Familiar Enemy

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    “Face down! Everybody!”

    “Raise your head and I blow it off!!!” He cocked the gun as if to emphasize his point, whimpering sounds of everyone followed, mine inclusive. I had never heard a gun c--k at such close range. These robbers meant business. The mere thought of that made my heart pound in fear. I buried my head into my already trembling palms, as we all lay on our tummies. The cold tiled floor of the spacious living room offered no comfort as my body pressed against it.

    “Hey stand up!” One of them barked, his deep, raspy voice echoed loudly.

    “Pls don’t kill me pls!!!!!!” Mayowa screamed repeatedly in between tears,

    “Quiet!” came the loud command that sent a chill down my spine.

    I trembled violently on the floor as Mayowa whimpered loudly.

    “We only came here to take what we need. We don’t intend to leave here without it! Hey boy, you are coming with us!”

    “No pls no!!, Not him!!”
    I screamed impulsively. I realized that I didn’t just scream in my head like I thought, but I had screamed out loud and in fact raised my head and was facing one of the masked robbers. There was silence for a split second, my sudden outburst must have shocked the robbers, I was equally shocked at such boldness. It was short lived as I felt fear creeping in again.

    “Pls sir, don’t do this to me, my only son, I beg you. Take me and spare him pls” Aunty BB screamed, in tears

    In a swift motion the masked robber holding Mayowa pointed the gun on Mayowa’s head. The dark metal glistened,
    My heart stopped and then started pounding so hard.


    “One more word from anyone again, and I would waste this boy here right now! Understand?!!!” He barked

    I nodded, my eyes on Mayowa, his own eyes tightly shut, as he whimpered loudly and visibly shaking. A sight that broke my heart.

    “Hey boy, you want to die?”
    Mayowa shook his head vigorously

    “Then shut up!”

    The gun was still pointed to the side of his head, and I watched helplessly as they led him out, I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off him

    “Jesus pls, Father, do something, don’t let them take him away!!, He is a young boy that loves you, don’t let them!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I screamed in my head, as I watched them go

    I caught glimpses of the deadly weapons the men carried. The possibilities of what he would go through in the custody of such heartless men, filled my heart with intense fear and anxiety, so much it was paralyzing.
    Drowning in the overwhelming emotions, I slipped into unconsciousness.

    …to be continued…

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    I splashed some cold water on my face several times, my head bent into the wash hand basin in the bathroom. I raised my head, looking at my reflection in the mirror positioned right above the wash hand basin. My puffy eyes stared back at me. I couldn’t even remember getting one night of good sleep for days.

    Today makes exactly one week one day since Mayowa had been kidnapped. That night, their gate man had been able to clearly see the kind of car the robbers drove; he was able to describe it to the police. I had thought it would be easy for the police to find Mayowa with that information, it appears I was very wrong.

    Every chance I got I prayed tirelessly. Initially, my faith was so strong, I was certain good news would be our portion. Each time the police visited, it would be same news, no sign of Mayowa, the robbers or their car. I lazily walked back into the room.

    It was still quite early in the morning. The very time I would usually go to Mayowa’s room, to wake him up and get him ready for school. The adjoining door that connected my room to his, made that easy for me.

    “Is it morning already Aunty EKiki?” He would usually ask drowsily, his handsome little face breaking into a cute smile.
    He referred to me as Ekiki instead of Eki, because he said Eki was too short to be the name of a person.

    “Yes, big man, what do we do first thing in the morning?” I would ask as usual
    “Lay my bed and talk to Jesus” he would reply with a yawn.

    “Are you excited to talk to Jesus this morning?”


    “What did I teach you about saying yup”

    “Oh, bad English, sorry, yes Aunty EKiki”

    “Good boy, you are becoming a man” I would say with a smile and then tickle him, and amidst his uncontrollable laughter, he would get up. And the morning would begin. My heart clenched as I remembered

    I have been an orphan for as long as I can remember. I never knew my parents; I don’t even know if they ever lived as a couple. If I was the result of a fling or a blooming relationship. The only thing I knew was that I lived with my grandmother in the village, before I even began to walk, maybe she’s not my grandmother, I don’t know.

    One day, a certain lady came from the city to the village. She told my grandmother that she wanted to take me to the city and make my life better.

    I was about 6 years old then. My grandmother agreed without even a second thought, she never really liked me. My grandmother was already well advanced in age, and I was a handful. Even as a child, I knew at that moment that I was being discarded.

    The lady left the village with about a score of us. She took us to the city as promised, but not to make our lives better.

    Sleeping in a room, sandwiched alongside other girls, some of them much older than I was. Several of them, just a year or two older than me. An older woman called Mama Swagger, she had a quick and very hot temper, we were staying in her house. Each time the familiar lady came visiting, that meant someone amongst us was going with her.

    One after the other, the girls were taken away, to where I didn’t know, but they never came back. Until I was the last one left. Seeing the lady again that evening visiting Mama Swagger’s place, I just believed it was finally my turn.

    …to be continued…

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    Seated with cold mineral and gala…. Next plz

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    Right on time….
    Carry on!!!

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