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    Steve cheerfully started explaining. “Calm
    down, your face dropped a hundred
    storeys. It’s not going to be real. Just real
    to the rest of the world. We’ll hire a girl
    to become your fiancée -”
    “Jessica Alba!” I immediately exclaimed.
    Yes, she was every man’s dream. She
    was tantalizingly exotic and had always
    been on my top list of hottest women,
    no matter how old she was.
    “She’s taken you idiot! And she has a
    kid! Anyway, not someone famous.
    Someone who is not like Lindsey Lohan,
    someone sweet, who the press will like.”
    “That sounds incredibly boring,” I
    remarked with a frown. Sweet? Why
    would you want sweet when you could
    have sexy? “Why that type of girl?!”
    Steve looked at me like I was an idiot. In
    his mind, I probably was. “Well, everyone
    will think you’re serious about
    relationships since you’ve finally settled
    down and not with someone who’s just
    rich and hot.”
    “Everyone will think otherwise when it
    ends,” I pointed out. He obviously hadn’t
    thought of everything, so I felt quite
    proud of myself for pointing out that
    little flaw in his grand plan. If this was to
    be a fake engagement, it would have to
    end sometime right? And the press
    would think I was a player for leaving
    the girl again.
    Steve shook his head. Ok … so maybe he
    had thought of everything. “The break
    up will be seen like this: your fiancée
    realises she can’t marry you after all
    because dating someone famous won’t
    allow her to lead a normal life and have
    her dream job, which would be
    something smart, such as a doctor. It
    will make you look like a good guy,
    because you did nothing wrong … and
    oh! I have just the right person!”
    My frown deepened. I didn’t think
    Steve’s perspective of the ‘right person’
    was the same as mine, which s----d.
    This was going to be bad.
    “But we haven’t even interviewed
    “We don’t need to interview anyone! My
    niece is perfect! I don’t know if she’ll
    agree but I think she would, if I offer to
    cover her college fees. I know it’s her
    biggest wish to go to Harvard. She’ll get
    in too; she’s so smart.”
    I was about to scoff, “She can’t even
    afford college?!” but Steve had
    disappeared – probably to ring up his
    poor niece.
    * * *
    Cadillac, Michigan.
    Dusk soon settled over my bedroom,
    making me sigh with relief. Now I
    wouldn’t have to stay up to finish my
    college applications. Smiling proudly at
    the small stack finished applications on
    my study desk, I decided to head
    downstairs to grab myself some orange
    juice to celebrate. As I passed the lounge
    room, my eyes strayed to the two people
    on the sofa: my mother and one of her
    gorgeous dates. God, how public could
    she get? I cleared my throat loudly as I
    walked past them. As I poured juice for
    myself in the kitchen, I heard a deep
    “I’ll see you tonight, Hazel?”
    I heard my mother giggle girlishly. I
    could even imagine her twirling a lock of
    her blonde curls. “Oh yes!”
    I rolled my eyes. My mother is, as one
    would say … promiscuous. I hated
    acknowledging that, but it was the truth.
    I felt like strangling her most of the time
    because she was like that. Usually
    mothers were kind and protective and
    baked cookies for you when you came
    back from school. Not my mother. I was
    basically stuck with a teenage girl.
    “Lainie, make dinner will you? I’m
    “Yeah,” I muttered.
    See what I meant? It felt like I was the
    mother sometimes. I took out the
    leftover lasagne and watched as my
    mother laid on the couch and put a
    dainty hand to her forehead. Her dirty
    blonde curls fell around her slim
    shoulders as she closed her eyes. She
    was undeniably beautiful, but it didn’t
    negate the fact that she was
    selfish. Meanwhile, I was her total
    opposite: a brunette with brown eyes
    and olive skin.
    In comparison, my father had been a
    generous and loving doctor. There was
    one time when my parents had been in
    love, but not now. Not ever since he
    The ring of the phone interrupted my
    train of thought and I picked it up.
    “Hello?” I said breezily.
    “Lainie! Is that you? Wow, you sound
    I laughed happily as I recognised the
    familiar voice. My uncle, Steve, who I
    haven’t seen for years was calling me
    while I waited for the lasagne to cook!
    Living the high-life as a publicist and
    manager to various celebrities in Los
    Angeles meant that he couldn’t afford to
    visit us all the time, so whenever the
    chance to see him popped up, I took it –
    anything to get away from my mother.
    “Hi Steve! Yes, it is me and I’m pretty
    sure I still sound the same.”
    He chuckled. “How’s my older sister, hey?
    Is she behaving?”
    “You know mom never behaves,” I
    murmured with a frown. I wish she did
    though, because life would be so much
    better that way. I could invite friends
    over to our house without being
    embarrassed, I wouldn’t have to work
    so much in order to support the both of
    us …
    “Touché,” Steve replied in a crisp tone.
    “Well anyway, the reason I’ve called is
    because I have a proposition for you.”
    I tensed automatically. Well, that didn’t
    sound good. Since when did uncles
    make propositions for you?
    “Proposition?” I asked.
    “Yes, it’s a big one but I hope you will
    agree to it.”
    I nodded cautiously and twiddled a lock
    of my hair around my free hand. “Ok, I’m
    listening …”
    “I’ll get to the point. You know how I’m
    Henry Parker’s manager? Yes well, at the
    moment his reputation is in shambles,
    so I’ve been thinking … a short-term fake
    engagement will help boost his image. A
    girl who isn’t famous, who’s sweet and
    smart and not ‘Hollywood fake’ if you
    know what I mean.”
    “I get it,” I said, a grin lighting up my
    face. “You want me to think of
    Steve laughed. “No, I’ve already thought
    of someone. You.”
    “Me?” I squeaked. Why would he pick
    me?! How in the world did he think I
    was sweet?
    “Before you say no, I’m prepared to
    cover your fees for college if you agree
    to this. Your stay in LA will be covered by
    me,” Steve quickly added.
    I gasped. I had a really good chance of
    getting into an Ivy League and studying
    architecture and now Steve was
    planning to pay for my fees. Could life
    get any weirder? Or better, the devilish
    voice in my head whispered.
    “How long would I have to do it?” I
    asked in a whisper.
    “About three or four months?”
    I thought carefully and bit my lip in the
    process. Three or four months
    pretending to be Henry’s fake fiancée
    wouldn’t be too bad, I guess. I’ve heard
    of him, but I had no idea what he looked
    like and what his personality was like. If
    I wanted to get into my dream college, I
    would have to make some sort of
    sacrifice right? But this was
    a big sacrifice. Could I do it? Was I ready
    to be thrown into the world of the rich
    and famous?
    I could feel my thoughts running in
    circles, giving me a headache. I rubbed
    my temples and thought about my
    situation now. I had money and that
    was only my savings from working as a
    waitress for two years. I didn’t have
    much. Then there was the small amount
    of money my father had left me. It was a
    lot to me but it didn’t cover all the years
    I’d spend studying. My mother used her
    pay checks from work on brand new
    clothing and fancy dinners with her
    handsome dates, so she wasn’t useful.
    With a frown I realised I was quite poor.
    Hah! I really, really needed the money for
    college funds but agreeing to Steve’s
    proposition seemed a bit drastic. But I
    could handle it right? Just a fake
    relationship. Fake. I would have to act
    like I liked the guy for a few months and
    then I would be able to go to college,
    finish my Master’s degree in Harvard and
    finally have a place of my own. I would
    in no way be tied to my mother.
    A smile blossomed on my face. I could
    do it – a short term sacrifice for long-
    term freedom.
    “Count me in Steve.”

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    Chapter 2: LA Bound

    “I’ll miss you, honey!”
    I rolled my eyes at the annoying sound
    of my mother’s voice claiming she would
    miss me. She would only miss me
    because I was the one who did the
    chores and the cooking.
    “Yeah, see you.”
    With that, I ignored my mother’s pout,
    grabbed my luggage and walked over to
    security. I know it’s rude but whatever.
    My mother didn’t care about anything
    other than herself. If she cared for me as
    well, she would have gotten a better job
    than the hot secretary, Miss Campbell, at
    my high school and stopped flirting with
    my classmates.
    That was why I had to do this, to help
    myself achieve my goal – getting into
    Harvard. Harvard was my dream college
    because not only was it an Ivy League,
    but because my father went there. I
    hardly remember him, but I know he
    was intelligent and caring – nothing like
    my mother. But he had died when I was
    six and since then I had started my
    lonely life.
    After collecting my duffel bag and
    putting my shoes back on, I walked
    away from security. To kill time, I sat on
    a bench and took out a book I packed –
    The Shining by Stephen King. It was an
    hour before I could clamber onto the
    plane – to me it felt like forever, though.
    Steve had booked me a first class seat,
    but it was a shame I was planning on
    sleeping the whole plane ride so I
    couldn’t admire all facilities I was able to
    use. Once I took my seat in the
    comfortable leather seat, I leaned my
    head against the palm of my hand,
    closed my eyes and let myself escape
    * * *
    When I had finally woken up, the plane
    was landing at LAX. I looked out of the
    window of the plane to see sunshine
    and smiled. I couldn’t wait to see Los
    Angeles. I barely ever travelled, since my
    mother didn’t care about what I wanted.
    Once we landed and I finally was able to
    hop out from the stupid plane, I
    searched for Steve. I hadn’t seen him in
    three years, since he had become so
    busy with being a manager for
    The crowd was thick so I did the thing I
    see all the times in movies – I stepped
    onto a nearby seat and stood up, so I
    could see over the crowd better. People
    stared at me and I ignored them.
    Turning around at the sound of my
    name being called, I found my uncle. He
    still looked the same. It’s probably the
    ‘Campbell never-aging and always
    looking beautiful gene.’
    “Hey Steve.”
    “Great to see you, Lainie!”
    He opened his arms wide for a bear hug
    and I laughed. After we let go, Steve
    smiled and grabbed my luggage, so I
    was only left holding my duffel bag.
    Ok then.
    “You’re getting taller,” he observed.
    I frowned. I was one of the shortest
    people in my grade since I was quite
    petite. “I know I’m short, you don’t need
    to lie.”
    Steve laughed. “Well, you are short, but
    before you were no higher than my
    We continued to catch up as we walked
    out of LAX. The sun burned brightly and
    the heat was suffocating. When we
    arrived at his car, I raised an eyebrow – a
    sleek, black, Mercedes Benz C-Class
    “Nice car,” I say, tilting my head and
    assessing it.
    “Thanks.” Steve grinned and slid in. I got
    in too, feeling very uncomfortable. I
    didn’t want to ruin anything. It was just
    so … clean.
    I was used to the old aqua Corolla my
    mother and I shared. He turned up the
    radio and we sang along to 80’s music.
    Yes, that was one thing we had in
    common – loving 80’s music.
    The car ride was cheery and fun and he
    took me along a little tour of Beverly Hills,
    down Rodeo Drive. We passed
    celebrities homes including Jennifer
    Aniston, George Clooney, Janet Jackson
    and one of my favourite comedians,
    Eddie Murphy. I admired the structures
    of their mansions and even wrote down
    some ideas for my designs in my
    notebook (to which Steve laughed at).
    After the tour, I sensed we were near
    Henry Parker’s home.
    “Lainie,” Steve said, pointing up ahead.
    “There’s the house you’ll be staying from
    now on.”
    I looked up, out of the window and the
    sun was setting. Streams of light shone
    onto the large white mansion where I
    was staying at.
    The driveway was huge and it was
    paved around a large fountain, where
    water poured out of a frog’s mouth. The
    front door had a stained glass panel and
    two pot plants sat next to the large
    marble columns on the front porch.
    As Steve opened the imposing gates to
    the mansion, I gawked. I couldn’t believe
    I was staying in a mansion.
    After parking the car in front of the
    porch, we hopped out and dragged my
    luggage to the door. Steve fished out a
    set of keys from his pocket and
    unlocked the front door. He flicked on
    the lights to reveal the inside – shiny
    tiled floors, high ceilings with golden
    chandeliers, and pearl-coloured walls.
    The windows down the hallway were
    large, clear and white-paned. It showed
    a great view of the backyard, where a
    curved shaped pool sat, sparkling. There
    were trees and pot plants too, with dark
    brown resting chairs and white large
    umbrellas for shade.
    The house was so beautiful. If the house
    was this beautifully decorated, the
    owner must be a good person. I felt
    slightly better at the thought.
    “Henry!” Steve yelled. “Get your butt
    down here!”
    I flinched as I realised I was going to
    meet the guy I would have to pretend to
    be engaged to for the next few months.
    Steve told me to leave my bags by the
    door and led me to the lounge room to
    my right. The lounge was spacious and
    quite modern, with the sleek LCD
    hanging on the wall and the U shaped
    leather sofa. God, the room was bigger
    than the kitchen and lounge room back
    put together back at home!
    I took a seat with Steve and as he
    started talking about the fake
    engagement, I heard a voice behind me
    say, “So you’re my fake fiancée.”

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