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    Chapter One
    Katherine’s POV
    “Walkie,walkie,it is a beautiful Morning..”
    The alarm sang loudly.
    The sound of the alarm jolted me up from
    my sleep. My hand reached for the snooze
    button,pressing it down to stop the noise.
    It was 6:30am. I yawned loudly as I hopped
    out of bed lazily. I slipped on my soft
    slippers and was almost headed to the
    bathroom when a knock sounded on the
    “Katherine are you up?” The voice said
    behind the door. It was my mom.
    “Yes mom” I replied
    “Can I come in?” She asked
    “Yes mom” she popped her head in. “Good
    Morning Sunshine” she greeted with the
    brightest smile as she stepped in.
    “Good morning Mom” I went to her and
    hugged her.
    “How was your night?” She asked. I pulled
    back and yawned again.
    “It was fine..”
    “Uhmm you’re still sleepy?”
    “I supposed so Mommy” I sat on my bed.
    My mom went to my wardrobe and
    brought out my new school uniform. I
    rubbed my eyes.
    “Come on sunshine” she tapped my laps.
    “Go and take a good shower”
    “Oh mom..I’m so tired”
    I was up late last night. I’d slept around
    “Do you want to be late on the first day of
    school?” She asked
    “No” I stood up and headed to the
    bathroom. I picked up my toothbrush to
    brush my teeth.
    “So Sunshine what were you doing online
    by 11:45pm?” She asked in a loud voice. I
    wish she could just keep her voice down so
    dad won’t hear I slept late last night. I
    poured the foam in the sink and opened
    the door slightly.
    “Can you keep your voice down?” I said in a
    tight whisper
    “Oh! I’m sorry” she said in a low tone.
    “But he already knows..” She pointed to
    the entrance.
    OMG! Now I have to answer a query this
    early morning.
    “How did he find out?” I asked
    “He was online talking to a business
    partner. And why didn’t you block him at
    “I didn’t stay online for too long. I only
    checked my messages before going to bed”
    She nodded
    “Let’s talk when you are done” she said
    And I closed the door gently. Now I’m in a
    hot soup!
    My name is Katherine Adebowale. I am the
    only female child of my parents Mr Bayo &
    Mrs Joke Adebowale. And a sister to 5 Big
    Brothers, only one of my brothers left not
    married – the 5th Child. He is in Italy
    studying. All the others married,with
    children. I missed them so much. My mom
    and I go on a round of visits every year.
    Vancouver, Wales,Scotland and Manchester.
    I turned 18 two months ago. I am what
    you might describe as “Tall” with a long
    black hair,very fair skin and plump lips. I
    am unbelievably shy. Everyone makes me
    nervous actually. I’d so adore being the
    cool sort. I can say I’m very reserved. And
    once I get to know someone and we
    become close all of sudden I am entirely
    different. Confident and very capable.
    My mom own several boutiques in Lagos.
    My father is a Businessman. They are very
    busy people. They both travelled a lot.
    When I was 12,I left home for the boarding
    school since no one was around to look
    after me. I attended the Girls College in
    My mom is very funny,kind and generous.
    My dad is kind and nice but not funny. I
    loved my parents,no doubt about that. But
    I was particularly close to my Mom. She
    was the only true friend I had even though
    she wasn’t always around. But she came
    around on my birthdays and whenever she
    was less busy at work. My Father hardly
    remembered birthdays,including his own.
    However, Mummy would never forget. I
    remembered mom fought with him when
    she found out he didn’t send me a present
    when I turned 16. He apologized and made
    things up to me.
    When I turned 18,dad sent me greeting
    card and gave me a Teddy bear when I
    came home.
    Whenever mom was around, she always
    made me feel I could discuss anything with
    her. My dad could be strict on some things.
    I recalled on my 17th birthday,mom gave
    me a cellphone as a gift but dad didn’t let
    me use it. He said I was too small to use a
    cellphone. I had cried that year but there
    was nothing I could do because his mind
    was made up.
    “After your secondary you will use a
    cellphone” He’d said to me.
    My father is so old fashioned!
    All thanks to Banjo,my brother in Italy,he
    came home for a vacation last month. And
    he managed to convince dad to let me use
    a cellphone. He was reluctant at first but
    later gave in. So Banjo took me to Slot at
    Ikeja and bought an IPhone 6X plus.
    “Katherine” my mom called
    I opened the door and stepped out.
    “You have to stop spending too much time
    in the bathroom. Se o fe di Eja ni?” She
    asked in her native Language
    “No, I don’t want to turn to fish. I’m not a
    mermaid” I answered
    And she laughed
    “Please get dressed before old soldier go
    vex” she said again
    Old soldier? Well that’s my dad. I can’t
    speak the native language fluently but I
    understand when someone speaks it to
    “So have you heard from Charles?”
    “Charles?” I snorted
    “What’s wrong? Are you guys fighting?”
    “No mom”
    “So what?” She threw my undies at me
    “Listen Mom, Charles and I are not a thing”
    “Well I thought he was your boyfriend due
    “But you liked him when he was in Nigeria”
    “Yes but as a friend”
    “So what’s up with him?”
    “He’s dating a white girl now”
    Mom spread out my new uniform on the
    “I’m confused here..you slept late and you
    weren’t chatting with Charles.. ”
    “Yes I was digging up some old stuffs in
    my wardrobe”
    “Oh yeah I noticed it well arranged” she
    “Mom do you think my classmates will
    accept me?” I asked
    I bit my lower lip when I realized how
    foolish my question was.
    “Never mind”
    “I’m sure -”
    Mom was interrupted by dad’s call.
    “I have to go sunshine. Come down for
    breakfast when you are done”
    “Okay Mom”
    She walked out of the room. I stared at the
    uniform on my bed. It was pretty. A short
    navy blue skirt,a short cream shirt with a
    red bow tie and navy blue jacket. The skirt
    exposed the skin on my Laps and I don’t
    like that, so I asked mom to buy me a
    sock..a navy blue long sock.
    Empire High school was imprinted on the
    left side of the Jacket. I got dressed and
    moved to the large mirror in my room. I
    exhaled deeply as I stared at my reflection
    in the mirror.
    A knock came on the door again.
    It was Nanny Patricia. She’s the new Nanny
    dad hired to take care of me while he and
    mom are out of the country.
    “Come in Pat!” I said
    “Wow! You look good Kate!”
    I turned to face her
    “Thanks Pat”
    She was short and chubby with very black
    skin and Black eyes, with strong and able
    looking hands.
    “Your dad want you downstairs now”
    “Okay” I went to the wardrobe and
    brought out my backpack.
    “Yes Nanny”
    I moved out of the room while Pat stayed
    behind to set my bed in place and switched
    off the electrical devises.
    “Wow! Sunshine looks good!” My mom said
    with her hands on her eyeglasses
    “The uniform suits you”
    “Thanks Mom”
    “What do you think Honey?” She tapped
    my dad. He dropped his newspaper and
    stared at me. I moved slowly to the chair
    and sat in it. I knew he wasn’t going to say
    anything good like mom did.
    “Check your time Miss”he said
    I glanced down at my wrist watch.
    “7:05am” I replied in a low tone without
    looking at him. Patricia came around the
    table and served me Moimoi and yellow
    “Now tell me what took you so long?!” He
    yelled and my heart raced
    “You still have to finish your registration
    and I also have meeting at the office by
    8:00am. You woke up late and spent the
    whole time dressing up. Is this how you
    want to continue living?” He asked in a low
    “No sir” I replied shakily with my gaze fixed
    on my plate.
    “But you promise to change and be a good
    girl -”
    “Yes dad”
    Tears,I felt them the corner of my eyes.
    “But you were up last night..chatting with
    Charles is it or Faith?”
    “None of them Dad”
    “Honey please let’s not do this. It’s too
    early” mom said
    “You are the one spoiling this child”
    “She’s not spoilt. And you have to stop
    going off the hook”
    “Well maybe I will when she starts
    behaving like her father’s child”
    “What do you mean Bayo?” Mom asked
    She only calls him that anytime she was
    angry. He cleared his throat.
    “I’m just saying she should behave like her
    brothers. They are good children”
    “So she’s the bad one?”
    “I didn’t say that..”
    “Well If only you could give Kate the
    chance to explain things to you”
    “There’s nothing for her to explain. I saw
    the evidences of what she did. She wasn’t
    accused falsely. She did it”
    “No Kate was Innocent”
    “You have any prove?”
    My head snapped up and my gaze met hers.
    Dad was wrong. Everything that happened
    was a set up. I told mom the truth because
    she was the only one that was ready to
    listen to me, but dad never did. The
    evidences shown to him was enough to
    make him believe i did it.
    Tears rolled down my cheeks at the
    thought of what happened at Linda Girls
    “Where is your cellphone?” He asked
    I wiped my tears with the back of my
    “Its in my room” I replied shakily
    “Get it Patricia” he said
    Pat stood up. I picked on my food as i
    listened to him call out his new set of rules.
    “No More cellphone till I see changes. Your
    driver won’t be taking you to school
    anymore. You find your way to the estate
    gate and take a taxi to school. And since
    you won’t be buying food at school,no
    more feeding allowance except T. fare”
    Patricia brought the phone and gave it to
    him. Mom tried to talk but he raised his
    finger and moved it from side to side.
    “If you are not ready to train her in the
    right way then I’m willing to help” he said
    with a frown
    “I hope you understand me Kate?”
    “Yes dad”
    “I’ll be waiting in the car” he stood up and
    walked out of the room. I had already lost
    my appetite so I let my spoon drop. I stood
    up and followed him.
    Is anybody reading this now?
    Well this is the first episode of Empire High
    I know it look like Last Days at Forcados
    High School!

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    lets see how the story goes

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    seated at the front row

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    fire on

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    Your dad is really a no nonsense man

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    Ride on

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    Am seated already although jehliohn took the front seat

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