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    Nick and Chase would have been close or better still ask people to follow u guys instead of leaving u alone ,I pray nothing should happen to candy

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    Dreams Episode 49

    Friends again

    Chase Delgado
    Sitting on the car rear seat , I played with Candy’s hair
    She held me tightly as she laid on my chest
    D--n! What could have happened if I had not shown up earlier? Does that mean ……..
    Chase! Candy called softly, she distracted me from my thoughts
    Yes. I answered looking down at her
    Can we go over to the hospital? She asked
    No, it is already late .
    But I need to see Loretta. She frowned
    We will go first thing in the morning. I promised
    No, I want to see Loretta , I want to know how she is faring. she insisted
    Fine! If that is the case , I will put a call through Nick
    Alright. She agreed
    I brought out my phone from my pocket and dialled Nick number
    he picked it up immediately and I placed it on speaker mode
    hello brother! I greeted
    Chase! how are you? how is Candy? he asked rushingly
    we are fine , Kira has been… I tried to say but he cut me off
    I know , it is all over in the news. he informed
    I widened my eyes in surprise
    Wow! so fast …….
    what of Loretta, how is she? Candy asked over the phone and he chuckled
    how are you sis?
    I am fine , I am just worried about Loretta
    Don’t worry, she will be alright. he assured
    Are you sure about that? Can I talk to her? she continued
    No Candy , she is still asleep
    Alright! She sighed
    We will talk later brother. I said and ended the call
    Are you happy now? I asked and she gave me a small smile
    We soon got to the mansion and my manager who is at the front wheel parked in front
    What! Aren’t you driving in? I asked him
    No Chase, I need to go home . he informed
    but why! it is already late, You can pass the night over at the mansion
    Can I really do that? he asked and I nodded
    Thanks man. he appreciated
    he honked the car horn and the gate was opened up by the security…..
    he drove into the compound and parked in the garage
    hey Candy! I tapped her gently, she was already sleeping
    Yes Loretta! she jolted up from her sleep
    I chuckled
    Loretta! Were you thinking about her?
    Where are we? she asked rubbing her eyes
    We are home . I informed
    oh! home! She looked around
    I got down from the car and held her hands as she got down from the car
    I am so weak. she mumbled
    Should I carry you? I asked and she nodded
    I carried her up in a bridal style and headed for the sitting room
    Lovey dovey couple! my manager remarked as he followed behind us
    Entering the sitting room, I met my dad seated in the sitting room
    he was turning here and there , with a worried look on his face
    hi Dad! I greeted and he jolted out of his thoughts
    Chase! Are you alright? Why are you carrying her? Can’t she walk? he asked rushingly
    he stood up and walked towards us
    Of course she can , she is just weak. I explained
    Oh dear! I bet you were really scared! Kira is a beast and I will make sure she rots in Jail
    Thanks sir . Candy appreciated and I smiled
    Dad, can you please show Dave the way to the visitor’s room, I am really tired . I pleaded
    Of course son. he agreed
    I bade them good night and headed upstairs with Candy in my arms…..
    Kicking the door to my room opened, I smiled when I saw my mum seated on the bed .
    I bet she was worried about me
    I walked in and placed Candy gently on the bed
    hi ma! She moved closer to my mom and hugged her
    I smiled
    Mum! Why are you still up by this time? You ought to be sleeping
    She frowned and I chuckled
    Alright! I know you are worried , but as you can see we are both fine …
    She nodded and stood up
    Good night mom! I bade , she flashed me a smile before walking out of the room….
    So what should we do now? Candy asked , she was playing with her hands shyly
    What do you mean by that? I gave her a puzzled look
    I err just asking erm if we should do something else . she stuttered
    I don’t understand you , just go to sleep. I retorted and Laid on the bed
    I can’t sleep like this , I need to freshen up. She mumbled
    Then go freshen up. I drawled
    Can you please help me undress? she asked with an unsteady voice and I stared at him in surprise
    Are you alright? I asked to be sure
    Yes. She nodded
    I chuckled
    Don’t start what you can’t finish, I am not as gentle as you think
    I know. She smiled shyly
    She laid on my chest and started drawing circles
    I smiled , I knew what she wanted, but I wanted her to ask for it ….
    Chase! she called softly
    Do you erm remember the day when we erm had hot roomance . she stuttered
    Yes, what about it?
    You promised to wait for me till I am ready . She continued
    go on, I am listening. I urged her
    Erm you see I think I am ready and i smiled
    she has finally asked for it!
    I rolled her over and kissed her hungrily , I suckled on her bottom lips , and a moan escapes from her throats
    I smiled
    I broke the kiss and pulled off her clothes , she was left with her undies
    I unhooked her bra and her big boobs came out free
    I took one of her nipples in my mouth and suckled on it while I circled around the other one
    Chaaseee! She moaned loudly
    I moved my hands down her pant and felt her ass cheeks , it was so round
    With two fingers, I moved her pant to the side and started fingering her , I started with a finger and soon inserted another
    baaaby! She wriggled on the bed in pleasure
    I love you Chase , I love you Chase . She kept on screaming
    I smiled
    I went down on her and started licking her p---y, I rolled my tongue around her c------s . her breathing became faster as she let out a cry of pleasure
    Pushing her pant off her hips and half way down her legs, I unbutton the fly of my slacks and pulled my fully erected d--k out through the opening of my boxers
    What are you doing? won’t you get undressed? She breathe heavily, our forehead touching with my breathe moist on her lips
    No, I can’t wait any longer
    I positioned myself in between her legs and sighed
    It will be very painful the first time . I informed and she shuddered a bit
    Should I continue? I asked to be sure and she nodded
    Parting her legs wider, I fixed the head of my c--k in her vaginal hole and had a slight push
    She immediately bursted into tears
    Please stop , it is hurting
    Ignoring her cries , I placed both of my legs on my shoulders and gave a huge and strong push, I felt her hymen tear and felt a fluid come out of her….
    No please . She screamed, she tried pushing me off her but I pinned her hands to the bed and kept on thrusting deep into her
    I hate you . She screamed and I chuckled
    I brushed off the hair from her face as I kept going in and out of her………..i pulled out from her and released my c-m on the bed
    You are wicked Chase . She kept on crying
    I smiled and rolled off her
    I am sorry baby. I pulled her to me and pet her
    I stared at the blood stained bedsheet and smiled …….
    Nick Delgado
    Staring at the face of the injured girl, I brushed off the hair off her face
    She was still beautiful despite all the injuries
    But Kira is truly a beast , she really doesn’t have a heart…I mean how could she be so cruel to beat up a girl like this……
    I sighed in anger
    I will make sure the b---h rots in jail….

    Candace Noah
    Waking up, I felt a hands wrapped around me.
    I turned over to see Chase still sleeping
    I smiled
    Good morning! I greeted in whispers and kissed him softly on his lips
    I sat up on the bed and rubbed my eyes, the blood stained bedsheet had been replaced with a new one
    When did he change it? I wondered
    I dragged up my naked self from the bed and limped into the bathroom
    I was still feeling sore from last night banging
    Gosh! I am no longer a virgin
    I returned to room to see Chase looking out of the windows
    Good morning! I greeted shyly
    he turned to look at me and I felt his eyes roam around my almost naked body , I had his towel wrapped around me
    Morning! how was your night?he grinned
    Fine! I replied trying not to meet his gaze
    he chuckled
    I went over to his wardrobe and opened it
    What can I wear? I muttered
    You can put on anything you like. he drawled and went to the bathroom
    I sighed
    I searched through his class , I settled for a blue joggers with an armless top
    I hurriedly dressed up and sat on the bed
    I brought out my phone from my bag and switched it on
    There were several voicemail messages from my mum , dad , Zara and even Tiffany
    I bet they were all d--n worried about me
    I dialled my mom number and she picked up immediately
    Candy! how are you? Where are you? Are you alright? she asked rushingly
    Yes mum , I am alright
    She sighed in relief
    What exactly happened? You told me you were having a dinner date with Chase so how did you end up getting kidnapped by Kira?She continued
    I will explain everything to you when I get home. I promised
    Alright baby , what of Chase? is he alright?
    Of course mom. I replied staring at Chase who just returned to the room
    Good! just be safe dear . She said and ended the call
    Who was that? he asked and I looked away
    Staring at his hot body brought back the memory of what we had last night
    Who was that? he repeated
    It was Mum, I replied not meeting his gaze
    Oh! he went over to his wardrobe and soon began dressing up
    I stole glances at him as he dressed
    how can someone be so perfect?………….
    he picked up his car keys when he was done dressing
    Let us go. he said and I stood up from the bed
    how do I look in the clothes? I asked staring at my reflection in the big mirror
    beautiful! he remarked and I smiled
    Can we go now? he asked and I nodded………..

    Kira Montes
    Tears rolled down my eyes as I sat curled up in a corner of the prison cell…
    What would happen to me now? Will I spend the rest of my life locked up? I wondered
    No it can’t be , my dad will get me out of here . I assured myself
    I heard the sound of a key turning in a lock and looked in the direction
    A cops was opening up the iron gates
    Come out .he barked holding the prison gates wide opened
    Why? have my dad come for me? Am I getting released? I asked rushingly
    he scoffed
    I guess you don’t know the gravity of your offence
    gravity! What are you talking about? I asked with a trembling voice
    Just come out. he yelled and I bit my lips trying to control my tears
    I walked out of the cell room and he immediately handcuffed me
    Come this way , your dad wants to see you . he informed and led me to the visiting room
    Dad! I called and ran up to him
    he was seated on a chair and just stared blankly at me
    I tried to hug him but he pushed me away
    Dad! I called softly
    You have just two minutes. the cop informed and took his leave
    Please help me get out of here dad. I pleaded
    he shook his head as tears rolled down his eyes
    I warned you about it Kira but instead you chose to disgrace me
    No dad, I didn’t do it . I lied and he scoffed
    Quit lying Kira, the game is already over
    Over! game! What are you talking about dad? I half yelled
    he sighed
    You will have to face the consequences of your actions
    No , you can’t do this to me , I can’t go to prison.I pleaded with a trembling voice
    You should have taught about that before trying to harm an innocent child. he retorted
    No!she isn’t innocent , she tried to steal my Chase from me. I yelled
    You are crazy, you are d--n crazy. he yelled back …… isn’t it obvious to see that Chase is in love with the girl
    No dad , she is …..I tried to say but he cut me off
    I can see you have no iota of shame or remorse
    he stood up
    Where are you going? I asked in alarm
    No dad, you can’t go home , you have to help me. I kept on pleading
    I can’t do anything about it , my hands are all tied up
    Dad ! I gasped in shock
    I will come check on you later. he gave me a small smile before leaving ….
    Please don’t leave me dad! I screamed loudly and the cop officer immediately rushed in
    What is with the noise? he frowned
    My dad. I mumbled and he chuckled
    I can see he left you on your own when he realised you are a d--n beast
    how dare you talk to me like that! do you know who I am! I yelled
    You are nothing but a crazy b---h . he cursed at me
    he held my handcuffed hands and dragged me back to the cell
    My lawyer , I need my lawyer . I yelled …..
    Chase Delgado
    On getting to the hospital, I was surprised to see lot of reporters outside
    D--n! this is crazy
    how are we gonna pass through? Candy asked
    I guess we will have to ignore all of them . I drawled
    We alighted from the car and they all rushed towards us
    I am glad you both are safe, but can you please tell us what really happened? a slim woman asked
    how did you get to know about it? Another one asked
    Is it true Kira attempted to kill one of Your friend? a third one asked Candy
    This is so ridiculous! I muttered
    I held Candy hands as we made our way into the hospital
    Where is Loretta? I asked the nurse behind the reception table
    She is in ward 7. She winked at me and I heard Candy scoffed
    how can we get there please? I asked for directions
    I can take you there if you want. she smiled
    That will be better! I remarked and Candy hissed
    What is wrong with you? I asked her
    Nothing. She frowned
    We followed behind the nurse as she led us through a very long passage to a room at the extreme end
    This is her ward room. She informed
    Thanks, you can go now . Candy snapped at her
    Alright ma. She flashed me a smile before leaving
    I pushed the door to the ward room opened and we walked in
    Nick was seated on a chair beside the bed and was stroking Loretta hair
    I smiled
    hello bro! I greeted
    he looked startled for a moment , and they quickly composed himself
    Chase! Candy! When did you guys get here?
    Just now. Candy answered and rushed to the bed
    How is she doing? Have she regained consciousness? She asked staring into Loretta face
    Yes, she just slept not quite long . he answered tiredly
    And what about you? You look tired. I observed as I moved closer to him
    Yes, I need to rest . he drawled
    But you could have easily done that? I continued
    I know, but I couldn’t bear to leave her all alone . he smiled
    Oh! I nodded
    So what is the latest update about Kira? he asked
    She is presently being treated as a first rated criminal, and all her contracts with the record label has been cancelled. I informed
    That is good for the b---h! he remarked
    But you really need to…..
    Loretta! Candy called cutting me off
    I shifted my gaze to Loretta and smiled when i saw she was awake
    how are you Loretta? Candy asked excitedly
    Fine, I am glad you are safe . she smiled lightly
    Yes baby , and it is all thanks to you…
    hi Loretta! I greeted and she smiled shyly
    Sir Chase!
    Just call me Chase . I corrected and she nodded …….
    Thanks for everything, I am really grateful. I appreciated
    It is nothing, I am glad I got back my friend……

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    good for Kira

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    Things are getting better

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    Getting better

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    Good for Kira

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