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    Congratulations dear

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    Dreams Epilogue

          Three years later
                          Chase Delgado
    Staring at my reflection in the mirror, I nodded in Satisfaction
       I was putting on a blazer jacket on a black pant trousers…….
       Picking my car keys from the table , I headed downstairs to the sitting room……
       I got to the sitting room just in time to hear Nick and Loretta argue about marriage…
        And who is getting married? I asked and they both looked at me in surprise
      I laughed loudly
    What is with the face , I just asked a simple question…..
      Erm you see Loretta and I are planning to have a quiet wedding. Nick informed  and Loretta huffed
      I don’t want a quiet wedding , I want a big one . She queried
       But baby a big wedding will attract lot of attention and I don’t want that . Nick tried to reason with her but she flared up
      Is it because we are both Celebrities? Is that the reason why we can’t have a big wedding. She half yelled and Nick pulled her close to him
         Calm down honey , don’t stress yourself and the baby ….
        baby! I repeated in surprise and he  nodded without looking at me
      Oh! Is that the reason for the sudden marriage? I probed on and he nodded…:….
         Then I think a big wedding is not a bad idea.. I mean since you both love each other….
      Thank you Chase . Loretta appreciated with a smile……..
       It is nothing. I assured her
    And where are you going? Nick asked
      To secure my future. I answered with a grin….
    I took a few steps to the door and stopped
    And make sure you name me as the god father to your little one. I said as a reminder before walking out the house…..
       Of course I will. I heard him say …….
           Getting to the garage, I got into the car and drove off heading to Candy”s home……….
        On my way to Candy”s home, I decided calling to confirm if is she is ready ….
       I dialled her number but it rang without her picking
       I tried it again but it was the same thing ….
      I smirked, I bet she is busy as usual……..
    On getting to her mansion, I honk my car horn and the gate was opened by the security….
       I drove into the compound and parked in front…
      I alighted from the car and walked straight to the sitting room….
        Entering the sitting room, I met Max seated on the sofa with his eyes glued to the television…
      hi Max! I greeted and he looked to my direction…….
      Chase! he stood up from the sofa and rushed to give me a friendly shake….
       I smiled
    What of Candy? Is she home? I asked but he shook his head negatively
       She went out early this morning with her manager. he informed and i scoffed….
        Is she for real? I wondered
      Fine! If she comes, tell her I came over. I instructed and he nodded
       I was about to take my leave when she rushed into the sitting room…..
       Oh my gawd! baby  I am very sorry , I was delayed by my manager, you know my  fifth concert is coming up next week……..She kept on explaining but I just stared blankly at her
       She stopped when she noticed I was not paying attention….
       Baby! She called softly and I sighed softly
    What exactly do you want? I asked softly and she gave me a confused look….
       Can’t you differentiate between your love life and your celebrity life? I continued
         Chase! She called softly
      I am a celebrity also but I always create time for my loved one but as for you , even to pick my call is hard for you. I retorted angrily  and she took my hands into hers
       Please don’t be angry baby, I promise to Change. She pleaded
       It is alright. I assured……:
      Let me change into something better so we… She tried to say but I cut her short
       You look beautiful the way you are! I remarked and she blushed………
      So can we go now? She asked
    Sure. I replied…………..:.
          Candy kept on telling me about a friend of hers who gave birth to twins
          but you should know the know who i am talking about? She started
       And who is that? I asked absentmindedly
       Tiffany . She informed  and I arched my eyebrow
      Tiffany! I don’t think I have heard of that name before. I responded dryly
      Oh Chase ! how come you forget so easily, the skinny girl that I do call Barbie …….
       Oh Tiffany! I can remember now , the pretty blonde girl. I remembered but she squeezed her face
    Is she more prettier than me? She asked and I chuckled
    No one is prettier than my baby girl! I remarked and she blushed…
      So when are we going to have our own baby? She suddenly asked
    Anytime you are ready. I answered  and she smiled ..
        I am ready!
          We soon got to the hotel and I parked in front
      We alighted from the car and I looked around to make sure the reporters were around…..
        I smiled when I saw them lurking nearby, this is the first time I will really be needing them……..
    Entering the hotel , I held Candy’s hand as we walked to a table at the balcony…..
        Out of all tables , why this? Candy asked as we sat down
      Is there any wrong with it? I asked picking up the menu list …..
      No,it is just too opened, anyone passing by can see us from here , even the nosy reporters downstairs. She answered staring down at the reporters..
       They are even watching us . She added  and I smiled nervously
       Erm Candy I was just thinking if we should take our relationship to this next level. I started and she nodded sheepishly
       I love you and I know you love me also , is that right? I asked and she nodded sheepishly again
       I chuckled softly
    So  erm I don’t know how to say it ….
      Just say it anyhow Chase , my mouth is itching to say yes . She said with a large grin and I laughed out loud
       bringing out the ring from my pocket, I went down on my knees
    Will you marry me Candy? I asked
    Yes ! Yes! Yes! Yes! She kept on screaming…and as expected , the reporters started taking pictures…….
       I stood up in and pulled her up in a hug …….
      Thanks  Candy . I appreciate in whispers
    No , I should be the one thanking you . She said, you love a poor girl like me , you stayed by me throughout the tough time , you made me who i am today. She said in whispers…..
        I disengaged from the hug and stared at face . I was surprised to see tears rolling down her eyes
      What is with the tears? I asked with a concern look
      I am just so happy Chase . She answered happily and I smiled…..
       Do you know who made me who I am today? I asked and she shook her head negatively
      It is you Candy ..
       how? She asked with a confused look written all over her face
      Do you remember what you told me on the first day we first met? You told me i had a great voice but all I just needed was determination and that word changed my thinking……. So you see Candy you  are not only my wife to be , You are the beginning of my DREAMS ………..
    Dreams has finally come to an end ….
    Thanks for reading and God bless you

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    Thank you

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    Thanks Juliet, twas so lovely

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    Kudos… Wat a happy ending
    More grace

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    Waaoooh!!! kudos

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