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    Chapter 17–The First Dragon Mark

    “We could only find one Tiger Demon’s soul within our trading inventory, but it was only at the Early Qi Hai level.I was afraid it would influence the effectiveness of your pill…So I sent a guy to Red City and bought a Tiger Demon’s soul at the Peak Qi Hai level.It was placed it in the pill workshop.”

    Jiang Zhen Hai said.

    “Thank you, dad!”

    Jiang Chen’s eyes brightened.

    “There’s no need for you to thank me.”

    Jiang Zhen Hai said with a smile on his face.


    -Pill workshop!-

    Beside the furnace there was an assortment of herbs.Jiang Chen examined them and saw Thousand Leaves Grass, Hundred Soul Wood, Sprouting Blue Grass, etc…These were all ingredients needed to concoct a Tiger Restoration Pill, and there was a red box there as well.Inside the box there was a demon soul the size of a fist.It looked like a crystal and was emitting a weak glow.Jiang Chen could feel the energy inside with just a single glance.

    “It’s the demon soul of a Fiery Tiger, and the fire core inside is pure and undamaged…this is an unexpected bonus!”

    Jiang Chen was both happy and surprised.He could tell the origin of this demon soul with just a single look.

    The Fiery Tiger was just a normal demon beast, but it was still a rare tiger species.It doesn’t have a special bloodline, but it possessed a very special fire.

    The fire of a Fiery Tiger wasn’t very strong, but it was much stronger than the fire normally used to concoct pills.

    Furthermore, once you absorb this fire you can then adjust its temperature by using your Soul Power.It was very difficult and risky for a normal alchemist to absorb external fire without a specific method, but for Jiang Chen absorbing the Fiery Tiger’s fire was just too easy and simple.


    Jiang Chen waved his hand at the demon soul, and it immediately flew into the air before falling onto his palm.Jiang Chen then folded his hands in a complicated pattern.Under the effect of the complicated pattern, a red fire core was extracted from the demon soul.

    Jiang Chen opened up his mouth and swallowed the fire core.

    Once the fire core was absorbed, it will merge with the soul’s core and the Yuan power within the body, allowing the person to produce as much fire as their Soul Power and Yuan power allowed.

    Jiang Chen could feel a burning sensation in him when the fire core entered his body, so he immediately sent his Soul Power in a huge wave and suppressed the fire core.

    The fire core was merging with incredible speed thanks to the Dragon Transformation skill and the Mighty Soul Derivation skill.Jiang Chen abandoned the original method used to absorb the fire core and instead relied solely on the Dragon Transformation and the Mighty Soul Derivation skills.

    The Dragon Transformation skill could absorb any special bloodline in the world, a normal fire core was nothing difficult for it.In addition, there was help from the Mighty Soul Derivation skill as well.

    Jiang Chen flipped his hand and after waiting a few minutes, a fiery red flame appeared within his palm.Jiang Chen sent out more and more Yuan power, and the flame kept growing larger in response.

    “My first Dragon Mark is even more condensed and vivid than before If I absorb all the energy in this fire soul, I can reach the Early Qi Hai level…But, building a foundation is more important than that.I should first focus on laying down my foundation.”

    Jiang Chen’s cultivation experience couldn’t be compared with anyone, he clearly understood that building a foundation before breaking into the next level was much more important.

    When using a demon soul to concoct the Tiger Restoration Pill, a majority of its essence would be wasted, but Jiang Chen didn’t feel bad about that.Instead of using the essence to increase his Qi level, he would rather use it to build a greater foundation and purify his body.Reaching the Qi Hai level wasn’t a big priority for him at the moment.

    “I will be able to concoct pills much faster with this fire.”

    Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up, with the Mighty Soul Derivation skill and the Fiery Tiger Fire, he wouldn’t even need to use a furnace.The Mighty Soul Derivation skill wouldn’t only train one’s soul, it was also a method to concoct pills.


    A huge wave of Soul Power was unleashed from his body.Jiang Chen then shook his hand, sending fire out of his palm and forming a flame sea.The Soul Power and the flame sea started merging, making crackling sounds.Jiang Chen casually waved his hands, throwing the ingredients into the flame sea one by one.

    Discarding the furnace and using such a miraculous method of concocting pills, if Zhou Bei Zhen and the others saw this then they would kneel down in respect.

    Remove the impurities, melt the pill, and form the pill!

    Jiang Chen was very familiar with the entire process of concocting pills, thus his technique was brilliant.

    The Fiery Tiger flame made the temperature in the room 2 times higher than before.Along with that, it only took Jiang Chen an hour to produce the Tiger Restoration pill because of the Mighty Soul Derivation skill.

    Jiang Chen then withdrew all of his Qi, Soul Power, and fire, only leaving the freshly formed pill that laid in his palm.

    The Tiger Restoration pill radiated warmth, it felt as if there was a small fire in his hand.The pill was transparent and was glowing brightly.This was because it was a 100%effectiveness pill, a perfect pill!

    “This Tiger Restoration pill has reached the Mortal level, it is perfect for me to consume under my current situation.”

    Jiang Chen was very satisfied with the Tiger Restoration pill he concocted, a Mortal pill could only be concocted by an alchemist who had reached the Mortal Core level, and even then it was very difficult to reach 100%effectiveness.

    Jiang Chen could concoct a Mortal Tiger Restoration pill while he was only a 9th level Qi Jing cultivator, if anyone knew about this their jaws would immediately drop to the ground.

    The Mortal Restoration Pill was a basic Yuan power pill that was different from other pills.In the Martial Sky continent there were Mortal Restoration Pills, Earth Restoration Pills, Heaven Restoration Pills and Saint Restoration Pills.The ingredients for these pills were simple, but what made them different from one another was the rich and pure Yuan power inside.Therefore in theory, only a Saint was able to make a Saint Restoration Pill;this was mainly because a Saint had greater and purer Yuan energy than others.

    These kinds of pills are important for all cultivators who wanted to become stronger.

    These 4 types of pills can be classified into 4 simple levels, Mortal, Earth, Heaven and Saint.Unlike battle skills that can again be categorized into Low, Middle and High, these types of Restoration Pills have no tiers within.It’s also incredibly easy to concoct these types of pills, any alchemist can do it as long as they have enough Soul Power and Yuan power.

    “This Tiger Restoration Pill will strengthen my foundation and improve my roots!”

    Jiang Chen opened his mouth and swallowed the Tiger Restoration Pill.The huge amount of power within the pill started spreading, making his body shiver.

    “Dragon Transformation Skill, help me absorb this.”

    Jiang Chen sat down cross legged and immediately started cultivating his Dragon Transformation skill.This mighty skill was very powerful because not only could it absorb the surrounding Yuan power with incredible speed, it could also absorb energies within pills and elixirs with great speed.

    With help from the Dragon Transformation skill, the energy within the Tiger Restoration Pill started being absorbed by his body, bit by bit.The ingredients that helped strengthen his foundation entered Jiang Chen’s whole body, penetrating into the deepest parts of his body.The energy within the pill was also still being absorbed by the Dragon Mark within in the dantian.


    A humming sound could be heard from Jiang Chen’s body, as if there was a strong vibration reverberating inside of his body.Jiang Chen shut off his six senses and completely focused all of his energy on cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill and absorbing the pill.

    After an hour, Jiang Chen opened his eyes.Two bright lights were unleashed from his eyes, making the air in front of him ripple.

    The Tiger Restoration Pill had been completely absorbed, and Jiang Chen had changed completely.What was missing in the Yuan source of his body was now there, and his weak body had become almost perfect with the help of the Dragon Transformation skill and the Tiger Restoration pill.

    Also, because of the Tiger Restoration Pill’s energy, the red Dragon Mark within his Dantian had fully condensed, making it look pure red.

    “The first Dragon Mark has formed completely!With 10, 000 pounds of force from the Dragon Mark alone, I am able to punch with a force of 10, 000 pounds despite being only a level 9 Qi Jing cultivator, and even more if we count the strength I get from being at the 9th Qi Jing level…This Dragon Transformation skill is truly powerful, my potential is much better now than it was in my past life!”

    Jiang Chen started laughing out loud.He then raised his arm and struck the air, a roaring dragon like sound echoed through the room…a punch with a force of 10, 000 pounds was truly incredible.And he didn’t even use his full strength, he only used the strength of the Dragon Mark alone.

    A normal Early Qi Hai level couldn’t strike a punch with a force of 10, 000 pounds, only those who are at the Middle Qi Hai level could exceed this.With Jiang Chen’s current strength, he could fight a normal person at the Middle Qi Hai level!

    Jiang Chen stored all his Yuan power within the Dragon Mark and then shook it slightly, making the Yuan power disperse like smoke before it began spreading around in his body.

    “More potential makes leveling up even more difficult…I will need to gather more energy, and then I will finally break into the Qi Hai realm.By then I should be able to form another Dragon Mark.”

    Jiang Chen thought to himself.He had kept quite a number of Mortal Restoration pills for himself, there were even a few dozen with 100%effectiveness–enough for him to break through to the Qi Hai level.

    The first Dragon Mark was fully condensed, Jiang Chen’s Qi and blood were very strong while his body was sturdy like a human shaped beast.

    After stretching his body, he left the furnace room.The whole pill shop was quiet, Zhou Bei Zhen and the rest were concocting pills in their own rooms.

    The 3 old men had been cultivating like crazy after receiving the Soul Training skill from Jiang Chen, they even forgot to eat at times.

    Jiang Chen then went back to his home and sat down.Afterwards Jiang Cheng came running over with a face filled with panic.

    “Jiang Cheng, what’s wrong?What happened?”

    Jiang Chen picked up a tea cup from his table and took a sip.

    “Young master, there are two men outside who wish to see the grand master of our pill shop!”

    Jiang Cheng said.

    “Grand master?What grand master?”

    Jiang Chen said with an annoyed expression on his face.

    “The grand master who can concoct Restoration Pills with 100%effectiveness.”

    Jiang Cheng replied.Only Jiang Zhen Hai and the three old men knew that Jiang Chen wasthat alchemist.Everyone else thought that there was some other experienced great master of alchemy in the Jiang family, even Jiang Cheng thought so.

    “Who are those people?”

    Jiang Chen asked.

    “A young man and an old man, the young man was extremely arrogant.He said he came from Red city.”

    Jiang Cheng replied.

    “From Red city?Lead them to the main hall and tell them that the Grandmaster will be there in a moment.”

    Jiang Chen said.Red city was a big city, and it was not something that the small Heavenly Fragrant city can compare to.Obviously he was curious to see who came from Red city.

    A short while after Jiang Chen changed his clothes, he put on a big black robe and a bamboo hat on his head.

    Jiang Chen walked into the main hall, and through the bamboo hat he could see Jiang Cheng leading the two men into the main hall.There was one young man in white clothing, about 20 years old with an arrogant expression on his face, accompanied by another man who looked about 50 years old.

    What made Jiang Chen surprised was the skill level of these two men.The young man was at the Early Qi Hai level.He truly lived up to the reputation of someone from Red city.

    As for the old man, he could feel a weak Soul Power from him.He should be an alchemist.His skill wasn’t mediocre either, he had reached the Middle Qi Hai level.

    “Leave us alone.”

    Jiang Chen said to Jiang Cheng.His voice was hoarse, so Jiang Cheng couldn’t recognize him.Jiang Cheng looked at the grandmaster with a curious expression for a moment before he respectfully left.

    “Why didn’t young master come together with grandmaster?”

    Jiang Cheng stood guard and scratched his head with a puzzled expression on his face.

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    Chapter 18–A Written Challenge

    Jiang Chen walked towards them and sat down on a chair.He looked at them casually, but remained silent.

    Seeing this, the young man smiled.He didn’t feel offended at all;an alchemist who can concoct pills with 100%effectiveness certainly had the right to behave arrogantly.

    “I am Lee Chang Hong from Red City’s Lee family.I pay my respects to Grand Master!”

    Lee Chang Hong cupped his hands, showing respect to Jiang Chen.

    “Red City’s Lee family?”

    Jiang Chen was surprised, the Lee family was a big family in Red city.Their status in Red city was comparable to the Jiang family’s status within Fragrant Sky city.

    However, Jiang Chen had no idea that Lee Chang Hong was currently helping the Mu Rong family in their war against the Jiang family.He also had no idea that the old man standing next to Lee Chang Hong was the alchemist who could concoct 70%effectiveness pills.

    Likewise, Lee Chang Hong did not know that the grand master who can concoct 100%effectiveness pills was Jiang Chen, who he wanted to kill.

    “Grand master, this tiny Fragrant Sky city is too small for a man with your abilities.You should come with me to Red city where I can promise you a high position within the Lee family!You must know, this little Jiang family isn’t even qualified to throw out my family’s garbage.It truly is a waste for a great grand master like you to stay here!”

    Lee Chang Hong spoke without hiding anything.

    With this speech, Jiang Chen’s feelings towards Lee Chang Hong immediately changed from neutral to disgust.

    “Get lost from here.”

    Jiang Chen said coldly, without showing any respect.

    “What did you just say?”

    The smile on Lee Chang Hong’s face froze, he never would have thought that after mentioning his name, the man in front of him would become so rude.He wondered why this grand master became angry when he was respectful and polite.

    “Don’t do this the hard way.My master talking to you so politely is the best thing that will ever happen to you.In the 28 cities, there is not a single person who dares talk to my master like this.”

    The old man at the Mid Qi Hai level was very angry.

    “Grand master, I invited you with all my sincerity!”

    Lee Chang Hong said with an angry expression.

    “Get the hell out of here!Jiang Cheng, send them out.”

    Jiang Chen said coldly as he turned around and left.If it wasn’t for the fact that the Jiang family and the Mu Rong family were already at war, he would have already killed him.

    Jiang Chen left the hall immediately.Jiang Cheng, who stood outside, was startled.

    “The grand master has an unpredictable temper…wait, the grand master knows my name?!”

    Jiang Chen left, leaving Lee Chang Hong with a shocked expression.He never had to deal with something like this before, but someone in this tiny Fragrant Sky city dared to act like this.

    “Young master, why don’t just kill that man right away?”

    The old man said cruelly.

    “Hmph!He thinks he is talented, so he dared disrespect me.Wait until I destroy the Jiang family and take over his pill shop.Then we will see how he responds!”

    Lee Chang Hong let out a snort.

    “Sir, please leave, you are not welcome here.”

    Jiang Cheng did just what the grand master told him to do.

    Lee Chang Hong gazed angrily at Jiang Cheng, before leaving the hall in anger.

    -Mu Rong family!-

    “Young lord Lee, how is everything?Did you meet with that grand master?”

    Mu Rong Zhan asked Lee Chang Hong.

    “Hmph!That man is stupid!Wait until I destroy the Jiang family, then I will have him repay me for how he acted today.Chief Mu Rong, I will help you get rid of that Jiang Chen now.”

    Lee Chang Hong said.

    Hearing that, Mu Rong Zhan immediately gathered his spirit, right now all he could do was dream about killing Jiang Chen, but he didn’t know how.

    “Jiang Chen stays in their mansion all day, how do you plan to kill him?”

    Mu Rong Zhan asked.

    “I will kill him with my own hands, it’s that simple.”

    Lee Chang Hong said with a smile on his face, he then started whispering something into Mu Rong Zhan’s ears.

    Mu Rong Zhan’s eyes instantly brightened.He raised his thumb to Lee Chang Hong and said, “This method is incredibly brilliant!If we succeed, then we can kill Jiang Chen easily.Once Jiang Chen is dead, Jiang Zhen Hai will lose his spirit.Then the Jiang family will be no threat to us!”


    At noon, Jiang Chen was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill inside his room.He had returned to the Mayor’s mansion last night, putting aside the pill shop.Suddenly, he heard a knock on his door.

    “Come in.”

    Jiang Chen furrowed his brows at the interruption.

    The door opened, and Jiang Cheng came in, “Young master.”

    “Jiang Cheng, if you can’t provide a good reason for disturbing me, I will break your leg for sure.”

    Jiang Chen hated it when someone disturbed him while he was cultivating.

    Jiang Cheng was scared and immediately said, “Young master, I didn’t want to disturb you purposely, but master wishes to see you.He asked for you to go to the meeting hall immediately.”

    “My dad is looking for me, do you know why?”

    Jiang Chen asked.Under normal circumstances, if Jiang Zhen Hai wanted to talk to him, then he will come by himself or ask a servant to inform him.It was rare for him to ask Jiang Chen in the meeting hall.Something bad must have happened, something terrible.

    “Young master, I heard the Mu Rong family sent a written challenge!Right now, all the visiting guests and elders are gathering in the meeting hall.”

    Jiang Cheng did not dare to hide anything.

    “A written challenge?I will have a look.”

    Jiang Chen tidied up his clothes before he walked out of his mansion towards the meeting hall.The Mu Rong family sending a written challenge was something he had not expected at all.If it was done because of Mu Rong Hao, they would have sent it yesterday instead of today.

    Inside the Jiang family’s meeting hall, Jiang Zhen Hai was sitting in the main seat and next to him were 10 Qi Hai warriors, Zhou Bei Zhen one of them.In Jiang Zhen Hai’s right hand was a written challenge.

    “Dad, everyone.”

    Jiang Chen walked into the hall.He looked handsome with a face as white as jade, eyes bright like sparkling stars, and a sturdy body.Everyone could tell that he was a man amongst men, and all the Qi Hai level visiting guests and elders looked at this young man and nodded their heads in approval.

    At one point of time, none of these people would even bother look at this useless young master a second time, but recently he had changed dramatically, transforming into someone completely different.Even Mu Rong Zhan was insulted by him, plus the number one genius in the Mu Rong family was destroyed by him as well.Furthermore, he greeted them with respect and courtesy.

    A young genius like this, everyone liked him, and everyone wanted to praise him.

    “Chen’er, you are here.”

    When Jiang Zhen Hai saw Jiang Chen, he finally started relaxing.

    “Dad, I heard the Mu Rong family sent us a written challenge…what’s going on?”

    Jiang Chen asked.

    “Here’s the written challenge, take a look yourself.”

    Jiang Zhen Hai passed the written challenge to Jiang Chen.

    Jiang Chen glanced at the written challenge.It mentioned that in order to resolve the feud between the two families, there will be a fight in three days.The Jiang family and the Mu Rong family will both send a young man to fight in the center public square of Fragrant Sky city, and the bet is not small…each family had to bet their pill shop as a reward, and whoever lost will have to hand it over to the other.

    “Haha, they even used the pill shop as the bet…They’re betting everything they have.”

    Jiang Chen started laughing, throwing the written challenge aside casually.The bet on the written challenge was really big.Even though the Mu Rong family and the Jiang family had lots of businesses, what really supported their finance was the pill shop;even the herbs and materials in their trade business were also used on the pill shop.

    There were only two pill shops in Fragrant Sky city, and none of them could afford to lose one.Losing one meant losing their wealth source, and Mu Rong Zhan dared use this as a bet…Looked like he was really serious about this.

    “Chen’er, don’t you think there are problems with this written challenge?”

    Jiang Zhen Hai asked.

    “Indeed there’s a problem.”

    Jiang Chen smiled, “The number one genius in the Mu Rong family has been destroyed by me, I can say that there is no one else in their family who can defeat me…unless someone in their young generation broke through to the Qi Hai realm.Only then will they have the guts to make such a decision.”

    “Young master is right, he destroyed Mu Rong Hao yesterday.Mu Rong Zhan is not a fool.He clearly understands the young master’s true strength, but under such circumstances he still dares to send us a written challenge, even using the pill shop as the bet…I smell something fishy here.”

    Zhou Bei Zhen said.

    “I guess he must have some hidden motive, just like what young master Jiang Chen said.Maybe there’s someone from the Mu Rong family’s young generation who has reached the Qi Hai level.”

    Another man said.

    “Chen’er, what do you think?This written challenge, shall we accept it or not?, It is obvious who Mu Rong Zhan’s target is, you!”

    Jiang Zhen Hai looked at Jiang Chen, no one in the meeting hall was stupid.It was very obvious that this written challenge’s target was Jiang Chen.Mu Rong Zhan’s hate towards Jiang Chen had exceeded his hatred towards Jiang Zhen Hai, he even wanted to kill Jiang Chen in his dreams.

    With this written challenge, not only will he be able to kill Jiang Chen, he will also be able to destroy the Jiang family’s pill shop.Mu Rong Zhan’s motive was very clear.

    “We will accept this challenge.If my guess is correct, then this written challenge has already been sent out to everyone in Fragrant Sky city.Everyone is waiting to witness this.If we don’t accept, people will think that we are afraid of the Mu Rong family.Then the Mu Rong family will use this to humiliate us.We’ll lose all of our dignity.”

    Jiang Chen smiled casually without showing a single sign of anxiety, “And if Mu Rong Zhan wants to play, then we will play with him.I also want to see what it is he’s hiding from us.”

    “Chen’er, we need to be more careful.”

    Jiang Zhen Hai said worriedly as he furrowed his brows.

    “Dad, don’t worry, I know what to do.Furthermore, this written challenge was sent to us.They didn’t write my name on it, but if I deny this challenge, then I will become the biggest joke in Fragrant Sky city.”

    Jiang Chen used to be the Greatest Saint in the world, and he had never backed down from a challenge.He wasn’t planning on doing so for the first time now.

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    Chapter 19–You are a disgusting poser.

    “Young Master Chen was born with god given talent, he can surely defeat the Mu Rong family.”

    Someone said.

    “I still can’t figure out what that cunning old fox Mu Rong Zhan is up to, but if there’s someone in their young generation who has reached the Qi Hai level…Chen’er, do you think you could win?”

    Jiang Zhen Hai looked at Jiang Chen worriedly.Not only him, the rest of the people in the hall all looked at him.The gap between a 9th level Qi Jing warrior and an Early Qi Hai warrior was not small.

    Furthermore, this challenge was not only related to Jiang Chen’s safety, it also involved the Jiang family’s pill shop.They had to take everything into serious consideration.

    “Dad, don’t worry.I wouldn’t accept the challenge if I wasn’t confident, so my answer is still the same.If Mu Rong Zhan wants to play with us, then we will accept it and play with him.”

    Jiang Chen closed his eyes slightly as he stood with confidence.With his ability, defeating someone at the Early Qi Hai level would not be a problem, even a Mid Qi Hai warrior would not be any threat to him.He wasn’t scared that the Mu Rong family would play some dirty tricks on him.He was afraid they wouldn’t do anything at all because then it wouldn’t be any fun.

    “Alright, I will accept their written challenge.We will accept.”

    Jiang Zhen Hai’s spirit was bolstered, he had complete faith in his son.He had seen with his own eyes that Jiang Chen killed Jiang Ru Long with a single strike, and yesterday Jiang Chen had destroyed the number one genius from the Mu Rong family…he simply cannot be compared with any other young man.

    Not only this, the Jiang family also had to accept this written challenge from Mu Rong Zhan, because if they refused, that meant telling people indirectly they were afraid of the Mu Rong family.They will lose their dignity.

    Just as Jiang Chen expected, the news had been spread around everywhere in Fragrant Sky city.Everyone was talking about the written challenge.

    “We can witness another good show this time.The Mu Rong family has challenged the Jiang family with a fight between the youngest geniuses from both families, right in the center of Fragrant Sky city.”

    “That’s right, I also heard that their bet is their pill shop…the Mu Rong family is going all out on this one!”

    “It is very obvious that the Mu Rong family’s target is Jiang Chen.The sudden rise of Jiang Chen has become a great threat to the Mu Rong family, so they are trying to use this opportunity to get rid of him and defeat the Jiang family once and for all.But, what I don’t understand is, that even Mu Rong Hao was not a match for Jiang Chen.Do they have any other geniuses in their young generation who can fight Jiang Chen?Has Mu Rong Zhan gone nuts?”

    “That’s impossible, Mu Rong Zhan is a cunning old fox.He won’t go nuts so easily, there must be something behind this…We’ll just have to wait and see.”


    Many people were discussing this, all wondering what Mu Rong Zhan was planning to do, because according to the facts known by everyone, there was no one else in the Mu Rong family’s young generation who can fight with Jiang Chen…Mu Rong Zhan must be hiding something.

    “Do you think the Jiang family will accept it?”

    “Of course they will, with Jiang Chen’s temper he will surely accept it, and they have to accept it now that everyone in the city knows about it.They will become the city’s laughing stock if they refuse.”

    “The Jiang family has replied to the written challenge!Jiang Chen accepted it.Now we will have a good show!”

    “I knew they would accept it, I am just wondering who the Mu Rong family will send to fight Jiang Chen in 3 days.Do they really have someone ever greater than Mu Rong Hao in their family?”


    Everyone in Fragrant Sky city was paying attention to the fight between the two tigers, everyone knew that the situation in Fragrant Sky city will change sooner or later.There will be a loser for sure, and the battle in 3 days will play a major role in deciding their fates.

    Three days passed very quickly, and today was the day where lots of stuff would happen in Fragrant Sky city, especially at the square platform in the city’s center.

    The crowds had gathered near the center square, everyone was here to spectate the fight.

    The people from the Mu Rong family had arrived early, led by Mu Rong Zhan.More than twenty Mu Rong members appeared next to the fighting stage.

    Mu Rong Zhan looked refreshed and relaxed, he seemed very confident in this fight.Next to him stood a handsome young man wearing white clothes, Lee Chang Hong.

    Many people had their eyes on Lee Chang Hong.They had never seen him before, so they were wondering who that person was.

    “Who is that young man?I have never seen him before, but he seems to be qualified to stand next to Mu Rong Zhan.”

    “I don’t know, but I am sure he isn’t from the Mu Rong family.”

    People were discussing amongst themselves.

    “Hmph!Why isn’t the Jiang family here yet, is it because they are too scared?”

    Mu Rong Ying said with a cold humph.He was slapped by Jiang Chen right in front of the Jiang family’s main entrance, and he had even insulted him further by making them carry the casket, serving to provoke Mu Rong Zhan even more and almost making him go crazy.Mu Rong Ying had always kept this in mind.Whenever he thought about Jiang Chen, he would become incensed.

    “Look, the Jiang family is here.”

    “The one wearing a black robe is young master Jiang Chen.This young master was once the most useless trash in Fragrant Sky city, but who could have known he was hiding his true colors all this time…”

    “That’s right, look at his imposing appearance and that handsome face.He truly is a talented man.”

    The recent matters in Fragrant Sky city were all related to this young master;he had become the man of the moment.No matter where he went, he was certain to become the center of attention.

    The people form the Jiang family arrived and stood in front of the Mu Rong family.

    “Jiang Zhen Hai, who will represent your family and participate in this fight.”

    Mu Rong Zhan smiled coldly.

    “It will be my genius son of course.”

    Jiang Zhen Hai replied with a cold smile on his face.At the same time, Jiang Chen was looking at Lee Chang Hong.Seeing him stand together with the Mu Rong family, he was able to figure out everything that was happening.

    Lee Chang Hong noticed the staring Jiang Chen.He turned his gaze to Jiang Chen, the person who had become the main attraction in Fragrant Sky city recently.

    “I wonder who will represent the Mu Rong family.I am afraid that there is no one capable in your family.”

    Jiang Zhen Hai said in a ridiculing tone.

    Mu Rong Zhan’s expression turned cold.Jiang Zhen Hai’s word were like a knife stabbing into his heart, making him feel dreadful, but at the same time it raised his hatred towards Jiang Chen to a new limit.

    “Hmph!This is not something you need to worry about.There is someone who will represent Mu Rong family.”

    Mu Rong Zhan said with a cold humph.Instantly after he spoke, Lee Chang Hong jumped onto the fighting stage, sending out the qi of an Early Qi Hai warrior.He looked towards Jiang Chen with a disgusted look on his face, “Jiang Chen, come onto the stage and face your death.”

    “Who is this guy?He is not someone from Mu Rong’s family.”

    “Where did the Mu Rong family find this young man?He is an Early Qi Hai level warrior, no wonder they were confident enough to invite the Jiang family…But, this isn’t right…”

    The crowds were discussing amongst themselves, talking about why a stranger was representing the Mu Rong family in the fight.

    “Mu Rong Zhan, he isn’t from your family.He is not qualified to participate in this duel.”

    Jiang Zhen Hai’s expression changed dramatically.He thought there was no youngster in the Mu Rong family who had reached the Qi Hai level, but they had invited someone who wasn’t from their family to represent them, and this man had clearly been at the Qi Hai level for some time.His foundation was solid, those who haven’t reached the Qi Hai level just can’t compare.This was too risky.

    “Jiang Zhen Hai, you should have read the written challenge carefully.I only mentioned that both our families had to find someone who can represent us in the duel, but I never said that the person has to be from our own families.If you can find another genius who is also at Qi Hai level, I will not be against it.”

    Mu Rong Zhan smiled coldly.

    “This is too despicable.”

    “Too despicable, this is unfair.”

    All of the people from the Jiang family were angry, Mu Rong Zhan was too cunning…How could he make an excuse like this?

    “I will accept the challenge.”

    Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.People could not tell what he was thinking.


    “Dad, there’s no point in arguing, I will accept the challenge.Our family cannot be looked down on.”

    Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face, other people had no idea who Lee Chang Hong was, but he knew Now he finally understood what their plan was.His only regret was that he didn’t kill Lee Chang Hong earlier when they first met.

    Lee Chang Hong was trying to kill him and take over the Jiang family’s pill shop.Then he would be in control of the alchemist grandmaster while totally destroying the Jiang family.

    Jiang Chen’s eyes were cruel, he didn’t care who the enemy was.No matter what their status was, he would show no mercy, even if he was the young lord of the Red City’s Lee family.If someone dared to offend Jiang Chen, there was only one ending.

    Jiang Chen jumped up to the fighting stage, landing right in front of Lee Chang Hong.

    “I have to make this clear, today’s duel will be a duel of death.Two people step onto the stage, but only one person leaves.And the losing family has to hand over their pill shop to the other family without any hesitation.This was clearly written on the challenge.”

    Mu Rong Zhan placed his hand on his beard and said this out loud.He had a happy expression on his face, as if everything was under his control.In fact, he was truly confident because no one knew how strong Lee Chang Hong truly was.He was the Lee family’s young lord, so he possessed a lot of skills.If he wanted to kill Jiang Chen, it would be easier than crushing an ant.

    “Mu Rong Zhan, you are just too despicable.”

    Jiang Zhen Hai had an angry expression on his face.He was worried about Jiang Chen’s safety, but he couldn’t deny anything Mu Rong Zhan had said.Because it was all written on the challenge letter that they had accepted, he had to follow the conditions on it.

    “Mu Rong Zhan is really insidious.He set a trap and lured the Jiang family right into it.”

    “That’s right, he shouldn’t be doing this at all…But look at the young master Jiang Chen, he isn’t worried at all…maybe he can defeat him?”

    “It’s hard to say.His opponent is an Early Qi Hai level warrior, not a Qi Jing warrior.”


    A lot of people pitied Jiang Chen because all of this was a trap setup by the Mu Rong family, and now, the Jiang family couldn’t back down.

    “What Mu Rong Zhan said is right.Since I am standing on the stage, there will only be one person alive when the fight ends.I believe someone is ready to meet his doom.”

    Jiang Chen said in a mocking manner.

    “Haha, what an innocent young man…Killing you will be easier than killing an ant.”

    Lee Chang Hong started laughing out loud, he never took Jiang Chen seriously at all.

    “You are a disgusting poser.You’re really pissing me off.”

    Jiang Chen smiled mockingly, he had never held positive thoughts of Lee Chang Hong.

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    wow. this story keeps on getting interesting

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    Wow kill him now now

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    iteresting…. but why post such a small episode when you know how long it will take you to post the next one? @akinwale

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