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    Congratulations…pls go home

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    Wow congratulations to the both of u
    It really amazing two of u are ready to marry now

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    Finally! D engagement has happened

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    Semi Final
    Written by 👉 Essien Eno
    Brought to you by 👉 Omo Alhaja

    Bosco’s POV

    After we got home, Sommy went into the bathroom to take her bathe while I rid myself off the cloth I wore. Then I had dirty thoughts to bathe with her.
    I walked into the bathroom with my boxers on wrapping my hands around her waist while the water from the shower poured on our body.
    I felt myself go hard against her.

    “Someone was taking longer than expected” I whispered and she laughed then she turned to me.

    “Just admit it, you wanted to see me naked right?” she asked and I chuckled.

    “I want a lot of things right now and seeing you naked is the first out of the list ”

    “I knew it” she bit her lip.

    “It’s also the least too” I added.

    “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met” I commented,

    “Tell me something I don’t know” she whispered and we both laughed.

    I knew she was going to brag.
    She kissed me on the lip, and we leaned on the wall kissing and c*ressing each other for what seemed like thirty minutes.
    Then we moved to the bed. I thought of the possibility of it working. I started to entertain doubts. I wondered if ugly memories would pop up again.
    I wasn’t ready to let anything stop me from making love to my woman. I made up my mind that nothing would stop me, not how hungry I was and definitely not my past.
    I drove into her and I heard soft sound swirled from her throat. Sommy requested I look into her eyes and I did.

    “It’s going to be fine, I’ll teach you” she assured softly.

    Her voice was soothing and energy-reviving. I felt strength from nowhere.

    Sommy’s POV

    I laid in bed breathing fast. It was our third round. A wide smile curved around my lip. D--n the third one was good! I had to admit it.
    To think that he was just learning for a minute I wondered how he would have been if he had been experienced.
    It was as though he has been training for it.

    “Nailed it” I heard him brag and I scoffed.

    “What?” He asked,

    “Lie to me that it wasn’t mind-blowing” he added trying to catch his breath and I turned over to him placing my lap over his leg.

    “Saying it was mind blowing is like an understatement.” I confessed.

    “It didn’t seem like it was your first real s*x at all.” I smiled.

    “I’m glad you overcame this”

    “I’m glad too, you’re my inspiration” he answered kissing me on the lips,

    his hands made way to my bare lap.
    He was diving back in for another round.

    “No” I moved back,

    “Are you seriously running away?” He laughed.

    “I’m hungry and tired, we skipped dinner remember?”

    I reminded him walking naked into the bathroom where I wore my robe. Just when I was almost going out of the room to fetch something to eat, I turned to him and I tied my robe.

    “Do you want anything?” I asked and he chuckled.


    “See you in the morning” I retorted laughing out of the room.

    I found some slice bread in the kitchen then I brought out butter from the fridge. So i decided to make myself a sandwich.
    Madam Jane walked in on me chewing the bread.

    “Good morning Ma” I greeted.

    “I heard noises, I thought someone broke in”

    “Sorry, I was hungry”

    “You guys skipped dinner yesterday. I was about to call you guys when I heard joyous noises from the room” she explained and I laughed, a bit blushed that she had to hear that.

    “I can’t believe you heard that”

    “I don’t think there’s anyone that didn’t hear what happened last night”

    “Was it that loud?” I asked in horror.

    “Just kidding” she added and I laughed nervously.

    “Bosco finally proposed and I said yes to him.”

    “Congrats dear. It was about that time. I’ll be going back to Uyo very soon” she announced my face moulded into a frown.


    “My mission here is done.”

    “At least wait for the wedding” I suggested and she paused in thought.

    “Please, I won’t forgive you if you miss my wedding”
    chat Martinmartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group.
    “Okay fine! After the wedding I’ll leave.” She agreed and I hugged her.

    “Thanks” I muttered almost in tears and I pulled back.

    “I haven’t even gone yet oh”

    “You’ve been helpful to me, if it wasn’t for you, who knows, Bosco might still be with Isabel. I’ll miss you”

    “If you think you’ll miss me, just imagine the way I’ll miss you Sommy” she hugged me this time.

    I scheduled my meeting with my cousins that evening. Amanda called me to inform me that he was already in Lagos with his girlfriend.

    I went home during the day then I called Mrs. Ajayi, Filda and Juliet over to give them the good news. Juliet walked in late.

    “Sorry I came in late, I didn’t know I would make two persons up, it’s their birthday” she explained and I hissed playfully.

    “Is that a new top?” Juliet asked and I widened my eyes in shock.

    “You noticed shea?” Mrs Ajayi chipped in laughing.

    “Is it that obvious?” I asked a bit embarrassed.

    She looked around then greeted everyone in the room.

    “This one that you summoned us like this, what’s up”

    “I’ve been asking her oh; my spit has almost dried off” Mrs Ajayi exaggerated.

    “Okay, I called you all here because I didn’t want to inform one person and then start having calls from everyone!”

    “What’s going on?” Filda asked,

    “Okay” I paused smiling uncontrollably.

    “Bosco proposed and I said yes and we finally sealed the deal with ……” I announced and they all moved close to me opening their mouths in amazement.

    “When?” Filda asked,

    “How?” Juliet asked,

    “Forget about the when and how, I mean we all know it must have happened last night and we all know how s*x happens.” Mrs Ajayi snapped.

    “The most important question is where did you two do it and how was it?”

    I noticed everyone agreed.

    “Are you guys serious? This is my private life. I don’t kiss and tell”

    “Just give us small info nah, how was it? We all know he’s almost a virgin so …was he impressive?” She asked and I sat down smiling.

    “That smile answers it all” Juliet concluded.

    “He was awesome, like he learnt from his previous life”
    “I’m so happy for you dear”

    Juliet held my hands then she sat on a chair and I saw Mrs. Ajayi sit close to me.

    “Operation wedding discussion!” She announced and everyone laughed.

    “When is it going to be?”

    “We haven’t discussed about it yet”

    “You know if there’s someone who deserves to be your bridesmaid, it should be me.” She said and I raised my brow at her.

    “You haven’t actually compensated me for my efforts in therapy.. Rita you’re married for God’s sake”

    “There’s no rule that says married women should not be bridesmaid”

    “Rita you’re fourty” Juliet snapped and Filda laughed.

    “It’s your sister that’s fourty years old.” She retorted and we all laughed.

    “See me see wahala oh. I’m only thirty six years old”

    “She’s even older than Bosco” Filda added and I saw Mrs Ajayi glare at her.

    “I have more enemies than friends. Now I know”

    “Rita, Juliet is my cousin and the sister i grew up with. If I were to make anyone my bridesmaids, it will be her or Amanda”

    “Ehn that means I’ll keep my wedding gift then”

    “I won’t come for your baby shower then” I snapped quickly and she pouted her mouth like a baby.

    “Sommy, and i was going to make you my daughter’s godmother”

    “Even your unborn daughter knows I’m her godmother” I countered and she chuckled.

    “What’s the color for aso-ebi?” She added and I waved my hands to end the topic.

    “We’ll talk about that after the wedding date has been set. I have a family reconciliation party tonight. I was hoping you guys would want to come”

    “I can’t. I’m married now and there are some things I can’t do” Filda answered,

    “I may need you guys back when they start trashing”

    “If there’s trashing involved, count me in. Anyone that wants to insult my Sommy would have to go through me first” Mrs. Ajayi answered and I smiled.

    I’m glad she had my back.

    The get together went smoother than I expected. I apologized to everyone I might have offended one way or the other and I once again apologized to Winner for not believing her when she told me about Joshua being a cheat.
    Then mom announced that I was engaged to be married soon.

    “Soonest!” That was her word. I saw happy faces, sad faces and jealous faces too.

    Bosco’s POV

    “Congrats Man!” Alex shook my hands.

    “I’m so happy for you” he added.

    “At this stage, you’re one step closer to being in the married group and you’re officially a man now. Congrats mehn. This is the first stage. When is it happening?”

    “In a month or two”

    “Abeg what’s the rush?” Alex asked,

    “I can’t wait. I don’t mind even if it means taking the vows this moment”

    “You’ll plan first. During my wedding, i planned oh and you saw the sh*t that happened”

    “You planned because you were short of cash after renting the house and sh*t happened because the food didn’t go round. There was no meat on my plate that day” I answered and he laughed as though remembering what happened.

    “Money is not the problem, I can’t wait to call her wife”

    “Marriage is not all bread and butter. There are storms”

    “I know but if there’s anyone i want to experience the storm with, it’s with Sommy”

    “Congrats again mehn!”

    The following night, after a session of love making with Sommy, I whispered a date into her ears. A suggestion for the wedding.
    I wanted to know her opinion about it.

    “It’s too close but we can pull it off.” She answered and I kissed her on her lip.

    “Did you start your driving lessons?” I asked and she laughed.

    “Sorry but I haven’t.”

    “How are you going to learn if you don’t go for it?”

    “Driving is so easy, I can learn in a week” she bragged and I scoffed.

    “It’s not like driving a bicycle”

    “I can learn in a week” she answered and I scoffed.

    “Wanna bet on it?” She asked and I smirked.

    “What does winner get? And what does the loser get?” She asked,

    “Loser gets to….” I paused in thought.

    “The loser gets to wear my wedding dress after we get home that day” she interrupted and I shook my head.

    “That’s extreme. I get to wear your suit, shirt and trousers and you get to snap me in it.”

    “That’s not as bad as wearing a wedding gown” i complained and she laughed.

    “Are you scared you’ll lose?” She asked,

    “Get ready to wear my suit”

    “Get ready to wear my wedding dress” she retorted and I grinned.

    “You’ll lose” I kissed her.

    “Don’t hold your breath baby” she laughed into my mouth.
    To be continued…

    Final Episode
    Written by 👉 Essien Eno
    Brought to you by 👉 Omo Alhaja

    Sommy’s POV

    I had a meeting with with the few staff I’ve gathered, specifically from the administrative and publicity department. I wanted a name for the organization.

    “Sommy’s therapist center sounds fine to me oh” Filda opined and I disagreed.

    “It’s too cheesy, just because it’s mine doesn’t mean I’ll give it my name. Let’s be creative”

    “Rock of ages Therapy centre” An old friend of mine, Martins said to me and I laughed.

    “I’m not opening a school or a church, next!” I snapped and everyone laughed

    “How about miracle?” Filda asked,

    “The only thing left is for me to dress on a white jalami with bells, screaming fake prophecies!” I retorted and she laughed.

    “How about Relief?” I asked,

    I had a name already but I needed to know if others had better ideas than I did.

    “That sounds perfect” a guy who had glasses on replied.

    He was from the publicity department. I made him the head of media.

    “David right?” I asked,

    “Yes Ma” he replied.

    “It’s up to the media team to come up with a logo and motto that would work well with the name. You have one week

    “Any question?” I threw to the whole floor but they all kept quiet.

    “Good day guys” I added and they all left except Filda.

    “Why does that sound like you had the name in mind already?” She asked and I chuckled.

    “I wanted to know if you guys had better ideas. But seriously Filda, miracles?”

    “At least it’s better than Martin’s own, Rock of ages” she answered and we both laughed.

    I heard a knock and I turned over to see Amanda by the door. The door was already opened.

    “Don’t be silly Amanda, come in” I answered and she walked in.

    “Good morning Ma” Filda greeted,

    “Good morning” she replied and Filda left the office.

    Amanda raised a document up smiling.

    “What?” I asked,

    “It’s settled, the company is officially in my name, there’ll be no Bob trying to meddle In it.”

    “That’s perfect but how are you planning to run it? You’re not exactly a doctor”

    “That was why I came to you. I called Dr. Eze”

    “Am I supposed to know him?”

    “He’s a close friend of Dad. I called him up and he agreed to work at the hospital. I offered him a better salary. He will run the hospital”

    “Have you spoken to Bosco about it?” I asked and she shook her head.

    “I will, I just wanted to let you know first” she answered with a faint smile.

    “You’re officially single” I said to her and she frowned.
    “I hope you know he isn’t worth your tears.. There are better men out there, you just have to open your eyes to the possibilities”

    I went for driving lessons after which i decided to go for a little shopping at the mall.

    “We clashed again” I heard a voice say.

    I turned to see Emmanuel Apapa with a wide smile on his face.

    “Hey Emmanuel” I said not too excited.

    “I’ve been calling you and you’ve been ignoring my calls”

    “Sorry about that… Maybe I was busy” I lied.

    Of course I’ve been ignoring his calls.

    “Busy everytime to pick up my calls shea?” He asked,

    “That’s too much lie even for you. Sommy you’re one of the most truthful person I’ve ever,”

    “You don’t say?”

    “It’s seems as though you’re intentionally not picking up the call”

    “Emmanuel I’m kind of busy right now”

    “Sommy you know I’ve been truthful to you”

    “You don’t say?” I asked again and I laughed.

    “What’s going on here?” He asked in shock.

    “What’s going on? You’re acting differently”

    “Sorry,” I apologised for laughing.

    “Just that, it was funny when you said you’ve always been truthful”

    “I have” he answered and I walked closer to him.

    “Except the part where you skipped your real job” I whispered and he scoffed.

    “Everyone knows I’m an architect”

    “Everyone you lied to” I snapped.

    “Emmanuel, look into my eyes and deny the fact that you’re not a internet fraudster” I challenged and he blinked his eyes.

    “Sommy” he called out and I scoffed.

    “Yeah I thought so”

    i turned my back to leave and he pulled me back.

    “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. How could I? Sommy I’m even ashame of the job” he answered and I walked away to a beverage section of the mall.

    Bosco’s POV

    With a wedding date fixed, we all worked towards planning the wedding. We had to make choices about what color theme to pick.
    For the first time, I realized there were shades to gold. I heard there was a color known as champagne gold. Women and their issues.

    I arrived home one night to find the whole family in exception of Sommy all seated in the sitting room as though someone had called for a family meeting. Paul collected my briefcase from me.

    “I know you must be shocked that we’re all gathered here” Madam Jane said and I nodded.

    “I hope we’re safe?” I asked and she nodded.

    “So…. ” She paused,

    “We all had a discussion and came to a conclusion that since you’re getting married to Sommy and you two will be starting a family together, we want you both to have your privacy”

    “I’m not complaining”

    “We’re not saying you are, we’re just suggesting that you should find a place for your siblings to stay.”

    “This is crazy”

    “It’s not, it’s the truth.” Mary answered.

    “Family house can make any nice lady grow tired or become bad, take it from me. Absence makes the heart grow fonder” she added.

    Sommy walked in that moment and they all turned to her.

    “Good evening Ma” some greeted in unison.

    She creased her forehead in suspicion.

    “Okay what’s going on?”

    “Jesus! Is that the time?” Joseph asked without looking at any clock.

    “I have to sleep” he added running off and James, Paul and Veronica followed.

    Madam Jane, Mary and I were left to answer Sommy’s question.

    “What’s going here?” She asked me and I shrugged.

    “They want to move” I answered and she looked over at Madam Jane.

    “Why? Because of me right?” She asked.

    She felt bad about it.

    “You don’t have to feel bad about it”

    “Have i done anything bad to them?”

    “It’s not like that Sommy” Mary tried to explain.

    “You might like the idea of a full house but I promise you, you would get tired eventually. You’re a psychologist, you should know” she added and Sommy sighed.

    “I really dont like the fact that I’ll be responsible for separating you all”

    “It’s not as if we’re going back. We’ll just move elsewhere” she added patting Sommy’s back.

    “Good night” she left and Madam Jane followed.

    I noticed she still felt guity,

    “Come here” I widened my arm for a hug and she walked into my arms and I embraced her.

    Sommy’s POV

    Joseph’s girlfriend was beginning to demand a little lone time with him but he couldn’t. I realized he needed his own privacy.
    i was soon going to be married and I was practically living with Bosco. My rent wasn’t due yet, so I gave my self-contain to Joseph.

    It also came to my notice Mary was dating Peter. They’ve been keeping it on a hush-hush mode. They’ve been over-secretive about the issue. She was scared of Bosco’s reaction.

    I launched Relief Therapy on a Saturday. I had support from my family, friends and Bosco.

    I sighted Lawrence come in while Martin was making a toast.

    “Cheers” the whole room cheered and they went ahead to drink. I walked over to him with a faint smile on my face.
    I wasn’t sure whether to smile. I still felt bad about his response to my resignation. He took a glass of champagne from a tray as a server walked by.

    “I’m glad you came” I said to him and he smiled.

    “Filda told me about it” he answered and I turned over to Filda who was talking to Juliet.

    “I’m sorry about the way I reacted the other day”

    “It was logical to over react,” I interrupted and he shook his head.

    “It wasn’t over reaction, it was jealousy. I knew I would lose a lot.”

    “Seriously?” I asked and he nodded.

    “I’ve always known you weren’t made just to say yes Sir to anyone”

    “I’ve never said yes Sir to you” I snapped and he laughed.

    “Precisely why I said you were never made to say it to anyone” he answered and I laughed the more.

    “You’re glowing” he commented and I raised my brow in shock.

    “It’s a good thing” he added and I thanked him.

    Then I saw Dr. Jack O’Brien,

    “What’s he doing here?” I asked and he laughed.

    “I hired him back” he answered and I saw him walked towards us.

    “If it’s not the latest company owner” he said and I faked a smile at him.

    “We all know that smile is fake” he retorted.

    “At least my fake smile is much more real than even your relationship with girls would ever be as real as it is” I snapped and he gave me a look.

    He didn’t want Lawrence to know he was gay. Lawrence left us alone.

    “I guess we’ll be rivals now”

    “Rivals?” I asked,

    “I don’t think you’re worth having that title yet.”

    “I’m better than you Sommy and I’m sure you would come begging when you run out of clients”

    “Don’t hold your breath Jack I’m better than you. Wanna test it out? One week session with me and I promise you I’ll change your preference from male to female” I challenged and he scoffed.

    “I’ll be watching”

    “Enjoy the movie dear, it’s going to be a very sweet one” I answered and he gave that proud grin of his then he left.

    Two weeks later we had our wedding ceremony. The bridal train looked pretty and colorful in their seane green and peach colored dress. Juliet was my Bridesmaid.
    I had the most mature train ever! Mrs Ajayi, Amanda, Filda, Susan, Winner and Mary. Gang of the married, the divorced and the heartbroken.

    After the church service, Amanda caught the bouquet after I tossed it backwards. I hoped for God’s sake and her sake that the superstition would work for her.

    At the reception, while we had our first dance to ‘you’re still the one’ by Shania Twain, I noticed Mary with Peter discussing around the corner.

    “Peter and Mary looks good together right?” I asked and i saw him look at me with a surprise look on his face.
    It was more like he was asking me if they were dating.

    “Yes” I answered laughing and he chuckled.

    “You seem shocked.” I chipped in,

    “I had my suspicion, I didn’t think she’ll be involved with him so soon.”

    “She’s old enough to make her decision dear, besides Peter isn’t a bad guy” I assumed and he gave a skeptical look.

    Suddenly I heard the M.C pick up the microphone.

    “This songs goes to the special woman of the moment. This is specially from the groom” he announced and I scowled at him.

    I crossed my fingers hoping it wasn’t another old school song.
    Suddenly ‘Bamilo’ by Tolani and Reekado Banks played and I opened my mouth in shock.

    “You said it’s your favorite” he said with a smile,

    “And you didn’t forget?” I asked getting all emotional.

    I was trying to blink back my tears so it doesn’t ruin my makeup.

    “It’s a catchy song”

    “I thought you said the song was wack”

    “Well I realized it’s not that bad” he answered and I bit my lips in a s*xy manner,

    “I love you Bosco” I said and we kissed.

    I suddenly started to have flashes of when we went to the beach. Our first kiss and the moments.
    Suddenly I saw him move his body to dance. It looked like a soldier ant entered his body and he was trying to remove it.

    “Sweetheart, you’re not a dancer, you’re embarrassing me on my wedding day” I pressed my chest against him and he laughed. I kept a straight face then I busted into laughter.

    We left the reception venue by past five. I sent the driver off and I got the keys from him.

    “What are you doing?” Bosco asked,

    “I’m about to prove to you that I, Sommy Bishop can actually drive a car”

    “I even forgot we made that bet. I’m not ready to die yet” he answered and I chuckled.
    “I’ll shock you”

    “I still want to have my first child with you” he argued and I entered into the car and he followed me in.

    “Sommy you don’t have to prove anything to me”

    “I have to” i answered then started the car.

    I sat on the bed in a red s*xy lingerie.

    “Come out baby!” I yelled trying hard not to laugh.

    “I look ridiculous, it’s not even my size” he complained from the bathroom, then he walked out. The gown stopped at his waist. He couldn’t zip it up.

    “Someone looks s*xy” I knelt down on the bed moving close to him then I laughed.

    “This should teach you never to dare me. I’m a very determined woman” I answered and he nodded.

    “And crazy too, that was why I fell madly in love with you” he answered and I took a good look at the man I married.

    We started on a mere therapist and client basis and we’ve grown into this. I knew in my guts it was going to be a very fun ride for the both of us.

    Isabel’s POV

    After Dr. Sommy’s secretary’s wedding, I had plans to travel. I needed a time out. I ran out of cash so I sold my car so I could take a trip out of town. It took a while to find buyers.

    I learnt that Bosco bought Sommy a land for her to establish an organization. The thought of it made me angry.
    I traveled to Abuja where I spent over five months. The relative i stayed with eventually got tired so I had to go back to Lagos.
    I didn’t see Tasha when I got back. I learnt she was in hiding because a wife of a cheating husband wanted her head on a plate.
    I needed a job badly. I went back to where I used to work but there was no job except the position of secretary where I would receive twenty thousand naira per month.
    I rejected it. I told a couple of friends to help me find a good job. I was seriously running out of cash. I was tired of facing embarrassment from Mom.

    One day I got a call from my friend Martin’s that there was an opening in the administrative department of a new organization. He promised to put in a good word for me since he was close to the Boss.

    I prepared my resumé and all. The next morning I was well-dressed waiting at the lobby to be attended to.
    I finally got called upstairs to meet the boss. I was shocked when I saw Dr. Sommy’s secretary come out of the Boss’ office.
    I walked in, to my shock, Dr. Sommy was seated on the chair writing on notepad on the desk. Close to her was Martins.

    “Isabel you’re here” he said.

    “Ma, this is the friend I’ve been talking about” he said and she looked up at me.

    Our gaze met and I swear I would have turned back if i wasn’t so glued to the ground.

    “Isabel” he called out my name but I kept quiet. I was still in shock. Who wouldn’t be? Of all organizations, it had to be Sommy’s.
    Suddenly he moved over to me.

    “At least greet now” he whispered,

    “Martins you may leave Isabel and I alone” she requested and he did.

    “We meet again” she added and I scoffed.
    I was beginning to sweat uncontrollably.

    “Have your seat”

    “I’m fine” I answered sharply.

    “Are you sure? you’re sweating”

    “Oh please, don’t act like you care, I know you’re probably laughing at me within”

    “I’m not laughing at you, I’m just shocked you came to my company”

    “Technically it’s Bosco’s, he definitely paid for it”

    “There you’re wrong Isabel. This building isn’t Bosco’s, it’s mine. It was willed to me by my father”

    “You’re lying” I answered.

    “I’m not. Martin’s told me you’ve been looking for a job for a while now.” she rose up trying to change the topic and I noticed her belly protrude a little on the gown she wore.

    I moved back in shock then I pointed at the belly.

    “What?” She asked looking at her own belly.

    “I’m pregnant and Incase you’re in doubt, it’s Bosco’s child”

    “That’s impossible”

    “There are impossibilities and there are also miracles too. Whether you choose to believe me or not, this is Bosco’s child”


    “What was your quote again?” She asked,

    “How long till you break Sommy? This man cannot even give you kids. He can’t even give you s*x” she cited my quote.

    “You said I will suffer a life time of disappointment. It’s not as you envisaged. It has been the opposite, Bosco makes me the happiest woman on Earth and I make him the happiest man. We compliment each other.”

    I suddenly felt weak, I couldn’t withstand it. It was all too much for me. I fainted.


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    Eeyah sorry isabel.nice ending doh kudos to the writer.waiting for the next story

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    Lovely… congratulations to Bosco and Sommy

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    Waoo o my God at last bosco and sommy am so happy for both of u.. Happy ending

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