanied by the announcement from the guards, a girl dressed in purple came in.

    The trio from the Jiang family turned their heads towards the girl, and when they saw the girl, all their smiles froze.


    Jiang Zhen Hai’s drinking glass fell to the floor.What he just saw was something capable of shocking even him, despite his strong mind.

    Jiang Chen coughed out loud.The girl standing in front of him was 8 feet tall, and she perfectly inherited her father’s muscular body.And that’s not all!She even looked like a strong man, who seemed to weigh at least 300 pounds.

    ‘F--k!Her name is Xiao Rou…’

    [TL:Xiao Rou=Little gentle]

    ‘It’s alright to have a muscular body, but why would you tie a braid which points towards the sky?Do you really think that will make you look taller?’

    ‘And that face, the skin tone is really oily, and her excess skin overlaps with itself, and those red lips…They’re huge!Imagine if she tried to kiss someone.’


    Jiang Chen was vomiting in his mind.Even though he was once the greatest Saint, and he had seen pretty much everything, he had never seen such an ugly girl before.

    Yes, this was the ugliest girl in the world, second to none.At least, this was Jiang Chen’s opinion.And ironically enough, her name was Xiao Rou.

    His face turned red.Jiang Chen was having a hard time holding his laughter, but he had been laughing out loud inside his head.

    ‘Jiang Ru Long, this is karma!’

    Jiang Chen thought as he continued praising Mu Rong Zhan in his mind.‘You are such a great father.You passed down such great genes to your daughter, and you are also a genius for naming your daughter Xiao Rou…Nothing about her can relate to this name.’

    “Hurry, lead Miss Mu Rong to her seat.”

    Jiang Zhen Hai said while coughing and wearing an unnatural facial expression.At the same time, he felt glad that Jiang Chen was not the one who was going to marry this girl, and luckily, it was Jiang Ru Long who was marrying into their family.If Miss Mu Rong was the one to marry into the Jiang family, then everyone would look down on him.

    “Haha, Rou-Er, hurry and meet your future husband.”

    Mu Rong Zhan said with a big smile on his face as he led Mu Rong Xiao Rou to Jiang Ru Long

    Looking at the handsome Jiang Ru Long, Mu Rong Xiao Rou’s eyes were filled with sparkling stars.She walked with big steps towards Jiang Ru Long and started holding his arm, “My dear husband, this is my first time in the Mayor’s mansion, you must show me around!”She said in the sweetest voice she could muster.

    Blood almost rushed out of Jiang Chen’s mouth.He could feel all his internal organs cramping up due to holding in his laugh.He couldn’t stand the“sweet”voice that belonged to Miss Mu Rong, which sounded like an animal howling.It sent shivers down his spine.

    ‘Haha!Who knows what Jiang Ru Long is feeling right now…I bet he’s wishing for death right now.’

    “Yes, Ru Long, show Xiao Rou around.”

    Jiang Zhen Hai said while nodding his head.

    “Yes, father!”

    Jiang Ru Long’s voice was shivering.Everyone in the room could notice that.His face turned red, and the skilled, 9th level Qi Jing master was dragged out of the room by Mu Rong Xiao Rou.

    “I wish you all the best, brother.”

    Hearing Jiang Chen’s greeting from behind, Jiang Ru Long almost fell down to the ground.

    “Dad, uncle Mu Rong, since we have decided, I think it would be nice to pick a date and conclude the wedding ceremony.”

    Jiang Chen suggested.

    “Alright, tomorrow is a good date, as we will hold the wedding ceremony tomorrow then.”

    Said Mu Rong Zhan.


    Jiang Ru Long who was not far from the room immediately fell down on the ground after hearing what Mu Rong Zhan said.

    “Uncle Mu Rong is right.For such a joyful moment we must make this happen fast.Dad, you and Mu Rong continue, and I shall take my leave.”

    Jiang Chen saluted with clasped hands and walked away.

    Looking towards Jiang Chen’s back with a frown, Jiang Zhen Hai couldn’t understand what the real motive was.It was too obvious that Jiang Chen did all of this on purpose.What he couldn’t understand was why Jiang Chen would want to frame Jiang Ru Long after Ru Long had been so nice to Jiang Chen for so long, and what was more shocking was that Jiang Chen’s behavior was different from what he was familiar with.

    As for Jiang Ru Long, he could only let out a quiet sigh and think of a way to get revenge later on.

    Jiang Chen left the main hall and went back to his own house.

    ‘Hahaha, Mu Rong Xiao Rou…This is too funny…Don’t blame me for setting you up, Jiang Ru Long.You are the one who started it, now you can feel the pain.’

    Laughing nonstop and imagining the ugly scene when Mu Rong Xiao Rou grabbed Jiang Ru Long…He felt like vomiting, but at the same time the feeling of revenge made him happy.

    Jiang Chen knew that taking revenge like this felt much better than just killing Jiang Ru Long.

    Jiang Chen no longer felt bad about his brother trying to kill him.Of course, this was not the end.Since Jiang Ru Long wanted to kill him, the only destiny for him was to be killed by Jiang Chen.

    What was most important for Jiang Chen right now was training.The people in the Saint Origin Universe all respected the strong.No matter where you went, people will admire you if you were a skilled warrior.Jiang Chen was once the greatest Saint, but after being reborn, he had to start again from the beginning.Now he was just some weakling at the 8th level of Qi Jing Realm.

    Returning to his room, Jiang Chen shut the door and sat down cross-legged on his bed.

    On the path of cultivation, the most important thing was what kind of skill was used.The higher the level of the skill used, the higher your achievements would be later on.

    Once being the greatest Saint, Jiang Chen had collected numerous skills.If he were to show just one skill, then all the people in the Fragrant Sky city would fight for it.

    In the Saint Origin universe, skills were classified into 4 categories:Mortal, Earth, Heaven, and Saint.Jiang Chen knew 3 skills in the Saint category, each one of them couldn’t even be measured.Even the skills from the most ancient clans in Divine Continent couldn’t compare with these 3 skills.

    However, Jiang Chen decided not to cultivate these 3 skills.Even when practicing in his previous life he had given them up.

    This was because he had another skill, the Dragon Transformation skill!

    Jiang Chen obtained this skill in some ancient ruin during his previous life.The mighty Dragon Transformation skill was inherited from ancient times.

    According to Jiang Chen’s estimation, this skill’s potential was way beyond the Saint category, reaching a level which even he does not know about.

    There was one strict condition if one wished to cultivate this skill, and that was one must start from the beginning.When Jiang Chen obtained this skill in his previous life, he was already a Saint.Even with his strong will, he did not dare to give up all his cultivation in order to practice a new skill from the beginning.

    In his previous life, this had been his biggest regret–not being able to cultivate this skill.But since he had now been reborn, he would use this opportunity to practice this skill.

    He was only in the Qi Jing realm now and had yet to form his Qi Sea and Mortal Core.He was at a good point to cultivate with the Dragon Transformation skill.

    Jiang Chen had memorized the scripts of the Dragon Transformation skill, and with a single thought mentally, those miraculous scripts started appearing in his mind.

    This mighty skill was very powerful.According to the scripts, after cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, one could merge with any kind of blood in this world.It was possible to merge with thousands of blood types, and just these benefits alone had blown his mind.

    Those who cultivated the Dragon Transformation skill would form a Dragon Mark inside their Dantian.A Dragon Mark would increase the user’s strength by 10, 000 Jin, and the maximum number of Dragon Marks that could be formed was 108, 000.

    Even more, according to the script, once all 108, 000 Dragon Marks were formed, one would be able to break through the Dragon Gate and become a Dragon.

    One Dragon Mark would increase a person’s strength by 10, 000 pounds, and it was hard to imagine just how powerful one would be if all 108, 000 Dragon Marks were combined.Even Jiang Chen, who was once the strongest Saint, felt a little scared when thinking about this.If he ever ended up reaching this level, then he could easily destroy the entire world with one strike.

    ‘The Dragon Transformation skill will also strengthen one’s body, those who cultivate this skill will get their body trained in the most effective way.This body of mine has been fed with so many different pills, and although the pills have been absorbed by my body, it’s still too weak.I’m not sure if it can withstand the impact of cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill.’

    Jiang Chen thought to himself as he started cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill slowly.

    As he started cultivating, he could feel the Yuan power within his body flowing around.

    ‘Small seven, big seven, form into a whirlpool of impact, impurities will be discarded.’

    This was what was written within the Dragon Transformation script.Under Jiang Chen’s control, he created two regions within his body, one region had his Yuan power flow clockwise 7 times, and the other region had his Yuan power flow counter clockwise 7 times.

    Once he did that, Jiang Cheng submerged in a cultivation state where his body became like a machine, working at a frightening pace without pause.


    Two separate flows of Yuan power impacted into each other, forming into a whirlpool within his Dantian as the whirlpool spread around Jiang Chen’s whole body.


    Jiang Chen started to violently vomit blood from his mouth because of the impact, accompanied by a tearing pain in his body.The color of his blood was black, the result of the impurities within his body now being discarded.

    ‘The Dragon Transformation skill is really powerful.This is only the first step, and it brought me so much pain.But, it was all worth it.The results were extraordinary, this black mark signifies that the impurities within my body have been discarded.Let’s continue.’

    Thanks to his will that he obtained as the once greatest Saint, he had more experience than anyone else when it came to cultivation.

    ‘Keep calm, focus is the key, when the power reaches the max, that’s when the Dragon Transformation begins…’

    The Dragon Transformation script was flowing through his mind.Because of the cultivation, his body was currently withstanding great pain.But, for Jiang Chen, this level of pain meant nothing.

    4 hours later!


    A clear cracking sound could be heard within Jiang Chen’s body.The whirlpools of Yuan power in his Dantian rushed into every part of his body, allowing him to break through to the 9th level of the Qi Jing realm.

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    wow. such a super story

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