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    Thank God Loretta is okay

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    Dreams Episode 50

    Reward for being good
    Candace Noah
    After leaving the hospital, Chase drove me home
    It was already late as we spent most of the day Chit chatting and having fun with Loretta and Nick …. speaking of Nick , I noticed he was acting kind of weird around Loretta or Does he actually likes her?
    I chuckled and Chase glanced at me
    What is funny?he asked
    Nothing, I was just wondering about Nick unusual behaviour
    What do you mean by that? he arched an eyebrow
    Didn’t you see the way he was acting around Loretta? he was kind of overprotective of her
    I don’t see anything wrong in that. he remarked and I smirked
    I didn’t say it was wrong , all I am trying to say is that it seems he likes Loretta
    he smiled
    And is there anything wrong in it?
    hell no! I wouldn’t mind if my brother go out with my friend…….
    We soon got to my house and he parked in front
    Can’t you just spend the night at my place? he asked fixing his gaze on me
    I wish to Chase, but I promised my mum that I will be home tonight , you know I have a lot of explanation to do . I explained
    he sighed
    Alright then , we will see tomorrow.
    Sure ,I nodded ….. I love you Chase
    I love you too
    I gave him a light kiss before alighting from the car…..
    Good night! I waved as he drove off ….
    Entering the sitting room, My mum rushed at me and gave me a tight hug
    I am glad you are safe baby . She said as she released me from the hug
    I smiled
    how are you? Did those idiot hurt you in anyway? She asked worriedly
    No mum, I am alright . I assured her and she sighed
    but what really happened, how did Kira get to kidnap you? She probed on
    It is a long story mother
    Then brief it, What really happened? she repeated
    Fine! It was all planned from the beginning. she was so jealous of me and wanted to get rid of me . I explained
    But why would she be? My mom asked , she was clearly confused
    I don’t know mum . I lied
    She sighed
    I am glad the beast did not succeed in her plan, I hope she spend all of her life in the prison
    I smiled
    I hope so too ….. what of dad? Is he asleep
    No, he is not back from work. She informed
    Oh! And max?
    he is in the room….. and lest I forget , Congratulations for your successful solo debut
    Thanks mum . I appreciated, I gave her a side hug
    I am proud of you darling. She remarked and I smiled
    I need to get some sleep. I informed and she nodded
    Good night baby
    Good night mom. I bade
    Taking a few steps to the room, she asked
    What is wrong with you? Why are you limping?
    I paused, I looked back to see her staring at my legs
    I sprained an ankle. I lied
    Are you sure about that? she shifted her gaze to my face
    Yes. I nodded while trying not to meet her gaze
    She sighed
    Just be careful
    Alright mum . I flashed her a smile before heading to my room , but this time around I tried to walk properly
    I can’t let her find out I am no longer a virgin….
    Pushing the door opened, a bucket of water fell on me
    Congratulations. Max screamed, he was seated on the bed laughing
    What is the meaning of this? I yelled , my whole clothes were soaked and I felt chilled
    Calm down sis, it is just my way of congratulating you . he continued laughing
    I huffed
    And don’t you think this prank is way too expensive, you ruined both my clothes and hair
    And do you think I care? he rolled his eyes
    I glared at him
    I toss my bag back to the bed before going over to the bathroom
    Crazy kid!
    I returned to the room to see Max mopping the floor
    I smirked
    And see who got himself an extra chore
    he looked at me in a huff
    At least all my efforts were not in vain
    Whatever. I rolled my eyes
    So did you enjoy the water bath? he teased
    I ignored him
    Sitting down on the bed , I brought out my phone from my back pack
    I dialled Loretta number but it wasn’t going through so I decided to Call Nick
    I dialled his number , it rang without him picking
    Why is he not picking? I said aloud
    Who is that? Max asked
    None of your business. I retorted and he chuckled
    Are you still angry?
    I glared at him without answering
    Fine! I am sorry . he apologised, he moved closer to me and sat on the bed
    I scoffed
    I said I am sorry . he repeated tickling me
    Please stop it . I pleaded, I wriggled my body as I laughed
    Am I forgiven now? he asked still tickling me
    Sure, I replied still laughing and he stopped
    So who were you trying to call? he repeated
    It is Nick
    big brother! Please call him again, I want to hear his voice . he pleaded
    I smiled
    I was about to dial his number again when his call came through
    Oh! he is calling back
    I received it immediately
    hello sis! I am sorry for not picking your call earlier , I was in the bathroom. he explained
    Alright! I just wanted to ask after Loretta, how is she now?
    She is fine ,
    Can I talk to her?
    Actually she is not with me right now, I went home to get some food but will soon be on my way to the hospital. he informed
    Oh! If that is the case , just tell her I called
    Alright sis …. where are you?
    I am in my room with Max , he wants to speak with you
    give him the phone . he instructed and I did
    hello Nick! Max greeted and I smiled
    I laid on my bed as the memories of last night flashed through
    I smiled
    Chase! I was already missing him……………..
    Sitting on the sofa , I was watching the news on the television
    It was all about Kira , her trial in court would hold this weekend
    I smirked
    I wouldn’t have mind using her if I knew she was such a beast..
    Too bad she got caught, I bet she will make use of her brains next time , that is if there is a next time for her…..
    I kept on watching the news and smirked evilly when the picture of Candace Noah was shown on the television screen…
    She was been praised for her angelic voice and her successful solo debut
    I smiled
    She is the truly the queen of music not only because of her voice , but because she holds a special place in the heart of two Popular singers…………My enemies, Nick and Chase………
    Chase Delgado
    On getting home, I headed straight to my room
    I was really tired, how I wished Candy was with me
    I pulled off my shoes and collapsed on the bed
    I just wanted to sleep
    My phone suddenly rang and I received it without checking who the caller was
    hi, who is this? I grunted
    Are you sleeping? a familiar voice asked
    Oh Dave! how are you?
    he chuckled, I can see you are tired
    What of Candy? Is she there with you . he asked
    No, why did you call? I drawled
    Oh! Yes! I called to inform you about your intending Concert
    Concert! I don’t get , what concert? I asked
    Your fans were all asking for it so I signed the deal with some top sponsors. he informed
    And you decided to do it without my knowledge?I asked in a huff
    I am your manager Chase and I want the best for you
    Oh right!
    You just need to pick a date and boom the whole country will know about it , Or should I pick a date for you?
    I scoffed
    Do whatever you like
    Alright kid. he agreed and ended the call
    Kid! I muttered, he is really crazy……..
    Loretta Samuels
    Opening my eyes, I looked around and sighed in disappointment when I did not see Nick in the room
    I guess he finally left me …I mean he has no reason to stay by my side , I am nothing to him probably just a girl he pities
    how I wish he can love me the way I ……. what are you thinking Loretta? You really have to snap out of your thought, Nick can never love someone like you ……..
    The door suddenly creaked opened and my Prince Charming walked in
    Nick! I beamed happily and he chuckled
    how are you? he asked, he moved closer to me and sat on the bed
    I am fine . I grinned
    he placed the fancy bag he was holding on the bed
    What is in the bag? I asked , I tried to sit up but fell back to the bed because of the pain
    Don’t stress yourself Princess. he brushed my hair gently
    Did he just call me Princess? I thought within , I stared at him with my eyes wide opened
    Do you want to sit? he asked and I nodded
    he stood up from the chair , he held me by my waist and assisted me in sitting up
    Thanks. I muttered
    he looked at me and I swear I could hear his heart beat , he was so d--n close
    Are you alright? he asked
    I just stared on at him, his blue eyes, his pink lips , his cute face ….. Gosh! he is d--n cute
    Are you alright? he repeated
    Yes. I answered, I quickly composed my self
    he chuckled
    he sat back on the chair and brought out a flask from the bag
    here, he handed it to me
    I opened the flask to see an appetising meal
    I licked my lips
    Did your maids cook this?
    No, I cooked it my self. he answered
    What! I mean I never knew you can cook
    he smiled lightly
    Just eat
    I ate a spoonful of the meal and gave him a surprised look
    What! he mouthed
    It is so so delicious! I remarked and he smiled
    I thanked him when I was done eating and he just nodded
    his eyes were fixed to his phone and he was probably chatting with his girlfriend
    Oh this is so bad!
    I sighed
    What is it? he looked up at me
    Nothing, I shook my head
    Alright. he answered and continued with his phone
    I guess I am just a……
    So what do you intend doing? he asked distracting me from my thoughts
    What do you mean? I asked, I was confused
    Do you still want to go back to the music school?
    I stared at him blankly
    What is he trying to say?
    do you? he repeated
    I sighed
    I wish to , but I don’t think it is possible
    he smiled
    Is it because of what Kira made you to do?
    I nodded
    That doesn’t mean , I can make it happen if you are still interested
    Are you for real? I asked in surprise
    he nodded
    I am interested, I am interested. I repeated as tears of joy rolled down my eyes
    he chuckled
    What is with the tears?
    I am just so happy, thanks so much. I appreciated
    It is nothing. he leaned over to wiped my tears
    and without thinking, I pulled him to me and hugged him
    Thanks Nick , I am really grateful
    he went stiff for a while and then he wrapped his hands tightly around me……..


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    Dreams Episode 51

    Justice is served
    Candace Noah
    The whole court room went silent when the Judge was about to give his final Judgement
    I was so scared, what if the judge decides to set her free?
    I sighed
    Are you alright? Chase asked in whispers, he was seated beside me
    I shook my head
    I am worried about the judgement, you know it might be in Kira favour
    He chuckled lightly
    That cannot happened, Loretta’s testimony is enough to put her behind bars. he assured
    I hope so . I muttered
    I glanced at Loretta and smiled, she was seated beside Nick with her head resting on his shoulders
    Are they couples?
    The Judge cleared his throat and I felt my heart beating faster
    After listening to both attorneys, I have come to a decision “
    he looked around to make sure everyone was listening before he continued
    Kira Montes! he called with his gaze fixed on her
    She was standing in the witness box with her head bent, she was clearly ashamed
    I pronounce you guilty of all the crimes you were charge with , which are Kidnapping, illegal possessions of arms and ammunitions, attempted Murder, assaults , abetting a rape and you are hereby sentenced to a life imprisonment with hard labour …………..
    I sighed in relief
    Nooooooooo. Kira screamed violently and the two cops beside her immediately held her still
    She tried to struggle out of their grip, but I guess their hold on her was tight because she couldn’t
    Daddy please help me , please help . She kept on screaming as the cops dragged her outside ….
    I shook my head in pity , she sure deserved it……..
    Walking out of the courthouse, I helped Loretta walk by placing one of my hands on her shoulders and the other on her waist band
    She was still limping, but had to come because she was the main witness
    Now my mind can finally be at peace. She said with a smile
    Same with me , I am really happy the witch will get to spend the whole of her life behind bars. I said and we both laughed
    Did you see her face when the judge read out his final judgment? She asked still laughing
    Of course , her mouth was wide opened like a zombie.
    Oh my gawd! Candy you are so funny. She continued laughing
    The reporters crowded us immediately we got outside the courthouse
    D--n! I cursed
    Miss Noah, Are you happy that justice is served? one of them asked
    Do you have any thing to say about the Judgement? Another one asked
    What about you miss, what more do you have to say about the criminal Kira? a third one asked facing Loretta
    I sighed in frustration
    how are we going to pass through! they blocked all of the way
    I looked around
    Where the hell is Chase and Nick? I wondered
    Can you please just excuse us, my friend here is getting weak? I pleaded
    We will, but please Just answer us? they kept on insisting
    I was about to give in to their demand when a familiar voice whispered into my ears
    Let’s go
    I turned back to see Chase and Nick , they were both wearing sunglasses and a cap as a disguise
    I smirked
    Nick carried Loretta up in bridal style and Chase held my hands as we pushed through the crowd of reporters…….
    Chase Delgado
    on getting to the parking lot , I let go of Candy hand
    You took so long to come out of the court house, what were you both doing? she frowned
    Nothing, we were looking around for both of you . Nick answered, he was still carrying Loretta in his arms
    I smiled
    The Nick I know had never cared deeply for any girl like this before
    So where are you headed, Are you taking Loretta back to the hospital? I asked to be sure
    he nodded
    Alright! if that is the case , we will see later
    Sure. he smiled
    bye Loretta, take good care of yourself. I bade and she smiled shyly
    She looked so innocent, It was hard to believe she was the same girl who tried to seduce me . Well! People do change ………
    I watched him go over to his car, he lowered Loretta gently to her feet before opening the car doors , he assisted her into the car, got Into the driver seat and drove off………….
    I smiled
    Are they dating? Candy asked , she arched her eyebrow
    I don’t know
    She gave me a surprise look
    Why won’t you know , he is your brother and you ought to know most of his secrets
    Really! he is your brother also .I smirked
    Oh! that is true . She nodded and I chuckled
    Come on , let’s go
    I got into the driver seat and waited patiently for her to hop in before driving off to her home ……
    Candy kept on burbling about how happy she was about Kira’s sentence
    I feel so happy and so much relieved. She said , she looked so funny when she tried to demonstrate how happy she felt
    I chuckled
    I never knew her to be this funny
    I wish she rots and dies in prison . She added
    I glanced at her and smiled
    It is alright Candy , can we please talk about something else?
    Why? She asked giving me a puzzled look
    I just don’t want to talk about Kira, hearing about her makes me remember how you were almost raped , and I don’t want to have such memories again
    Fine! She agreed , so what should we talk about?
    hmmmm erm ….. so tell me more about your upcoming concert? she suddenly asked
    I glanced at her in surprise
    how did you know about it?
    She grinned
    I received a notification when I was in the courthouse and when I clicked on it , it was all about your up coming Concert . She explained
    It should be all over on the media by now, she added
    Crazy Dave! I mumbled
    What did you say? she asked
    Nothing….. so when will the concert be holding? I asked
    She laughed
    Are you for real? What do you mean by that? do you mean you don’t know the date of your own concert
    I sighed
    Shit like that do happen, when will it hold? I repeated
    Friday. She replied with a grin that split her face
    Oh yeah! I drawled….
    On getting to her home, I parked in front
    I will call you later . I said , I leaned towards her and kissed her briefly
    She frowned
    Aren’t you gonna come in?
    No. I shook my head
    But why? She asked still frowning
    I don’t want to ruin a family moment. I answered with a smile
    Liar! she retorted , she opened the door and was about getting down but I caught her by the arm and pulled her back
    What do you mean by Liar, why did you call that ? I asked, I was really confused
    She scoffed
    Just tell me you don’t want to come in because you find my house so unattractive, you don’t need to lie
    Are you for real? I asked in a huff but she just stared blankly at me
    I bit my lips
    Don’t ever say this , I don’t want to hear this again . I warned
    but I was just…….. she was about to say when I cut her off
    You can go in
    What! She exclaimed in surprise
    go in, I repeated
    she alighted from the car and ran into her house without looking back at me
    She is just so stubborn!
    I started the car and drove off heading to the mansion……
    Candace Noah
    Entering into the house, my family were having a celebration
    What is the celebration all about, is it because of Kira? No it can’t be , my family don’t give a d--n about her
    hi mom! hi dad! I greeted
    They looked in my direction and smiled
    Candy! Max rushed to me , he held my hands and led me to the sofa
    Sit down! My dad instructed and I did
    What is going on here? What are we celebrating? I asked staring at the sumptuous meal on the table
    We are celebrating your success. he said with a wide grin
    Oh, I thought we have celebrated it before
    he shook his head , I am not talking about your successful solo debut , i am talking about this .
    he picked up an envelope from the table and handed it to me
    I opened the envelope and pulled out a folded paper
    I unfolded the paper and glanced through it
    Oh my gawd! I exclaimed with my eyes wide opened
    “Delgado label record gifted me a mansion and a car for my successful solo debut”
    Is this for real? I asked in disbelief
    Yes baby, Two women from the record label came over to see you , they dropped this when I told them you were not in. My mum explained
    I squealed in excitement
    So when are we going to move out of this unattractive house? Max asked and my mum hit him playfully
    The word attractive house made me remember what I said to Chase
    Did I over react? No I don’t think so , I was only trying to……… I stopped when the realisation hit me
    Oh my gawd! What did I do ? Chase was only trying to give us space to celebrate, that was what he meant by “not ruining family moment”
    I jolted up from the sofa
    Are you alright? My mum asked distracting me from my musings
    I quickly composed myself
    Yes mom. I answered
    Are you sure? My dad asked , he stared curiously at me
    Yes, I just remembered I have an assignment to do . I lied , I knew it was a blank lie , but I don’t care , all i wanted is for my Chase not to mad at me
    I faked a smile and headed to my room
    i pushed the door opened , walked to the bed and sat on it
    I brought out my phone from my bag and dialled Chase number
    he picked it up on the third ring
    hello Chase! I greeted immediately and he chuckled
    Congratulations Candy!
    I am really sorry for judging you wrong . I apologised
    he sighed
    It is nothing, you just need to be careful how you use your words next time
    I smiled
    Thanks baby , I love you
    I love you too. he said and ended the call
    I sighed in relief
    I stood up from the bed and headed back to the sitting room
    So let get on with the celebration. I said as I sat down
    My parent silently exchanged looks and shook their head
    They must be thinking I am crazy . I thought within
    And as if reading my mind , Max said in a huff
    You are crazy Candy , you are really crazy ……::
    Nick Delgado
    Entering the hospital ward , I placed Loretta gently on the bed
    I covered her with the blanket and tucked her in
    She frowned
    but I don’t want to sleep
    Why? you had a really rough day and you need it . I said trying not to meet her gaze
    I don’t know why , but my heart always race faster whenever I am with her
    No, I want to talk to you . She pouted
    That is not possible, I have business to attend to
    Oh! She exclaimed
    I looked at her and met her gaze , she looked away
    What is wrong with her? I wondered
    I will be here in the evening. I informed and she nodded without looking at me
    I sighed
    I took a few steps to the ward exit and stopped
    What is wrong with me , my heart feels so heavy seeing her sad ,
    I turned and walked back to bed, I sat on it and she shifted a little
    Aren’t you going again? She asked and I shook my head negatively
    Why? she asked with her eyes wide opened
    I smiled
    Because staying with you is more important
    Nick! She called softly and I sighed
    I guess it is time for me to man up , I need to tell her how I feel about her
    Loretta, I think I like you . I blurted out and she gasped
    Nick! She called again
    I don’t really understand what I am feeling, but I really want you by my side ……
    Oh my gawd! She exclaimed softly
    So will you be my girlfrie…….
    Yes! Yes! Yes! . She screamed before I could finish my question
    I chuckled
    I will be your girlfriend Nick . She repeated
    I pulled her close to me and hugged her tightly
    She is so d--n funny!

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    Dreams Episode 52

    Open threat
    Candace Noah
    The sound of the alarm clock woke me up from sleep
    I rolled before sitting up on the bed ,the luminous sun shone brightly into the beautiful room , yes the beautiful room. We were already staying in the mansion and guess what! I have a room on my own……
    I glanced at the wall clock, it was 8:00
    Time to prepare for school!
    I got off the bed and walked into the bathroom to freshen up, I returned to the room naked and went over to the wardrobe
    I opened the fancy wardrobe and looked into it
    What should I wear? I wondered, I searched through the heap of new clothes and soon settled for a blue gown….
    I put on a matching pant and bra before wearing the beautiful long slanted gown….
    Staring at my reflection in the mirror, I liked what I saw
    Candy you are so beautiful! I praised myself
    I parked my hair into a loosed bun and applied little makeup.
    I wanted to look a bit different today …
    I pulled out a white sneakers from underneath the wardrobe and wore it…..
    I sling my backpack across my shoulders and headed downstairs to the sitting room…..
    I met my family having breakfast, they were seated around the dinning
    Good morning! I greeted and they all looked at me
    Wow! You look so beautiful! My mum remarked and I blushed
    What is up for breakfast? I asked while sitting
    Rice flakes .my dad answered and I nodded
    I dished a smaller portion of the rice flakes into a plate
    Are you sure that will be okay for you? My mom asked
    Sure. I nodded
    I guess she wants to start dieting since she is now a celebrity. Max drawled
    Can you please Just shut up. I barked at him and he rolled his eyes
    After breakfast, I headed to the garage with my dad
    Since I couldn’t drive, I gave the car to him . It was a white sport car, the latest model of its kind
    We got into the car and my dad drove off headed to the music school …..
    On getting to the school , my dad parked in front
    have fun at school baby. my dad said and I smiled
    I alighted from the car and wave at him as he drove off…
    Walking into the huge gate , I was surprised to see a huge banner of me, Chase , Nick and two other celebrities , we were regarded as the pride of Delgado Record Label
    Wow! Is this for real? I beamed happily
    I headed to my class and noticed some students were secretly taking pictures of me …
    I smiled
      is this what being a celebrity feels like?
    Entering the class , there was no teacher in class
        Shit! I missed the first class
       I sat down on my seat and looked around ,
    Loretta was not yet in class, but why? She told me she would be in school today
          Are you looking for someone?a familiar voice asked
    I smiled knowing it was Tiffany
    I looked in the direction of the voice and she was right behind me
      hey! I greeted  and she nodded
    Are you looking for someone? She repeated while sitting beside me
    Yes. I nodded
    And who is that? She arched her eyebrow
      Loretta. I answered and she laughed
    Are you real? Why would someone who got expelled be back in school?
        I sighed
       The school called her back on Nick’s orders
    Nick! And why would he help her? She gave me a curious look
       because she is innocent, you watched the trial right?
        She nodded
    I brought out my phone from my backpack and was about dialling Loretta number when I felt a hand tapped me
        I looked up to see three girls smiling at me
    hi Candace! one of them greeted
      hi, how can I help you? I asked staring at them
      Erm we are huge fans of yours, can we please get an autograph?
    I smiled
    Sure, where should I sign?
    on our clothes . she said
    They handed me a marker and I quickly drew my signature on their clothes
    Thanks , they beamed happily and took their leave
    how does it feels to be a celebrity? Tiffany asked , she had been watching us quietly
       Wonderful! I remarked
    I dialled Loretta number and she picked it up immediately
    hi babe, where are you? I asked
    I am in front of my home waiting for Nick, I will soon be in school.she informed
    Alright, don’t be long . I said and ended the call
    What did she say? Will she be in school today? Tiffany asked in a rush
    Yes, she is……. I stopped when my phone rang
    I checked the caller , it was Chase
    Give me a minute, let me pick this call. I said to Tiffany and she nodded
    I received the call
    hello baby, where are you? he asked
    I am in class
    Good! come over to the studio. he instructed and I frowned
    So you mean you were in the studio all this while and you never bothered to inform me
    I am sorry baby , I was so busy
    Okay, I will be on my way now
    Alright. he said and ended the call ……..
    I am sorry Tiffany, but I need to go over to the studio. I informed
    Alright! If that is the case , I will just wait here for you
    Thanks. I smiled…..
    I stood up from my chair and walked out of the class ………
    I pushed the door to the studio opened and walked in
    Chase was all alone in the studio and he was seated at the extreme corner
    Bolt the door. he instructed
    Why? I asked and he sighed
    Just do it
    Fine! I agreed
    I bolted the door and walked towards him .
    Why do you want …….. he pulled me to his laps before I could complete what I was wanted to say
    I want you Candy . he grunted and I huffed
    So you called me over here to have sex with me
    Is anything wrong in that? he asked , his eyes was fixed on my chest
    You are unbelievable!
    he placed his lips on mine and kissed me hungrily, and at the same time his hand was roaming all over my body
    he broke the kiss and whispered into my ears
    “ we are going to go on a marathon”
    Marathon? What do you mean by that? I asked confusedly
    he smirked
    Stand up. he instructed and I did
    What is he up to? I wondered
    he stood up from the chair and asked me to face it
    Why? I asked , I was confused
    Just do as I say. he instructed and I did
    he bent me over and pulled my gown up
    What are you trying to do? I asked with a trembling voice
    he chuckled
    I want to f--k You from behind ………….
    Oh no! My boyfriend is really crazy!
    Nick Delgado
    With a great speed, I drove over to Loretta’s home
    I promised to drive her to school today but ended up waking late..that means she will be late to school, and it is all because of me ….
    On getting to her home , I parked in front.
    It was a modest house located at the outskirt of the town
    I alighted from her car and walked towards the front door
    I knocked on it and it was immediately opened up by a young woman
    Nick! She squealed in delight
    I smiled
    She has the same facial look as Loretta , she must be her big sister
    hi ma’am! I greeted
    You see Nick , Loretta told me all about you but i was thinking it was just her fantasy …. you know who would believe the almighty Nick would stoop so low to date a commoner like her
    Gosh ! She talks too much
    Where is Loretta? I asked trying not to sound rude
    I am here . Loretta informed limping out of the house
    I sighed in relief
    Oh my gawd! You guys look good together. her sister exclaimed
    Thanks….. Are you ready? I faced Loretta
    Sure, She answered, she gave her sister a peck before taking my outstretched hands
    How are you feeling now? I asked as we walked to the car
    Better! She answered with a grin
    I opened the car door for her and waited patiently for her to get in before going over to the driver seat
    I hopped into the car and drove off heading to the music school…..
    Is your sister always this funny?I asked on our way to the music school
    Yes, she is the friendly type. She chuckled
    Oh I see!
    She has been like that ever since my parent died, she always act funny just to make me smile
    I glanced at her
    She must be a very good sister
    Yes, she is the best sister in the world . She answered with a grin
    I smiled …
    We soon got to the music school and I parked in front of huge gate….
    Go on in . I instructed and she pouted
    I laughed
    What is wrong?
    I am a bit nervous, what if someone tries to pick on me
    They dare not! if they try it , I will throw them out of the school
    She smiled
    For what? I arched my eyebrow
    For everything. She answered smiling shyly
    I leaned over and kissed her briefly
    Run along , or you will miss more of your classes
    Alright! She flashed me a smile before alighting from the car…
    I started the car and drove off heading to my private mansion….
    I needed rest …..
    On getting to the mansion, I honk the car horn and the gate was immediately opened up by the security
    I drove into the compound and parked in the garage
    Alighting from the car , i was about heading in when the security called me
    I looked at him
    What is it?
    Some one dropped this for you. he said handing me a parcel
    What is th…….. i stopped when something caught my attention, it was the gold chain tied around the parcel
    Oh my gawd! It belongs to my mother, I had it made for her on her last birthday
    Who dropped this? I asked with a trembling voice
    A man on a motorcycle, I didn’t see his face . he explained
    I quickly unwrapped the parcel and opened it , there was a note in it…
    I unfolded it and stared blankly at what was written on it
    Who the hell is this?
    With a heavy heart, I dialled Chase number
    he picked it on the third ring
    Chase! I called with a trembling voice
    What is it? he asked, he was panting heavily
    I smirked, it was obvious he was having sex….
    You need to come over to my private mansion now
    Why? I am bu…. he tried to say but I cut him off
    Mother’s Killer just sent a message . I informed and he gasped
    I will be on my way now . he said and end the call
    I read what was written on the paper all over again
    Who the hell is this?
    Chase Delgado
    After ending the call, I pulled my d--k out from Candy’s p---y and immediately held her so she won’t fall
    Are you alright? I asked her and she shook her head
    Why would I be? You were so hard on me . She said in between sobs
    I chuckled and zipped up my trousers
    I was not hard, you are still not used to it….
    I adjusted her clothes and she smiled lightly
    What is the call about? I mean Why did you stop after the call? She asked
    Do you want me to continue?
    hell no! She screamed and I smiled
    I need to take care of something. I informed
    What is that? She probed on
    Nothing much, just some preparation for my concert. I lied
    Oh! Can I come with you?
    No, you have classes to attend and you also need to stay with Loretta
    Oh! that is true. She nodded
    Can you walk properly? I asked and she nodded
    Good! See you later . I picked up my car keys and kissed her briefly before walking of the studio.
    I headed to the parking lot, got into my car and drove headed to Nick’s private mansion……
    What does he mean by a message from Roxy killer? I wondered on my way to the mansion
    How did the killer get to know Nick’s mansion! How did he/ she knows he will be going over there today! Or is the person stalking him?
    D--n! this is more serious than I thought
    but I very sure of one thing , the killer is very familiar with the Delgado’s….
    On getting to Nick’s mansion, I honked the car horn and the gate was immediately opened up by the security
    I drove into the compound and parked in the garage
    I alighted from the car and walked into the house
    Nick was seated on the sofa, he was turning here and there with a worried look on his face
    brother! I called and he looked up at me
    What is wrong? Where is the message? I asked rushingly
    he handed me the paper he was holding
    I glanced through it and gasped in shock at what I read
    “ it is time for me to strike again, I bet Roxy is rotting away in hell now ..
    I banged the b---h both in her p---y and ass hole before pressing her to death with a pillow
    Ha ha ha ha ha.
    I am wondering who I should go for next , Is it Neil, Nick or Chase? or maybe I should just kill all of you at the same time……”
    Who brought this? I asked with a trembling voice
    I have no idea. he answered dryly
    I stared blankly at the paper
    Who the hell sent this ?

    I woke up late and because of me , she will be late to school

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    Dreams Episode 53

    Who is the killer
    Chase Delgado
    Acting upon my suggestion, We headed to the police station making use of Nick’s car ………..
    The letter we received was an open threat and we had to make a report.
    but who the hell wants my entire family dead?
    This is really so weird! I mean
    I glanced at Nick , he was gritting his teeth while driving
    I sighed
    He must be really worried, why won’t he? he just found out what his mother passed through before she died
    The killer must be a beast… I mean who rapes a woman brutally before killing her? … or wait a minute! Could the killer be the lover she was talking about! Was he the one who sent the parcel?…..
    We soon got to the station and Nick parked in front
    We alighted from the car and walked in straight to the front counter
    hello sir ! I greeted the office behind the desk
    he looked at me and then at Nick
    What brings you here? You could have just called it you needed our help. he said with a smile
    We are here to see the police Chief . Nick informed in a huff , he was clearly not in the mood for jokes
    Oh! he is in…. the man tried to say but Nick cut him off
    Is he on seat?
    The man nodded
    Good! he remarked and left for police chief office
    Don’t be offended by his rude manners, he is in a tight situation. I explained to the man who still had a shocked expression written all over his face
    It is alright, i understand. the man assured and I gave him a small smile
    If that is the case , I will be heading to the office. I informed
    Alright Mr Delgado.
    I walked through the passage to the Chief police office….
    I pushed the door opened and walked in to see Nick having an argument with the chief police
    What do you mean I should relax, the idiot boldly sent me a letter telling me how he raped my mother. Nick yelled
    Calm down Nick , we will get to the root of this . the chief assured
    I cleared my throat and they both looked at me
    Oh ! Chase you are here also , please have a seat . he offered
    I walked towards Nick and sat down beside him
    Nick explained to me what happened, and i told him to let the police handle it . he explained
    I smirked
    And how will the police handle the situation? i asked staring at the man
    We will track down the killer and bring him to book. he said and Nick scoffed
    What exactly are you saying, how will you track down a killer who left no traces? he fired at the man who just stared blankly at him
    No tell me. he continued, three lives are at stake here. the bastard plan on wiping out my entire family…
    But why will he do that? Do you have anyone who hold grudges against you or your family? the man asked
    Do we? Nick asked me
    I don’t know , but I have an intuition that her lover is involved…. I mean she died on the day she chose him over you . I explained
    Lover ! does your mum have a lover? the office asked in shock
    Yes, it is kind of complicated. Nick responded dryly
    Dang it! You could have told me this earlier, do you by any chance know who her lover is? the officer asked
    No , or do you? Nick faced me
    No, the only thing we know is the first letter of his name which is a letter A . I informed
    The officer nodded and wrote it down in a book
    So is it possible for you to track down the criminal? I asked and he nodded
    But first i will send some cops officers to act as your family security…
    What! Is it really necessary? Nick asked in a huff and the man chuckled lightly
    Of course it is , you both are public figures and you ought to have bodyguards
    Oh yeah! I don’t like it when people follow me around. I drawled
    Same with me . Nick agreed and he smiled
    But you will be needing it this time around
    Alright sir. I stood up and Nick did the saw also
    We will get going now . He informed
    Alright! and one more thing, report any strange thing you notice , I have a feeling the killer is someone very close to you , someone who knows everything about your family . The officer explained
    And who would that be? Nick retorted , he shifted his gaze to me
    I have no Idea……..
    We walked out of the police station and i kept thinking about what the chief officer said
    Someone who knows everything about the family , some one who is close to the family and his name begins with letter A…….. Andy!
    Gosh! What is wrong with me? Andy can’t possibly be the killer , he has no reason to do so or does he?
    Nick Delgado
    Lost in my own thoughts, I drove over to the Delgado’s mansion
    I was scared of going back to my private mansion, I was scared the killer might decide to carry out his threats
    but being scared won’t solve anything,I really need to be strong to protect my family.
    I sighed
    The word family made me remember the question I had always wanted to ask Chase since I found out Candy was my sister
    I glanced at him, his eyes were glued to his phone
    Chase! I called and he answered without looking at me
    What plans do you have for Candy? I asked and he looked at me
    I don’t get you, what are you trying to say?
    I sighed
    Do you really love her or you are just playing with her? I continued
    D--n! What is with all this questions? he asked with a raised voice
    I just want to know if she is one of your……..
    Flings . he completed and I nodded
    hell no! You should know me better , I don’t deceive girls. I love candy, I really do …………
    I sighed in relief
    So what was the sex all about? I smirked and he froze
    Come on brother, I heard the sound of your moans on phone. I teased
    Oh! he exclaimed and continued with what he was doing
    I smiled
    I was glad he was the one dating Candy , I was sure he will never hurt her……..
    Candace Noah
    After closing hours, I headed to the taxi station with Loretta
    She kept on gushing about Nick and how much she love him.
    I smiled as I listened to her, she was clearly in love with him…..
    how did you feel when you found out that Nick was your brother? She suddenly asked
    I stared at her in surprise
    How did you know? I asked and she laughed
    Nick told me all about it..
    Oh! I can see you both have gone far with your relationship
    Sure. She responded with a smile….. so how did you feel? She repeated
    I sighed
    I was shocked and angry at first but I later forgave him
    She smiled
    Just like the way you forgave me also….
    I nodded …..

    how I wish I was there to see the reaction of Nick when he received the parcel, I bet he will go crazy just like I expected…….
    he should blame his b---h of a mother for all of this ..
    Who should I go for first, is it Neil, Nick or Chase
    hmmmmh or should I just change the whole game …
    I chuckled, that will be better ……
    Chase Delgado
    On getting home , I headed straight to my room while Nick chose to remain in the sitting room
    I pushed the door to my room opened and walked in
    Sitting on the bed , I was about pulling off my shoes when my phone rang
    I checked the caller , it was Dave
    I sighed knowing he called because of the concert
    I received the call
    Why did you leave the studio without waiting for me? he asked without even greeting
    Is this about the concert again? I asked in a huff
    Yes, your concert is in two days and I need …. he tried to say but I cut him off
    I know Dave , don’t worry it will be a blast . I assured him
    He sighed
    Please come over to the studio tomorrow . he pleaded
    Alright. I said and ended the call….
    I pulled off my shoes and clothes and went over to the bathroom to freshen up
    I returned to the room when I was done and hurriedly changed into an indoor outfit
    I sat on the bed and picked up my laptop from the table
    I clicked on my Instagram page and the messages on it was just too much
    Every one was talking about my concert, Dave really meant business…..
    The door suddenly creaked opened and my mum walked in
    hi mom! I greeted and she smiled
    She moved closer to me and sat down on the bed
    how are you? I asked and she nodded. She touched my face gently and I knew she trying to ask me why I looked so tensed …
    I sighed
    Mum it is Roxy killer, he sent us an open threat . I explained and she froze
    But don’t worry mom the police are into it. I assured and she frowned
    I smiled, I knew she wanted me to continue
    Fine! the main suspect here is her lover who we don’t …. I stopped when I noticed a flicker of fear crossed her Face
    What is it mum? I asked and she looked away
    Mum! Do you by any chance know who her lover is? I asked to be sure
    She stood up and walked out of the room without saying anything…….
    What is wrong with her? I wondered

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    Princess JulietPrincess Juliet
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    Dreams Episode 54

    Is Candy safe?
    Candace Noah
    Sitting in class, l listened with undivided attention to the announcement the teacher was giving……
         I widened my eyes in surprise
      Is she for real?Loretta asked in whispers, she was seated beside me
        I thinks so . I responded dryly
        But ma! how do you expect us to take a test by 6:30 when Chase concert starts by 7:00?  a girl seated in front asked rudely  and the whole class became noisy
         She is right! She is right!
       We all want to go to concert! 
    Cancel the  stupid test !  My class mates kept on screaming ……..
        Calm down! the teacher shouted to get attention and the class immediately became calm
      Do you think the test is a joke? She started, only those who pass the test will be able to graduate from this school. She added
         But ma you can move the date forward , we can’t afford to miss Chase concert? Loretta suggested  and the teacher scoffed
         The test is going to hold today and that is final. She finalised and stormed out of the class
        And as expected, the class became noisy again…..
       Oh my gawd! What are we going to? Loretta sighed, she was clearly frustrated
          I don’t know , we will ….. I tried to say but she cut me off
        Do something Candy , you are a celebrity and I am sure the authorities will listen to you …
      I shook my head negatively
    I  might be a celebrity, but that does not I have the right to do that ….
        Oh right! So what are we going to do Miss celebrity student? She rolled her eyes and I glared at her playfully
         We will take the test, and when we are done we will head to the concert hall. I suggested and she sighed
          Alright !
       I brought out my phone from the back pack and dialled Chase number
          he picked it on the third ring …….
         hello baby! he greeted, he sounded so tired
           hi Chase! how are you? Where are you? I asked in a rush and he chuckled
       Which should I answer first
         Just answer all . I rolled my eyes
    Fine! I am fine and I am in Dave’s house with Nick.he answered picking his words …. we will be going to the concert hall from here but I can come pick you up if you want . he added
    There will be no need for that , I will still be in school by then
       Why? What will you be doing in school by 6:00? he asked  and I sighed
        a screening test , the teacher just informed us about it
         Oh! If that is the case , i will have to go without you
         Sure baby , but I will head there as soon as I am done with the test . I assured
      No Candy . you don’t need to , it will be too stressful and risky for ….. he tried to say but I cut him off
         It won’t ,  Loretta will be with me……..
    Fine! he agreed
       Okay baby , see you in the evening. I said and ended the call……
         What did he say? Loretta asked
         he will be going to the concert hall along with his manager and your boyfriend. I winked at her and she blushed
            I can’t wait to see my Nick . I heard her say and I smiled…………
                              Dora Delgado ( Chase ‘s mum)
             Sitting in my room , I was lost in my own thoughts
         I kept on thinking about Chase words………Roxy’s lover is suspected to be her killer………..
          Gosh! this is kind of confusing because I am not even sure of it….
         but on that day Andy came over to the house , I was sure I heard moans coming out from her room….
          I was soon feeling sleepy so I headed to my room , I passed through Roxy room and stopped when I heard funny sounds coming out of the room.
          I moved closer and placed my ears on the door, the funny sounds were Roxy moans
        I was surprised
         I tried to push the door opened, but it was locked …..
         What were they both doing? I couldn’t bring myself to believe they were having sex… I mean how could Roxy be in a relationship with her son’s manager?
            I sighed
          Can Andy be the killer? I guess I need to inform Chase …’
           I will tell him after his concert , I don’t want him to be distracted……….
    Glancing at the time, it was 6:30.
             I smirked evilly , time for the game to begin..
          I picked up my phone and dialled a number and the person immediately picked it
         hello bosco ! I greeted 
          hi Andy! he responded and I smiled
            It is time to act , do not make any mistake
    Sure Andy , you should know me better by now .he boasted
        Lure her out of the concert and send her to hell. I instructed and ended the call…….
             I laughed out loud
    Killing them at once won’t be any fun , I will first make them suffer by destroying their loves  ones
         Too bad for the girl , but there is nothing I can do about it …….
            It isn’t my fault she holds a special place in the heart of my two enemies……:Nick who threw me away after using me and Chase the master mind behind everything……
                             Chase Delgado
               After leaving Dave home, he drove us over to the Concert hall
             Maintain an eye contact with your fans, give your fans what they want , blow them a kiss , be polite……. Dave kept on  advicing or should I say lecturing me
       Oh yeah! I drawled and Nick chuckled, he was seated beside me at the back seat
         Just  let him be , he  knows what to do . he said and I smiled…….
          On getting to the  concert hall, Andy parked in front
          The reporters quickly rushed to us but the police securities who came with us immediately surrounded the car
         I guess having a security is not a bad idea. Nick drawled and I nodded….
          Alighting from the car, I was surprised to see the hall so crowded
            I sighed
           The whole place went wild when we walked in, the screams could deafen a man…
         Chase ! Nick! Chase ! Nick! they kept on screaming
           How I wished I just stayed at home. Nick bit his lips and I chuckled
         Thanks bro for coming along with me ……..
            On getting to the front , I climbed the stage while Nick and Dave went over to the back stage ……..
             Chase! Chase ! Chase! the crowd kept on screaming
          Good evening! I greeted and flashed them a smile which I immediately regretted doing because the hall turned to something else
          Two ladies in front fainted , while some were trying to climb up the stage ….
        D--n! I guess i should just start singing
         I signalled to the instrumentalist to start playing and when they did, I began singing……
                It is a beautiful feeling
                What we have got inside
               We got a flame that will last forever
             Together you and I
              Such a rush of emotions
             There is no way we can push it away
               Because they can never break
                Our bond will never break
             Do you believe In the power
             Of every lasting love ……………………..
              Candace Noah
         After the test , I rushed out of the school along with Loretta and Tiffany 
         I glanced at my wristwatch, it was 7:45
          D--n! We were already late ….
    We headed to the taxi station and flagged down a taxi
        We all got in
        The concert hall. I called and the driver drove off……
         Are you sure we are already late? Loretta asked
        No, the concert will end by 8:30Tiffany answered her
           I sighed in anger
    Can’t this car move any faster? I barked at driver and he increased the speed of the car
    We soon got to the concert hall and the driver parked in front
      Aren’t you gonna wear a disguise? Loretta asked
      I wish to , but I did  not come with any
       Here, take this. Tiffany handed me a black scarf
        Thanks. I smiled…
    We alighted from the car and I paid the driver an extra amount for wasting his time
       Thanks ma’am. he appreciated with a smile and drove off
       I wrapped the scarf around my face and was about to walked in when I felt someone tap me …..
        I looked in the direction and saw it was Loretta, she was staring at something
        I followed her gaze and saw a black car at the corner of the street, it was as if the occupants was watching or waiting for someone
       Isn’t it strange? She asked and I shrug
    Let us go in, I guess they are here for the concert also…
    Walking into the concert , I sighed in frustration
    The whole place was crowded and we had to squeeze and push until we found a spot at corner of the hall …..
         Chase voice filled the whole hall and I jumped  up to get a glimpse of him but couldn’t, the crowd was just too much …..
         I guess we just have to sing along with him then. Tiffany said
           We joined the crowd in singing and I scoffed when a girl in front of me fainted…….
        Is she for real?
         We kept on singing and i felt someone squeezed a paper into my hands
         I paused
        I looked around but all I could see was the crowd
          I shuddered a little bit
    I stared at the paper in my hand and opened it …
        I felt my heart beat faster as I read it
    “Candace come outside , i have something important to tell you , meet  me at the corner leading to the bus station”………..
         Who could this be?
    Loretta! Tiffany ! I called but they were too engrossed in the music to hear me call……
        Oh right! I drawled
        I tightened the scarf around my face and squeezed and pushed till I got outside…..
           I kept on walking till I got to the corner leading to the bus station .
    At last ! I removed the scarf from my face and was about to tie it around my waist when two men came out of no where, they were both holding guns
        I panicked
    Who are you? I asked with a trembling voice
      We are your fans . One of them replied with a grin
        I turned back and tried to run but it was too late, I felt a bullet pierce through my lower stomach…
       And with a loud cry , I fell to the floor and ….. black out……..
                       Loretta  Samuels
        This guy is just too good. I squealed in excitement as I danced to Chase music…..
        Candy! I am so so jealous…. I tried to say but stopped when I notice she was no longer beside me
    Where is Candy? I asked Tiffany who was wriggling her body excitedly
        What did you say ? She asked with a grin
    I said where is Candy ? I repeated with a louder voice
       She was right beside you . She answered and I bit my lips to stop myself from yelling at her
    Are you blind ? Can’t you see she is no longer beside me? I asked in a huff
          She stopped dancing and looked around
    Let’s us go and check outside, she might be there…..
      We squeezed and pushed till we got outside
    I looked around but Candy was no where to be found
    Where could she be? I wondered
       I walked closer to one of the reporters and greeted her
       hi! She responded
    Sorry to disturb you, but please did you by any chance see a girl with a black scarf wrapped around her face
       Yes, she came out of the hall and rushed down the road , I was ….. she tried to say but I cut her off
         We hurried down to the direction the woman gave us but we didn’t find her
        I sighed in frustration
    Where the hell is Candy?
    We were about heading back to the hall when we heard a gun shot
       Did you hear that? Tiffany asked and I nodded
    We rushed to the direction of the gun shot and got there just in time to see two men leaving in a rush
        Oh my gawd! I exclaimed in shock as I saw a lone body on the floor
        It is not Candy , it can’t be Candy. I kept on mumbling as I walked towards the body
         It is Candy! Tiffany announced , she got there before me
          I rushed towards Candy and bend to hold her to me
    Blood was gushing out of her abdomen and she was breathing faintly
        I brought my phone from my pocket and was about dialling Chase number when I had a change of mind
         Chase was still singing at his concert and he would go crazy on stage if I tell him about Candy .. and instead I dialled Nick number
        He picked it up immediately
        hello baby ! he greeted, the noise in the background was deafening, I could not hear him clearly so I decided to do all the talking
       Nick! Listen to me , Candy has be shot  , we are close to the bus station, please come right now and make sure Chase is not aware about it . I informed and ended the call…
        I immediately dialled the emergency number
      hi! We need your help, Candace Noah has been shot close to the concert hall, we need the medics here now . I yelled
          I shifted my gaze to Candy …..
    Just hang it there friend , help is coming ………

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    Us ManUs Man
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    candy should stay alive

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    daniel wiredaniel wire
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    God too much evil

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