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    INTRODUCTION: This story is based on my true life journey so far….some names and locations will be change to avoid some public embarrassment…..happy reading.

    Episode 1
    I went on this school trip to Malaysia. I just turned 15 then. There were 12 kids, 2 teachers and a leader from the company we used. The trip was offered a year before we left and there was a lot of build up. However, not until the last couple of weeks did the group start really getting to know each other.
    This one girl whom I knew from primary school was going. She was kinda pretty and I dunno I noticed her I suppose. She said to me at some point after we had been getting along pretty good, “I didn’t know your name until like a month ago. All I knew you as was Popsie [my nickname] from primary school”. Popsie was a name one of my teachers gave me and it kind of became my name for most of my primary school life.
    When we were in country, she and I started talking and getting on really well and flirting. She initiated it because shez older than me and I didn’t at first think she was interested and all that—I’m not exactly one for showing a lot of interest straight up. So, yeah, in the airport and on the plane, the first few days we were pretty good. I really liked her.
    The 3rd day we moved to a different place. It was like a home stay, kind of, in a longhouse in the middle of the rainforest—really, really, remote but not tribal at all. After the first day the teachers and leader caved into letting us swim in the river because it was so humid and hot. (The kampong/longhouse is right next to a river—the only way besides helicopter you can get there. It takes about 2 and a half hours by boat.) So we are swimming around and some of the guys are wearing thongs (as in flip flops) cause it a river and that. The currents were pretty strong and this one guy’s thongs came off and one of them went down river really fast. Luckily it gets caught on some trees over hanging the river. So thinking they are truly pretty much gone, he just leaves it.
    Everyone was swimming but eventually people start going back up to the longhouse and it was just me and the primary school girl and one of my other (rather clueless) guy friends. Me and the guy are flirting and playing around in the water and just talking about stuff, pretending the other guy isn’t there, paying him out and stuff cause he wouldn’t go away. It started to rain, heavily, so we ran back up to the longhouse which is like 200m away and get everything completely soaked.
    The next day after we’d done some work—painting, looking around, helping out—we went down to the river for a swim, which had lowered substantially since the day before. It was wet season and the river went up and down all over the place. The guy who lost his shoe and the girl I was flirting with went down river along the bank looking for his thong cause you kinda needed them there. They came back covered in like this mud stuff, like the mud people have at day spas—really smooth, clean mud (can mud be clean?), telling everyone to go down there and see this mud, quicksand-type thing they found. So I go down there with them with about three other kids. The teachers came to pay us out, to make sure we didn’t die, and to take photos.
    We started throwing mud around and got completely covered head to foot. The deepest part went up to half way between my knees and waist. It was a lot of fun. Again, everyone cleared out after a while because they had stuff to do, except that one idiot friend of mine who got the picture when the primary school girl and I started wrestling and lying around together, and she nicked off pretty fast.
    After about 3 seconds she and I were on the grass. I was lying on top of her and we were making out, head to foot covered in Malaysian mud. It was f-----g epic, until I realised she had no idea what she’s doing. So I kind of pretended I heard someone coming and cut it short. She knew that she had no idea what she was doing and that I noticed, and she looked absolutely mortified.

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    Episode 2
    We wondered back up to the longhouse and he completely “shut down” (one of the girls on trip gave me that word for it and it suits nicely) for the rest of the trip. I did not exist—the only time I existed was to deny to anybody I ever existed like that for her. I didn’t understand what had happened. She gave me the impression that she was really quite experienced, even that she wasn’t a virgin. She was very much a poser and aware of the way he was seen by others.
    Before all that happened one of the guys in my year level with us had asked her if she was a virgin and she just laughed, which is really quite a reaction. So I was so confused and so was everyone I talked about it to. The girls on trip all knew that something was up but yeah it was a mystery because she just started ignoring me after we had been getting on really well and flirting and that. My friends that I was talking to—a couple of boys—thought we were secretly going out but didn’t want to freak people out by hooking up officially on a school trip.
    Anyway, this went on for like a month after we got back. She denies everything, we don’t speak and she won’t for her life look me in the eye. One of our mutual friends really gets all like “WTF? What happened in Malaysia? I really need to know!” (this is a girl btw). So I tell her everything and she breaks out with this completely freaking weird fact that she’s never ever in his life seen or heard about my primary school girl ever having a boyfriend or hooking up or anything EVER and that the thought of her with a boy was just weird. So I found out I defriggited a girl I thought wasn’t a virgin. That is so not cool.
    I couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried, get the whole incident out of my head for ages. She is a lying, faking, posing, wannabe that has made me look like a complete nutcase because she told all his friends that I was obsessed with her during trip and that the reason she was ignoring me was because she thought I was an ugly annoying piece of shit and not that I caught her out in his stupid little act. SO, that whole thing went well!!!
    What really gets on my nerves is that the nob decided recently that she liked one of the guys on my group, who also happened to be close friends with his cousin who goes to all our school. This girl is equally inexperienced and the only way she can talk to him is at lunch when he and her cousin hang with us. She comes over and the rest of the group pays out on them and it’s completely awkward because nothing would ever happen because they are both so completely nervous. So whenever I hang out with my friends now and she’s there, she won’t look at me, won’t acknowledge my existence in the slightest and almost always leaves shortly after she arrives.
    When I leave my group of friends to hang with some other people I am friends with she almost always stays there, being all awkward with his crushing and getting paid out for the whole of break. So now whenever I hang out with my friends I feel like I’m ruining her chances of getting a boyfriend/girlfriend before high school finishes (she’s in Year 12 and we are in Year 11), which just is one of those things you’re better off for having, and feel terribly guilty about it all.
    I feel like going up to her and asking “Her? HER????? The one girl on the planet you’re…

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    nice story sir 🙂 , you haven’t still pinged me on Whatsapp?

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    Nice story Ɣo̲̣̣̥ΰ got here…….ride on

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    Episode 3
    she asked of me from my new friends; i went to toilet was d reply she got from them(the school toilet was situated at one edge of the school compound with a wall separating it from the staff’s own)… After i flushed my digested compacted food in the w.c, Spray the air fresher, buckled my belt with my shirt inside my trouser and i make to the door..
    I opened the door and she was there standing in front of it. I start to pour out my mind about the feelings i had towards her and she blushed. Me foolishly lost in the realms of love quotes and swimming in the ocean of feelings, i gasped back to life when a soft and succulent skin and leather-like material entrapped my lips and still managing to open my eyes we are already inside the toilet with our mouth glued together..
    She grinned and backed me against the wall by the stools “Hmm good because I’m not letting you go…” I said in a husky voice. I groaned as she nipped at my collar bone while undoing my buttons. She smirked and kissed and nipped further down my chest as i tried to herd her into one of the stalls though we only made it to the closed door before she found the band on my pants.
    “Hmm j-jessyyyyyy…” i moaned out softly as she bit onto the button undoing it then bit the zip pulling it down then moving to the rim and pulling them down to leave me in nothing but his boxers. I grunted “j-jessyyyyy it’s unfair…you’re still d-dressed…” i whined out.
    She couldn’t help but smile at what my unusually cute boyfriend just said, she quickly started to strip as well when we were both in our boxer n pant(bra removed) i resumed what she had planned to do. She grabbed my hips and started to kiss over my clothed erection before s-----g gently over it. I moaned loudly(forgetting we are still in school).
    I moaned as she kissed and s----d on my c--k it always felt like the sky was falling when jessy did things like this with me(in my dreams) it was pure bliss and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take much more of this. I looked down through half lidded eyes at my beautiful pink haired angel who was now pulling my boxers down and taking the head of my c--k in her mouth s-----g on it rather hard making me moan again. “j-jessyyyyy…ahhh..! I-I can’t take much more need to be inside you…”

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    Hmmmm,nyc one

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    Episode 4
    She blushed a light pink as she stood before kissing me roughly on the lips I groaned and licked the bottom of her lips asking for entrance which she granted I slipped my tongue past her lips and started to explore her warm wet cavern as we kissed I managed to switch our positions so she was against the door. “popsie I need you…now!” she demanded and I was all too happy to oblige pulling her down and lifting her up waiting for her to wrap her legs around my waist before thrusting my whole length into her wet honeypot knowing she loved it rough and wouldn’t appreciate the preparation.
    She moaned loudly as I entered her clinging to me tightly “G-god j-jessyyyy you’re so d--n tight…” I moaned out as I let her adjust for a few minutes. When she nodded for me to move I started a rather slow pace not wanting to hurt her too much.
    It didn’t take long for her to demand me to go faster and it didn’t take long for me to agree and start to increase my thrusts making them harder and faster just as my love has demanded of me. We were a moaning withering mess against the door completely lost in our own little world we forgot where we even were.
    All I could hear was our panting, moans and groans and the sound of jessy’s voice begging me to move harder and faster. I did as I was told adjusting my thrusts so that I could hit her prostate this made her moan louder as I repeatedly pounded into her drawing us both closer to our c----x faster than ever expected. “A-ahh I-I’m close…” she moaned out into my ear.
    I grunted in response telling her I was close too. I bit down on her neck close to drawing blood just as she demanded. my hand moving from one of his hips to pump her p---y in rhythm with my fast hard thrusts making her scream out in pleasure. Just her moans and screams of pleasure were almost enough to tip me over the edge.
    I licked at the bite I left on her neck as I continued to abuse her prostate “C-can’t hold it…i-in any longer…” she moaned out as she came hard over my balls. Her walls tightening around my c--k made it impossible for me to hold out any longer and with a few more extremely hard thrusts I came too.
    The next thing I knew we were on the floor with the door underneath us. I looked around confused for a minute before it all came back to me. I sat up and pulled her into my lap as I did so. “jessy we need to get dressed and head back to the academy,” I said softly as I held her.
    She nodded trying to stretch out for her clothes which I helped her with, she sleepily got dressed as I reached for mine putting them on I turned back to her to find her almost asleep. I smiled she could be freaking adorable sometimes. I stood and picked her up carrying her out bridal style back to the academy…
    I opened the main door to the toilet…there i lost balance and fell on my knees with jessy still in my hand and a what is the matter face she wore…jessy jumped down from my hand when she heard a baritone voice commenting us about a welldone job…

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